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Lord Clarke Limited

Midland Langar Seva Society

Thank you LCL for providing support for the homeless.  With your help and support we manage to feed over 500 people per week all year round.


I didn’t think I would have much of a pension provision, but the truth
is I didn’t know.

 I was really surprised when Lord Clarke called me to discuss what they
had found out about my pensions.

 When I found out that my pension had over a £150,000 in it I was
genuinely shocked, then Lord Clarke took the time to explain my options.


I was 25 when I started saving for my pension and I am glad I did, I am
now 35 and those 10 years have gone so quick. The last review I had with Lord
Clarke my pension had accumulated past £18,000. All from saving £80 a month!

I would always recommend Lord Clarke


Having come up to retirement age and having the caring of Lord Clarke.

I have been able to relax through the change in life and enjoy the
things I most like to do.

It has always been a pleasure dealing with Lord Clarke, they have given
me the confidants in retirement that my needs are met.