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MCCS Engineering

Stone Pit Farm
Gotham Nottinghamshire , NG11 0LG
01157 720085


I have purchased two engines from MCCS. 1 for my Sprint car which wont really see any run time until 2022 now. I have also purchased a reconditioned unit for my road going classic. Despite the huge price difference between the standard unit and my full race engine, the finish quality, attention to detail and care are the same. Both engines look perfect, side by side. Buying anything of this value is a trust game for both parties, MCCS really take the time to make you feel like your engine is in safe hands.

Great Hill Climb Engine

Like the other reviews say, Really pleased with the engine. I have had it on a rolling road now that it is installed and I am really pleased with the figures and the delivery of the torque is exceptional. This is going to be perfect for the competitions I have coming up. I may have something build more circuit orientated next time. This is perfect for Sprint/Hill climbs.

Perfect Pinto

This is the second Ford engine i have had MCCS build for me. The first was assembling parts I had already had machined and then this was a full MCCS Road Sport spec engine. A firecracker of a build. Lots of billet parts, A fully worked engine. I saw the build a various stages so know what has gone into it. Really nice.


When i visited the guys to discuss my Frogeye engine they had just taken delivery of a production batch of these rods. I had chance to look at and hold the rods, they felt amazing. They are cheaper than some of the big names, dearer than some of the other names and about what I think is fair for a set of Rods.

Great quality. The rest of the engine is a gem too!

Very impressive power

Very impressed with the standard of work and the performance of this Road Sport motor. I was given the nudge to contact MCCS by a friend in the club, having not actually heard of them myself before that. I went to visit them and was very impressed. They had a similar spec engine on the bench so i could see what I would be getting.

I bought outright as I did not have a donor engine but these guys seem to have unlimited stock of all engines. Seriously 100's of engines.

Ordered and after around 4-5 weeks I was told the bulk of the machining was completed and a few weeks later my engine would be heading for testing. At around weeks 8-9 I received a call to say that the engine was tested.

I installed the engine and a few weeks later we headed to Aldon for a rolling road session. My 1330 Road Sport build left Aldon with a absolutely stonking 115BHP

We had more power at one point but it lost tractability which was important to me for this car. So we hit a happy middle ground at 115.


Ordered a 1867cc MGB GT Engine, The Sport specification. Really impressed with the finish and the manor of which the guys approach the customers. I was kept informed throughout of the progress and got a few pictures sent over.

The engine sounds beautiful and pulls nicely. Thank you for your great service. I will be spreading the word.

1098 Sport - it’s amazing

I purchased a 1098 Sport engine. It only took 5 weeks from originally ordering for the engine to be ready for me to collect. I was happy with how easy it was to purchase, how much MCCS (I spoke to Michael) kept me in the loop, the amount of pictures i received and finally the presentation of the engine when i collected.

I have since installed the engine and it is perfect. Managed a couple of lock down drives and it is absolutely beautiful. Much more power.

I ordered mine with a new Carburettor and ordered a maniflow system from Maniflow at the same time. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Road Sport engine for my MG Midget

Picked up my engine (socially distanced of course). My word, I ordered the engine at the start of lock down, I had heard very little about the company but that made sense as they were trade only. The few bits on the internet I could see were all 5 Star so I gave them a go. I got in touch and placed my order. I paid £100 to join “the waiting list” but was assured it wouldn’t be more than 8 weeks. 2 weeks later I received a phone call to say all machining was complete and a 50% deposit was now required to buy in all additional parts etc etc. I was told that the engine would then be assembled so to expect completion within 3 weeks. So I Paid up. 2 weeks later I received a call to say the build was complete, just waiting on an outsourced part (billet oil filter housing) and then it would be tested.

One week later I receive the last call saying it was completed, tested and ready for collection!!

I went to collect and can honestly say I was thrilled from the moment I saw it. All wrapped up in shrink wrap with my name on. I opened a small section and it looked amazing.

Got it home, absolutely stunning.

It is now installed and I myself am just waiting in a couple of parts before I can go and drive it. Sounds phenomenal.

Thank you!

Engine Purchase

I have just collected my engine from MCCS. Really nice bit of engineering. Really nicely machined, an email full of photos of the build. Great comms and really nicely finished in a beautiful grey colour.

Best purchase i have made in a long time. I will recommend to all my car nut friends.

Order pistons.

Ordered pistons on 6th May, They arrived on the 7th and are now installed in my husbands block.Brilliant service. Will use again and tell everyone.

5 Star Service

I have been using MCCS commercially for several years. Great, Friendly staff. When i found out they had added a website I came to leave a review. The website seems straight forward, however I always phone them and ship my engines to them.A great reputation for quality machining, when i have needed them to build my engines they have always accommodated. Perfect service.

Highly Recommended

MCCS never disappoint. My friend put me in touch with them around 20 years ago when he had a CVH engine modified by them. It gave incredible power. Since that build between us we must have had 15-20 different engines from MCCS in the club. I have 4 A Series Engines. Absolutely stunning builds. The standard remanufactured builds look 100 times better than factory, the fast road engines always give the perfect blend of performance for the application.Ring them, Talk to them, Support their business and buy your next engine here!!ps. The website is a nice touch guys. I will spread the word now you are supplying and not just trade!