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Why Knot Bodyworks

United States

Why did I wait so long?

I have chronic back pain always touted the benefits of massage therapy. When I couldn’t schedule an appointment at my regular place in Memphis my wife told me to call Why Knot Bodyworks. I got an appointment the SAME day and it was wonderful. Can’t say enough good things about this guy!! Customer for LIFE!


We are beyond amazed at Warrens abilities! He is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. He did wonders on us! Even taught us useful stretches to help in the future! His skill level is phenomenal! I would HIGHLY recommend Warren!

Life saver!

Warren has been a life saver for me! I have struggled with a horrible knot in my back for weeks that has been unbearable. I also have struggled with a bad hip that causes a lot of pain when I walk. Warren has managed to fix both these problems right away and knows just the problem areas to help me with. I highly recommend setting up an appointment to see for yourself the wonders he can accomplish.

A heroes hero.

Warren came to our center last fall and provided massages to our staff and everyone was so relaxed and renewed. I can't thank him enough for his pampering of my partners.

Refreshed and Renewed!

Worthy of those 5 stars! He is very professional and very detail oriented and has a overall good personailty that allows you to feel comfortable. Also HUGE PLUS he is very clean and very detailed with his sterlization processes! ❤????I left feeling so relaxed and finally have some relief from my back and neck pain!


Absolutely the BEST massage ever! I’ll definitely be returning’


Warren always does an amazing job! 10 🌟


As a fellow LMT, I was in need of Bodywork. Warren delivered!! I feel amazing!! He has speakers attached to the table so you can feel the music. Excellent experience!! If you’re in Oakland...go see Warren!


Very nice man! The massage was great and really helped my neck and back! Will definitely go again

Thank You Warren

I posted on here about seeing Warren back in January 2018 and what a difference it made. When I got home I searched for a massage therapist for weeks that could help me. I finally found one and have been going to her for months. I have my life back. My shoulder is as healed as its ever going to get. I don't walk crooked any more. My back no longer aches despite every thing that is wrong with it. I never knew that good massage could do so much for you. Thanks Warren for the pain free future I now have due to your excellent work.

Best Mobile Massage

I booked my appointment the same day and was able to be seen. He worked ALL of my upper knots! He applied all the pressure I needed. He was very professional and knowledgeable about upper neck and shoulder tension. I was totally relaxed! I will be booking regular sessions.

Simply Amazing

I was in Tenn. visiting for XMAS and telling my host about my issues and she suggested I call Warren Weeks. I have severely pinched nerves at C4, 4, & 6. My nureo surgeon wants to fuse 3,4,5,6. I did steroid injections instead. Then got frozen left shoulder. Weeks of rehab to get it back to 70% function. I've had an area in my back that has hurt for 20+ years. Warren worked on me twice. That back pain is gone. Got another 10 to 15 % use of my arm back. My neck is not stiff to the left. He also told me what kind of massage therapist I needed to find at home to continue healing. This mans magic hands are a treasure. Wish I could have brought him to my state.

Simply The Best

I have bulging discs between c4 & c6 in my neck. This issue has caused me horrific pain. I set massage appointments weekly with Warren and now I'm able to function normally and pretty much pain free. His massages are better than anything the doctors have suggested or prescribed for me. He definitely has tremendous healing technique.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Warren is truly a gifted healer...
He is the BEST of the BEST! If you ever use Warren once, you will never go to anyone else!! He is beyond amazing!!

He can work miracles

All I can say is OMG!!! I have very bad migraines, to the point of being sick. A friend recommended whyknotbodyworks. It was absolutely the best decision I could have ever made. When Warren left my house my migraine was gone. I have trouble sleeping, I sit up all night til I just fall asleep. Last night I was in bed and out by 9/9:30. I slept all night never once got up though the night. I’m telling you he can work miracles. I wake up everyday with a headache. BUT NOT TODAY!!!!! Thanks Warren you're the best.

Warren is the best!

Warren is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I feel absolutely wonderful every time. He is very professional and will help you feel great.

Amazing results.

I have had amazing results from massage therapy with Warren. I suffer from migraine/tension headaches. Warren is very thorough and very professional. Every time I lay on the table or sit in his chair I always get back up feeling amazing.


I've been using massage therapy for many years due to scoliosis and back surgery. Warren is at the top of the list of the massage therapists I've seen. He asks questions about what's ailing you and truly listens to you and does a wonderful job relieving my pain.


Best massage I have ever had.