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Lissy's ART Corner

Charlotte North Carolina , 28262
United States


I super love it! The colors make me happy!


Thank you once again Lissy (Lizzette Sangster) for the Beautiful Portrait, this time of me during my time in Service. Her incredible Talent along with her Artistic Passion in capturing Special Moments in Time are truly Amazing. I am so appreciative and grateful for her and these beautiful Works of Art!
Check her out at:

37th Anniversary Yellow Roses Commission

To my Wife, I Love You, Happy 37th Anniversary! 37 yellow roses for the years shared in marriage (yellow is Janis' favorite); each vase represents the anniversary color for the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and the niches in which they are placed represent our timeline. The two single yellow roses represent last two years which we have struggled and endured (like others in the world). The heart shaped "rock" is meant to represent an alabaster rough stone carving. The scroll commemorates the event and serves as my card to my wife.I commissioned this work with the general ideas stated above. The artist is a beautiful person, exceptionally talented and gifted by God with the ability to "bring to life" ideas, thoughts and emotions on canvas. I cannot say that she can "capture" love, but I can attest that she can create work that reflects love and positive emotions into the heart and soul of those who are privileged to gaze upon her works.  The artist is: Lizzette Sangster, Her email is: Art is a wonderful gift, so please give her gallery a look. Now to Ms. Sangster, Thank You. My wife loves the gift. My wish to you: That the Lord continue to grant you the ability to bring beauty into this world.  Sincerely, Walter.  

The Drunken Dwarf Tavern

Dear Ms. Sangster: The commissioned fantasy dwarf piece is absolutely perfect. I find it amazing how you can listen to an idea roughly expressed in words and create works of art that are not just fine paintings but masterpieces that capture and reflect character, meanings while evoking the emotions intended. Thank you for your efforts. When I need a third commissioned piece, I will again contact you. I highly recommend you to my associates, peers, friends and family. With sincere gratitude, Walter.


Absolutely happy with my abstract artwork for my office and my bedroom. In fact, my office features three pieces of her artwork. You’re getting great work from a truly gifted artist. Keep doing what you do!

Custom Frame Work for Canvas Artwork

I want to say thank you to my talented friend/artist for framing and adding her magic to my painting!
If you have a painting and needs framing, you can have Lizzette Sangster with "Lissy's ART Corner" make it beautiful!!!

Little Mermaid meets Little Pony

I am lost for words. It's absolutely beautiful. My goodness I'm shocked. I just received the Beautiful painting and everyone loves it. Thanks again LissysARTCorner.

Mom and Daughter Portrait

This was the work done with My mom and I. Look at that hair style my mom had. She Always had long beautiful hair. I wanted this picture of us two done and Lizzette Sangster make it happen. Thanks again liz. She has great work. Get in touch with her if you need a special painting done. Thanks again Liz, my mom was so excited.

Family Paint-n-sip Lissy's ART Corner

This activity was profoundly peaceful, heart-warmingly beautiful and spiritually transcendant. Creativity hung thick in the air while all young and old stopped, if just for a short while, to pluck love, hope and serenity out of a blank canvas and into existence. That was my experience with Lissy's Art Corner. To paraphrase the great Maya Angelou.. We 'Let the Caged Bird Sing' and I loved it.

Lissy's ART Corner Paint Parties!

Lizzette Sangster, you are the BESTEST EVER!!!  If you guys are looking to host a paint party at home, Lizzette is the lady for you!!!  She walked everyone though the process.  Interacted with everyone, smiled the entire night and she was sooo encouraging!!  Book her soon, you won't regret it!!!

His Brothers Keeper- Memorial Portrait

Thank you so much Lizzette Sangster for this beautiful portrait of my Brother Richard Robayo "Ricky". We will cherish this painting for many years to come and love the way the video seems to brings him back to us. 

Beauty and the Beast

I love Lizzy’s passion for her work, she is absolutely amazing; she did a picture of beauty and the beast for my daughter.

Black Panther

What can I say, the woman loves her art and it shows. I had a personalized piece done of a black panther. It was everything I wanted and more. When you love your craft it shows. Lissy’s work will brighten up any environment. Keep pushing those colors mami. ❤️

Beautiful Inspirational site

I love how inspirational you are! I love how you describe your journey as an artist.  You are so creative and your pictures tell a story.  Your website home is so beautiful. I am in love with my painting!!!! Thank you, Great Job!

Inspired Destination

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Lissy.  I have known her for many years and watched her grow as an artist.  Today I received my first painting from her, and wasn't disappointed.  It is stunning and an amazing addition to my home.  Beautiful work, and it was very easy to order and arrange shipment.  Lissy made it easy!  Thank you for everything - can't wait for the next one.

Proud Owner of Lissy's artwork!

I am the proud owner of two of Lissy's masterful art pieces. Well, I own one, the other was a gift for my husband.  You can see the love that goes into each art piece she designs.  I absolutely love my paintings, they are so real to life that it feels as if you could reach in and touch the water, grass, etc.  Your new website is amazing and I can't wait to see the new beautiful art you create.


True professional with a profound love and passion for art!!