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Rose to the occasion

I’m a single mom of three. About 6 months ago I received notices stating that I owed $134,236.85 to a mortgage company and $7,948.62 to an auto lender. They were threatening to sue me and garnish my wages. I was so angry and afraid. I could foresee hardship and struggles for me and my babies. I was referred to Credit Repair Enforcers by my best friend. Credit Repair Enforcers calmed me down and explained that credit repair is not just about sending letters and that they would help resolve my matter. They didn't promise a specific outcome, but they did promise to work all the legal angles to resolve my problem. My results were amazing. Both debts are 100% cancelled/forgiven. Exactly $142,185.47. One debt was back-dated to 2015 for tax reasons and the other to 2016.

I should have done this sooner

The debt collectors' tactics were so unscrupulous. The collections agency would change the debt owed by a penny and then add it back once it went away. They would also add it back under a different sister company’s name. I was so discouraged. They kept resurfacing on my credit report. I didn’t know what to do. I would get calls in the morning and late at night. These vultures were relentless. I was even getting calls while I was at work. I received calls on Sundays too.I was referred to by my father-in-law. When I met with Ricky from Credit Repair Enforcers, he explained that items deleted from your credit reports can, in fact, reappear on your credit reports even after the dispute resolution process has been completed. He told me this practice is referred to in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as "reinsertion." Ricky handled my case and I haven’t seen this on my report in a year. I am not sure what they did, but I appreciate their efforts so much. I can finally move on with my life.

Fast and painless process

I just wanted to write Credit Repair Enforcers to express my gratitude for all the work you and your staff has done for me in correcting my credit issues. I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I spoke with Eric a year ago. I did not think you could get my credit reestablished as soon as you did. By using your service and by being patient, you have cleaned up my credit to the point where I can now be qualified to purchase a home as an "A" paper borrower!! Absolutely amazing!!! You took my bad credit with bad FICO scores of 450 and pushed it to 720!! Oh and to let you know I recently applied for a car loan and I was approved! I got a good rate and the vehicle I wanted. I could never even think that this could happen as soon as it did. Thanks a MILLION. I have been telling all my friends and clients about you. You deserve a ton of recognition for what you do. Hopefully this letter will assure others to trust your service and let a miracle come to pass!

Resolved everything

I didn’t want a flashy new car or a mansion. I just wanted to get my own place… something I could call home. I fully take responsibility for my actions, but the lack of financial education is what led to having to reach out to Credit Repair Enforcers in the first place. Why didn’t we learn about credit, mortgages, and loans in middle and high school? Who dropped the ball on that? I’m grateful for the outcome because I finally qualified for my condo, but America should not have a credit system like this. I would have been homeless if it wasn’t for my parents because I could not get approved for anything. I had the income and lacked the credit score. Not trying to complain, but I want to be honest with how frustrated I am that I even had to do this to see a change in my credit score.

They took care of me

Amy was sympathetic to the fact that I was recently laid off from my job. She did everything she could to help me continue to be a client and help with my credit repair until I could get back on my feet! Credit Repair Enforcers was a true friend to me.

Fresh Start

Credit Repair Enforcers literally gave me a fresh start. I am so grateful for all the help you have given me! Before, I was stressed out and exhausted from being turned down from lender to lender. Last week, I was able to buy my wife a much needed new car. As of now, I'm currently in the phase of house shopping. I would love to continue to aggressively improve my credit, so next year I can qualify for a mortgage. I'm more confident and I feel more secure. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Credit Repair Enforcers family.

They got my vote

They are always so helpful, I've recommended to several people already. Keep up the good work!

I got my house!

Wow using helped me get into my FOREVER HOUSE. Gabby helped me through the steps and it worked. My credit score is 147 points above from when I started. I literally just signed the paperwork for my dream car. Thank you so much for helping me with my goal!

Thank you

I'm very happy with the help that you have provided. All negatives dropped off and stayed off. Thank you Credit Repair Enforcers.

Real experts

The experts are great and express genuine concern about clients! I love!

So happy

I've had a very positive experience with and my credit repair. This group worked hard and got a few negative items removed from my credit in just a short time.

I can't believe it

Cassandra was very clear in informing me of what needed to be done. I was prepared for the next steps. Thanks


No one can do what you are doing, thank you!

Thank you so much

Your results speak for themselves! I love

The real pros

I will be referring everyone to You're great at what you do. I saw results quickly and you're all very professional.

I appreciate it

Everything was very clear and precise. I can't wait for more results! Thanks,

Set me up for success

I am always able to get a detailed plan of what my next steps should be in helping to repair my credit in the most efficient way! Credit Repair Enforcers set me up for success.

Poof... it's gone

I feel my issue was resolved. All of my questions were answered and everything fell off. Thanks so much Credit Repair Enforcers.

They are serious about this

The updates made available to clients through the website and email for viewing are amazing! I can always speak with someone promptly when I call or through the chat, and see speedy results on my credit report.


The firm has been amazing in helping me restore my credit.

they went above and beyond

Credit Repair Enforcers is wonderful. I was laughed out of car dealerships when I attempted to purchase a car. After seven months of assistance from Credit Repair Enforcers, I walked into a dealership and purchased a car with no money down! They helped me recover from financial ruin. I am grateful to them for making my creditworthy again.

They got the job done

I was being harassed by a debt collection company about a debt that I owed from 20 years ago. Credit Repair Enforcers wrote all my response letters and I was able to settle the account for pennies on the dollar. I want to personally thank you for doing what you said you would do, returning phone calls and responding to my emails promptly and for having a professional staff that can get the job done.

What a relief has been fixing my credit for 9 months already and my score has only been improving.

Achieving success without stress

In the summer of last year, my credit was a disaster. I had attempted to repair it myself to no avail. I was fortunate to discover Credit Repair Enforcers on the internet. I signed up immediately. They were able to get several items deleted off of my credit report including over $1,500 in medical bills. has my permission to use this survey as a testimonial. If people don't believe you guys, have them call me. I'll tell them!

I thought it was mission impossible. I was wrong.

In just three months of hard work on Credit Repair Enforcers’ part, I am able to get my loan now. So much misinformation was deleted from my credit report that the banker was impressed and ok'd my home loan. I close next month.

I got my loan!

I got approved for a $50,000 unsecured personal loan through Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). I'm thankful and grateful for the help from the team.

Met the target

I was able to settle a $4,500 Citibank visa card debt for only $500.00. I don’t know about you, but that is a win for me. On top of that, it was marked as paid in full and I was able to get it removed from my credit report. Financial freedom is so important and I know I am going to do better now with a clean slate. Credit Repair Enforcers really went to bat for me.

Such a blessing

Thanks for cleaning up my credit report. My credit score increased enough for me to qualify for my AMEX card. It is my very first form of business credit and it does not have a limit. I realize not everyone has the same credit problems but you folks were fast and really worked for me. Thanks so much to the crew.

Solid solution

I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with the way handled the correction and reconciliation of my credit files. Prior to the work done by your office, I had difficulty in obtaining credit purchases and business credit on many occasions. I am now able to obtain almost any personal or business credit I require. You are truly an exception to the many people who advertise credit repair but never follow through.

So fast

Thank you to Joe and Credit Repair Enforcers for everything you all have done for me and my family. In less than 60 days of working with you all, our credit score has raised high enough to be able to qualify for a personal loan that we were not able to before. Besides that, everyone there was so professional and friendly and easy to work with that it made the whole experience quite enjoyable. I have already recommended you to several people and will continue to recommend your services to everybody I come in contact with.

I can't believe it

Cassandra was very clear in informing me of what needed to be done. I was prepared for the next steps. Thanks

So far so good

I have been getting excellent service since day one. I'm glad I picked Credit Repair Enforcers to handle my credit repair for me.

All Gone

Very reassuring and professional. Credit Repair Enforcers got the job done.