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Lou Sams Zumba Heat

Simply The Best

Absolutely the best instructor ever. Motivating,high energy, sympathetic and FUN..

Inspirational Fitness Instructor!

I have been to many exercise classes over the years and never kept them up.This is my second year at Lou Sams Zumba Heat classes and I am so happy that at last there is an instructor who has motivated me to enjoy exercise.There has been so much fun and friendship as well.I feel so much better about myself and my well being.Thankyou Lou Sams.You are an amazing Teacher and would recommend your classes to everyone!

Thursday nights!!

Thursday nights would not be the same without zumba!! Lou really is the best instructor and the nicest lady. Her classes are 100% full of energy from start to finish. There’s a great atmosphere and everyone is really friendly. You don’t need to have any coordination, just the motivation to exercise, have fun, enjoy yourself and most of all smile! Come along and decide for yourself, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed and you will be wishing the week away for Thursday night again. You’ll leave the class feeling amazing and wanting more! What you waiting for?!? Get the Lycra ready, your trainers on and get your Zumba fix. Whoop whoop!!

This works !!!!!!!!

I’ve watched fitness classes in America where the instructors are really urging you on like having a personal trainer, and my daughters have said “if only you could get that in this country” Well you can - Lou Sams . It’s like having a personal trainer in front of you , she is so focused on her class , urging you to try that bit harder, with you when it hurts, but making you know it’s worth it ! I have done Zumba for years, been a member of a gym, tried all sorts of classes , but this is something else, it is fun and friendly, you feel part of the class from day one. I have been going for 6 months and was huge slim to start with so didn’t expect any weight loss- well I lost half a stone in the first two months and have toned up around my belly . I’m so glad I gave this class a go , Lou is a lovely lady with this genuine love of encouraging people to get fit. She is always bubbly, happy and there for everyone in her class .

A converted non-exerciser!

My daughter dragged me along to your class back in March after getting bored of hearing me moan about my wobbly bits! Three months later I’m loving your classes twice a week and am so chuffed with the results I’ve seen - I still have wobbly bits, but I am also seeing toned muscle where I’ve never seen toned muscle before! At the age of 50 I’m feeling so much fitter and more body-confident than I’ve ever felt. I’ve told you before that I’ve never been into exercise, but there’s something about your enthusiasm and encouragement that keeps me coming back for more!I Thank you!!

Review from Facebook #24

Lou Sam's is an amazing coach. Her classes are always so much fun. Very energetic and always something new to exercise to. She always encourages us to proceed at our own pace.... She's just awesome

Review from Facebook #23

Really fantastic class, simply the best xx

Review from Facebook #22

Wow had a great work out with Lou Sams looking forward to Thursday for yet another amazing class, I wud highly recommended lou as an instructor, very caring considerate, fun lovely lady and above all very professional at what she does, there's not enough points to score this amazing lady , if u haven't yet experienced one of Lou Sams's Zumba classes then best get yourself there quick and enjoy the fun, a massive thank u to u lou Sams xxxxxxxxxxxx

Review from Facebook #21

Absolutely love aqua zumba with Lou Sams, the music is fab and she really motivates you. One of the few fitness classes that I have been to that I actually miss if I can't go. I would highly recommend her classes.

Review from Facebook #20

The most fun I've ever had whilst working out. Lou is so lovely and you can't help but smile even when you're exercising!! Took my mum along to aqua zumba and she loved it too...Definitely going to be a weekly event for us!! Thanks Lou for making us feel so welcome �

Review from Facebook #19

Lou's classes are the best zumba classes around! Such a fun way to exercise and burn calories

Review from Facebook #18

I have loved every class I have been to with Lou Sams and have always come home feeling good about myself with a new burst of energy! Any new members are welcomed with open arms and are encouraged to work to their own abilities. Fully recommend this class as it is so enjoyable you (almost) forget it's excersise! ��

Review from Facebook #17

I go to Aqua Zumba every week, and its amazing. It's fun energetic and a fabulous workout in water, The music is great, the girls are all really friendly, we have so much fun. Lou is a brilliant teacher, she makes everyone welcome, and keeps us all motivated l just love my Monday night's.

Review from Facebook #16

I love every minute of Lou's class its the best way to keep fit, each week is such fun and we always have a good laugh! Its amazing!!!!

Review from Facebook #15

Absolutely love Lou's Aqua Zumba sessions. A fun way to exercise and keep fit.

Review from Facebook #14

Absolutely fabulous zumba class last night. My daughter & I are newbies to the class. Bonus too....we can both still move today haha �. Roll on aqua zumba on Monday now. Cheers Lou for making us feel sooooooooo welcome � xxxx

Review from Facebook #13

I absolutely love our Friday session at the Rugby club. Lou is so amazing, kind, thoughtful and inspirational to keep us all going. Thank Lou, I'm well on the well on my way to be fitter and toned to be a bridesmaid this year! Xx��

Review from Facebook #12

Anyone wanting to give Zummba a try this is the class, Great workout , fantastic girls Awesome � Instructor � Zummba is for anyone young or old so friendly great � music � you feel part of a big family.�

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Review from Facebook #10

It took me a long time to pluck up enough courage to go but now absolutely addicted to lou's classes so much fun and have I made so many lovely new friends. Lou is just amazing works so hard on new routines to keep us on our toes so never a dull moment and I've lost nearly a stone since January and no dieting involved I eat and drink whatever I want it's all down to lou and her Zumba classes . So anyone thinking about going to lou's class don't hesitate I guarantee it will change your life for the better . Can't thank you enough Lou

Review from Facebook #9

Aqua Zumba Monday nights wow what a work out and fun

Review from Facebook #8

Fab first aqua Zumba tonight thoroughly enjoyed it ty lou x �

Review from Facebook #7

I absolutely love aqua zumba! I have multiple sclerosis, and some fitness classes are very hard on the joints-to jarring. After my worst relapse, I was hunched over for a long time whilst riding it out, my posture was shot, and having 500mg a day steroids to speed the relapse up sent my weight soaring! It was 8-10 weeks before my wedding, at 6 weeks before I was picking out a new dress having bloated out from the steroids and food cravings, as this attack was on my spine it ruined my posture completely, and I couldn't stand straight or pull my stomach muscles in. When I met Lou at my first aqua zumba class I explained that I have had ground breaking treatment and feel very well, but that other than the gained weight, I have a weird hunch at the top of my back right by my neck, she said we'll fix that, and she has!!! � she also new that just because my steroids were for a short time the hunger cravings and 'fluid' look of my body would likely not fully start to improve til a year after my last dose, which was June 16 and 1000mg a day. No-one seems to understand that it lasts for so long, and I was extremely happy to find someone who was educated! Thank you Lou, so much!! � I have joined slimming world to help boost weight loss, dance for one hour a week (my favourite thing) love to swim and aqua zumba is both! Thank you again for correcting my posture and fixing my hunch!! If I drove I would be at EVERY class xxx

Review from Facebook #6

Lou's sessions whether on land or in the pool are simply THE best! I'm 57 and have never felt fitter! Love the energy Zumba gives me. Lou is bouncy and bubbly, amazingly enthusiastic and this rubs off on us girls. She has literally dozens of loyal followers. Love her to bits, couldn't imagine doing Zumba with anybody else!

Review from Facebook #5

Absolutely love Zumba. Lou is energetic and fun and pushes you to dance off your calories and your stresses. Each routine has a toned down version for beginners. Leave every class feeling great. Xxx

Review from Facebook #4

Well what can I say about Lou Sams .......... I haven't been going to her classes very long but they are the best part of my week, I absolutely love Aqua and land Zumba. She is an awesome, amazing instructor, the best Zumba instructor ever, full of so much energy even when she's not feeling that well Lou will still give 110% !! Every session is fun that you forget you are actually exercising, it's fabulous, makes my week so much better !! She explains and demonstrates the routines well, makes a point of speaking to newbies and making everyone feel so welcome !! Lou is a very genuine and dedicated instructor and willing to help you do the best you can !! I would never go to any other classes - thanks Lou Sams, xxxxxxxxxx you are simply the best, one in a million. XXXX �

Review from Facebook #3

5 stars and more !! Fabulous workout with an amazing attentive instructor and lots of wonderful people !

Review from Facebook #2

First time ever at Zumba ... Fantastic workout ... Liked it so much I'm going again on Thursday ... Thanx Lou �

Review from Facebook #1

Lou does such an incredible class, I am a bigger lady who is battling against the bulge, and her classes are absolutely so different from anything else I have done! I get such joy from the class, I have done different Zumba, and nothing compares to Lou's class! 100% recommend.

Testimonial #2

Wow! Lou's classes are such super fun! I can't wait for them to come around each week. Lou is really motivational and all the girls in the class are friendly and fun!