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138 School St
Libertyville Illinois , 60048
United States

East Coast Food Manufacturer

"It feels like a half a million dollars fell from the sky."

Corporate Interior Design Firm

Discovering what was available to me opened up my capital expenditure planning! ENJEN qualified me for 4 programs and allowed me to expand my lending to build my new office.


"Our experience with Enjen has produced some valuable assets for our company . Jen’s High energy, action oriented, and intelligent exploration of our business and assessment of our needs has increased the deliverable way beyond our expectations. I Highly recommend the experience."

ENJEN Adds Value

I would recommend ENJEN LLC as a tremendous value, the wealth of knowledge that ENJEN brings to your company is incredible, not only serving as a tremendous force in your corner, but doing all the legwork upfront for your company and negotiating with government officials on your behalf. ENJEN is fast and efficient at doing in a few months, what would take you years to do all on your own. In complex negotiations you need someone with experience on your side, and ENJEN LLC is the best resource for that!