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A renewed interest (Piano)

Hi Tim,
Discovering you on You Tube was the help I needed. I had reached a plateau practicing the piano; I was getting frustrated and practicing less, of course that only exacerbated my problem. After watching a few of your Youtube classes I decided to purchase the Beginners Course, that was just what I needed, after completing the Course; my music reading skills have improved, also, my fingering capabilities have increased to new levels and I am practicing more. I recommend the Beginners Course for any beginner… even someone with some experience looking for guidance about what they should be practicing and how to practice! Whatever style of music you want to play, you will benefit from these classes. My only regret: I didn’t buy the Complete Course Pack and save money. I am now taking the intermediate Course.
Ps…. Also want to say thanks for all of the free YouTube classes; so much valuable information!
Sincerely, C.j. Clev, Oh.

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Hands Down the Best by Far!

So lucky to have found this guy. He gives me the encouragement to keep on practicing. Even though I'm learning the organ, Tim's YouTube lessons are so down to earth, laid back and easy going. But the best part is the YouTube lessons are FREE! I've tried many other "on-line" courses but Tim's is the easiest to learn from mostly because of the way he presents the content. Please give him a try. You won't regret it.

Finally !

I had taken so many lessons over the past year and the most common view of the student was from the instructor’s side, very hard to see any of the fingering. Tim has a great way of providing that ‘ over the shoulder’ view and that really adds to the learning process. Just started as beginner and never found any lesson as being over my head. Great rapor with the student, always willing to help and Tim actually delivers the environment and experience of having your own instructor right there in your home.


I have been wanting to learn how to play piano for years and just about a year ago, Oct/Nov 2016, I decided to take lessons. I looked around locally and found they were a lot more expensive than I was expecting. So I started to look online and that's when I came across Tim and LessonsOnTheWeb - and I am so thankful I did! After watching a few of the introduction videos on YT I decided to join the Academy for one year, and within a month or two, I upgraded to a Lifetime membership. Its such an INCREDIBLE value and really IS that good!

I love Tim's teaching style, he is so patient, thorough, and explains things at a level that is easy understand. Each unit is a very structured course and there are live streams at least twice a week. Tim is also available via email almost any time. When I first started I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And Tim's lessons helped get me going and in no time I was playing the piano! I just follow each lesson per the instructions - and now I CAN READ MUSIC AND PLAY PIANO! I have a long ways to go but I can actually play!

It is SO satisfying to actually learn a new song or skill and I fill with pride every time. I'm sure if I had more time and was more diligent in my study and practice I would be even further along. Soon I will post a few example videos of my current progress and playing ability.

I DEFINITELY recommend Tim and LOTW to ANYONE looking to learn or improve piano! The value simply cannot be matched - I swear 100% in all honesty - IT REALLY WORKS!! Good luck and I hope you join us all on the amazing piano learning adventure very soon!


Refreshing my piano learning

I love Tim's online piano lessons as they offer me the opportunity to refresh my piano learning at my own pace. I try to practice every day, although my professional life is not always giving me enough spare time. But I am very glad to have joined this online course as to have some guidance what to practice and what to play. Tim is a very good teacher and I love meeting him on his life online encounters, where questions can be posted. He is very good at answering any question from his students and takes this questions as inspiration for additional courses. GREAT POSSIBILITY TO JOIN HIS CLASSES!

Easy guy to learn from

Tim is a down-to-earth guy who has a really accessible way of presenting the material. Makes it easy to learn. I really like that he has both a video of the lesson and a PowerPoint slide deck, as well. That way I can watch the video, pause to absorb, rewatch parts as needed; and then walk through the PowerPoint slides to be sure I didn't miss anything -- and also because it's an additional learning modality: I learn by both listening and looking, and then by reading. Tim responds when I have a question (or have found a typo), and is just generally a good guy to learn from. Thanks, Tim!

Tim's lessons are so helpful!

Video review

Tim is awesome!!!

So happy to find Lessons on the Web!! I have looked at other piano courses and Tim's are by far the best! Very easy to follow and great print outs so you can always have your course work handy by your piano. I started as a beginner and now i am making my way through the intermediate course. It has made learning piano feel so easy and fun!! Not as daunting as i had first thought. Thank you Tim for all the great work... I look forward to learning more from you...

I came across Tim’s free piano lessons on Youtube and really enjoyed them.

I didn’t think his subscription service would have that much more to offer but I was wrong. For an online program, it’s really great: detailed lessons in a split-screen video format, PowerPoint presentations and music sheets you can print for reference. Tim makes learning to play the piano easy and fun, and begins from novice for both theory and practice. I decided for the lifetime subscription for the best value, but I think the other plans are reasonably priced. Enjoy

Working with Tim was a really great experience.

Tim is very professional, and very patient, and helped me out with my first steps on piano playing. My comprehension of music increased a lot. If my friends speak English, I would recommend Tim's services.
You can learn how to play the piano in your own home at an affordable price. Definitely it's an investment that is worth it.

When I discovered this series of piano courses I was well on my way with new knowledge to play the piano!

I love that the lessons are so well designed with clear understanding and explanations on all major topics...chords, rhythms, songs to play, theory, scales, etc. The website is easy to follow and the courses are in sequence. The availability to also pick and choose what you want to study that day is super convenient. Tim is so helpful and very communicative in the lessons as well as contacting him for a question. If you have been taking piano lessons like I have been doing for a period of years you will be amazed at the new things you are taught. If you are a beginner this is a perfect way to start. Lessons are great, but you only have a short time with the instructor's lesson and this provides you lessons anytime you want. I love it in conjunction with my lessons. I highly suggest you start with the lesson on "how" to practice and get the most our of your lessons. I found "Lessons on the Web" by Tim changed my piano practice sessions to be very productive. I love these courses so much!

I am finding that this course is very satisfying

As a retired schoolteacher beginning to learn music and the piano at the ripe age of 66 I appreciate the way that the concepts are introduced so logically - I look forward to the (small) progress that I am making every day. Thanks Tim for your professionalism and teaching skills.

There are so many things to say that are positive about this class I scarcely know where to begin

I started with the Lessons On The Web classes because I am a very busy mother, grandmother, wife, etc., etc. It gives me the option of learning at my own pace and the instruction is so down to earth I feel like I have my own piano teacher in my house whenever I need him. Tim has taken any guess work out of the equation by letting you know objectives for the week, goals to shoot for, practicing schedules (one hint: three times a day) and the theory material learned meshes with that of the piano instruction so well. I feel like I am in an online class no different than if I were at a large university. It is fantastic! I actually am playing and reading the notes and feeling very great about myself and my self-esteem is growing every, single, day!

I have always dreamed of playing the piano and getting a personal teacher is not applicable in my situation right now

I have always dreamed of playing the piano and getting a personal teacher is not applicable in my situation right now. When I finally got hold of Tim's lessons online, I knew this is the perfect reference for me to learn. The lessons are methodically organized, starting from lessons for a complete beginner up to the very advanced. He provided assignments, slides, videos, and practice guides which was all conveniently uploaded in Dropbox. But what really sold me is the Musical Theory lessons he generously included in a separate module, which I think is very, very important when you want to learn the piano. And finally, it is really really cheap, I think 15 bucks a month is a bargain. Thank you Tim, more power to you.

This website is a miracle.

Those people who have always wanted to learn how to play the piano and have always wanted to make their Musical dreams come true,then you are in the right place.This website has helped me a lot in getting my Piano skills to very high levels and thanks to Tim (Best piano Teacher and owner of this Website) he helped me to get there.If you are looking for online piano lessons, then Lessonsontheweb is the best place to visit:)

I am an ABSOLUTE beginner, and this is the real place to learn.

First I went on youtube, started with his videos, and did not even know what a treble clef looked like or bass clef, or even notes. I looked up lots of piano players on youtube. Wanted to be sure to choose the right one. I am totally satisfied with his teaching and would recommend him without hesitation.