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Bitcoin Trend and Forecast

An amazing experience

The journey has been amazing to be a part of, coming from long term holder and trader. Breaking off into scalping has been such an eye opener and it will without a doubt add to my trading knowledge.

The trainers have been dedicated and lots of hours put in by them to make sure the experience and understanding is amazing.

Upcoming Crypto Uptrend

Marius –

Your recent communication to the TAF members of the coming crypto uptrend is supported by two credible and immediate phenomena:

First, in compliance with China’s regulatory stance, leading crypto exchange Huobi on September 24, stopped allowing Chinese residents to register on its platform. In a subsequent announcement, the exchange noted that it will gradually retire existing Mainland China user accounts by December 31, 2021.

This recent and gradual sell off has put a huge sell pressure on BTC and the other cryptos for the past two months. We are now only a few days away from all existing Mainland China user accounts being liquidated. This will alleviate the downward pressure on cryptos and allow BTC and the ALT coins to move up over the coming months.

Secondly, the ‘January Effect.’ The January Effect is an increase in crypto prices during the month of January and thereafter. This rally can be attributed to an increase in buying. The massive amounts of capital for this buying comes from investors engaging in tax-loss harvesting at the end of 2021 (selling assets with losses to offset assets with gains) to lower the overall tax obligation. Investors cannot buy cryptos in 2021 with this tax-loss capital as it is not considered an expense, but rather an investment. This is why the investors must wait until January to buy cryptos.

I believe that these two events will give additional credence to your algorhythm projections.

Merry Christmas to you, Wendy and your family. May the many blessings continue to shine upon us all.

Best regards,

SO thankful!

I LOVED working with Wendy and the rest of the team. The HODLNOTS course was simple enough for me to understand and feel like I can totally do this and be successful at it. The support is wonderful, there is always someone to help out when you have a question. The energy of the group is also amazing! So grateful and a great value for the price!

Best crypto course ever

The Hodlnots course was a great experience for me and I want to thank Wendy and the team of trainers for teaching us a life skill in a less than two weeks. All the course material and sessions were cleverly thought through and everything ran seamless. The presenters were also excellent and managed to explain complicated concepts in an easy and understandable way. I am very excited to be part of the Hodlnots family and to make lots of money.

Timely updates and great people

Great service thank you team. I’ve been a member to Long term reports for 8 months and cannot thank you and your team enough for the quality professional reports. They are timely and the predictions are near impossible to achieve do hoe you do it is strange and beyond my comprehension but it works lol. Thank you again and 5 star rating from me - UK
Don’t overthink your tracing just HO with the flow. 🚀

A good crypto prediction service

Member for 6 months and happy with this service. I’m subscribed to Marius’ long term trade reports. The weekly zoom calls is always spot on, and reports give a great idea of market direction. I like the presentation of charts showing the next price target or forecast. I’ll be a member for life, if there’s anybody thinking of using this setvice look no further it’s a great and possible the best cryptocurrencies forecast out there that really works. This last drop was forecasted, dates were a little bit off but we had ample warning to get out, so my portfolio is way up, will start to buy Babi soon when Marius says it’s good to go. I’m following your report recommendations, great work team, thanks for everything.

Excellent work thank you

The work Marius put in every and each report is astonishing. The content is accurate and give excellent guidance. I am extremly please and would recommand it.

Confident analysis from Switzerland

I am a big fan of Wendy and Marius
I am following since July 2019 and it makes me so confindent according crypto. I am from Switzerland and usually got up in the middle of the night just to be at any live webinar Marius and Wendy do. You are both my Heros, love you guys!!!

Thank you for weekly zooms

Marius and team
The weekly zoom calls are always an eye opener and inspiring. The analysis is spot on and I like the new quick format. I’ve been a member of Marius for 3 years now and just recently joined the Hodlnots course. I like everything you and the team stand for and do. Keep up the good work and God bless. Just my short testimony if there is anybody who is thinking to join Hodlnots, don’t hesitate, it’s GOOD!

Weekly recording!

Thank you Marius!
It was worth it for me for one spot.... KAI.
I would really love to know the approx expected initial rise in % age terms.
That would be so much appreciated.
Thank you. Regards.
James ( UK)

Thank You

Good evening Marius!

I´m writing to you and your team to show our appreciation and gratitude!
We (me and my wife) have been with you since the beginning of Signals. We are both life time members and now we have also added Trendsig. Next step will be Small cap big gains.

We owe it all to you! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU! You are a life changer!
Take care!

Kindly regards Mikael & Sofia

I hope you are well and life is good.

Hi Marius,

I hope you are well and life is good.

Thought I would say thank you for keeping the dream alive!

In 2018 I sunk my "Entire" pension, about £180,000 into a BTC and Eth ETF fully backed by purchased Eth and BTC. I bought at Eth $600 and BTC $9,500!

March 20 Covid crash I watched my fund go to £38,000, and had a meltdown cashed out £10,000 on an emotional whim. I remember it well as to make matters worse I was on holiday at the time.

Fast forward a year and on my Birthday May 12th 2021 I cashed out £1 million of a £1.4 m fund! Wow what a difference a year can make.

I learnt lessons from this.
Don't Capitulate to fear!
Don't get too greedy (look at the price of Eth on 12th May)
Look long Term to see the bigger picture.
Follow Marius Landman
All the best, many thanks for all you do.

$8300 profit in one day

Hey Marius,

Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate what you guys do and understand you can never be 100% correct with every call. However, having newly subscribed to your day trade signals, (long time member of trend and forecast) I scored a $8,300 profit off of your XRP call. Never even thought it was financial advice by the way... I just aped into it at your entry point and got out at $1.325.

Anyways, keep up the great work!


Weekly comprehensive reports

Hi Marius,

I just wanted to once again thank you for the weekly, comprehensive reports you send out. Not to mention the information we get on the zoom calls.

There just is no one else who does what you do. You send out consistent, detailed, accurate information that we've learned to trust and rely on.

Appreciate all you do . You help to make the world a better place.


Very happy with the team

I’ve been a member for 3 years and happy with this service. When I subscribed Marius only had the premium membership. I’m now subscribed to Hodlnots and small caps and managed to increase my portfolio over 300% the past 24 months, despite all the market drops. Thank you team. Member for life now. Ha. Pierre

50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG.

50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG.
I’m an osteopath and trainer based in Bondi, Australia. Financially it’s a humble existence, and with a small family I needed to find another stream of income and a way to save for the future.
I felt the crypto market could offer me this and so started trading about 1 year ago, with varying degrees of success I would average 10% monthly gains of my portfolio.
I then got introduced to the SCBG team just 2 months ago which has had a huge impact on my trading. To put this into perspective, over these 2 months I’ve increased my entire portfolio by another 50%!
The operation is slick, there’s ample information throughout the week, it provides excellent support, advice and expert analysis that not only increased my capital, more importantly for me it has abated the psychological stressors that often go hand in hand with trading.

Subscriber for 3 years

@LandM_Marius Every time your report targets are hit I am shocked and amazed. I don't know why because I have been a subscriber for three years and they ALWAYS are. You and your team are the absolute best. Thanks for all your hard work and I can speak for all subscribers. THANKS

Small Cap Big Gains report

Marius this is a great supplement, and good timing for us needing to see some profits from these slowed down Alt coins. The TEAMwork is obvious and inspiring. Brian in Canada

Awesome reports

Hi, thanks for the awesome reports and much needed guidance in the crypto space that you provide.

I won't be able to listen to the bulls VS bears call today due to loadshedding from 10:00 am today.

If I may ask a longterm view of two crypto maybe for the HODL for next 2 years. They are ( SHA - Safe haven and DOT - Polkadot)

I tried after my longterm trade membership expired to see how I fair in the crypto space. Needless to say I lasted about two weeks in the dark and it was the most nervous time ever.

Thank you for all you do and being a light on my crypto journey.

I hope this will inspire people

Hell Marius, team,

lot to say so


I hope this will inspire people who failed previously or struggle to get result in crytpo.

I am a member since fall 2017.

I thank you Marius from the bottom of my heart and Wendy and your team for all the training and explanations in free webinars

I made mistake a lot in crypto, most of the time it was greed and inexperience and i had not a plan.

In theses 3-4 years i learned so much. I always dreamt to be financially free and being trader / investor in crypto and precious metals and i now have a plan. it is written on a piece of paper and look at it each day.

For the last decade i was looking to learn and master this spheres but before being a suscriber i really did not know where to look as most of advice is mainstream style to take your money and defraud you. How things really works it is a well kept secret for a small group of the so-called elite that i call the Usurpators.

Since the last 3 months, I applied more your method, trading a portion longterm, another more scalp or day trading and i doubled my portfolio!

It was sometime tough as i work a 8 to 5 job plus commute, but i spend most of my free time listening to your webinar, reading reports and working my trades. It is now a sideline but the goal is that the sideline become my main stream of income in 1-2 years.

Because of you, i feel i learn how the things really works in many aspect of our financial system. I knew for years it was corrupted and designed to rob us, the little guys, but what you do with Wendy and your team helped me a lot.
I settled my goal and want to reserve a seat (motivation) for a class of hodlnots for my birthday as a gift to my self and my wife and my 3 kids by no later december 19 th 2021 as a motivation, but would be really nice being ready before but i cannot miss a whole week outside of my vacations... hence why i hope you will make something for chritmas hollydays this year as i think i am not the only one in this situation.

My goal is that in a year or two i will have 25 months of living ahead of me and leave that work and get full time on it and i am looking soon to incorporate myself to lead my own management fund with probably real estate and such thing. it is written on plan .

I remember what you said about telling you what you think and you will tell me where i will be in five year.

The first time i heard that, i started my 5 year plan no so long after.

What you do for people is inspiring and uplifting. Especially when you shared your personal story, your origin and your life as orphan in africa. To see all what you've done, especially form where you started is a great example of what a determined human being can accomplish.

Thank you Marius, Wendy, team God bless you all.

Subscriber for 3 months and very happy

Hi Marius. Your new report number 278 is mind blowing and such value. I subscribed 3 months to the date and cannot thank you and your team enough for all the valuable info. I plan to be a subscriber for life. If you are reading my testimony and plan to subscribe, do not overthink it and get on board with Marius. I have managed to increase my portfolio but more important is the guesswork is gone in selecting good solid alt coins and as Marius say, trading in the dark, is now gone. My family cannot thank you enough, I managed to make more money the last two months than my hubby working full time. smile*


First, I want to THANK YOU and your beautiful wife for all you guys put together to help us. The reason of this message is because my sister in law who introduce me to your platform. Thank you

Information is spot on

Hi Marius,

I'm less than a month old on your platform and your information has been spot on. Thank you very much!

Support - TOP NOTCH

Thank you J.C. from USA - appreciate the note on our Telegram group regarding the HODLNOT course and their Trainers Support.

short note of appreciation

Good day Marius

I would just like to write you a short note of appreciation for our zoom call with you yesterday.

Marius you deposited so much in our minds, I dont think a person could even put a price on everything you showed us and what we learnt. It was more than we ever imagined. Giving us clear direction going forward, not only in Kai, but crypto in general too and what to expect in the foreseeable future. Covering everything in such detail and helping Warrick along with some interesting trading pointers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

You have breathed new life in Warrick and he is already trying to get his Kai chart perfectly set up.

You and Wendy are such a blessing to many and I really would like to thank you for our consultation yesterday. Your generosity towards us is really appreciated and from all of us a huge thank you!

Thank you so much
Maureen, Kyle and Warrick

Thank you

Dear Marius,

Just to say a big thank you to you and the team for the work that you are doing. I am really enjoying the weekly webinars and being part of your Long Term Trade and Analysis group. It has helped to guide me into the crypto market and not only survive but also thrive since I joined mid last year.

Irene Agnell

Great call on BSV

Hi Marius,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for giving me confidence in the market again. I think I lost that before and that is why I was struggling. Ive now recovered my losses thanks to that last minute BSV move. Luckily I didnt try to ride it all the way up and I took my profits. Im now spending a few days out of the market to catch up on sleep ????

Have a great week. Thanks to you and your team.

Kind regards,


Great video Marius

I hope it is ok for me to post this incredible video tutorial here Marius but i want new people interested in your service to see what kind of information you provide. This video explains how to trade the 55% rule from bottom to top and i have done this for the past 4 months with great success. I cannot thanks yo enough, I have learned plenty and keep learning. Your service is valuable to all us members and please keep doing your best as you always doo. Happy New year to you and Wendy and may God bless you.


Predicted btc to 13888 then 14900 and then open ended

Marius predicted Bitcoin will go to $13888 (this was when Bitcoin was at $9000), then $14900 and then from there he recommended to exit and if Bitcoin were to spike further to trade it with a stop loss. A lot of people are making a lot of money on these calls. For sure a recommendation from me. 

The best out there

Hello Marius

Just a quick note to say thank you for your services. I really find you to be the best out there.

Robert Barrett

Great job thank you Marius and team

Thanks guys you are doing an amazing job keeping us all in the loop. Thanks for everything! ????


Value Plus

When purchasing a product people are looking for value. The value in the training and support is endless and massive. I have been with Tonoit, Marius Landman and team, for many months for the long term forecast and also did the Scalp Trading course with Wendy and her team. Wendy and the trainers are passionate and actually enjoy helping people which is rare.
Regarding Tonoit with Marius and team, who are also passionate, I would not have the direction or the knowledge that I do now without them. Once again with emphasis is on the HUGE VALUE. Thank you very very much Marius,Wendy and of course the whole team.
Take a step in being self sufficient and also in becoming your own bank.

Great call on OMG

Good morning, I hope you’re well.
I’m a member and have been following your long term trend signals and they have been working out very well, thank you.
Good service.



Great webinar

Marius and team, I’m new to your subscription but wanted to post my feedback here - my journey so far. I subscribed 2 months ago and was lucky enough to get a question in yesterday during the weekly zoom meeting. Your patience is remarkable and your answer to me was personalised. The fact that you took some time to listen to me is appreciated. I’ve been in so many groups the last 2 years but finally found a home. I find your long term analysis sound, clear and to the point. How you portray this confidence with knowing what the market will do way into the future is beyond my thinking. One thing for sure, I will be a member for life and plan to do the day trading and hold not trading with Wendy.
Again thank you.
May God bless you.

Good crypto community

Thank you to the Trendsig, Hodlnots and Marius reports I’m able to increase my portfolio week after week. I use Marius’ reports to trade 60% of my portfolio long term, 30% day trade and the rest between scalp trading with the Hodlnots team. What I like is the ongoing support within the community and the support from trainers while trading. Great community much appreciated.
Wayne and Sally


Hodlnots is one of the best Communities available in the Crypto space .... Real people making Real profit... with Real support.... Together with Crypto Cares a charitable leg of HODLNOTS... making a difference to peoples lives .... They are all about Crypto’s... as well as people... Just love being a part

Changed my life

Brilliant support

Best service

Best service I have come across, joined 2 weeks ago, great experience so far.


Been following this channel for 6 months now and I am really amazed of the correct predictions and wonderful community


Hello Marius and/or Team,

My name is Paul and I have been a member of the Bitcoin Trend and Forecast’ group since April.

Thank you very much for the weekly webinars (which I very much enjoy) and the regular posts to the membership area ……….. they are invaluable and extremely helpful.

Many thanks again for all the great work and best wishes to all,


Thank you very much

Marius and Team,

Just a word of sincere gratitude for all that you guys do.

I’ve spent my day (as I do all my Fridays) fine tuning my portfolio based on the previous night’s Webinar. I re-listen, and take review my notes and make adjustments as appropriate. As we get closer to the top the information you provide is critical.

No other analyst in the world offers what you guys do and especially for the amazing price!

Thank you all very much!


Amazing calls

Joined 8 weeks ago and the best thing I have done. Should have joined years ago. You have my recommendation. Great calls, great zoom calls, great people to work with. My portfolio is in the green. Keep up the good work. Ruben

legit experts

This is the way of the future working with this expert ,and this should interest absolutely anyone who is looking for an opportunity to diversify and grow their asset portfolio. This includes investors who are interested in adding to their traditional portfolio. Thanks to this team for the hard work and time dedicated for my are the best.

content is amazing

Good Day Marius

Trust you are well!

I joined your membership two weeks ago and just want to say the content is amazing and thank you for the work that you are doing.

Thank you


Training is excellent and support is second to none.

Keep it up team Marius

I want to say thank you to you and your team for what you do. I’ve been following you for 3 weeks now and am blown away by your “unique analysis”. I have been in a few other trade groups so I know my way around and finding you was almost like finding a needle in a haystack. I only wish I found you earlier.
How you knew two weeks ago Bitcoin will top at $11400 and then we will have a short mini alt season is beyond me. I trade with much more confidence now and getting my friends to join your service. Love your work. God bless.

Thank you Marius and Team

Thank you Marius and Team for continuous, detailed, in-between-webinars, blogs that keep we subscribers
Abreast of rapid paced developments in a heavily manipulated, interdependent global market place. I know it is not easy and the time variable is so plastic. Your positive encouragements sustain more than you know.
Be very, very well
Brian Wark

Recommends Bitcoin Trend and Forecast

LN Boshoff : "In a very uncertain and stressful time, many if not all of us are impacted in some way or another with the current economical crisis. Not knowing if you will be able to support yourself or your family the following month....I decided to take my financial future in my own hands and joined the Trendsig family. Whether you are an entry level or seasoned trader, the training, support and sharing nature provided by Trendsig is unmatched. Invest in yourself today, make your financial future your own."


Hi I found you during the lockdown on YouTube video with Aura. I joined back and I think it was March I’ve been watching your webinars and all of your reports! I never traded anything a day in my life but I listenedback in March or April I only had $3000 to my name and Just lost my job
So I went on Coinbase and bought 3000 bitcoin and because of watching your webinars and reading your reports I have more than doubled my money so thank you so much but my question is I would really like to learn how to trade and I was wondering if the classes that you offer if any of them are for beginner because I am very beginner and if so which one I would like to sign up for them and if you don’t offer it if you could recommend somebody I could sign up with thank you so much for your time and your teachings I’m very appreciative I think you are brilliant have a beautiful day!!


In a very uncertain and stressful time, many if not all of us are impacted in some way or another with the current economical crisis. Not knowing if you will be able to support yourself or your family the following month....I decided to take my financial future in my own hands and joined the Trendsig family. Whether you are an entry level or seasoned trader, the training, support and sharing nature provided by Trendsig is unmatched. Invest in yourself today, make your financial future your own.

Strongly recommend - Facebook

Marianne Van Rensburg recommends Bitcoin Trend and Forecast: "I would strongly recommend anybody to take advantage of this brilliant Trendsig Trading course! From beginners to veteran traders will expand their knowledge, skill and not to mention Bitcoin bank balances ????⭐️✨One of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you Trendsig Team. Your support and training is outstanding.????????"


I would strongly recommend anybody to take advantage of this brilliant Trendsig Trading course! From beginners to veteran traders will expand their knowledge, skill and not to mention Bitcoin bank balances One of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you Trendsig Team. Your support and training is outstanding.


I recently completed the TrendSig TA Day Trading Course under the guidance of very capable and experienced trainers (all TA's). My objective for doing the course was to up-skill myself to become a more competent trader. The knowledge gained was invaluable. We covered all the necessary indicators to evaluate coins for day trade signals. These were presented to us in an interactive approach, giving us ample opportunity to ask questions to ensure complete understanding of the subject matter. One session focused mainly on how to develop your trading strategy with the objective of protecting your investment capital and how to maximise profits via your trades. The psychology and emotional aspects were also covered. In addition, we (course participants who have completed the course), have access to a secure chat that provides ongoing support going forward. This is a huge asset to any trader. Community support in Crypto trading is a bonus. I would not want to go this journey alone! Once a week we have access to a Masterclass during which topics of interest and relevance are disseminated - priceless. I have done the course twice and will repeat it again and again, as the information provided keeps on evolving to include additional and relevant tools to succeed. A BIG THANKS to the ENTIRE team!

Helping many people

Hi Marius, due to you sharing your expertise on crypto I couldn’t help myself asking a work mate what he plans on doing with his crypto with the uncertainty in the world . I explained how you and Wendy are real people and are guiding thousands of people in the world to a secure future , I told him about my wife Tanya who has done the course with Wendy and gone from no trading skills to being able to read a chart in seconds and make a decision to buy or sell with confidence and loving it , so I can’t thank you both enough . Is there a referral link we can give out to introduce new comers for Bitcoin trend and forecast and the Scalp trading course , once again thank you to you and Wendy for your help ,
Cheers Errol Hughes

very good and detailed analysis

Been a member for 12 month and will stay a member for life. These guys are beyond good and their data in very good, best ive seen so far. Good luck guys. Mark


Knowledgable, always ready & willing to help with answers, supportive & friendly.

Best Subscription

I bought this product and subscribed 4 weeks ago. Its the best decision I have ever made. I have already made profit just on following the calls and reports. They are easy to understand and follow. I only found you now, wish I knew about you a year ago. Will be a member for life. Thank you.

Excellent report

Excellent report

You certainly know how to make predictions

I follow a few guys on Youtube but not one is as good as you. You certainly know how to make predictions.

beyond my expectations

The April 23rd video you shared on YouTube convinced me you are the best team to join. The subsequent information from webinars always beyond my expectations. Thank you for investing so much time to gather information that's so accurate and helpful. The frequency of updates and the notification via Telegram very helpful. I made the right decision to join your team.


Hi Marius,

Many thanks for the best service on the planet, much appreciated

Kind regards
David P.

Thank you

Dear Marius,

My name is Peter, I am from Slovenia, I believe only country with the love inside of its name. :)
I said to myself that I will try to get your attention before you and your team will be to busy with millions of subscribers.

I am your member now for one month, I found you after I was telling to myself that I need to change something for myself and my family regarding financial future. For the last year I was listening numerous of Crypto YouTubers and others but there was no such energy to decide to follow or subscribe someone. And then one day, somehow I was in front of two hours talk session on You Tube, first I said - what is this, I will not listen this for two hours, my inside voice said - you need to. And I did, It was you talking about crypto and world situation, discussing different topics with some guests, I remember Bill was there as well. I admit, I was amazed with your story and with energy of your voice and I did listen that video three more times and after I become your member. I did not make some significant gains yet, but I do believe that future is bright and I do sleep better since being part of your community. I would love to drink tea with you someday and do live talk or show to you and to your family our beautiful Slovenia.

Thank you a lot, many thanks to you and to your team,


Realizing financial freedom is truly tangible

Marius & Wendy, in the year or more I’ve been in the BT&F group, you’ve helped me a great deal with my trading, mindset and . I truly believe there was a reason Tal introduced me to the group and I cannot be more grateful.

Thank you for all you do

Hi Marius,

I am learning a lot from you and your team and I am making money. I would like to swing trade 3 coins. Do you have any suggestions on how to diversify those 3 coins in terms of risk? I would like 2 coins that have more stability and 1 coin that is more risk with bigger potential upside. I use coinbase pro. Currently I like Litecoin, BCH, and Link. I invest aprox 1K per week in crypto.

Thank you for all you do.

Myles D

Thank you for all you do

Hi Marius,

I am learning a lot from you and your team and I am making money. I would like to swing trade 3 coins. Do you have any suggestions on how to diversify those 3 coins in terms of risk? I would like 2 coins that have more stability and 1 coin that is more risk with bigger potential upside. I use coinbase pro. Currently I like Litecoin, BCH, and Link. I invest aprox 1K per week in crypto.

Thank you for all you do.

Myles D

Just wanted to say congratulations

Just wanted to say congratulations on your progress and upcoming plans for Bitcoin Trend & Forecast. As an already seasoned investor and employee in the tech.industry, I choose to generally stay quiet, listen and learn during the webinars, read the reports and add whatever knowledge I can glean to my own. I have to say though I am impressed with two things I have seen lately from you and your team. The first is your constant gentle pressure forward to improve. The plans you've only hinted at lately are enough to reveal to me that your team is very sharp and growing...fantastic! The second is your everpresent example by your words that you are truly honest when you say you are doing this in large part for the "little guy". Believe me, I know this isn't easy. I lead three local crypto investment groups with simply friends, family and coworkers. I am constantly amazed at how even intelligent people refuse to see what is right in front of them. It's taken me several years to learn the reality of the old adage, "You can lead a horse to water...." I cannot imagine what this must be like for you and your team.

Congratulations. Godspeed. More power to ya! Shazam!!

William C, USA

Subscriber for life now

"...this guy called the $1000 #Bitcoin drop on 28 May 2020 and I thought he was nuts....til it happened Tuesday this week... I sold 30% at $10300 and bought it back at $9200, great call..."

Steve Lombard

Wealth of knowledge

Hello Marius,

I’m a South African residing in Polokwane (Pietersburg). I am a member and find your reports highly informative. Every time that I work through a report your wealth of knowledge strikes me again.

So grateful

???????????????? I am só grateful for all your advice... Without your advice I would have been a nervous wreck ???? Thank you Marius Landman and the team ????????

Excellent Scalp Trade course

I completed Wendy’s Scalp Trade course and it was truly a mind blowing experience. I have now made a number of trades that have given me between 5% and 21% max gains do far. Trades are between 5 and 20 minutes. For the first time I feel in control of my own finances and my crypto portfolio. The BOT is excellent and the support could not be better!

Great call on THETA

Hi Marius,

I just wanted to say thank you for your recommendation of Theta Token in your reports. I am in profit today as a result but would never have selected Theta token or the other important altcoins in my portfolio without your insight.

Enjin is next, (ENJ)

Thanks mate,


Thank you great calls

Hi Marius,
I've been a subscriber for quite a while now, and just wanted to say thank you for all the great analysis that you provide. I try and make every weekly call, as there's a lot of great info (and timely info) so it's great to see it live.

Take care and have a great weekend.


Got a lot of ambition to trade, but never believed in Binary/Forex trading investment, Until i earned and cashed out thousands of dollars, ever since then I've become so financially buoyant, paid up all my debts, and currently running my dream business without sponsorship from anyone. FX is the best and most secured way you can invest digitally and earn.

How did I know about this?

My appreciation goes to Mrs "Dria Hither Kealdinh" and her Company Brokerage/broker for trading for me, I've no idea on how she did it that made me earned such a huge profit in 7 days. All i did was to invest $900 and in a week she made $11'200 profit.

Who wouldn't want to trade with this incredible women...
You could Reach- out to her via-



WhatsApp: +1 (437) 536-5232

Finally a great Bitcoin forecaster

I started investing in Bitcoin in 2017 but got caught during the hype of the 2017 high. I found you 12 months ago and must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I started to read the Bitcoin reports and daily blog posts then attended every single weekly webinar till I understood how Bitcoin works. For the first time trading Bitcoin I know what to expect and have found a home. I will be a member for life. Your Bitcoin analysis is truly the best I have seen around and how you identify the long term trend is beyond me. Thank you and God bless.



Hi Marius and Wendy,

On Bittrex:

1. Bought 130,000 DGB many months ago at 0.0079.
2. Sold 64,000 of those at 0.0094 on April 22.
3. DGB started to run above 1 cent.

4. I put in a limit order to buy back 104,000 DGB at 0.0057 good till cancelled.******

5. DGB ran up for many days past 2 cents...checking Yahoo Finance only showed tiny pullbacks...a nice run but only half of my original position was participating.
6. I use Coinbase for most trading and never look at my Bittrex account...went on to cancel that crazy bid order that was now way below the market.
7. Saw that my crazy bid order had been filled on May 3 via a flash crash (fat finger??) during the run up from 1 to past 2 cents!!!!
8. Gained 40,000 DGB through that farming experience and now have 170,000 DGB!!!
9. If DGB hits that long term targetit will be a gift!!!!

Thanks for all, especially your BIG heart for people!!!

Michael Crawford

Great learning experience

Hi Marius and team,

I subscribed to your in April and it's been a great learning experience so far. Thank you for all the good work you do. Your analysis and explanation is highly valuable.

Great calls

Marius and team, I just saw your video on Twitter and want to say thank you for what you do. I have been a subscriber since November 2019 and can truly say this is the best Bitcoin subscription I have seen and just wish I found you 2 years ago. I am truly blessed to be part of this community. Keep up the great work and thank you for the latest Bitcoin report - as usual, spot on.


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Great Webinar

Hey Marius! Hello Wendy!

EXCELLENT webinar yesterday...truly enjoyed it.

I wanted to archive this specific webinar for my files.

I think it is going to be a great resource to review over the next few months




I have a good and trustworthy account manager that allows me to withdraw my profits anytime I want and I can monitor everything going on in my account when she is busy trading with her expert team and I don't have issues with pending withdrawals. I must admit that she's a very honest woman. I have no way of thanking her than letting people know about her services and recommend her for everyone to trade on her platform. She's 100% accurate and up-to-date. Kindly contact Mrs Laura Williams:
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We are blessed thank you

Dear Marius,

I’m a very new subscriber and discovered your work after watching the great webinar with Aura Wright (as a member of her community since November 2019), organized with the support Bill Nolan (many thanks to him also).

And I have just been blown away by the quality of data you have provided so far. I truly believed I am blessed for having you as a guide through this crazy cryptocurrency market and crazy times, same thing for Aura. You cannot imagine how stressless my trading has become, while making money like never before.

I deeply believe crypto will change my life forever as well as that of my relatives. And I keep thinking everyday about the magnificent humanity we can contribute to develop with the means we’ll have and the pioneering ideas and awareness that made us crypto enthusiasts from the very first minute we learnt about it and understood what it could lead to.

I need to say that I was especially inspired by the extraordinary life you had since you were a child. Coming from so far and becoming who you are now is really amazing and inspiring. It tells so much about the power that you must have inside. Providing that quality of service, professionalism, care for people, at a very affordable cost is also generous, thank you for that.

My wife and I are French. We have been living in Myanmar since July 2019 after being sent there by TOTAL, the oil and gas company wy wife works for (she’s a reservoir engineer, but shifted to production for a temporary period). We feel so blessed to be stuck here when it’s chaos everywhere and particularly in Europe where we are from. The kind atmosphere of Myanmar and slowdown caused by COVID-19 enabled us to take the time to deeply think over the dream life that will soon be ours. And this was also possible with your support as a crypto believer and science-based expert.

Again, many thanks Marius for being who you are and for doing what you do.
Keep up with the excellent work, we need you !


outstanding updates day by day

Outstanding updates day by day and so happy to be a subscriber. You blow me away with how you know what Bitcoin will do in the future, scary accurate and spot on, thank you marius and team. Member for life. Dave

Great presentation

Hello Marius,

Excellent presentation. Thank you so much !
I can't tell you how much I value these things.
Be blessed !


massive amount of gratitude

Hi There Marius.

I type this email with a massive amount of gratitude and from a humble place in my heart. Words cannot express how grateful I am for what you have done. I feel really honored and would just like to say thank you personally. The community and I are very privileged to have someone like yourself, Wendy and Dewald doing what you are doing to help people all around the world. I believe the Lord has a very big anointing over your life that has enabled you to be a blessing to so many people. Marius, you, Wendy and Dewald has inspired me to help people and going forward I know I will be able to help the community and do my part.

Once again I thank you.

God Bless.

Excellent analysis and spot on

I have been a member for 2 years and can truly say this is the best Bitcoin analysis I have come across. I used to try and do my own analysis in tradingview but having your data is like a Godsend to me. I have increased my portfolio by over 50% the last 6 months and I am happy. Looking forward to the next 2 years. Thank you Marius and Team. God bless you.


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Thanks to Marius & team for all that you do

To be honest with you all, Bitcoin should be booming during a crisis like this, the fact that it is not, is concerning. It may very well be that manipulation is in full effect here but no mater how you look at it, the vast population of the world do not consider BTC as a store of value at least not yet. Gold on the other hand has been comparably stable in price over the last few weeks. Something to think about and to also not get too emotionally attached which may lead to buying or selling at the wrong times. . Hopefully we see some upwards momentum over the next few days.

$10,000 in profits

Member since January 2020 and wanted to say thank you for all the timely updates. I wish I had this information a year ago. I sold 20% of my portfolio yesterday thinking there may be a drop after watching the video and look at me now, bought back over 89 Litecoin at $58 each. I started at the beginning of the year with $15,000 and now up with a $10,000 profit. Cannot thank you enough. Looking forward to point 17 and 19. Ant

Brilliant information, Portfolio up by more than 50%.

With this info you can be debt free in less than two years.

Amazing call Marius

Hi Marius,

Gene has just posted a comment on your blog post, #157B: Continue from #157 and #157A, and you need to approve it:

Amazing call Marius on the wait for the drop call. Indeed it dropped against what seems like impossible. Unfortunately, I bought in to the fomo again... More training for me to be above my emotions...
Will just wait for the targets for now. Great call again! Awesome

Up 32%

What a call! This is the best service in the world. I subscribe in December 2019 and for the first time in 2 years my entire portfolio is now up by 32%. For me this is big big big. Thank you Marius and team. Cannot wait to see how high we go from here.


Hi Marius,

george thalassinos has just posted a comment on your blog post, #157B: Continue from #157 and #157A, and you need to approve it:

Marius im new to your Bitcoin Trend And Forecast i just like to say WOW what awesome product you have ! i watched your live webinar yesterday simply awesome you explain everything so well and you make it so simple to understand the current market movements i just wished i subscribed earlier as i was subscribed to another crypto forecaster all last year even tho he did nail some price targets to the exact date i feel your service is far superior your charts are well presented newbies can easily understand and follow and your webinar simply is the icing on the cake i can clearly see that you care for subscribers and you want the best for them what a great time to be alive thank you Marius for all your hard work very happy subscriber thanks cheers !

Phenomenal job!

Just wanted to drop in and tell you thank you for doing such a phenomenal job! A true blessing you and your team are ????????❤️!

Million thanks Mate,

David Montandon

Great analysis

Really excellent charts and analysis. Appreciate what you do. First time ever for me to be in profit of more than 50%, subscribed last year November. Best thing I’ve ever done. Gratitude from South Africa.

Gratitude I made 120% gains

Just wanted to give my gratitude to you and your team for the work you do. I’ve made over 120% following your Too 40 report and Litecoin charts. First time ever for me making more than 10%, pretty stoked.

You help me in decision making

Hi Marius and Team,
Thank you very much for the update and everything you do for the community here. It helps us a lot in our decision making process and training.
Thank you and have a good day/week.

Reasonable price

Robert Speights 28/1/2020 19:35:57
Hi Marius, I just wanted to thank you and your team for offering this information at such a reasonable cost. There was another gentleman who I wanted to follow but the cost was too prohibitive. Thank you for thinking of the little guys!

Great analysis

Einstein 26/1/2020 02:43:39
Hi Marius, I’ve learned a lot the last year following your reports and videos. Great analysis. Like your positive style and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing and let us non-technical people around the world get insight into your financial competence and your crypto knowledge. Stunning video and really great work. Thank you.
I’ll keep my LTC and BTC and buy some more to get a ten finger portfolio and keep IT growing.

Rgds Einstein

Very good analysis and accurate

This is the best crypto service I have come across. Reports are short and the point without any bullsjit. Your latest report are spot on and your predictions remarkable accurate. I like the videos you release every now and then. I’m a member since February last year and plan to stay a member for a long time. Good work mate, keep up the great work and analysis, the crypto community depends on you. Love from Australia ????

We value your science and math

Hi Marius,

I really value your science/math and personal contact with Wall Street, combined, knowledge. And your enthusiasm is the engine of our ability to stay the course with you.

Steven Bryant - subscribed 1 month ago, best thing ever

Subscribed to Marius 1 month ago and my portfolio is up over 80%. This is the best ALT COIN subscription I have ever come across in my 4 years on trading Cryptos. I wish I knew about you a long time ago. How you do your future predictions is beyond me. Yesterday’s video was a true eye opener for me. I am a subscriber for life! Great service!

I can now make informed decisions

Hey Marius and Team,

I found your last 7 videos very interesting and it was great to have a little insight into what goes on with your algorithms and data analysis.
I just wanted to say that there is to need to justify what you and your team do. I can imagine there are so many people who must appreciate what you do as much as I do.
If anybody thinks you have a crystal ball then they should invest their money elsewhere. Essentially what people need to understand is that you are providing us with the tools to make an informed decision but it is still our money/crypto and therefore our decision, and because of that the responsibility of where our money/crypto goes lies solely with us.

Eg: I enjoyed reading about your portfolio make up but I will not be following it 100% although I have been doing something similar for a while now based on your information and it is working great for me.

Sorry for such a long note.
Feel free to share.

Kind Regards,

Best crypto subscription

Been a member for 6 months now and lived through this downtrend. Without Your reports I would’ve not been able to make it this far I appreciate the work you do and hope to be a member for life thank you for the latest report and video it is much appreciated by the entire crypto community

I love your no nonsense approach

Hi Marius,

Firstly I want to thank you for all the great work. I have been a subscriber for 2 months and I am really impressed. I have subscribed to soo many newsletters over the years with little confidence and my scepticism was high when I joined but I love your no nonsense genuine approach. Appreciate it and keep up the awesome work.

Thank you.

Member since June 2017

Marius, I have been a members since June 2017 and your calls have made me a lot of money. The first major call was the one you did early December 2017 and in that report you sated to get out of Bitcoin and cryptos. I did just that and ride the wave downwards till end of December 2018 - saving me thousands while almost everybody who were not subscribers lost big amount money. I cannot thank you enough as I am now up only this year more than 300% in my total portfolio value. I am more than happy to do this testimony and cannot urge crypto investors enough to get a membership. I am just amazed that you still only ask $25 per month where it should actually be over $500 a month value. I am a member for life and look forward to the next 6 months making huge gains. Thanks you Marius and Team all the way from Taiwan. Shawn

Subscriber for life

I have been a subscriber for 2 years to the date and cannot thank Marius and his team enough for all the great work you are doing for the crypto community. I have made some good gains and my Litecoin portfolio is up with almost 300% in terms of extra Litecoin due to farming (taught by Marius). I will be a subscriber for life and love your work.

LIKE Your Amazing predictions

Hi Marius! I really LIKE Your Amazing predictions with BitCoin and other Cryptocurrencies. I'm currently utilizing Your 3-week Trial offer, but for a while now, I have wanted to become a Paid Member. What keeps me from doing so? I'm located in the USA, INC. Our corrupt, "For PROFIT" CEOs of the business: USA, INC. is making it more and more difficult for United States "citizens" (their TAX Slaves) to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

I realize You must have many other US members and I wanted to ask, what exchanges do they tend to favor?

I am NOT crazy about CoinBase, nor their HIGH fees, and Binance will NOT allow US citizens to trade any longer. I'm using Gemini now, but they are limited with their eCoin Pairs.

I'm just looking for a better option for trading and applying All of Your AMAZING knowledge for making 2020 our BEST year yet!

I am HAPPY to be a small part of getting rid of the International Banking Fraudsters and their Loan-sharking Banking practices of ongoing FRAUD! They've been stealing from us long enough, and it is time that WE did Something to end their games, once and for all. Cryptos are the best way to ensure that WE are OUR OWN Banks.

THANKS in advance! Looking forward to knowing what the best platform is for the US.

3 years of success

I have been trading with Marius and his team for over 3 years and I have way more than doubled my entire portfolio. Learning how to FARM for coins and knowing the HIGHS and LOWS in the TREND of the top cryptocurrency coins is the best way to profit in down trends. I no longer am concerned in DOWN trends as I am already in a STABLE coIn with my PROFITS waiting for the next LOW. Happy Trader now. Thank you Marius!

1 Year of success

I've followed Marius for over a year now. In my opinion he is the best trend forecaster out there.

Thank you

Dankie vir al jou raad. Ek is n beginnertjie met "farming crypto." So ver 3.939. Ltc. En ek dink die geleentheid wat ons gebied word is baie opwindend.

two years of success

I’ve been with you for a couple years and you and your team has given solid information! Thanks for taking care of my account issue.

superb and detailed technical (trading)data

Hello Marius, and your team,

Thank you for your superb and detailed technical (trading)data.

I'm using your updates and webinar for quite some time now and its working great for me.

Thank you.

Great calls

We finally getting there ; catapult #1 what shock, catapult #2 even more shocking, especially when ppl were calling for further downtrend. How you Forecasted this is beyond me. We believe in your algorithms!

You guys are freaken awesome.

Hi Marius, Wendy and team

Happy Friday to you all. I trust you have had a good say trading.

I wanted to really thank you for this mornings webinar. I really appreciate and enjoy your energy that you share with us all.

I especially took note of what you said last night regarding trading in a single coin. I have too many coins and realise that I am losing money. I have decided to consolidate into a single coin to farm, LTC.

I will continue to scalp trade and use what Wendy has taught us. My intention is to be able live off cryptos and build generational wealth to live the life I know I deserve.

You guys are freaken awesome.

Thank you!

Stay happy,


Keep up the good work Marius

Firstly, just after reading and examining your latest report. Was extremely informative and detailed exactly your thinking and rationale. Well done.

Keep up the good work

Timely Reports

139...another timely report, thank you!

Amazing analysis

You and your team are amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. See you on the webinar on Thursday/Friday.

You are a God send

Your'e a Godsend and we all appreciate what you've done for the crypto community lately. We look forward to your analysis during 2020. Member for life! Peter Brand


I don't believe in luck, I believe in trust and understanding, I've been with Mrs caroline for some YEARS and I've made good amount of money with his simple strategies of trading. Meeting with her has been the best experience that has happened to me in this past few years and I'm expecting yet another payment from the broker. Scammers are everywhere but to find a reliable trader like Mrs caroline is not an easy task and my advice for you all is to come over and join her. Contact heremail:
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"Success doesn’t come to you, You go to it... I’m not the one to call you to invest and have a bright financial situation. If you know what’s right, you’re supposed to contact her now and start trading ASAP"

With your vision I am optimistic

Dear Marius & Team,

Just a short note
To wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year
And to thank you all for your support and regular up dates and webinars

As a hodler it is so reassuring to have the market explained and forecasted in real time

Looking forward to being part of the group for 2020
With your vision I am optimistic

Regards and best wishes

Thank you for a great year

Marius and team, thank you for a great year and great analysis. I look forward to 2020. Lifetime member here and appreciate all you do for the little guy.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Marius, Wendy, Sam, Amy, and everyone else on the Team:

Happy Holidays! Thank you for all that you do, for caring so deeply about the success of your subscribers like me. Day in, day out, week in, week out, you work tirelessly to help us. Please know there are many of us who recognize that and appreciate you!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a Prosperous 2020. A special thanks to Marius for the weekly webinars and the effort and energy you put into not only preparation but in presentation and maintaining such a wonderful, positive temperament regardless what issues and questions come up - I am not sure I could be as graceful and gracious as you. I leave you all with this quote, which while while simple, reminds me of the profound difference you are making:

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

With Kind Regards and Deep Gratitude,

First of all thank you for your great analysis

Hello Marius,
First of all thank you for your great analysis. I am a member for about half a year now.
Greetings from Austria - not Australia :)

Gesendet mit der GMX Mail App

Great calls for both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Great calls brother. You have my recommendation. Will be a subscriber for life. Been here 1 year as of today and made over 300%. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your team.


Grateful for the daily updates ????????

Marius has been a blessing to me

Marius has been a blessing to me , no one else even comes close to his caring attitude for human kind in this area. Please donate to the water project also. Have a Blessed Christmas Marius and Family ! Big hugs for our wives for whom without we would all be lost !

Marius is just trying to save as many poor souls as he can.

I pay just so I have one other voice in the Forrest, saying, save your pitiful self you sea of fools. What do you think is going to happen. Marius is just trying to save as many poor souls as he can. Thx Marius for giving me peace of mind while I wait for the next moon shot.

Amazing stuff

CryptoAssets: This truly changed the way we work with crypto trading - Amazing stuff!!! Well done Marius and team!!!

An amazing person

Wow, what an amazing person, of all the crypto forecasters I've investigated, I can honestly say that Marius is by far the most on point and accurate, certainly am pleased to be in this team, thank you Marius Landman for your selfless guidance, truely appreciate you ????????????

Most valuable cryptcurrency service in world

I became a member 4 months ago and caught the downtrend in the market with all coins going down. I followed the reports and blog posts from these guys and must admit I am blown away by the content they provide day after day, their open and honest way of doing business, the accessibility to the team and their very friendly staff. The live webinars is an absolute stunner and a bonus. The cost is pretty low for the service. Personally I have increased my coin count as Marius mentioned to do and up in terms of coins by 30% in a down market. This is a great service and if there were 6 stars id give them 6 stars. Thank you for all you do! Johann and Marie

The best

Thank you sir. You are the best. All good to you in the coming year 2020. Regards
Sašo, ECGroup



Hi Marius, We're writing because we want to tell you again how very much your program means to us. We read your awesome update yesterday and we continue to be more and more excited every time we hear from you.


There's just no possible way that we could even come close to the success you've been having "farming" to increase coins and also to increase USD. Also, you've taken so much stress off of us. You see, it used to be that, every single day, at least one of us would be extremely worried about whether or not we'd sell at a high and buy back at a low. But, because of the incredible gifts of your time, energy, and expertise, we don't have to worry about what the market is doing so much anymore -- we can just HODL the coins we're holding here, and know that you're on your way to big gains. So, thank you again for the most life-affirming and transforming gift of future financial security that you and Wendy are giving to us. We realize that it must take a major sacrifice from both of you, and it means more to us than we can express.

Thank you

Hi Marius,

I was just pondering the things that I am thankful for, as we approach this Thanksgiving holiday.
You have been a true blessing to me, and I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you and Wendy and the team.

Heaping thanks to you mate ????????❤️,


Excellent crypto service

I’ve been a member for two years as of this month and wanted to say thank you Marius and Team. I follow each report and blog post like a hawk. Most trend predictions are spot on I love your work. My wife and I are lifetime members. Thank you Marius and Team, looking forward to the new live webinars.

You are like Shrek

Here is my testimony and happy to give it. Became member 3 months ago. Was told market will drop to $50 litecoin and as low as $49. Sold and sat on side since 60 days ago. Litecoin dropped to $49 and bought up over 5000 Litecoins. I previously had 3400 Litecoins. Increased by 1600 extra litecons. Am I happy. This guy is amazing. Customer for LIFE! I sent Marius 5 Litecoins as a gift, he said thank you and will use it for the water projects. Great support too. Thats my testimony.

Great customer service

Your customer service is top notch.

Giving thanks this morning to my Crypto family

Charlene tagged Marius Landman in a post: "Giving thanks this morning to my Crypto family ???????????? You have contributed to the changes in my life and for that I will always be grateful ???????????? Time spent with you have taught me so much and love the fact that I know there are many more to come ???? I want to challenge you to also give time today ???????? #IMgiving". Charlene wrote: "Giving thanks this morning to my Crypto family ???????????? You have contributed to the changes in my life and for that I will always be grateful ???????????? Time spent with you have taught me so much and love the fact that I know there are many more to come ???? I want to challenge you to also give time today ???????? #IMgiving"


Marius,Wendy and the family I just completed my 1st month.Payment is due but not recieved. Marius instilled trust in me by reactivating my subscription before recieving payment for his services.A service really that money cant buy. I recieved an email from Amy within 5 mins of talking with Marius. Incredible service. I honestly cant believe the accuracy of the information shared to members.This is a once in a lifetime phenomena. I will be a lifetime subscriber.

Hope for a rookie trader!!

Hi, Marius, I started with your platform in May 2019 with 1.5 LTC and some other coins. After 6months I've grown my Litecoins portfolio to 16 coins, simply by following your weekly charts and blog posts. The rest of my portfolio has grown significantly. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info with the man on the street. helping them to Financial FREEDOM

Patience paid off

Good day Marius,

I trust that you are keeping well, I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to You and Your team!

The greatest lesson that you have taught me is PATIENCE, I believe that it's equally important as your Algorithm analysis.

May God continue enrich you with Wisdom, Grace, Protection and Good Health.

Would love to meet you and Your lovely wife Wendy some day.

Thank you, warm regards,

Tiago F Da Silva.

Excellent November 15 update

Hi Marius,
Appreciate your recent update. Well done.
Exactly what we were looking for.

I think we're all in need of positive news. Just shot in the arm we needed.

Can't wait for next week!

Thanks for all of your hard efforts on our behalf.


Best subscription ever encountered

I became a subscriber on September 1, 2019. It has now been 75 days. In the beginning I was sceptical but decided to try out your service for 30 days and put it to the test. The first live webinar I attended blew my mind and the information I received in that 1 hour was simply mind blowing. You or your team predicted an unexpected catapult event which would spike all cryptos with about 45% and predicted Bitcoin would hit $10,500 while it was at $8000. A brave call to make. Yes unexpectedly Bitcoin hit your target of $10,448 and Alt coins all jumped 45%. Ive been following all your predictions for the last 75 days, my portfolio is up by 53%, I increased and farmed (as you are teaching us) my alt coins by 24%. In the past I’ve tried so many groups but lost so much. It feels I have finally found a home. I will be a member for life. Happy crypto stormer here. Steven

Deepest Gratitude

Marius & Team,

Thank you for telegram posts like what you just sent out!!! You provide a foundation and a comfort for us. Without you, I can guarantee there is no way I’d be able to handle this crypto rollercoaster.

Deepest Gratitude,

Another great webinar

Hey Marius thanks for another great webinar yesterday and a huge thanks to your team for getting the replay up so quickly. Have been working on my patience while trading and it paid off. Was able to farm for another 82 LTC before #Cat#2! Just rebought between $56.25-$57 after selling some between $61-$63.5

System does work

This system works very well. Although some calls have been missed he has been spot on in most cases. I just wanted ah I followed all recommendations exactly as per his report. But great work so far. Highly recommended. 

Looks like you nailed it again

Marius and Team, great job on nailing the last call. Perfect and good analysis. Your work is astonishing and how you come up with the chart direction is unreal and beyond me. I will be a member for life. Thank you Marius, Sam, Wendi

Great call keep it up my Aussie mate

Great video and yes I can confirm this is the case. Marius was the only one in the world to make this spike call in Bitcoin. I follow a lot of experts and not one of them got even close. As for me, I am also a member for life.

Your recent call was amazing and accurate

Thank you Marius for what you do for the Bitcoin and Litecoin communities. Your recent call showing that a Bitcoin catapult spike was coming was incredible accurate and nobody in the world say that call coming. You are remarkable and so accurate. How you do this is beyond my thinking. I will be a member for life. Sandra

Thank You for what you guys do!

Hello Marius and Wendy. Have not been able to attend the live webinars the last two times due to business and family commitments.Just wanted to say thank you for your exceptional analysis! We were able to stay calm and control our emotions even when everyone else was calling for a phenomenal downturn in the crypto markets. Once again, Thank You for what you guys do! God Bless you always! Juan Carlos and Maritere Sanchez.

Very Grateful

Very Grateful to have you in my life Marius!
Thank you for all your work
Your wife’s work
Your Team’s work
Thanks to all of you
God Bless you and your Family
I love you! ????❤️????

I have got to say you and your team amaze me

I have got to say you and your team amaze me at your knowledge and calls! There is so many people in Crypro just trying to make $ off of others, yet you help others create wealth and security. You take the time to talk to people and answer questions. I feel so blessed to have your leadership. Truly thank you ML.

Uplifting message

To Marius’ Team:

Thank you for today’s uplifting Telegram message. Not only do many things we fear in life never happen, if we look back, we realize almost none of them either happened or happened the way we fearfully anticipated because FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real but it is still however, unfortunately a powerful tool of control. Have a great weekend!


You were right

Let’s see where this re-bounce/spike (?) ends; ltc at usd 58 now (up from usd 49.4) this morning Dutch time. However, it seems you were absolutely right???????? ; just remain patient for some more time...

Best regards,


Investing with Mr Kennedy was the very best decision I ever made in my life. I am now eating the fruit of my labour, I login into my account to make withdrawals weekly basis and he made up to $7,000 for me with the investment of $600. Please my fellow brothers and sisters invest your money into BITCOIN and leave the rest for Mr Adam Kennedy to handle and see for yourself what exactly am him via WhatsApp; +13164166652

You’re a beacon of light

Marius is my beacon in difficult times. I sent him an email asking to have a phone call with him to review my crypto portfolio. To my amazement his office gave me his private mobile number and long story short we got on a 2 hour phone call. He made suggestions to my portfolio and we narrowed down my coins from 64 to now only 9 coins and pretty much more manageable now! I trust him fully being a member now for only 3 months. Havnt made much profits yet but have increased my Litecoins from 235 to an extra 22. My Ethereum increased from 47 to an extra 6. I am looking forward to the next 90 days. Lips sealed! ????

Cheers legends

Hello Team I love what all you guys are doing there and appreciate it soo much. Can you please make sure Marius sees this message. Cheers legends Hey Marius one of the things I love about you mate is that you put your balls on the line !!!and you do it for the right reasons!!! I know you and Wendy are great people that want to help the little guy become dept free and financially free. I love crypto and I love being apart of this like minded family and to go on this crypto journey together. Thankyou marius and Wendy. And it’s so comforting to have the best info in the business being delivered daily to my phone. Keep it up guys!!!! It’s james from Byron bay. It would be my honer to come hang with you guys in brizzy. And maybe go for a surf ????‍♂️ might be good for you Marius to get to the beach!! Love you guys James

You nailed it Marius

Dear Marius,


You beauty!

You called it – keep trusting yourself and you data and you God!

PS: I would love to listen in on the webcast on Revelations!



Hi Marius,

Yes, you nailed it! BAM!
Just hit our flash drop on LTC! Don't know how you do it, but I love having you on my side!

Many Thanks,


Thank you for all that you do!

Dear Marius, Wendy and Team:

Thank you for all that you do! You truly care about people and those of us who haven’t yet been able to financially free ourselves. You could go about your business and just take care of yourself and not worry about us, and that would be perfectly appropriate too, but the fact that you care about us and offer the information you do is beyond amazing, and I don’t have the words to properly offer the level of gratitude I feel. Thank you!

Kindest Regards,

Haven't looked back

Hi Marius,

I joint your website a month ago based on Derek Clement's recommendations and haven't looked back. You and your team are amazing! Thank you.

I am completely new to cryptos.

Regards from Joburg


Nice trades

Hello Marius,

Thanks for your updated blogposts this week and the webinar of yesterday. It was really helpful. Together with your trend forecast and own indicators could make some nice trades



Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

I am a big fan of Wendy and Marius

I am following since July 2019 and it makes me so confindent according crypto. I am from Switzerland and usually got up in the middle of the night just to be at any live webinar Marius and Wendy do. You are both my Heros, love you guys!!!

5 Stars from me

You’re the best Marius, you called the recent drop perfectly for lite coin to $50, Ethereum to $151. How you do it is beyond my reasoning. I’m a happy member for just over 2 years now. Very happy,

My testimonial

How you are able to predict the future price of Bitcoin is scary but we love your work and it has helped us increase the amount of Bitcoins and ALT coins.

This is my testimony. I have been following Marius since June 2018, he does trend buy and they are very accurate. I f you are looking to trade the trend then you have it here. I Hope to see some more gains this year. Keep up the good work.


Thank you

Just a quick note Marius,

Absolutely incredible write up for the blog post today, MILLION thanks to you and your team, your dedication to your subscribers is absolutely outstanding ????!

Your Friend,

Priceless information

Hello Marius,

Thank you again so much for the priceless information, shared with us with such clarity.
I really do appreciate and value what you do !

Kind Regards


I am now more confident with your data


I am now more confident with your data and my subscription to your service. I know this is an ever changing marketplace and you give us a predictive algorithm that comes with unavoidable uncertainty. But you still give us a predictive algorithm! Nobody else can do that! Even if the dates are distorted through manipulation or any other factors, you nailed a significant drop prediction. As I hold on and ride this market and listen to your training and education, I get more and more calibrated to the data you provide us. This drop really helped add confidence and helps me continue to make my own financial choices with an educated guess instead of being reactive to market swings. THANK YOU!

I am just writing to say that I am even more positive and I am wishing you the best, sending Love and understanding to all those that may not understand and then buckling up for the ride! :)

Thanks for all your efforts and the work of your team. I know Freedom is around the corner!


Thanks for what you do

Hi Marius,

Amazing video update, thanks mate!
I saw that $700 MILLION in longs were liquidated on Bitmex.
Do you think that is enough blood on the altar of sacrifice for them?
My take from your video, and also all your blog updates, is that you are pretty convinced this was likely the low for BTC (enough blood analogy).

Thanks a million for everything you do for your members, love you Marius ❤️!


You called this drop

Marius, thank you for your awesome analysis and dedication to helping the “little guy”. On 26 August 2019 you called this drop and amazingly just like all your other calls you were spot on. How you do this is totally beyond my thinking. I will be a follower for life. Keep up the good work. Your buddy from Texas. I’ll be in Brisbane in December, would like catch up for golf. Wayne ????

Long time member

I’ve been a member going into 3 years now and will be a member for life. I’ve been there when he called the high for bitcoin on 11 December 2017 and said bitcoin will hit $19500 on 17 December and told us to sell. I sold everything and bought back later when Marius recommend we get back in. My portfolio is way up in the 6 figure while started with a mere $40K a few years ago. I cannot thank Marius enough. Try his service for a few months, you’ll be pretty impressed. Better than anything else out there. Steve

Happy subscriber for 1 year

Your latest Litecoin call is spot on. Been a member for exactly 1 year and cannot thank you enough. How you do your analysis is beyond my thinking and the only reasonable answer I get is that you must be from the future. NOBODY can be this accurate in terms of forecasting the trend lines... thanks for the awesome work Marius and team. John B - Arizona
Long live the American Flag

Just wanted to say thanks for the ongoing guidance and inspiration

Just wanted to say thanks for the ongoing guidance and inspiration. Your positive energy and drive is palpable - something I also value, and strive to provide to the world around me. I anticipate your telegram posts and they are a huge help for my investment strategy - but also for support of the mind in this crazy crypto world that I have come to know over the last few years.

When all others stumble... rise...

Let me be present for every precious moment.
Let my words improve upon the silence.
Let me be the change that I wish to see.

Although it is just one aspect of life... Crypto is about to go vertical my friend. It has been a great and brutal teacher. After the dust settles and we are grateful for what we have learned and been given, Brandi and I will come visit you and Wendy. We will have to visit your favorite spot and we will paddle out. Until then...

- Rockwell

Best service ever

Tried this service for two months, mostly in down market for last two months but his warning of the downtrend and the latest crypto drop helped me to buy extra coins. I will check and come back in two months to report my progress but overall very satisfied and a hppy customer. 5 stars mate.

Great trading analysis and charting

Here is my testimony. I became a full subscriber on April 23, 2019 and am a happy customer. I found your service through a friend of mine who referred me to your website. I immediately saw the opportunity but was still a little bit skeptical until I made my first bit of 30% profit by following a few of your trade reports. I started paying closer attention, attended the weekly zoom meetings and followed the instructions in every blog post. I have more than doubled my money by now and thank you for the recent warning crypto drop. I got out in time and bought back 7 days ago. This allowed me to increase my crypto holdings, nice farming BTW. You and your team are the best and thank you Marius for what you do. I am a true happy customer all the way from Canada. I will be a subscriber for life. God bless you brother.

Wish I found you earlier

The service you provide is excellent and how you make these calls week after week with incredible accuracy makes me think you are from the future. Just kidding but maybe you are. I am a happy subscriber for well over 2 years now and I can with confidence recommend this service. I have never lost money, never lost a trend call and always come out at the top. Marius teaches about patience and thinking long term. This is how my family have created a little fortune in the last 2 years. Thank you Marius and team.

Great service

Marius, I hope you include DGB, XRP and Bitcoin Cash in your telegram blogs closer to the end of this week. I was wanted to scrap some Litecoin profits of this heartbeat trade into some other coins. Thanks for the great service you and your team is providing.

I feel blessed

Marius, I truly feel blessed to have met you! I know I’ve written before, but I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for all the amazing stewardship you have for your subscribers, and humanity at large. It’s an amazing feeling to know you truly are “in the right place, at the right time”, and with the right people.

I still do my own research, make my own sentient decisions, but you and your team have been a tiebreaker for true blessings. I literally sleep better at night being in the position that I find myself in.

Deepest Thanks To You Mate ????????❤️!!

Your Friend,


Best Bitcoin subscription service in world

I subscribed 2 months ago and have been following your bitcoin reports, blog posts, videos and weekly webinars. I’ve been in different subscriptions the last two years but have lost so much money following bad predictions. Since following you I have more than doubled my money in 60 days with the most amazing and accurate predictions I have e et come across. Your predictions are really spooky in a good way. How you do it is beyond my reasoning but I am happy I joined. I only wish I joined earlier but at least I am here now. I will be a follower for life. Greg

Great LIVE Webinar every week

Hi Marius,

I just listened to my first Webinar. Wow amazing! Thank you for the assistance and quick response.

Warmest Regards,
Donald Wassink

Great call on cryptos

Great call Marius! You were right mate, disbelief has arrived ????! I see it as a great buying opportunity!
I just wanted to say hi, and also man, we definitely now have arrived at DISBELIEF, excellent call from long ago.

Cheers ????,
Your Friend,


Your calls are steady

Thanks for the update. I'm sure you're right. I have to tell you that this is shaping up to be a pretty amazing call. Other sites are either saying all cryptos are pulling back and to get out of the market, Or that bitcoin is pulling back and to jump into alts. You're the only one I know of making this call. I really appreciate your insights. You're a calming, steady voice in a sea of chaos. Appreciate all you do Marius. Regards, Bill

Nobody makes the calls you do

Hi Marius,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your current Bitcoin call.
Most are either moving into alts, or getting out of the market in frustration. No one is calling for the decoupling of bitcoin and alts other than you.

It's nice to see someone with your perspective.

I've really enjoyed being a part of your group.


Thank you for the educational webinars. Also as a small investor with 50 LTC 30 ETH 0,0...BTC...etc...very instructive. Thank you Marius and team. M.F. Belgium


Thank you for the educational webinars. Also as a small investor with 50 LTC 30 ETH 0,0...BTC...etc...very instructive. Thanks a lot Marius and team!!! M.F.Belgium


Dear Marius,
I have so much confidence in all your calls about what has happened in Bitcoin, what is happening and what is about to happen. Your unique Cryptos Report/Data convinced me to join Bitcoin trading. Though I'm from a poor background that Hardly eat three square mill but I don't want my background to decide who I want to be in future that makes to crave for internet Business and finally found Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin/Cryptos is the only industry that will help break this poverty level in our family. I joined the key premium membership June 30th, 2019 and I bet you even with my little capital I have started taking care of some of my family's little expenses as a daily trader. Your weekly report is what I use to base my trading decision. I will continue to spread the good news about you Marius here in Nigeria, and Africa. Thank you for giving Me hope and a job sir. God bless and equipped your team with more WISDOM, knowledge and understand to "keep standing out from the Crowd" regards

Sunday Abbas

Young subscriber

I became a subscriber about a month ago and it was the best thing ive ever done. During the last 30 days I’ve turned $12,000 into just over $17,000. Thank you Marius and team for the great work. I look forward towards the next 3 months. If anybody is contemplating signing up I do recommend you do it, you will not regret it.
Btw, the live Thursday webinars are great. Keep up the good work.

Excellent reports week after week

Hello Marius and team. I have been a member since 2017 and follow your reports every week. Thank you for the excellent reports and now the new blog posts. My wife and I follow it religiously. In 2017 we made very big gains and in 2018 moderate gains due to the downtrend - but you warned us about this. This year 2019, we are up with over 300% and thank you for the recent warning. If anybody is out there thinking about this service I highly recommend it! Steve

Thank You Marius

Marius Deon van Suid Afrika. Baie dankie vir die mens wat jy is. Die hart om alle mense te help jy hoef dit nie te doen nie. Ons vertrou jou en ek bestempel jou as die beste in die wereld met jou kennis, mense verhouding, jou team wat jou bystaan en die omgee vir ander. Mag Ons Vader jou seen in dit wat jy doen en in alles wat mooi is in die lewe. Ek is nou maar 4 week op jou program ej is so opgewonde met wat met my portefeulje gebeur en nog gaan gebeur. Les vir ander: geduld, doen presies wat jy se, kyk na die webnars oor en oor neem aksie en wees geduldig. Ek salueer jou nogmals dankie. n Goeie aanhanger van jou uit Suid-Afrika. ????????????????????????

Up over 300%

Here is my personal testimony. I subscribed to your reports on 15 January 2019 and as of today I am up over 300% by trading Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and NEO. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to write the blog posts and the weekly webinars. Paying $54 pm is nothing compared to the profits I have made. I am excited about the 1000% coins you are posting about now and look forward reading all your next blog post.

Marius you are the best

You are truly the best thing that happened to me in 2019. I have been following your Bitcoin reports this whole year and the calls are amazing to say the least. I made over 300% so far and this money is life changing for my family. You talk about another 1000% rise coming and I am going to take advantage of this. I hope more people subscribe to your data - it is stunning and how you know the future is beyond me. I am starting to believe you are from the future. Your mate around the corner here in Brisbane. David

Best crypto analyst for 2019

I’ve been a member since March 2018 and cannot thank you and you team enough for your bitcoin and crypto analysis week after week. I really like the new daily blog post and together with the bitcoin reports they give a great understanding of the price of bitcoin and Cryptos. I am a happy follower and only wish I found you earlier. Thank you for all you do and for keeping the price affordable to all of us. I am amazed it’s less than $50 per month but please keep it this way Marius and team. May God bless you. Michael (former South African, now living in NY)

God bless you Marius

Thank you Marius for send us the Statement of Karatbankcoin today.

From my point of view, this shows how serious they are in the business.

Thank you for introduce them to us. I want to profit from cryptos soon so I can invest more here.

I really like their vision and yours.
God bless you Marius!

Nailed it!

Great call on the 18th being a turning point for cryptos! Really appreciate your insight as we move forward.

On the webinar today, is it possible to mention NEO, and what you see for the end of cycle projections in March-May? I'm curious if ETH or NEO have a higher percentage potential for this cycle.



Spot On with Jult 2nd call

Hi Marius

Just wanna let u know that if I remembered it correctly, u actually said the high point for bitcoin and alt coins was in July 2nd before changing it to July 18th. U were spot on... with the time contraction, the high point was in July 2nd. Amazing job u and ur team did???????????????????????????? thank you for your efforts


You are from the future - NO DOUBT NOW!

There is no doubt you are from the future Marius. What year are you from? It is impossible that you can identify the trend this accurate and know the future price predictions of Bitcoin and cryptos like you do. I will be a member for life.

Up over 255% thank you

Well done on your Litecoin call. I am up over 255% since your recommendation. I will be a subscriber for life. Steve

Members since June 2017

Marius, I have been a members since June 2017 and your calls have made me a lot of money. The first major call was the one you did early December 2017 and in that report you sated to get out of Bitcoin and cryptos. I did just that and ride the wave downwards till end of December 2018 - saving me thousands while almost everybody who were not subscribers lost big amount money. I cannot thank you enough as I am now up only this year more than 300% in my total portfolio value. I am more than happy to do this testimony and cannot urge crypto investors enough to get a membership. I am just amazed that you still only ask $25 per month where it should actually be over $500 a month value. I am a member for life and look forward to the next 6 months making huge gains. Thanks you Marius and Team all the way from Taiwan. Shawn

Your presentation is really incredible

Hello Marius,
Your presentation is really incredible. Thanks a lot for your info and I am really glad to be in your group (1st time i can say this about crypto abos).

Kind Regards

Wish I found you earlier

Marius and team, I am very impressed with the content of the reports, blog posts and weekly webinars. I only wish I found you earlier but I am on the boat now. Here is my testimony, since following you from January 2019, I am up with over 360% and traded Litecoin, Bitcoin, ETH and BitcoinCashABC as per your suggestions. I cannot thank you enough and may God bless you dearly. Anita (PS: I am referring all my friends to subscribe to your crypto reports).

Great webinars thank you

I think you are right on target with housing prices going up that you mentioned in one of your tweets. I work in mortgage lending in the States, and our mortgage rates are tied pretty heavily to the 10 year treasury bond. It's straddling the line at 2%, down from about 3.25%. There are some predictions that the 10 year may fall to as low as 1.1 to 1.2%. This will cause housing prices to rise, as competition heats up as homes become more affordable with lower rates. When these rates go back up to 4%, 5% 6%+, housing will become even less affordable for people as wages are not keeping up with housing costs. I live in Colorado, and my house value is up about 25% in 3 years and we are still in a hot market. Will be interesting to see how it's valued a year from now.

My wife and I really appreciate your philosophy on why we want to invest in cryptos. Pay off debt, create wealth (needed for 3 kids college educations) and pay it forward. Our church has an incredible outreach where we have bought apartment complexes, remodeled them and use them to help single moms living in cars get off the street. We have a heart for these people and are looking forward to the day we can do more to help.

Thanks again,

T - Colorado

Great webinars thank you


I just want to write you (and your team) a note of thanks. I’ve been in various trade groups through the years and the pattern seems to be the same each time. A very knowledgeable person wants to share their skill and insight and that attracts a wide variety of people wanting to make profit. As the user group grows, the spectrum of skill level widens and the group becomes comprised of the very skilled (and silent and sometimes professional) traders. They also get the very unskilled, curious, vocal, amateur, first-time traders with no fundamental knowledge of money management or realization that markets are not black and white. The unskilled traders don’t realize that laddering in and out of assets and positions is much like herding cats. It’s a constantly moving target that requires a great deal of time and attention to manage.

I’m listening to your June 27 webinar now for my third time. I always listen to your webinars at least three times. The first time to take notes, then again to polish my notes and make sure my plan is sound and then a third time to reinforce my working knowledge of what you’ve provided for us. Serious trading requires this kind of work and you’ve done the hard part for us.

You continue to unearth the most amazing insights. I don’t know if you have a time machine (I sent you that tweet recently) or a crystal ball or just some next level alien technology, but whatever it is, it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I really, appreciate you sharing it with us and for such an unbelievably generous price. And your willingness to speak personally to individuals is just amazing. You are a true saint Marius!

I’m sorry that your calls feel like a kindergarten sometimes. I know that is frustrating for you and you handle it like a true gentleman. I’m sorry to say from experience that it’s only going to get worse as you add subscribers. You may have to move to a more restricted method at some point so that you’re able to get through your entire presentation without having to answer a question about something you literally just spoke about.

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do.

Thank you!

Steve (Kentucky)

Great Webinar

Hey team

I just wanted to thankyou for the webinar this morning it was great to get that information it is very hard to read these markets. And I always find it throws a big curve ball at you right at the end!!

Thanks guys keep up the great work

James Robertson

BTC is hitting your target

I've been a private key member for about a year and in the webinar group since the beginning. BTC is hitting your target now, right on with the dates, with the alts I hold quite a bit behind from a target perspective, ltc, eth and bitcoin cash. I'm still hopeful that we can get a little closer to the targets on these coins. My concern is that btc turns down soon and I'm still waiting for the alts to catch up and get caught in the down draft. From a training and education perspective maybe you can address this concern. Anyway your information has been amazing and I'm so grateful I'm a member. Nobody know the future, but your info helps calm the nerves and your positive attitude is the best.

Great weekly webinars

I am a member with full access :) to everything, and worth every penny.. will be watching you today.. cheers and really thank you for all the great voodoo..

Best thing I did was to subscribe

Hello ????Marius, I met you already last December when I signed in. Must say it was one of the best things that happened to me. God bless you.Regards , Bertus

Wish I found you earlier

Good day Marius,( Team)

my name is Pierre-Olivier Dubreuil, from Canada.

first of all i would like to let you know that i am a a premium member since last november and suscribed to your webinar this spring and attend to them religiously since them. My only regret is that i wish i found you in 2017 when i started in crypto.

I feel that you are a true honest sincere and genuine person when you talk about help people and that you are for the little guy. and i i want to thank you for this. Please also discard all your trolls, they don't deserve you pay any attention to them.

$144k into $1.5 million...

Do you know Marius, that since November 2018, by following diligently your work, you have helped us to turn $144,000 in crypto’s into over 1.5 million dollars in value? TRUTH! Can you believe what the Lord is doing here Marius? I will always have your back Marius. Thank you and bless you. InJoy Please feel free to use this testimonial of these results of following your guidelines. Confidentially of course.

real big thank you for the video posting of the webinar each week

Marius or Team,
I cannot watch the Thursday webinar due to a standing ‘date night’ with my wife, every Thursday.
So I appreciate that you create a recording of the webinar and that you post it for viewing a.s.a.p.
I also like the small edits of the video to remove dead air and underwhelming questions voiced by the live attendees.
So, a real big thank you for the video posting of the webinar each week.
Earl Manchester

Your calls are spot on

Have been following Marius for well over 24 months now and he has an uncanny ability to call the market highs and lows, something I have never seen anybody do during my 17 years of trading on Wall Street. I am giving you this testimony as an act of good faith and hope you would subscribe and see for yourself the enormous potential you have by simply following Marius' crypto currency reports. From us, Pinnacle Charter, this an endorsement.

you have made me 18 thousand so far...

you have made me 18 thousand so far...

I am up over 400%

"If you are serious about making insane profits in the crypto space, I recommend you start by registering on this website of world renowned Bitcoin Analyst, Marius Landman, I am up over 400%" (link:

Great calls buddy

Hi Marius,

Just a quick note of thanks for doing a session on how the KBC "sell" process will be actioned.
It really makes me feel a whole lot better now that your subscribers are aware of how things will work.

Good on you buddy, and may you be blessed with tons of downline affiliates.
It's the least you deserve considering the amazing work you put in for us little guys to help us prosper.

I would be lost in a sea of oblivion in the crypto space without your insights.



Hi Marius,

Just a quick note to say that Dad, Don, and I always appreciate your incredibly helpful webinars. We look forward to those every week, and we make it a priority to be on the live zoom. We especially enjoy hearing you share extra crypto, metal, and other important details (e.g. dollar devaluation / inflation) and life stories, and we appreciate all of the extra time you spend answering community questions. You and Wendy have created such a welcoming atmosphere in which you go out of your way to let each member feel free to speak up.

Also, thank you for your wonderful, just released 30 minute crypto video, along with your easy to follow written summary. These short overviews really help to clarify all of the crypt data you shared with us in your Thursday / Friday webinar. We now know exactly what steps to take next!

Thanks again to you and Wendy for all you do,
K & D


Bitcoin Trend & Forecast has a proven history of highly accurate forecasting.
in my opinion, unrivaled in the market of forecasting.

Your day to day update are valuable

This is the best service I have ever seen. Nothing and I say nothing else comes even close to this guy and his team. The daily updates through the blog posts and reports are simply well and truly fantastic and I love it. Give it a go you won’t be dissatisfied.

Very earnest - What you see is what you get

I find Marius to be one of the most genuine persons I know in the space. He is sharing his very best, no holding back, and walks the talk. This market is so fickle and there are so many factors that can impact, that having someone on the pulse is invaluable. He truly wants to help people succeed out of genuine caring.

Lessons you provide on each crypto currency opens to door to opportunities

Hi Marius,

I would like to say how thankful I am for the information you provided to your members on the May 28/29 video.

I have been a member for approximately a year and I am learning so much from your videos and webinars.

The lessons you provide on each crypto currency opens to door to opportunities that we would never ever, ever have.

Exceptional and impressive work

I thank God for you and your team
Jenifer G

I’m blown away at the information

Hello Wendy

Marius put the last webinar so everyone can see it. In the webinar he was telling a story about you going to the grocery store and you telling him you need more money.

When you were on holiday, Marius had to go to the grocery store...he couldn’t believe how expensive things were. He wondered if he was in a pricey supermarket.

I couldn’t believe it either, as he was telling the prices of items. My mouth was so wide open as I was listening to him tell the prices....I can’t believe the inflation in Australia!

I bet you were shocked if you went to a grocery store in see food prices so low compared to Australia ?!

Can y’all grow your own vegetable garden ?
Especially since Marius mentioned juicing.

Can you personally tell Marius how much I appreciate his time. The special video he made was really great and helpful ! I know he puts soooo much time into the videos as well as the reports !
The cheat sheet was was easy to read and straight to the point.

I like the telegram posts he puts out an immediate update when a certain coin hit its target !! So helpful !

Every time I watch a video or read the report, I’m blown away at the information and so grateful to have found Marius !


best trader in the world

I've been in cryptos for 4 years and traded the Dow Jones for well over 12 years. I have been through so many Bitcoin Analysts and well named personalities. I found you by accident November last year and started trading your calls, reading your reports and attending your weekly webinars. You warned of an incoming drop in November 2018 and warned us on the weekly webinars to exit markets at $5900. I did, took your advice and sold. I bought back in on December $3200 Bitcoin upon your recommendation and now am up over 312% overall in my portfolio since October 2018. I have seen so many crypto analysts but none come close to your spot on algorithm analysis. Marius, you are a blessing to the crypto community. Much love. South Africa

Super Gratitude

Hi Marius,

A quick note, I just wanted to thank you so much for the most recent video you posted, absolutely amazing presentation, superlative content! Huge gratitude for you for being so dedicated to your members ????????❤️.


David Montandon


I must tell you Marius helped me in a difficult time ,I want to thank Marius and Wendy for their prayers ! We will all benefit from his superb forecasting!!!
Best Greg


Hoi Marius, I want to thank you very much for what you're doing for the 'little' man/woman. Thank you for the webinar that you made available to us and provided a lot of information. I immediately subscribed. Thank you for the understandable posts and for sharing your precious time with us.M.F.


Your reports have helped me make informed decision on my trades and I have to thank you for all you do for your subscribers. You remain a humble man and its been a blessing for me to have come across you. Amazing how accurately you predict the movement of Bitcoin and Alts. Looking forward to keep on "farming" BTC for the foreseeable future with you. May God bless you always Marius.

Wish I joined you earlier

Just wanted to say thanks Marius
You are helping me win
In this world of debt

I bit the bullet and bought into your subscription. I wish that I took my portfolio more seriously and joined you earlier.

Thank you Marius for helping us little guys

Superior Information

Hello Marius,
Thank you for your update’s on KBC as requested I made my investment decision now and purchased KBC coins to hodl for now.
I could not attend at the live webinars due to a tight agenda, but the recordings work fine for me also.
Lets see how things work out.
Thank you for your superior information and help to the community.
Have a nice weekend,
Greetings from Holland

I followed your calls and have 3 BTC

Thank you so much for your reply ???? As a single mom, I’ve been struggling a lot especially after being scammed by some bad people. I started with 55 LTC. I can now tell you I own almost 3 bitcoins just by following your advices on your blog updates!! I’m so excited for my kids future - I’ll be able to put them through college!!! Thank you Marius ????????????????‍♀

Wish I found you earlier

I subscribed February 2019 and only wish I found you earlier. Your calls are spot on and just curious how yo do you algorithms and price targets. For the first time I’m making profits and your call on Litecoin was spot on. Thank you for what you do for the community. You are a recommendation from me. By the way your webinars are super awesome. Sandra

Best analyst in the world

Youre the best!

Wish I found you earlier

Been a subscriber for well over 2 years now and we have seen some major up cycles and a big downwards movement last year. With Marius’ trade reports I managed to gain over 400% last year in a down market while this year I am up over 380% following Marius’ reports. His videos are prepared simplistic, easy to understand and easy to follow. I’m a happy subscriber and will be a life long member. If you have any doubt try his subscription for 1 month. You won’t look back. Greg

Best trading analyst

Thank you for all the help and explaining you give on the updates, calls and posts. I am learning and as I listen over and over to the calls I hope I am getting it! Lol
I am excited for what’s coming. ☀️

Best crypto subscription ever

I signed up October 2018 and have never looked back. Marius’ reports helped me tremendously and looking back I don’t know how I would have traded my crypto portfolio without being a subscribers. I love the blog posts, the uniques easy to understand video and short precise reports. This is the worlds best service at a fraction of the cost at $24.95. I would be happy paying $200 a month but please keep it low Marius. You’re helping a lot of people.

Almost at $500K

Marius, I started investing last year June 2018 with $22K and have since then addes approximately $85K with your help. My entire portfolio as of today stands on $487K. I am blessed and thanks to you I am on my way to becoming a millionaire in crypto. I am not posting this as financial advice and you need to do your own due diligence. This is my own story. Cannot thank you enough Marius and Team.

I am finally making money

Hi Marius & Team,

Just wanted you to know I've been selling my XBT (little bits) following your reports advice. Finally, making some money (to buy in again) and I want to say thanks - you totally have & had the call here. All over it.



Very useful analysis

Thanks Marius I’m up 100% ! Invested $8000 in BTC BTCH and LTC a few months back and look at where we’re at now ! I’m watching closely and ready to take profits soon.
Thanks again

You have proved yourself

Marius you have proved yourself time and time again. Your members updates have been spot on. Thank you bru

Excellent work

Hi Marius, Thanks for the excellent videos. I am excited about the crypto market and happy to enjoy your analysis. Excellent work. Regards, Antonie

Keep up the great work

Keep up the great work you are doing for your members, you are an inspiration to the little guys like me looking for financial independence.

Webinars are extremely helpful

I joined your premium membership and webinars. I was accidentally blocked from Twitter account a long time ago. Even though I was blocked I still followed you on twitter and after trying some others I decided to join your groups. It’s only been a short time since I joined but I am already regretting I did not join sooner. I listened to my first webinar last night and found it extremely helpful. Thank you Marius


I was struck when you apologized for not having a webinar a week ago before Easter.
You do so much for your customers you don't need to apologise, I have no doubt that you invest your heart and soul into this project of making many many millionaires.
I'm struck by you humility and your accessibility to your clients.
I'm extremely grateful to be one of your subscribers, thank you for all you do.

Appreciate you and what you do

Thanks for being such a great guy, I so appreciate it ❤️. Appreciate all your nice comments and communications on Twitter too, very obliged by your help in this space. You’ve got great advice on life in general, and I truly love you ????????. You are very correct, if you envision a more positive future, take proactive action, get involved, have a positive mindset, and surround yourself with positive influences, you literally will see magically positive things spun into the fabric of living reality.
Thanks so much mate, I truly love you!

Your work is immensely appreciated

Good morning Marius,
I hope you and your family had a great holiday weekend! I just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you do. I can only imagine how much time and energy you and your team put into the reports/videos and you charge so little. Your work is immensely appreciated and has given me the tools and hope for financial freedom in the near future.

Kind regards,

Best crypto analyst

Hi Maris, You are the best analyst I encountered on my journey to success , THANK YOU SO MUCH! @TeddDinoC

Technical analysis works thank you

Using the bars technique I learned from you and the Percentage Increase Technique. Then I add in the technical analysis I learned from Philakone. I see the numbers you are talking about for LTC. So I see the spike to 111 and then really to 140 to touch the 1.618 Fib Range. Wow!! I fell like I am learning so much helpful info and developing a skill that is really going to help me going forward! For that and what you are doing to help your team(s) I have to say thank you!!

Best customer service

I had an issue with access to the website and your friendly team helped me set up the correct email address. I am 54 and computers are challenging to say the least. Thank you for your easy to read and understand videos and reports. I’m in profit for the first time. Thank you Marius

You know what you talk about

Hi Marius, hope all is well. Subscribed today for a year. Must admit, you really know what you are talking about. I have one question... am i Late to the party to buy litecoin or would you recommend i wait a bit?!

Getting rid of debt

Thanks to you and your crew I am on my way. After been in debt for over 1.3m 12 years paying off this I can see happening by Xmas 2019. Thanks again .

I finally feel a new level of comfort in making moves

Evening Marius-
I wanted to thank you for the work you put into your trend forecast. I sold my holdings when BTC was under $4100 2-3 days ago only to see it shoot to $4700 once it crossed $4190, just as you predicted there was still an outside chance. I was up from my entry and even though I dont like that I slept through that initial up-swing up last night Im pleased I followed your insight to act conservatively to stay in the black. Now I have more profit potential ahead since Ive reentered the market and look forward to the next drop.
I finally feel a new level of comfort in making moves like this because your work has proved out as you said it would, regardless of the fact that I was hoping for more downside first. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more wins and growing my holdings as the year moves forward.

Re: Best value Best results

I have been a member since end of last year, 2018 and Marius has made me richer in a short period of time, both in knowledge and in wealth. I started investing in crypto in August 2017 and I wish I had started with Marius earlier as his algorithm data analysis would have invaluable to save my money from the last bull run. HODL was not the only strategy I knew back then. With the weekly webinars and the reports I feel more ahead of the game. Thank you Marius!


Hi Marius,
Just a quick thank you in appreciation of your presence.
You give me some hope that I can survive what is up ahead and not feel helpless.
Its good to see REAL people like you who do their best, coming from a good place in their heart.
Thank you again and maybe see you on the other side of this crypto wave.
Jacques Ecuyer
Montréal, Canada

How did I ever trade without your cryp'tic" info

Anybody considering a membership should go ahead. I have been a members since February 2018 and have used the reports as a tool to make my own investment decisions. So far I have turned my model portfolio from $4,000 into over $12,000. I used the same coins in the model portfolio in the reports and have been very successful. I will be a member for life.
Also Marius, your latest call to exit cryptos is really good and it shows that you are protecting us from downside. I have sold on your recommendation today and will wait for the entry point again. Bless you from my family to yours.

Keep up the very good work

Good afternoon Marius

I have just finished listening to your 28 March webinar and found it truly fascinating, it was concise and educational and no one could be confused on the recommendations provided.

Keep up the very good work but don't burn yourself out because we need your senses to fully function and not fry your own brain box. Have a good weekend cheers chris baker (Adelaide)

Thank you and Thank you

Good morning from Houston ☀️

I know it’s past 10pm your time right now but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you thank you thank you!

I stayed up late last night exiting my trade positions and I’m now 60% in stable coins. Good thing too as
overnight things went from a sea of green to see you red! So glad to be part of your group. Keep up the good work Marius!


152% profits on Litecoin

I bought Litecoin when you recommended it in December 2018 at $24 and now I am up over 152%. I placed all my money in Litecoin and am stoked with your Litecoin call. I will be selling Litecoin soon as per your recommendation Marius. Happy customer.

5 Stars

Thank you for your consistent updates on the private telegram channel messages. I wish I found you earlier. Thank you for helping me narrow down my portfolio to 11 coins - I am now in nice profits of 43% overall.
For all the newbies in the crypto world, I subscribed to 8 different crypto channels but they all were a waste of time. This is the best service I have ever come across and for $25 it is a steal - im just surprised this survice is not $199 a month. 5 Stars from me. happy member and will stay here for life.

Great service

Dear Sir, I have been a client for a while and have been trading LTC on American Exchanges and have been successful using your data. I study your site as much as possible including watching video " Webinars" some times several times. Sincerely Jim, James J Schindler

I made 42% profit

I joint In February 2019 and made my first profit this month by selling Litecoin at $62. I don’t know how you do it Marius but I am stoked.


Hi Marius,

My daughter signed us up for your wonderful membership and webinar. She has been attending (for us both) as often as possible, and says that the information you provide has been a great help to her in managing our crypto investments. We only wish we'd known about you back in early 2018 (when we made the mistake of HODLing way, way too long)!
Thank you very much again for all you do to make our lives better.

he is the best out there

Best reports I have ever come across and been investing in cryptos for 5 years. Youre a brother to me.

New happy subscriber

I’m a new subscriber and find your Bitcoin and Top 40 ALT report of great value. The detail and accuracy is stunning. The addition of the Telegram Blog Messages are a true value add and thank you for keeping this service affordable to us. I will be subscribing to your Weekly Webinars as well. Keep up the good work team.

Good analysis

Must admit your work is great. Thumbs up and 5x stars.

I found a home with Marius

Great work Marius and Team. I got referred to your website by a friend and been a subscriber since October 2018. At first I was skeptical because of the low price for your service but quickly realized the value of your incredible detailed timely reports and most recently your blog posts. I find your reporting very helpful. Its the first time I know what to do, investing in cryptos for 4 years now. Since December 15, 2019 my portfolio has increased by almost 122%. I also thank you for making yourself available to chat to a little guy like myself, this shows how humble you are. Thank you to you and your team - my family will forever be grateful! Member for life here. Colorado

Great support


Just letting you know that my ETH did register in the [private] exchange. Thank you so much for your quick response. As a premium member I feel that you and your team go above and beyond to help all your members. I greatly appreciate and look forward to all the updates. With your guidance I am learning so much and becoming debt free a little at a time and it is a great feeling. Thank you again for all the hard work you and your team do.

I made 130%

I became a subscriber 2 months ago and am very impressed how you prepare the Bitcoin and Litecoin reports. You make it easy to read and your explanation is down to the point. I am already up over 130% on your Litecoin call and 140% on EOS. For us this is very big money. To all Bitcoiners out there, I was lost and traded in the dark till I found Ma