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Manna Skin Labs

2328A Queen Street East
Toronto Ontario , M4E1G9

Love Manna Skin Labs!

Absolutely in love with the products!! It has been a relief to find out there is a powerful solution, something that can be truly helpful at the end of a stressful day and turn the mood hundred and eighty degrees up. That was, in essence, what it meant to me to discover "Let me sleep" bath salts from Manna Skin and how the product provides such an amazingly rejuvenating experience. Weather it is due to the meticulous sourcing of the ingredients or to the magic in product formula itself, the outcome, in any case, is certainly overwhelmingly pleasing for the senses and leads to the increased feelings of clarity and peace. Eventually, you feel as if you found yourself again.

I have been also using various soaps from Manna Skin, and the "Lavender Fields" is, due to its texture and soothing effects, my favorite in the category. The most striking to me, however, was to find that regular use of any of the soaps produced a feeling of having added a new quality to daily life. It often creates a somewhat surreal feeling, as if being magically transported to the baths of ancient Rome or Greece.

I would especially recommend Manna Skin products if you are looking for a gift, a gift for virtually anyone. The attention and care given to visual presentation and packaging will impress from the very beginning.

Thank you, Manna Skin!!


I've been looking for a natural skin care regime for a long time. I am so happy my mom recommended Manna Skincare. It's so gentle on my skin, smells delicious and I feel like I am glowing!!!!! I for sure recommend trying the products...any of them really. I have so much faith in this brand now Sonia

Review the products!! Natural ( NO CHEMICAL) and clean. It's like food for your skin!!! The customer service is good...Laura really cares about your wants and needs. Check it and your skin will be happy you did.

Carrot Calendula Cleanser

I have ordered a couple of products from Manna Skincare and the quality is exceptional. I love her Carrot/Calendula cleansing oil. Keeps my skin super hydrated especially during the winter. Her soaps are artisan and gorgeously made.I highly recommend purchasing products from this vendor because she takes pride in her work and all her products are authentically natural. Perfect for all ages, especially those wanting to get away from the chemical laden products!