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Door Locks Changed

Excellent service, my daughter left her bag on the train with driving licence and house keys. Changed the front door lock to be on the safe side. Value for money with a friendly service.

Lock Repair Tilehurst

Called Russell to have a look at a broken lock on the rear kitchen door. He was able to fix the lock there and did charge a bomb very reasonable. In my eyes a top bloke, I have now gained a new contact to the phone will definitely use again.

Broken front door handle

I now have a door handle that works! Fantastic job, every time I open my door I have a smile thank you Russell.

Thatcham Locksmith

Excellent level of service, my elderly mum left the key on the inside of the door. Unable to answer the door and unable to unlock the the door with my key. I called this company out, done a good job in opening the door and replacing the lock. One where you cant leave a key on the inside.

Front and back door lock change

Excellent level of service called Russell after my husband and I had a dispute with the builders who refused to return keys. We had no choice but to change front and back door locks. Came out at the time stated very professional and changed the locks without causing any distribution to our newly fitted solid oak door. The prices was a little expensive but makes up for the short notice and time of day highly recommend.

Key stuck in door

I could unlock my door but the key was stuck I called Russell from Berkshire Locksmith Services who came out to me within the hour. He managed to remove the key and recommended that I needed a new cylinder. Russell replaced my door lock which came with 3 keys. All round very friendly and affordable much cheaper than other prices i had!

24 Hour Locksmith Newbury

Key snapped off inside the lock when locking up at night called around for 24 hour locksmiths in Newbury and only this company answered. Came out to me within 40 minutes had the broken key out in 5 seconds glad to be able to secure my home highly recommend.

Door Locks Changed

Really good service lost the front door key whilst walking the new pup called Russell from Berkshire Locksmiths came out to us in no time and put a smile back on my face. Will use again hope not to lose my keys anytime soon tho.

Front Door Lock Change Tilehurst

Urgent call out unable to lock front door or leave to go to work. I called Berkshire Locksmiths was with me in 20 minutes. Repaired the lock in 15 minutes will be getting the lock upgraded on pay day really friendly service look forward to using again.

Kitchen Window Lock Repair

Opened the kitchen window towards the end of the day I was unable to lock it. This company was by far the most helpful and there local no call center spoke directly to Andy who done a fantastic job in securing my kitchen window the lock now works better than it ever has highly recommend very helpful and charges far considering the time of day.