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MGMT Global Consulting

PO Box 117712
Carrollton TX , 75011
United States

Shane and team add value...

Shane and team add value throughout the talent acquisition process. Shane has a knack for finding the right candidate and ensures that both sides are prepped and in a position to shine. I won't hesitate to reach out to Shane when in need of the next impact player.

...high ethical standards, sincerity, and integrity in all forms of business

I have had the great good fortune to meet and work with Shane Graham while he was at Kaye/Bassman, and thereafter at Management Global Consulting Inc. during my years at Lawson-Hawks Insurance Associates, Inc., HUB International Ltd., and currently with Organic Growth Partners. In our almost fifteen years of shared collegial activity in transformational Producer recruiting, agency building, and mergers & acquisitions, I relied almost exclusively on Shane’s many skills and contacts to effectively create meaningful growth and expansion in my workplaces. I had plenty of opportunities to get to know Shane and how he does business and I will tell you that he is the type of guy you want in your corner! Consistently, Shane portrayed his high ethical standards, sincerity, and integrity in all forms of business. Those ideals paired with his great mentorship helped me in developing my craft and succeeding in an incredibly challenging industry. Obviously, I highly recommend working with Shane in any capacity should an opportunity present itself.

Shane stays involved through the entire recruiting process...

I am pleased to recommend Shane Graham, President of MGMT Global Consulting who has worked with me for over 15 years as a recruiter for insurance brokerage professionals. Shane has been responsible for some of the dramatic growth HUB California has had by bringing well qualified producers to us in all lines of insurance brokering. Shane provides the background information through his screening process of the candidate that makes it easy to determine if there is going to be a fit. He uses a consultative approach with his clients while determining what their best path will be after considering their professional needs and their client’s needs for broker capabilities. With Shane’s data base of candidates, we also use Shane as a resource for insurance professionals who have approached us.
The differentiator is that Shane stays involved through the entire recruiting process, sometimes as a coach for the candidate that keeps the process on track. Shane also maintains a post recruiting relationship with new hires which provides us with a smooth on boarding experience.

...the best, well-connected, methodical, and ethical

Shane is one of the best, well-connected, methodical, and ethical people I know. His attributes are perfect for his profession as an executive recruiter. Shane doesn't toss bodies at you; he finds and thoroughly screens applicants that fit the employer's requirements.

Shane is transparent and a straight shooter...

I've worked with Shane several times over the last 10+ years. Shane sought to understand our unique hiring objectives, and he effectively screened and introduced high quality candidates to our firm; helping identify candidates who were/are aligned with our consultative business model. Shane is transparent and a straight shooter, attributes which one finds rarely in his profession.

...always follows through

I've done business with Shane for years, and happy to give him my fullest positive recommendation. Easy to do business with, always follows through.

..."on-the-spot" responsive, empathetic, and resourceful

Shane and the rest of the team are a pleasure with whom to work. They are "on-the-spot" responsive, empathetic, and resourceful. Shane especially, has done a fantastic job of leading the team to success. I would recommend Shane and the rest of the firm to any prospective company or individual.

...understood the needs of his clients

I reported directly to Shane for over 3 years while at the Graham Group. He was a very detail oriented recruiting executive that understood the needs of his clients. Shane also looked after the candidates needs and always tried to find the best fit from both perspectives.

...a dynamic resource in the insurance industry

Shane represents a new breed of successful team builders, for not only his team, but also for his client companies. I’ve seen Shane as an industry speaker and know first-hand of how he’s helped companies grow with the right talent in key areas. If you are looking for a dynamic resource in the insurance industry, I recommend you talk to Shane.