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Marvelous Marketing


We needed help with video for an ad campaign and didn’t have any video contacts in the San Diego area, we were also concerned about trying some one new, because you just never know.
Vince came in took a look at our products & got right to work, it was like he knew what we were looking for without a detailed explanation, very professional. He also put together an influencer media event to help boost our campaign.
I would recommend Vince to any business that’s looking to market/advertise.


I have been working with Marvelous Marketing for over a year! Couldn’t be happier! Very Professional work!

One of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in San Diego!

We've been working with Marvelous Marketing for a year. he creates great content, photos, videos for whatever your businesses call for! He's really good!

Creates engaging content!

Marvelous Marketing has been so great for us for gaining more exposure for us on social media! We started two years ago and have seen nothing but great progress on our online platforms!

Grew our social media presence!

He helped us grow our business online and on the ground! He takes great photos and takes care of our social media presence, and our website! We really appreciate everything he's done for us!

Fantastic job!

We started working with Marvelous Marketing last month to boost our social media marketing. He met with us to take food videos/photos and has been posting them on Instagram and Facebook. We appreciate that we now have someone posting regularly to keep our social media presence active!

Great work!

Marvelous Marketing has been working for us over the past several months on our Nood Bar instagram and facebook page. He has been excellent at optimizing our reach and posting engaging content for our viewers. They are up to date with the latest social media trends and has shown that through his posts for our accounts.

Love all of his work!

Thank you so much for the video you made for us! He created, filmed, and edited the best video for us! He's the best!