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I’ll buy it again.

Works well for my 1000 and 5000 ceramic sharpening stones!!!

Would recommend.

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

This by far the best plate I've had.

Simple easy and gets it done. I've had lapping/flattening stones and plates from a number of vendors and by far this is the Best! Quality is there and you'll appreciate this one soon as it cones in. The tools are included to prep the plate prior to first use. After that it's in a class of its own.

Best lapping plate I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot.

Professional knife sharpener here with over seven years of experience, having sharpened well over 40,000 knives. I never write reviews but felt the need to support this company because finally someone has made a lapping plate worthy of praise. I’ve used most of the lapping plates on the market but the second version of the Maxi-Smart plate is certainly the best I’ve used. I prefer harder stones by Shapton and this plate makes quick work of the pro and even the Glass stones, which are the hardest on the market. The recessed curved lines allow for the slurry to flow easily, improving direct contact between the plate and stone. Other plates, including the previous version of this one, have random high spots or “diamonds” but I haven’t encountered them with this plate. They even provide a diamond “breaker” in the packaging in case you encounter one. Also included is an aluminum straight edge machined to be perfectly straight to ensure flatness of stones and a rubber holding pad to keep the plate from sliding in wet and slurried conditions. The two pics show the plate and some of the stones I was using on a given day, (for verification purposes) and also the diamond breaker to remove any high spots, which again are nonexistent. The folks behind this plate really put sound thought and engineering into making a revamped and thus far flawless version 2. Just opening the package you can see the attention to detail. Any serious sharpener out there should consider having this lapping plate in their arsenal.Ryan SwansonDistrict CutleryWashington DC

Great Flattening Plate at a fair price

It proved to be very efficient on my water stones and Shaptons and I'm very satisfied with it. It's fast, no scratches and it does not create hydro lock. Using the entire 9.6 x 4.2 surface allows me to get consistent results on all my stones. I just use it under running water in the sink as it's light and easy to hold. Debris runs into the grooves and right off the plate. I really like this plate at this point.

Time saver

The lapping plate did a great job flattening my natural and composite stones. Im a sushi chef by trade and have high expectations of the tools i use for my profession. The lapping plate did quite well meeting my expectations of flattening and leaving my stones smooth but not only that, it seemed to do it in half the time as other flatteners i have used in the past.

Amazing tool. Great for flattening.

I have just tested it on my “boys”: 400, 8k and 10k. The deal was done with a couple of passages, and the stones came in excellent condition. In my view, it seems as it has suitable coarseness even for more than 10k.