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White Rabbit Distribution Ltd

Glen Esk House
Chorlton , M21 8TH
+44(0) 161 860 0263


Brilliant bit of kit for using on a shoot or everyday exercising and general running around. Saves a fortune in screen replacements!

Production Manager for music events

A simple yet amazing idea that works a treat. I loose my phone multiple times a day with work and spend what feels like hours walking round venues in different rooms retracing my steps,as much as its fabulous for work it's amazing when I am at the yard visiting the horses and riding. How did me or my phone survive before! Unfortunately I need to order a new one already, as my mum has seen and " borrowed" mine on a permanent basis! I just love it!!

Concert Runner / Runner Manager

"What a fantastic devise !!!
I use it for work (concert runner)and it's stopped me from losing my phone on numerous occasions. Also in addition to this the countless times I have dropped my phone and this amazing phone hug has saved it from smashing every time . So get yourself a phone hug and stay happy."
Bhushan Aggarwal

Head of of Marketing Partnerships - Live Nation & AMG Venues UK

“We have reviewed and tested PhoneHugs with a large number of fans and feedback was overwhelmingly positive – top product!  Will certainly help combat the phone theft issue that is greatly affecting the music scene today"
Jon Owen – Academy Music Group