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Mary Jo Wiseman

The Meeting Planning Process - An Invaluable Guide to Planning Successful Meetings!

I considered myself a veteran meeting/event planner having 25+ years of experience in Corporate meetings & events. After a brief hiatus, I reignited my involvement in the meeting/event community a year ago as an Event Coordinator at the newly opened West End Conference Center in St. Louis Park. It didn't take long to realize I needed to hit a refresh button. Reconnecting with Mary Jo and discovering her book, The Meeting Planning Process, was exactly what I needed to solidify my decision to get back into the career I love and rebuild my confidence as a planner with years of experience. Mary Jo's book has proven to be extremely helpful to our staff and the clients we serve. Mary Jo, thank you for sharing your knowledge in creating this priceless book!

Very Useful Guidebook

Mary Jo Wiseman's Book “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings,” is a useful guidebook for effectively planning the numerous details and the order of tasks involved in the planning of a conference. I used it when I had a large conference to plan and found it both helpful and easy to use when so many details were being thrown at me. Mary Jo is also a fountain of knowledge and was able to give suggestions on several places for our event. I would recommend Mary Jo Wiseman and her book.

Good Process!

“Instead of luring people to meetings with donuts and nothing substantial, The Meeting Planning Process is designed to elicit results. Instead of dreading meetings, people know they will be successful and are eager to participate. I wish they had been around when I was deeply into management meetings a number of years ago. I know we would have been more successful as well as profitable." Gloria VanDemmeltraadt | Author at Freelance, writing, proofreading, speaker

A Great Addition to your Resource Toolbox

Mary Jo has thought of everything! In her guide to planning successful meetings, she shares her wealth of experience and all that she has learned. This is a guide that everyone who schedules meetings should have on hand as a resource. It contains processes, strategies, valuable tips, and useful templates. I'm sure glad I now have it as a part of my resource toolbox!

THE MEETING PLANNING PROCESS - The Outstanding Resource!

The Go-to-Guide for Successful Meeting Planning for Meeting Planners at all Levels 

Starts with a Systematic Plan Identifying –

Goals and objectives; The target audience; Key messages

Action items connecting: Key components; Sequence of tasks; A time line for completing tasks; and People responsible for doing so

Brings order to the process, ELIMINATES panic, chaos and fear.  Failure is not an option: This Is Your Company's Bottom Line! 

 Jane Juetten, President, Innovation Communications

Party Planning made easy!

If you're a party planner like me, you'll be happy with all the pointers in this book. And if you're not very efficient.... this will keep you focused. Helpful and easy to follow, lots of good ways to have a successful event!

Award-Winning Author

I’m an author and ordered Mary Jo Wiseman’s book, The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings, hoping it would have some strategies I could use for creating successful book events. As I read about the planning process several helpful key points caught my attention. Mary Jo’s comment about the importance of planning an event whether large or small, formal or informal requires teamwork, objectives, clear communication and venue details. I decided to apply some of her suggestions to an upcoming book-signing event. I incorporated special graphics into my display to draw people into my area and engage them in a conversation about the book. I found many helpful ideas in Mary Jo’s book that I can use as an author in my promotion process, a valuable resource for planning events large or small. Author of Courageous Footsteps

Corporate Security | Travelers

I've known and had the extreme pleasure of working with Mary Jo for years - and she is just a blessing! She is a beyond talented, organized and very skilled in her line of work. She was a true asset to our organization and really knew how to make large scale events and meetings for our Fortune 100 company run smoothly and successfully. Thank you MJ for sharing your wisdom!

Need to pull off a Successful Event? Get this Superb Resource for Meeting Planners

This guide offers the reader wonderful insight on the step-by-step processes during all planning stages. The author is an expert in her field. I personally used the author's consulting services when I was a newbie meeting planner launching my first trade show for my home-based, national business. The timelines and worksheets in the appendix are wonderful working templates. My event was a success thanks to using the author's tips on evaluating potential venues, on setting budgets, and planning different table configurations for several unique seminars. As an entrepreneur, I did not have the benefit of a team, however I contracted out services to achieve a team approach. I also had the privilege of editing this book as a communications professional. The final product is excellent, and readers will find this book helpful. I used this book again in 2017 for my 3rd trade show, Sharp Fest, with success. The real life scenarios, tips and check lists are a great resource. I wear many hats in the process, and the book offers a scoring hat trick for all three stages: the Before, the During and the After!

Director, MN Women in Networking

I appreciate how Mary Jo has pulled together everything to consider into one easy-to-consult tool. As someone who plans several meetings and events each month, I understand how it can feel overwhelming to manage all of the details. I appreciate how Mary Jo has pulled together everything to consider into one easy to consult tool. This guidebook will be especially helpful in planning our large annual event where there are many facets to manage. The timeline/checklist in the back of the guidebook is something I will use again and again to ensure we keep on track in our planning. Whether you are a novice or a pro meetings and events planner, you are sure to find value.

President, The Meetings Concierge

“Everything Mary Jo has to share comes from a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  I had the pleasure of working with Mary Jo when she outsourced hotel site selection to us.  She was always organized and prepared with all the details it takes to be on your game as a meeting planner.  For anyone just starting out in the industry or for event planning veterans, this book will provide you with a checklist of everything you need to know when it comes to planning meetings.”

Independent Meeting Planner

“The Meeting Planning Process, A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings can apply to anyone with their professional or personal planning.  Overall industry markets and meeting objectives can change constantly, however, remembering to stay ‘FOCUSED’ on the ‘basics’ in the planning stages as Mary Jo describes in her book will help make you and your organization ‘SHINE’ with ‘SUCCESS’ every time!  Thank you MJ for all that you do and for sharing your expertise in the Meeting & Hospitality industry!”

Senior Sales Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

 “This book provides valuable information that any corporate meeting planner will find useful.  The systematic approach to planning will help keep planners focused, on task and on time.  Thanks for sharing your secrets for success.

Senior Catering Sales Manager, The Saint Paul Hotel

“The depth and variety of topics that are covered in the book are very informative and helpful.  I have already applied some of the information on my events with great results.  I highly recommend.”

Partner, Prestige, Global Meeting Source

“The Meeting Planning Process, A Guide to Successful Meetings is an excellent guide to meeting professionals at all levels.  Mary Jo Wiseman offers an overview of the entire planning process with many valuable tips in each section.  Her 20+ years of meeting planning history offers the reader a ‘practical wisdom’ with many keen insights and reminders.  The focus on a plan and how to develop and work that plan provide the key ingredients for how to manage a successful meeting or event while reducing the stress of multiple details and deadlines.  This is a very practical resource and one every planner can benefit from.”

Founder, Tips for Assistants

Meeting planning is often times a huge part of any assistant’s role. This book gives detailed steps on the planning process, provides general templates and even describes a fascinating career path to consider. One of my favorite aspects of the guide is that it presents thorough steps for each aspect of the meeting planning process. There are so many elements involved and the steps are laid out in sequence with clear bullets on exactly how to complete each. In each of the steps there are several invaluable tips, which include examples of the author’s firsthand experiences. All of this insider information sets you up to be able to carry out the entire process at a professional-level. In addition, the templates provided are priceless! They include fine details, which can be customized for all types of meetings being planned. The timeline template is my favorite; it equips you with a comprehensive overview of who is responsible for what and when. The template section ends with a clear overview of different room arrangements and specifies exactly which kind of meeting works best with each type of set up. The guide also explains what a Certified Meeting Professional is. I had no idea that career existed until now! The characteristics listed overlap with the qualities assistants typically already have, some of which are being solution-oriented, seeing the big picture and being leaders. It’s a possible career path to consider someday! If you want to expand your meeting planning abilities, I recommend checking this guide out. In a job where anything can happen, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared with a brilliant how-to! Plus, you might even discover an interesting new career path.