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Edible Korean Teacher

621/253 Northbourne Avenue
Lyneham ACT , 2602

Nate is an amazing teacher!

I was once a Korean language student but I forgot most of what I learned years ago. I was struggling to find a Korean teacher who could give me a refresher and Nate was a blessing in disguise. He helped me build up my confidence into learning Korean again :)

정말 고마워요 네이트 선생님!!!

The best korean teacher!

I met Nate on the exchange language app, at first we talked normally as friends then he asked me how i studied korean. I told him about my studying korean journey and told him I would take TOPIK 1 exam soon. So he taught me and we prepared for the TOPIK I together. It was very helpful because we tackled each question together and i got to understand the techniques of answering the exam. He also helped me to learn a lot of new words and he answers my confusing questions clearly. I had a lot of fun taking classes with him!

You'll have fun learning!

I've known Nate seonsaengnim for a while now and he is very accommodating to all my questions. It's easy to have lessons with him since he teaches you at your own pace. There is no pressure whatsoever, and you even get to talk about Korean culture and all things Korean! He's very organized with his lessons. And he also genuinely loves to teach so you won't go wrong with choosing him! I can say I've been more confident in learning ever since he became my teacher. Have fun with your Korean journey and choose EKT!

Certainly Amazing!

I have been learning Korean by myself for quite a long time, without any help from a teacher or a friend. It was hard because there are things I don't understand. When I was able to meet 네이트 선생님 (Teacher Nate) through HelloTalk and had 30min lessons with him, I was able to easily understand the lessons and previous things about the Korean language that I did not know before. He is also very accommodating because if there are questions about certain phrases or words that I am confused about, I just chat with him and he answers and explains it well. I also get to practice better with the resources or homeworks he gives -- I really feel that I'm learning better and improving than before. Plus! The Edible Korean Teacher YouTube channel is also very educating and fun!! I get to challenge my listening skills with the videos uploaded there. And I was encouraged too because of other learner's experiences in learning the Korean language. Having Edible Korean Teacher is something you won't ever regret while learning Korean :)


I do self-study for korean language and it's a bit hard for me not until I met my "edible korean teacher" everything is easy, he explained the lesson in a better and simple way.You know, is always an advantage if a native teacher teaches korean + if the teacher speaks english well. No sugar coating, but I learned a lot from him, I will definitely bring home the bacon once exam is done.