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Melanie Philippides


In the course of trying to navigate a very challenging relationship and breakup, I gradually discovered and began to learn about BPD. I read numerous books and watched many videos on Youtube, all helpful.  But when I came across Melanie's videos, I could tell that her insight was on another level -- she had not just knowledge, but embodied wisdom. There is something about her videos that is helpful in a deep way, in a way nothing else and no one else has been. I could see that she really understands the BPD relationship dynamic from her own lived experience and suffering, so I decided to reach out to her for support.

It is hard to understand what a person who is in a relationship with a BPD partner goes through psychologically unless you have lived through something like this yourself. For me personally, my experience that Melanie really understood what I was going through not just theoretically but also in a deeply lived way was critical for my ability to let her help me climb out of the mental prisons and habits of self-doubt that I had allowed myself to live in. It was really incredible to see in myself how the experience of understanding from another person could be so powerful in a process of finding clarity and inner strength.

Melanie is the wisest and most dedicated guide that I’ve come across when it comes to understanding BPD and finding the strength to grow towards inner freedom in the midst of harrowing relationship dynamics. She is able to give harsh and clear advice when necessary, and to be totally empathetic at the same time. She’s also patient, and seems to respect that it can take a while before someone is ready to take the next step in their process. She’s like a midwife of the birth of inner freedom. She’s also refreshingly unconventional and real, as you can see from her videos. It is clear that she cares a great deal about helping people to break out of dependency and find inner freedom. This is obviously much more than a job for her; it is a genuine mission, taken up with devotion. She is the real thing, a student and lover of wisdom.

I’m deeply grateful to Melanie for her work in helping me to find clarity and freedom in a deep and lasting way. Also, the “Recovery from the Ex Toolkit” is definitely worth the money. My advice is to listen to the audios and videos many times, and in different moods – I got a new important insight every time, as there is so much wisdom there.

Thank You!

I just want to say THANK YOU!


Your "Relationship Recovery Toolkit" gave me the
insights and tools I

needed to help stop all the over-thinking/rumination after

break-up...and get my anger, guilt, and shame in check.


Unlike so many programs out there, who give you 5 or more
books to

read and tell you to "figure it out" on your
own... You've broken down

the main steps and strategies people can take to heal right
NOW and

start moving on from the pain of their last relationship.


I can't thank you enough!


You've saved me COUNTLESS hours and dollars, trying to
figure this all

out on my own.


Not only is the rage and sorrow I was feeling gone...


I'm finally getting a full night's sleep again, and feeling


Would've happily paid 4 times as much for your program:-)


I appreciate all you do!



Melanie is a wonderful counselor and coach! She provided the security, atmosphere and perspectives that allowed me to feel comfortable and hopeful. During sessions she knew when to do more coaching and when to do more counseling. She is very empathetic and patient in this process while also being encouraging and empowering. Her work has considerably helped me in my journey. I highly recommend her as a counselor and as a coach!