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Living Well Healing Arts

Kerr Parkway,50
Lake Oswego Oregon , 97035
United States

Profoundly Transformative

There are so many things I could say - all abundantly positive - about Sara and her work. My first two sessions with her have been profoundly transformative. I had no prior experience with sound therapy and didn’t go in with any expectations, but it has facilitated emotional and spiritual healing at a level I have not been able to access in any other way. During these appointments I’ve been able to gain different perspectives on who I am and where I am going and its as if the vibration and sound lift me up and place me back on track so I can move forward on my own path. My place in the world and role in my relationships is becoming clearer and allowing me to see that it’s okay to make choices for myself based on what I want to move towards, rather than away from based on fear. The experience and continued effects feel: magical. There is no other way to describe it. The inherent medicine in the sound is powerful, and Sara’s grounded, intuitive, genuine, and professional nature creates a space for this deep healing to occur. I trust and feel very comfortable with Sara and feel so grateful for what I have gained from just two appointments. I highly recommend!


If I had one word to describe my experience with Sara Irena, it would be magical. Sara turns the field of healing into art; combining her talents of sound, aroma therapy, touch and other tools, collected from her training in Chinese medicine. She is remarkably intuitive, and provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience. You will not find anything similar to her treatments in the greater Portland area, or even in the United States. The form of Sound Therapy that she practices, is a difficult thing to describe. The Monochord provides a soothing resonance and sound. It allows you first, to relax, and then, to journey “beyond”. My experience with Sara was quite dream-like. After the initial relaxation, I found myself transported from Sara’s office, to a desert far away. The feeling of the experience allowed me to see what my relative position in life, in comparison two where ( and whom ) I wanted to be. I would suspect that there are physical benefits to the treatment. The strong-point of this work, however is most definitely resides in the treatment of the spirit. If you get a treatment from Sara, you will, at the least, be met with a very relaxing and pleasurable experience. At the most, your life will change. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a blessing in my life.