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Light on Fire Healing


My eternal thanks goes out to Debbie for the amazing work that she does and her ability to remotely heal virtually any physical or emotional ailment/imbalance.  Over the last 8 years she has worked on literally everyone in my family – this includes my wife and I, our two sons, our daughter, our cat, and our dog.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without her – I’ve joked many times that I would like to just keep her on retainer as my personal healer for the rest of my life.  That said, this particular testimony is for someone that is near and dear to our entire family – our 10 year old Australian Shepard, Barkley.

On Monday, November 5, 2018, we noticed a very large mass on Barkley’s shoulder/chest area.  It had apparently been there for some time, but we only noticed after he had been shaved down at the groomers the previous Friday.  Our plan was to take Barkley to the vet at the end of the week for his annual checkup and confirm that the mass was just a harmless lipoma.  On Wednesday (November 7th), we woke up to find Barkley showing signs of not feeling well – he didn’t have his normal appetite and had no desire to play.  He was also favoring his front right leg.  On Thursday morning (November 8th), the symptom had reversed and was now favoring his left front leg.  He was unable to put pressure on that leg and his paw was knuckling underneath him.  In fact I had to carry Barkley down the stairs because of the pain he was in.  This all came out of nowhere and we had no idea if it had anything to do with the mass on his chest.  We decided to immediately take him to our primary care veterinarian.  The vet did a thorough physical exam and had no explanation for the knuckling.  She then did a needle aspiration on the mass and extracted blood, which ruled out the harmless lipoma and increased the suspicion that it may be cancerous.  The vet suggested we take Barkley to a specialist.  At this point we became extremely worried and emotional, thinking that Barkley was very sick.  The next morning (Friday, November 9th), we took him to the University of Georgia Small Animal Emergency Hospital.  They spent six hours with him and during this time he had a Neurology and Orthopedic consultation, a CT scan, and multiple ultrasounds.  They believed that the mass was likely causing the knuckling because it was so large that it was pushing on nerves, and there were several additional indicators that the mass was cancerous.   Towards the end of the afternoon, my wife and I were beginning to grieve as we believed Barkley was likely dying. 

That evening I spoke to Debbie and asked her if there was anything that she could do to help Barkley.  She believed there definitely was something she could do and immediately began to work on him.  What she found was a tremendous amount of anger and rage inside of him, but it wasn’t his own.  One of my children was going through a very difficult time and when he was extremely upset he would go to Barkley for consolation.  Barkley would always lay with him and give him love – and at the same time, little did we know, Barkley was acting like a sponge.  Debbie cleared it all in a single Energetic Fusion session.  She was sure that this was going to make a huge difference and we just prayed that she was right.  Just two days later on Sunday (November 11th), we saw a huge change in Barkley.  The knuckling was substantially better.  He even ran a little bit in the yard.  We were all so very happy to see him improve.  The next day he had improved more and was catching a frisbee again.  It seemed like a miracle, but the real miracle (Debbie induced!) was that by Thursday (November 15th) the mass had shrunk substantially – and when I say substantially, I mean by about 80%.  By the weekend, the mass was GONE!!  There is no explanation for this other than the incredible power of Debbie and her Energetic Fusion session.

Fast forward three weeks and we brought him back to the UGA Hospital to see an Oncologist to confirm that everything was now okay.  They had all of the notes and records from his visit to the ER on November 9th and simply couldn’t believe their eyes.  They had no medical explanation as to how this was possible, but did confirm that the mass was completely gone and that there was no cancer in his body.

Writing this testimony brought back a flurry of emotions.  We will be forever grateful for the work that Debbie did on Barkley.  She is an amazing healer and an invaluable part of our lives.  Not a day goes by now that we don’t kiss and hug Barkley – and tell him that we love him…appreciating every moment we have with him.

Thank you Debbie for all that you do! 

Splenectomy AVOIDED!

Today, I am enjoying a more healthy life!! Seven months ago, I was diagnosed with acute auto-immune hemolytic anemia. My spleen did not recognize certain antibodies and was killing my red blood cells!!! This diagnosis came after many studies to prove that I did not have a recurrent cancer issue. I was very short of breath and fatigued, so I presented to the emergency room. The blood results were off by three times from what they should have been. I received two units of blood and was advised that the surgeon would be in to discuss removing my spleen. I was immediately placed on high doses of Prednisone which can sometimes reverse the blood numbers.

I came home and waited to see if the Prednisone would help, or if I would have to schedule the surgery. The Prednisone had no effect in the first two weeks. My doctor stated that this was the timeframe in which these steroids would become effective if they were going to work; thus he advised me to schedule the surgery. I was getting blood drawn and seeing the doctor twice a week. My son, Dan, came to Kentucky to assist me. He introduced me (BY PHONE TO ATLANTA) to a lady named Debbie who could help me heal my body. She was studying the LifeLine Technique. We began to work together even while the splenectomy was scheduled for one week later. Debbie would call me every day or so and we would have a session. The things I learned about myself, and about emotions I had buried in my body would lead me to many new avenues in my life. The things that came up in these sessions constantly amazed me because Debbie and I had never met. She explained that she didn’t have to know me – that my subconscious mind was providing the answers, because it was aware of every event and emotion I’d ever had in my life. Nonetheless, her insight and awareness was amazing as she was able to assist me in healing myself. Three days after our first session my bloodwork had improved significantly. The second set of bloodwork that week again showed improvement. The doctor postponed the surgery to remove my spleen. He said he really had no explanation for me because if the steroids were going to work, they would have done it before that time. After four weeks, the doctor confirmed that I would not need to have my spleen removed and that I didn’t need blood drawn for two whole weeks!! He began to wean me off the steroids and my body continued to heal, as proven by the next sets of bloodwork.. Debbie and I continued to be in touch; perhaps less frequently, but she became my driving force in healing my body and moving forward with a joyous, healthy life. I was thrilled when my doctor told me I could go one month without bloodwork. I went back after one month and my labs were perfectly normal!!!! I was ecstatic!!!

I always looked forward to Debbie’s phone calls, knowing I would feel better after our session together. She was able to help me understand what my body was going through as the steroids were leaving my system. Withdrawals from the steroids turned out to be the most difficult part of the whole experience. In May, after having worked with her over the phone for three months, I was feeling much better, and remember, I did NOT have a splenectomy. I finally went to Atlanta to meet Ms. Debbie Loshbough. She is the lovely young lady that I had pictured, but as always, I was happy to hear that voice, as it is so comforting. She and I laughed together as if we had known each other a long time. Today, my blood numbers are normal, I have my spleen, and on top of that I have a new friend – Debbie. I am still having symptoms from the steroids, but with Debbie’s help, they will diminish.

If you feel there is more information I can give you to assist you in using this form of healing, please check with her, as she certainly knows my phone number!!! I would love to hear from you. In Gratitude, Joy


Ms. Debra A. Loshbough I know you call it Energetic Fusion but my session felt more like Deep Soul Clearing…and I want to apologize for making you work so damn hard. You are truly Powerful, Patient, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Loving, Amazing and Definitely a Master Healer of your Craft. That beautiful journey reminded me that although I came here in pain I don’t have to remain in pain and leave here in pain.You moved boulders and exposed All that was hidden just to allow me a chance to remember what peace felt like. I cried after our session and was so Thankful and Grateful for our connection and the words of wisdom you shared with me afterward. I felt so vulnerable and I know that I have a lifetime of work to do but the spaces you cleared are now filled with eternal Love and Light. I am forever Grateful. I Love You and look forward to our next session.​



I have a 14 year old boy and I am a single mother. My son was going through a period where he was very disrespectful to his teachers and me. He seemed very angry, negative and was not a happy person. Teachers were calling me two to three times a week about his attitude, rudeness and his being disrespectful. He was headed down the wrong path and I needed to get him on a good path. I had discussion after discussion with him and the usual groundings and the discipline. Nothing was helping.

Debbie performed four Lifeline sessions on my son using me as the surrogate. Each time the holding pattern was at the moment of birth. I had a very tough and painful delivery. She released numerous emotions related to the birth trauma he experienced. I was amazed to find out how this was affecting his adolescent behavior. She also released emotions about fear of being alone related to the loss of my mother, who died when he was 10. He was very close to her. After only four sessions, my son seems very calm and peaceful. Sometimes he is even a calming influence on me, when I’m having a stressful day! His attitude has totally changed and I no longer get the calls from his teachers. He is pleasant to be around, and he seems to have a positive and confident outlook on life.

I will have Debbie perform the Lifeline technique again if I feel my son is going down the wrong path. I recommend that anyone having issues with their teenage kids give this a try. My son and I are living in a much friendlier, positive environment and I believe my son will end up having a much more positive impact later in life because of the LifeLine Technique and Debbie. Thanks Debbie!


Debbie is at heart a natural born healer. She practices both The Lifeline Technique and Pranic Healing, a powerful energy healing combination. She is passionate and knowledgeable, caring and conscientious. Debbie has provided healing to my daughter, my mother, and me remotely. She listens to me with empathy and she has experienced many of the same issues in her life that we have experienced, which provides a wider net of understanding of healing. Debbie takes her time with me, has supported me in my frustrations and pain, emails me between treatments, and either writes or articulates the findings with me.

It’s difficult to articulate how The Lifeline Technique and Pranic Healing work but I do know what they have done for me. I feel peace inside, a freeing feeling of distance from many of life’s everyday dramas, relief from aches and past abuses, a sense that I am on the track for me, and confidence that I have found a way of healing that is exciting, always changing, and hopeful. Things can just happen: My daughter is slowly healing. One time while I was on the phone receiving a treatment from Debbie, I had received a message for a job opportunity which I later accepted. During that same phone call, for me to write came up for her. Several months later, an idea came to me for a book on conversations I had with my father who has recently passed away. I just published the book for my family for the holidays.

I believe Debbie is intuitive. She also leads me through the treatment and lets my body tell her what needs to be healed. She taught me that the answers are inside of us and she is just the guide. She also told me that I am a part of a greater universe that also has the answers that I can access. That’s an empowering method of healing: that we and our bodies know best and the answers don’t necessarily have to come from an expert. It’s an amazing experience of love, of empowerment, and that we can get through anything in life together.Debbie has become one of my foundations of support, one who I call on not only for healing treatments but for a true understanding of what I am going through. I trust her with all of my heart and highly encourage you to try a treatment from her.



My mind is reeling right now. For weeks, maybe months, I have been falling further and further out of touch with my true spirit. I’ve been lost in an existence muddled by fear and complete preoccupation with self. I’ve been focused on the end result and not the now. I have been so lost….too lost to see the way out.

I find myself wanting to understand exactly what happened today. I went into our session filled with anxiety; so much that it’s been difficult to look people in the eye. When I left, I found myself so uplifted that I was speaking random thoughts to strangers, smiling for no conscious reason at all; happy to be where I was and enjoying everything I could from the moment, for the moment. Something touched me today, or as you put it, something shifted.

Tonight I somehow found the comfort to heckle my friend Wally and make everyone laugh. I was asked to stand up in front of the group and do something, and I somehow found the comfort to do so without hesitation. My car was rear-ended tonight and I somehow found it in myself to show concern for the woman that hit me rather than becoming immediately obsessed by the fact that ‘she’ hit ‘me’. She was preoccupied by something and ‘she’ noticed that ‘I’ noticed.

These are small in and of themselves, and it may sound silly to even mention them. But for me these are HUGE steps. This is the ‘me’ that I love. This is the ‘me’ I want to be. I’ve somehow found the comfort to feel Spirit in my life again, without question, and without doubt.

I am elated! Infinite love and gratitude is still ringing in my ears! I can’t thank you enough for your time today. We were there for at least three hours! You are truly an amazing woman with an enormous heart and such a bright spirit. You always seem to pop up in my life when I really need you….so much that it brings tears to my eyes. I love you so much Debbie, I really do.

I’m admittedly afraid to go to sleep right now. I’m afraid I might lose this ‘something’ overnight!


I am of Cherokee and Irish descent, and I own a Health Food store, so have a great number of friends in the healing arts in my personal and business network. I met Debbie as part of a group of alternative health practitioners that work in and around the Marietta area. She did a presentation on the LifeLine Technique and I was intrigued. I have had lower back pain for as long as I can remember. I have tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Reiki, shamanic healing, crystal therapy, and various other techniques for as long as I can remember. All of them were helpful in some way, but never fully relieved the pain. Debbie worked on me once a week for about twelve to fifteen weeks. I was amazed to see the same emotions come up time and time again, and the same pelvic issues show themselves at younger and younger ages. As we continued to dig deeper, I found out that I even had emotions that I was carrying in my pelvis at 7 weeks in the womb. No wonder it took some time to get rid of!

Although the LifeLine Technique was the focus, she incorporated her other techniques as well. I have often benefited from her pranic healing which she has used to help relieve neck pain or other issues I may be having while she’s visiting at the store. She has used the Biogenesis tools in her work with me, and I really love receiving the axiatonal work. It is powerful energy work that left me feeling whole and connected.

The LifeLine in particular was very enlightening and helped me open my heart, and greatly increase my connection with Creator in mind, body and spirit. I learned some amazing things about myself, and about emotions I have resisted (and thus carried inside me) for many years. I no longer experience any pain in the pelvic/lumbar region. If these issues reappear, I find myself often able to transition through them quickly. The work I did with Debbie continues to accelerate my healing with other issues, and when using other modalities. Releasing all the emotions that had built up over time taught me I had to “feel it to heal it”. I now stay in present-time consciousness – feeling and releasing my emotions as they occur. Thus, not only did her work heal my pelvic issue, it helped to heal my life in many continuing ways. I highly recommend the LifeLine Technique and all the modalities that Debbie uses. She is very intuitive and all her sessions are designed around each individual’s specific needs.


My fraternal twin girls, Sadie and Olivia, arrived a little over two months early. They spent most of their early lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Crawford Long Hospital. Both were less than 2 pounds at birth. Both experienced an IVH – Intraventricular Hemorrhage; which is where bleeding occurs in the brain’s ventricular system where cerebrospinal fluid is produced. They both fought with all their might for two months to grow and gain enough weight to come home.

Sadie was a little stronger than Olivia, and our beautiful Olivia experienced some issues as she continued to develop. She experienced some intestinal issues while she was still under one year old. She was unable to have an unassisted bowel movement. I was fortunate enough to meet my sister’s friend Debbie, who was versed in a healing technique which could help, and definitely would do no harm at all to Olivia. Debbie never even met the girls; she used their aunt as a surrogate for the work. Within a month of the work Debbie did, Olivia was able to have a bowel movement on her own. A happy day! Fortunately, both girls are healthy and happy today, growing within normal ranges. I thank Debbie for the healing work she did using the Lifeline Technique with Olivia. I am very grateful to Debbie and have experienced the positive effects that the Lifeline Technique can deliver.


I am the mother of two children, married ten years. My husband and I are completely devoted to the raising of our children. Some couples can’t wait to get out of the house for some time alone, but not us. We look forward to every moment we get to spend with our children as a family. I am a middle school teacher of gifted and talented students, and have been Dekalb County’s Teacher of the Year twice.

My oldest daughter is five years old. It has been evident since an early age that she is a bright, if not gifted, child. Her vocabulary is large, and she is very social, talking with great enthusiasm to anyone who will listen. As she began pre-school, and into kindergarten, we began to notice behavior which was upsetting to us. She became precocious, bossy to other children, unable to focus, found it difficult to take instruction, etc. None of the efforts we made at discipline or psychological techniques were effective with this behavior, and she began to be disruptive in her classroom.

Our budget is very limited but we took her and had testing done on her. Over $700 later, she was indeed diagnosed as ADHD. Immediately a course of prescription medication was recommended. My husband and I adamantly refused to put our 5 year-old child on stimulants and I turned to Debbie.

She did LifeLine sessions on my daughter using me as the surrogate for the child. The LifeLine Technique is extremely valuable as a tool to use with children as it reveals emotions that the child is carrying that s/he could never verbally express. We learned that despite everything we had done right to reassure her, she still felt insecure about her younger sister getting some of mommy’s love. The fact that my 13 month old survived cancer the year before also brought up many emotions for her despite the many times we’d talked about it.

Tate’s behavior has improved dramatically since we did these sessions and she no longer has any discipline problems in school. She focuses well, and is not on medication. I continue to rely on Debbie and the LifeLine technique for other things that come up in my life, and highly recommend it for any issue, be it emotional, physical, relationship, financial, etc. I am a firm believer in its power.



I have two dogs, Buzz and Jessie. They are half American Eskimo and half Schipperke, and they are the loves of my life. They are from the same parents but from different litters. Both are healthy, but Buzz is the more rambunctious of the two. He loves to tear around in the back yard, and he would often turn up with ‘boo-boos’ that I thought were from him running up against the fence, or through the shrubbery. As I watched him more closely, I noticed that these areas were never red or raised. They were never open wounds and thus never bled or scabbed over. They did however itch, and he chewed on them constantly, leaving little perfectly round patches where the hair was missing. He would have three to five of these spots on all four of his legs all the time. He had been exhibiting this condition for at least two years. I was short on funds, and it didn’t seem to be irritating him that much. I couldn’t afford to take him to the doggie dermatologist to determine the exact source of his skin condition.

His ‘Aunt Debbie’ learned the LifeLine Technique and decided to try it on him after her early training. It can’t harm anyone or anything so I was happy to let her experiment on my little guy. I was amazed when this condition that had persisted over a period of years virtually disappeared over night. It has been well over a year since then and it has never returned. The emotions that came up as being behind his symptoms made sense for a dog, and I was even more attuned to the amount and extent of emotions that animals carry. This work is greatly beneficial as well for helping to know what my loving pets are experiencing in their minds that they cannot easily express to me.

I would definitely use the LifeLine on any pets I owned. It is a highly valuable technique for healing and understanding.

Thank you! 


I had been going to the chiropractor for various neck and back issues for years. I suddenly found myself in excruciating neck pain. After x-rays and MRIs and visits to orthopedists, I learned that I had no choice but to have surgery. Three of the vertebrae in my neck had collapsed on each other. The solution was to replace the discs with a biomorphogenetic substance or fuse the vertebrae with titanium. The biomorphogenetic substance was the preferable choice, but often this is often rejected by the body. There was little time for research, planning or preparation. My surgery was scheduled for 5 days later.

Debbie did a LifeLine session on me using the intention of having the best possible hospital/surgery experience. She harmonized me to:

 the materials that were to be placed in my neck, the surgical team, the surgical instruments, the pre-op and post-op medication, any IV solutions, the medical and nursing staff at the hospital, the operating room, and the hospital itself

The session brought up and cleared any emotions which might block my having a positive outcome or experience. It was amazing. My anxiety about the procedure disappeared. The surgery went exceptionally well. I spent only one night at the hospital and was released early the next morning. Everything went smoothly. The staff was exceptional. There was one nurse in particular who was horribly rude to all of the patients but she was a sweetheart to me. They all seemed to love me. I had no problem with the biomorphogenetic substance in my neck, and my recovery was great. Any questions I had for my surgeon’s staff during my recovery were addressed immediately.

I have had a number of surgeries before, with a number of complications. Having your neck sliced open is quite frightening, and having no time to prepare yourself makes it that much worse. I credit Debbie’s creativity in using the LifeLine Technique with making this such a positive experience. I strongly recommend her for anything you are going through.


Debbie has the soul and purpose of a healer – gentle yet thorough and unwavering. If there is something to uncover, recognize and heal, Debbie will be the one to lead you to it. Debbie’s work with the Lifeline Technique opens doors that have awarded me a greater, more significant and lasting change that I may not have experienced without the use of the LLT and her capable hands and energy. My childhood, like many of ours, was tumultuous and painful to say the least. Recognizing, embracing then releasing and forgiving has been paramount to the success I have been given. Without the Lifeline Technique and Debbie’s work, it may have taken years to melt the ice that surrounded my heart and covered my childhood wounds. I have recovered in ways I would have never imagined … An unspoken gift of Debbie’s healing is while you are working with her, you slowly but surely are given the gift of self love and appreciation – dare I say admiration – and it comes from a place where loving yourself brings you closer to your Higher Power, your God, the Universe, yourself AND others.

The healing I experienced not only healed the specific ailment that we were working on but it enabled me to become that best version of myself that everyone is struggling to achieve these days. Debbie’s work helped clear the path in my subconscious and soul to find my true self. The great news – no doubt I’ve only scratched the surface! Debbie’s work with the Lifeline Technique is unparalleled to the 1000s of dollars I have spent in therapy. Her work certainly compliments cognitive therapy but works on a greater plane and reaches deeper depths of the subconscious – the key to unlocking our self imposed limitations. Thank you, Debbie! It seems so appropriate to shout from the mountain tops – FREE AT LAST!       



I was diagnosed with a foot abnormality (an extra bone) which was pressing on a nerve causing moderate annoying pain.

The podiatrist prescribed an insert for my shoe which did little to help. After my LifeLine session with Debbie I noticed the pain subsiding.

Several months have passed and the pain in my foot is almost gone. The next step suggested by the podiatrist was surgery so I am extremely grateful for my healing. 



After learning of the LifeLine technique a few years back, it was the first thing I thought of when I had a myriad of things come upon me earlier this year. I knew these issues were out of the realm of traditional doctors and knew I needed something different. I contacted Debbie and explained my top, pressing issues which led to more deep-seated, longstanding issues. I definitely felt I was at a cross roads of sorts – a turning or tipping point, if you will. It was pretty bad. Co-dependence so bad I had turned into any and everybody else’s life. Their life was my life. I was so far from me, I was sick, miserable, down and depressed. Out of great fear of not being liked I had become a door mat, which opened the door for people to take advantage and be abusive. This brought on panic attacks and major anxiety. There were other things as well. I needed help.

Debbie listened and identified with me. She talked ever so gently even when telling me where my role was in all of this. “We teach people how to treat us” she would say and although it wasn’t easy to hear, she was correct. She befriended me and offered me so many resources. Web sites, books, words of wisdom; all her knowledge she bestowed upon me. Feeling so low and far from the Light, we started our sessions. We had so much to work on but little by little, I was feeling better and stronger and more alive than I have in years. For once, I felt OK to be me! I have been panic and anxiety free for some time now and was able to do all this without depression medication (which was very important to me)!!! For the first time in many years I have hope and a renewed spiritual relationship. Doctors definitely have their place in society, but you know when their knowledge won’t touch what you’re going through, and when that happens, there’s the Lifeline!


As Debbie explained to me what Atlas Balancing was about, I recognized the possibility that the physical feeling of misalignment at the base of my skull might not be 100% related to an overdue chiropractic visit. That turned out to be an accurate observation. There is a subtle difference in my facial features between the right and left sides and I pointed that out to Debbie as she explained the technique. She agreed that she noticed it. The variances are subtle, but I am certainly aware of them. For one, my left eyelid is shut more, or seems to sag a bit, as compared to my right.

As Debbie began the process, I began to anticipate powerful results. As she settled into the routine, I realized that I was hearing her voice but was recognizing it as familiar from a previous lifetime. There was a discriminating difference in the resonance of her voice in conjunction with the sounds. Debbie and I have been close friends for 33 years now and to say I know the sound of her voice would be an understatement. This revelation tuned me into the fact that she definitely had tapped into a higher realm – a powerful one.

Immediately following the conclusion of the Atlas Balancing technique, Debbie indicated she would like to do a quick LifeLine Technique session to assist in the assimilation of the Atlas Balancing. I am no stranger to the technique and had no objections or apprehension at all, though Debbie was clear that it was simply a bonus, not a requirement. It turned out to be the most interesting Lifeline session I have experienced! As she began to find “triggers” that might complicate integration of the Balancing, I noticed two very distinct energies in in the right and left sides of my head. The left was now more alive than it had been in quite some time. The energy on the left was just sitting there kind of randomly buzzing and gently bouncing around like it was exploring the left side of my brain, while the energy on the right side was more organized and actually seemed to be retreating from the left side of my brain. It was like the energy that had been present all along on the right side was apprehensive, or scared of this new energy on the left side. As Debbie used the Lifeline technique to clear the triggers, the dissonance between the two energies settled quite quickly and they seem to integrate as though they now comingling and working in harmony. The second immediate result of the combination Atlas Balancing and Lifeline session was that immediately afterward when looking in the mirror, my left eye was no longer closed more and was as open and alert as my right eye. That was huge. I look forward to the changes to come and am grateful for this opportunity.


Debbie Loshbough is a friend of mine. Our friendship began several months ago when she approached me and asked if she could practice a technique she was learning called The LifeLine Technique. Several years earlier I had been diagnosed with a very serious and rare form of cancer. All of the medical treatments I had endured to that point had failed. I was assigned to a doctor at Northside who is known as “Dr. Death. He gets all the hopeless cases the other doctors don’t want because their cure/success rates would be lower. I had standard treatments and experimental treatments.

Debbie began to work with me frequently. I quite frankly did not understand the technique or how it worked. My motivation at the time was that I was helping Debbie practice; doing a favor for a friend. I had nothing to lose, as the LifeLine Technique cannot hurt you in any way. At worst, I was being filled with Infinite Love and Gratitude. At no time did Debbie suggest that I stop any of my treatments or disregard any instructions from my doctor. Her technique is complementary to medicine and all other treatments.

She told me that physical cancer is always preceded by what she called ’emotional cancer’ and emotional cancer showed up in me during our sessions at my current age, at the age of 13, at the age of 7, at the age of 4, at the moment of my birth, and even at 19 weeks in the womb. It was astounding the number of emotions and traumatic events that were cleared out. At no time during my sessions with Debbie was I retraumatized. Apparently I took all the physical, verbal and emotional abuse I experienced in my violent childhood and internalized it as self-loathing. This self-loathing and all of the unprocessed emotions from these experiences manifested in my body as cancer.I was put into Northside Hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant. My chances of even leaving the hospital were 1 in 3. For ten days before the transplant I was filled with massive doses of chemotherapy. I was told to gain 30 pounds prior to my hospitalization as I would be very ill after the transplant and between the vomiting and diarrhea I would probably lose at least those 30 pounds. I was told I would not want any visitors for 2 weeks after the transplant kicked in.

While in the hospital, I used the Infinite Love and Gratitude hand sign to harmonize all chemotherapy and any IV fluids or medications that went into my body. The hospital gives you cases of bottled water to drink, and per Debbie’s instructions, I wrote ‘Infinite Love and Gratitude’ on each and every bottle I drank. As for the horrible reaction I was supposed to have to the transplant; well, I vomited twice and lost a total of three pounds.Today, one month later, I am cancer-free. The doctors are astounded and have absolutely no explanation. They are surprised I am even alive and call it a miracle. What I know is that the LifeLine Technique works. I had my doubts in the beginning but do not doubt it any more. I am eternally grateful for Debbie and this technique with every breath I take.


In March of 2010, I was hit with a virus that caused severe sore throat, sinus infection, and fluid was trapped in my ears that caused severe vertigo (dizziness). The vertigo was so severe, that every time I moved my head, the room would spin and I would become nauseated.

I went to an ENT and was placed on antibiotics, steroids to reduce the swelling in my nasal cavity and ears, decongestants, and nasal sprays. None of these medications seemed to cause any improvement. I even went back to the ENT because the vertigo became worse. I could not even walk around my house without holding onto the wall, and driving was impossible.

After two weeks of misery, I was doing a Lifeline phone session with Debbie Loshbough and she suggested doing a pranic session for my ear and sinus problem. Debbie does the pranic session remotely, and her only instruction was to go ahead and take a shower. She explained that pranic healing works in the energy body and can take 12 to 24 hours to reach the physical body. Water absorbs energy, so it is best not to shower or swim during those first 12 hours.

I had no expectations for results from Debbie’s pranic session on me. After all, I had been to an ENT twice, and had taken multiple medications for two weeks without any positive results.The next morning when I woke up, I felt like a new person. I immediately noticed that I could breathe easier, before I even got out of bed. I got up and walked across the room and noticed that it wasn’t spinning like it had been for weeks. The pressure in my head had been severe for weeks, and there was a significant relief from that.I was truly baffled (and grateful) that I felt so much better after the pranic session. It felt like Debbie had performed a miracle for me! I spoke with Debbie several days later, and she told me that she had to work pretty hard to clear everything that was in my head.

The pranic session was a true turning point for me. I continue to be amazed at the effectiveness of the process, and Debbie’s ability to clear my energy fields from a distance! I would highly recommend Debbie Loshbough, and pranic healing, for anyone that desires a natural, effective mechanism for healing.


About a year ago, our dog Mikko began to experience severe digestive issues. He is small and usually around 13 pounds, and he lost 3 pounds in a matter of weeks. We took him to the vet, where they wanted to do lots of tests and x-rays, along with medications and special prescription food. It would have been worth every penny if it worked, but it just didn’t feel right to us, though we did determine insufficient pancreatic function as far as diagnosis.

Debbie offered to do a LifeLine and pranic healing session with Mikko, during which she told us of food allergies/sensitivities that were causing stress for his body. She also did some work for an eye issue and discovered he was experiencing depression, which she then cleared. She even came across cellular memory of coming from a puppy mill, which she also cleared.

We noticed changes immediately and, over time, as Debbie continued to work with him, he returned to our normal healthy boy playing and active. We are extremely grateful for Debbie and the Lifeline Technique. She and LifeLine were (still are) the right course of healing through Infinite Love and Gratitude for Mikko and for us. We have recommended Debbie to many of our friends and clients.


I have been working with Debbie Loshbough for the last few months, and she has helped me greatly. I have regained feeling in two fingers on my left hand that had become numb, relieved a nearly constant ache over my left eye, have seen much relief from pain in my back and an improvement in my posture. Every other condition that we have been working on has shown improvement.

Beyond the relief of physical symptoms we also worked on prosperity. Being a “senior” and having divorced my husband five years ago, I need a source of income as alimony has run out. After working on prosperity some avenues have opened up where I can pursue my interests, and in time I believe I can create the income I need. I feel invigorated with a renewed sense of adventure and enjoyment.

I have had a lot to overcome. I had two unexpected surgeries four days apart in February, 2008. My family was told that I probably would not survive the second surgery. I was in the hospital and rehab for a total of two months. Ten months later, while undergoing some therapy to increase my flexibility, I pulled some muscles in my back, This created severe pain which I favored by walking stooped over. In addition, in my earlier years I did not express my emotions, so there are a lot of emotions stuffed inside which we keep releasing.

Debbie is the first person in Georgia to be certified in The Lifeline Technique. Certification is difficult to achieve. There is a written exam that takes nine or more hours to finish, and you must score 90 or more to pass. There is also a proficiency exam. Debbie knows the technique well. I am often amazed at her intuition. It has been a fascinating journey as we uncover, by accessing the subconscious mind, what my body is saying.I have the highest regard for Debbie’s abilities. She gives and gives – much more than is expected. I am grateful for all she has helped me with, and I highly recommend her work.


My beloved mom loved my work. So she wrote this testimonial for me:

Dear Friends, and all of us who see doctors all the time.

I personally came across a healing process that Debbie Loshbough has done, and has a certification for doing. I have used this process of Infinite Love and Gratitude a number of times and it has helped me immensely, not only with my medical problem but with several other problems. This method of healing is unbelievable. It is not complicated and it can help with any matter or issue. It does not require medication; it is simply healing that occurs through a talking process. Many things are advertised for healing, but this no medicine process is very simple.

I have personally made progress with chronic aching legs and more. I hope this message will encourage you to contact Debbie and try the LifeLine Technique yourself and feel the changes in your life. I deeply hope you take this opportunity to use this method if you need extra help that you can’t get from your doctor.