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46 Aeroview Drive, Beach Haven
Auckland , 0626
New Zealand

Amazing Technique

It was lovely to meet and work with you yesterday. I appreciated it immensely and can see how the emotional reset technique can be applied to more than just my relationship with my wife. I have found that ERT has helped me most of the day with maintaining a place of calm.

MATES can really make a difference

There have been tears and laughs as we share together. Quite often I am surprised by what happens during our sharing together. I've found a healing takes place as we humble ourselves and share from our hearts. There is the opportunity to really encourage those who are going through a rough patch in their lives. There is a great deal of wisdom that is shared and I have personally grown and learnt a lot through the times of encouragement…I have really enjoyed the challenging process that I have seen in my own life and I hope that many other men will come on board so that MATES can make a difference in their lives as well.

Amazing Experience

I had a fairly dramatic and highly unpleasant time that left me highly stressed and in a lot of self-doubt…I have attended MATES meetings since then and have found a huge level of comfort amongst members. It is a very non-judgmental environment where I feel accepted for all of who and what I am. I gain huge amounts of clarity and insight from these meetings.

Thank you so much!

I've had counseling for many years which didn't do much good. One session with you has already made a huge difference to how I am feeling! Everyone else said my marriage would fail, but now I have hope and am eager to see what I can create. Thank you so much.

Thanks MATES!

I believe that without the help and support of MATES, I may well have ended up being one of those men that have now become a statistic of the ever increasing suicide problem for men going through marriage breakdown. MATES has helped me identify my different emotions, I have learned the different triggers that have taken me into depression, anger, etc.

Wonderful Experience

My life was turned upside down when my 14 year relationship with my wife suddenly ended. The devastating rollercoaster of emotions that decimated my every waking moment until I finally gave in to sleep are now but bad memories. It seemed at the time there was nowhere to go for help. I tried Lifeline which was good, and a few select friends, all were sympathetic but nothing eased the pain. If it was not for my 9-year-old son I feel I would have taken the easy way out. But, desperation led me to MATES. The comfort I received in realizing I was not the only one to suffer such heartache was inspirational. By listening to others who were going through or had gone through very similar circumstances to my own and hearing how they have coped and made better persons of themselves has helped me incredibly.

Great Technique!

I was shown this technique to deal with a personal issue. It was suggested I also apply it whenever I felt the need to smoke cigarettes. Within two days my cravings were gone completely! And now I don’t feel the need for alcohol either! I can’t believe how relaxed and at ease I feel. It feels good just being me.

Wished I known about you 10 years ago!

I was feeling really depressed 10 years but I could not get any help. I finished up in the Mental Health system which was is great for a short time. But when you are really depressed or mentally unwell the only answer for them is and was medication. What most of us need at the time when all seems hopeless is some one who understands. A hug, a ear and a good cuppa is a bonus! MATES we so need you as bad times and hopelessness can hit everyone no matter who you are. I was lucky that I have a great husband who supported me and gave me hope. But he could have done with a MATE at that time. I phoned in today and spoke to this amazing MATE. It has given my day, well week the buzz that I needed. Thank you all

Incredible experience

For me, MATES meetings were the start of something awesome. Men here were interested in where I had been, but more so where I was going. This question was one I wanted answers for and they seemed to give me a sense of hope which I hadn't seen before. It was incredible the feelings I had from these meetings and I wanted more of it. After years of depression and leaning toward suicide I knew it was good for me. MATES has given me the tools and the vehicle to be a better man for sure. I have no intention of suicide now, I respect myself too much. I have a better outlook on life, I am excited about the future, I am building new relationships and loving my family and friends. I am now in a position with skills and experience to help other men.

Good place good people

It’s worth for every one to join

Empowering people, help them been the best they can be.

MATES ORG doing a nice job on empowering people and reducing suicide rate. Focus on the positive part of things, rather than 'solving problems', they are using the way of empowering to help people acknowledge their potenial and unlimited talents. The value that MATES ORG are delivering is very positive, self-inspiring and motivated.

Mates Organisation

Mates is a friendly, outreaching organization that stands out in the Hamilton community and reaches all over NZ. It's purpose is to create an environment where communication is open and free without fear of judgement or penalty. Individuals and families are welcome to use Mates to further reach their goals in relationships with each other. I wouldn't be where I am today, a student at university, without Mates support. I have learnt so many things from Kerry and Jacqui and the team!

Thanks MATES!

After experiencing relationship breakdown, my wife leaving me for another man (and intending to take full custody of our children) as well as financial ruin, I was about to face all my fears and demands alone. MATES was the turning point which has saved me in so many ways and has had the most marvelous effect on my life. Undoubtedly this was the turning point for me when hopeless became hopeful, painful became pain free, troubled and confused became clear headed. I encourage any person who reads this to go along to a meeting and check it out for yourself.

Thanks a million!

Thanks so much for your advice today, it's been terrific - thanks a million!

Great Technique

This technique has so many applications. I thought that my awful relationship with my partner’s daughter was going to destroy our own relationship. We just couldn’t get along. I started applying the Emotional Reset Technique and so far it has worked! It’s made it easy to get along with my step daughter and the best thing is that it’s improved my relationship with my partner too.


Men are notorious, including myself, for just hiding in our caves and hoping that our problems will go away but most of the time they don't, we just bury them. Mates has given me a supportive environment where I can unload what has been going on. I know a lot of men just need this environment to help them through. I've found a problem shared has been a problem halved.


MATES is an incredible organisation to be part of and doing great work within the community. I highly recommend MATES Cafe 1/1 crisis support meetings for any person going through personal challenges or crisis for emotional support and encouragement and to find new direction in life.