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Beautiful, genuine and honest

Mary Rose is a true gem. She is beautiful inside and out. She has a giant energy and faith that guides her through her process. She is brutally honest, but gentle. My life is more wonderful for having her in it. Every reading and remark over the years has been right on. The real thing!


I have prayed for the words that best describe my experience with Mary Rose. Honestly, I am so incredibly thankful and blessed. Mary Rose was 100% on the mark. She is truly an angel on earth.




My first experience with her was great. My brother came thru as a true angel all gold in color. She said she had never seen that before. Everything I needed to know she told me. She's very positive. The second time was when I was having issues with my work and she helped me guide thru it with my family members. I truly trust her and would recommend her to anyone. I feel that we are more than friends with this bond that is created. I enjoy my time with her. I love it when she takes us walks around her neighborhood.

Genuine & Inspiring

Mary Rose speaks from the spiritual heart to connect with those whom we most need to hear from. One minute laughing and the next crying which in my case was so HEALING! Highly recommended.

Helped family find beloved missing pet and closure

Mary Rose is beyond gifted and imbued with higher sensing.... Several years ago a dear friend was beside herself with grief over her missing Schnauzer. Mary Rose was able through her sensitive reading skills pinpoint where the dog was. She saw the dog swollen and hurt from some kind of venomous bite, Based on reading the family found the dog. Sadly the dog was deceased and likely bitten by a venomous snake. Through finding the dog, the family was grateful to be able to properly bury their beloved pet and find closure and begin healing. Throughout the reading Mary Rose not only employed her God-given skills of sight and sensitivity but she comforted and counseled about healing and helped the family understand their dog was not suffering and at peace! I highly recommend and endorse Mary Rose to any seeking help in their Eartly and spiritual lives, guidance, clarification and solace! She’s highly skilled, compassionate, wise and understanding!

Very helpful

She has helped me for 6 yrs .For she does have information from my husband no one would know. Love her and all the help.

She’s wonderful

Mary Rose is thoughtful, funny and inspiring. She’s helped me through some difficult times with her amazing gift.


I have listened and participated in a bunch of Live streams. Mary Rose has such a calming effect. I have pretty bad anxiety and listening to her grounds me. She has told me things that have given me that "ah-ha" moment. I cannot wait to see what comes from her in the future.


An earth angel

Mary Rose has time and time again amazed me with her mediumship gifts and her empathic counseling sessions. She helped me save my own life and find my way back to the unconditional love of God. My grandpa, my Mimi, and my beloved brother all passed away in a matter of weeks. Mary Rose saw all three the first time we connected. She described each one of them so precisely and even got the names. Mary Rose knew how they passed and was able to give me specific messages that touched my soul and made me cry healing tears of joy. She has predicted break ups, love interests, job opportunities down to the month, and even counseled me on how to handle family disputes to help heal generational toxicity. Her voice is so pure and healing, just listening to her will raise your energetic vibration. I always call her when I need a spiritual boost of love from a trustworthy advisor.



Mary Rose is an extraordinary and gifted lady whose talents, engaging spirit and heart-warming demeanor nourishes the soul!

Mary's medium gallery in seneca falls

My best friend and I went to her home gallery and The energy that filled the auditorium was infectious!! It was so warm and inviting. I watched her as she spoke to loved ones about what there deceased family members and even family pets wanted them to know and it she was amazing ❤️ it gave me goosebumps!! As she approached me she lend her hand out and my papa came through!! Everything was spot on it made me cry tears of joy knowing he was always watching over me and encouraging me to be the best mother I can be!!! She was funny and down to earth and over all just astonishing ???? I can't wait to make it to Florida and make a special stop in to see her for a one on one!!! You're amazing gift Mary definitely gave me a bigger picture to life and death!! As you said " we are here to give love and good energy" I feel that completely!!! Keep doing what you were blessed with!!! Connecting everyone through energy And love.


Working with Mary Rose was fascinating. I always received clear answers and I never felt prompted from her for more information. She's so intuitive she helped me discover my intuition. I highly recommend her!!


Seeing Mary Rose is one of the highlights of my life. Besides being very insightful she is kind, warm and loving. A very special person. I love her.


Amazing first experience :)

Mary is the first medium I have ever met. I had always been a little skeptical of mediums, but Mary made it feel so comfortable and normal. I have no regrets going to Mary. She has such a warm and loving energy and is really easy to talk to. She truly has a gift from God and uses it for completely selfless reasons. I am so excited to continue exploring my own mediumship, thanks to Mary, and I will definitely go to her again! She told me important messages I needed to hear and I am forever grateful for that!

Amazing Experience!

We were able to have Mary Rose come and share her gift with a group of us one evening. It was amazing, we had some loved ones come through and we enjoyed her so very much. She is such a gifted and compassionate soul. If you have the opportunity be sure to take the time to experience some time with her!

My peace of mind

Maryrose is a professional with empathy. She had a way of making you feel so relaxed that you just open up to receive your messages. She has put my mind at ease with so much that concerned me or confused me. I’ve done both in person and video call readings with MR a few times and she’s always so accurate. I love my reading with her and the messages she provides. To me, she’s the best!


This was a wonderful experience! I felt so much peace afterward! She is amazing and is such a caring person. I recommend her to anyone who is having pain after a loss.

Awesome doesn't even come close!

I've been to so-called psychics before but MR is the best! It wasn't so many things that she told me but what she knew without any reasons except to say she is the REAL DEAL! I am definitely going to make another appointment! One hour wasn't enough for the Spiritual High I felt in her presence.Thank you so much!