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Marji Pearson

Mill Valley California , 94941
415 912-8501

Both cats are happy and healthy!

I will never give up on good, traditional vet care, but it seems that sometimes a less traditional approach is needed. One of my cats was tested for over a year to find what was causing him to throw up regularly. Nothing showed up. My other cat then started having “inappropriate bathroom habits” in the house. She was diagnosed with crystals in her pee, caused by stress. I followed the vet’s plan to de-stress her but that only helped a little. Getting anxious myself, I asked Marji Pearson, a human and animal Reiki therapist I’d met, to give treatments to them both. Intermittently over the course of a couple of months, she did Reiki on them (and sometimes me too) and made other suggestions for non-invasive ways to help the situation. I am delighted to say that both cats are happy and healthy – as am I. Apparently Reiki (and an amazing connection to animals by Marji) helps cats de-stress and to heal. I highly recommend Marji - as does my husband, who is the “this would only happen in Marin” type person. And my cats totally love her!

Marji is truly a dog whisperer.

Our family has a beautiful Golden Retriever named Nora. She tended toward being a bit hyper running back and forth and pulling on the leash. She was easily distracted and it was difficult to get her attention.  Marji had a session with Nora using her energy healing and she calmed right down. It was a miracle. We still talk about it to this day.We prefer to use natural products for our dogs whenever possible and Marji has so much knowledge about what herbs and essential oils are truly effective, we know we are in good hands. She loves and understands animals. 

We can’t recommend Marji and her magic highly enough.

Marji has been caring for our senior mutt Bob for several years both as petsitter and healer.  She has a miraculous presence: Bob, normally a shy, nervous guy, relaxes completely in her presence.  Marji has offered Bob some pharmacognosy sessions, and the practice clearly answered a need, because we watched our meat-loving pup guzzling chlorella and inhaling deep breaths of essential oils. Afterwards he seemed both more spry and more relaxed: a happy dog.  We can’t recommend Marji and her magic highly enough.

Increase in Trixie's energy

Marji had some sessions using her reiki healing with my 13 year old brittany, Trixie. While I was a bit skeptical, I did notice an increase in Trixie's energy level. She also became more engaged with the younger two dogs in the house and would often take the lead in our daily walks on Mt. Tam. I would certainly recommend Marji, she is very loving and empathetic with animals and has a soothing, healing touch.

Ariel has become more trusting and less fearful.

Marji Pearson has been volunteering with some of our rescue horse’s at Sadie’s Haven. In particular she has been working with Ariel who had come to us badly abused and a total distrust and fear of humans. She has been out in the field with Ariel for hours each week using her energy healing including Trust Technique and aromatherapy and the progress the staff and I have seen in Ariel is just wonderful. Other volunteers are able to pet her and groom her which was impossible before Marji started working with Ariel and she has become more trusting and less fearful. She has regained confidence in herself and is able to just be a horse and part of the herd. We are delighted. I would highly recommend Marji for her gifts, integrity, love and care of your horses.

Portia is not as anxious and is friendlier

A year ago, I rescued a 4 year-old Female Golden Retriever from Sacramento.  She (Portia) came with anxiety issues and had not been socialized. I believe she may have been abused .  I figured brining her into a loving home would resolve her problems.  After months of loving her, being very gentle with her and working with her to overcome her fears, I realized that her fears were deeply ingrained in her.  I was talking to a friend about my frustrations and she recommended Marji Pearson, who worked with all types of animals by using holistic healing,  oils, herbs, nutrients and Reiki healing  I made an appointment with Marji to come to the house and meet Portia.  The first visit was 2 1/2 hours.   Marji sat with Portia and together we went through the various oils and nutrients.  Some Portia liked and some she just turned her head away.   Portia showed the most interest in the anxiety oils.  I continued to use the oils with Portia for the next 2 weeks.   Marji came back for a follow-up visit and we reviewed the oils we were using and tried some different ones.  Marji made a few adjustments and left me with what Portia and I needed to continue with the therapy.After about 6 weeks, I noticed Portia is not as anxious and is friendlier when people come to the house and around other animals.  This will continue to be an ongoing process with her and will take time.     I found Marji to be very thorough explaining everything to me and in assessment of Portia.  Her work and love of animals and wanting to help and heal them is very apparent.  I found each session with Marji to be very interested and I support this type of holistic healing.


Marji is Extraordinary!!!!!

“Marji is extraordinary. I learned about her when one of my dogs, Gordie (was Ketchum) was lost in the woods for 5 weeks. After he was found, Marji came and did Reiki for him to help him get over his PTSD. Now, when she walks into my house, my dogs lie down and get ready for her calming energy healing. Not only does Marji do Reiki for my anxious dog, who is less anxious now, but she includes me in her healing session. Marji also introduced me to The Trust Technique, which has been instrumental in helping me help Gordie, a former 5 year kennel dog, to adapt to his new suburban environment.”

Chloe is now a happy horse and has found her purpose.

We rescued a beautiful mini horse. We named Chloe. Unfortunately she was deeply neglected and near death. She wasn’t trusting of anyone and it was hard to go near her as she would nip at you. Marji Pearson came and worked with Chloe using her holistic healing (or using the trust technique), oils and other healing modalities  and was really able to make a gigantic difference with Chloe. All of us at the ranch noticed the changes. Chloe is now a happy horse and she works with many of the children at our non profit. They all love her and Chloe has found her purpose.  I highly recommend Marji.