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Mikes Mix & Master LLC

Radio Ready

I cannot believe how great my music sounds now. Mike's team gave my song a completely new sound that I didn't know was possible. So much more feeling, so much space in every sound, fixes that I couldn't ever accomplish on my own. You have a new customer for life. Can't thank you enough!

Mike did an excellent job

Mike did an excellent job. Made us sound amazing, any tweaks we had were done fast and he also brought his own creativity to the mix to make the track more dynamic. I also asked for some tips about how to get the most out of our mic in my home studio, and he was able to give me some great ideas there as well. Definitely will be back soon. Thanks Mike

Best quality professional sound

One of the best producers ive ever worked with took time to make sure i got everything i wanted and more with my project gave my sound a professional quality mix and master gave me every thing my package entitled thank you mikes mix and master for giving my song what it desperately needed will defenitly be using your services in the future. ????????????

Awesome sound

Awesome sound! I sent my newest single to Mike for mix and mastering, the result was really high quality, I haven't yet worked with any other sound engineer who would achieve comparable professional sound, and I have already tried a couple. I can only recommend and will be coming back

Honest review

Honest, mike really helped me create my vision the way I 100% wanted. He surprised me on some parts of the song he edited, Really made it stand out. I appreciate you mike and the 5 stars I'm giving is respectfully earned by you

It was a good experience!

It was a good experience with 'Mikes Mix & Master ' considering I handed him some very rookie recordings I did almost 2 years ago.
MMM was responsive and patient as we navigated the process.
Would I recommend them ? Of course not only for the service but also for the price. Recording music in a home studio is a daunting task for those of us who are on a strict budget, however this experience was graciously received by the artist as well as myself.

All the Best for MMM

Wonderful experince

Wonderful experience.
Mike is quick to work and very adaptable.
Even when I wasn't sure on my decisions, he remained patient and always tried to find the best solution.
Will definitely use his services again.

Fantastic Mix & Mastering Job

Fantastic Mix & Mastering job! Would and will use again for upcoming mix. Great communication and job completed within 1 week of submission.

Excellent Job

Excellent job, had this track mastered by another service that didn’t meet my standards. It pales in comparison to the one done by Mike’s. Highly recommended their services!!

Mike has been excellent through the process...

Mike has been excellent through the process and willing to make the song(s) to the client's needs. I would highly recommend Mike if you want the job done right. Thank you Mike,
Rocky James Crigler

Very Professional

Very professional, responsive, patient and pays attention to the customer request and makes sure the customer is fully satisfied with the end product.

The WOW on my face while listening to the end product is a good satisfaction

Awesome Engineer

Mike once again absolutely nailed my mix and master! His patience as an engineer is incredible, and he's willing to keep working on the song until his clients are satisfied. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a top quality sound. Thanks Mike!


Started doing business with Mike 3yrs ago. After trusting him with 3 separate singles, it was clear he was the guy to handle my debut EP!!! Not only did I get my work exactly how I wanted, he delivered the finished product earlier than expected!!! Great for independent artists!!!

I wouldn't rely on anyone els

I wouldn't rely on anyone else. Mike has done such a great job and really pays attention to what you are bringing forth. I would highly recommend him as you go on your producing, engineering journey.


This service is unbelievable!!!! I would name it perfect if it weren't for the price which is pretty high for independent artists and the amount of time it takes for the final product. However, with all that said the outcome is worth the price and the time. Will be using these services in the future!

The perfect mix so far Ive gotten online

The perfect mix so far Ive gotten online. Mike sure exceeds my expectations. Thanks, man!

Great Service For Non-Engineers

This is a great service for anyone doing recording at home who doesn't have audio engineering skills. I found that I was spending way more time trying to learn how to apply EQ, compression, limiting, and other effects, than I was actually recording. Now I can spend more time doing what I enjoy!

wowed with the work delivered

Don’t normally write reviews but after Mikes Mix and Master handled my first music project, I am simply wowed with the work delivered. Here is a thank message for the outstanding work delivered. I have got a lot of other projects to do and it’s gonna be Mike or no one else.

Professional and Personable

My name is Margie. I submitted some mix and mastering work to Mike's a few months back and I was truly pleased with his services. Not only did he do a fantastic job with the sound (mixing and mastering) but he was also personable and responded so promptly to all my questions. I am producing more songs to submit to him again. I wish him many blessings and success - after all, it will reflect on my work!

Great services, world class delivery

This guy makes everything sound amazing. The quality he delivers is unbelievable. I am working with hin since 2016 and I am looking forward to doing my entire next album with him.

token of MADDNESS appreciation

I would like to give thanks to my dude Big Mike for his patients and professionalism he seem to practicing in the service that he provides I am very finicky when it comes to sounds but working with this company I have No complaints thanks once again Mike look forward to dealing with you in the near future!!

Great job done in good time!

Very professional service at avery reasonable price! I love the unlimited changes and all the other mixes added in at the end such as instrumental mix etc...

***Amazing, professional, and fast!!!!!!!!

This is Solomon Denard aka King Kwality from 3rd Ear Ent.We have used Mike on several projects and I was always blown away,as a producer and engineer myself it's such a blessing to have someone else mix&Master your project that you can trust,and will just get it,I truly appreciate what you do and wish nothing but continue success

King Kwality

Huge for Individual Producers

Hay folks, I just wanted to add my thanx to mike for providing and starting this specialised service... I just had 3 songs done with them and its sounding pro. Many thnx

Highly recommend it

Highly recommend it , very professional

many blessings

With so many on-line mix and mastering companies out there claiming they're the best, I kept hearing about Mikes Mix & Master, so after a chat, I took a chance with them mixing and mastering one song. I can truly say that I am totally satisfied with the end results; rich saturated sounds with a beautiful blend of frequencies. They are professional, respond quickly and are very patient with my questions. I will be working with them again. I highly recommend Mikes Mix & Master-they're legitimate. Thanks Mike and many blessings!

Sounds Great

Mike mastered one of my songs and it sounds great, I'll be sending more soon

This is the place for great sounding masters

Turned out to be a great experience, the song was sent for mastering. It was a good mix that Mike turned into a great master, everything was much clearer and focused, there was a shimmer to the top end not there in the original and the width was perfectly balanced placing the vocal firmly in the mix, great comms, helpful advice with quick responses, ..... now for the rest, I would say, do not hesitate, this is the place for great sounding masters, John (UK)

The man has skills

Great mixing and mastering, the man has skills.

delivers all my edits really fast

When I receive masters from Mike they are always perfect. He does his thing really great and delivers top-class quality services. Also an important thing is that he is really easy to communicate and he delivers all my edits really fast. Great work, Mike! We'll be back soon!

Quality was great

Got back ten songs mastered super fast in three days. Quality was great, very responsive to questions, online submission process was easy, overall very satisfied with end results. Thank you very much Mike C. !!

Mike blew away my expectations

I have searched for the right mixing engineer for a long time, spending hundreds of dollars to end up with a product I haven't been happy with. However, when I got my mix back from Mike, it was the best mix I have ever received. I am very picky in terms of quality, and Mike blew away my expectations! Highly recommended.

very attentive and professional

I've gotten to speak to Mike personally about the initial process of his mixing and mastering, and I'll have to say, not only am I impressed on how much he strives for customer satisfaction, but I am grateful to have come across someone with such transparency in the way they work. I myself like to work organically, but since that's not possible, Mike was chosen. Right now we are doing everything possible to make my songs sound the best they can, and that only works when there's teamwork involved. I've gotten that with Mike's Mix & Master's services. I said I wouldn't delete my previous review simply because I don't want anyone to think I was paid off to delete my review or anything like that. I am a real musician, and Mike is a very attentive and professional music engineer. 5 stars will be given when I've received the satisfactory finished products. Thanks again for the call Mike, and thank you for your willingness to make sure that I was satisfied with my music.

Definitely worth it

I have been skeptical of online mixing since communicating changes through email is a tedious task and you're not always sure of what exactly you want. But Mike did an amazing job of interpreting what I wanted and also added his own creative touches to the mix. The end result was definitely worth it. My only complaint is that it took a little too long, around 40 days from start to finish and at times I almost ran out of patience.

Great Service

Great service , Excellent mix and mastering , Quality Service.

Mike's Mix & Master

I've been working with Mike for just over two years now, and the quality of his work is simply outstanding.


Credits to mike. We on a #Landing

good mix

They are very professional and engineers are very nice


You're AWESOME mike. #Meanahhh


Mikes Mix and Master is absolutely the TRUTH! He came through for me on my first project and had tons of patience with me. His customer service is out of this world and he is truly one of the best to do it. Don't waste your time going anywhere else!


The mix and master I ordered was fantastic! Highly recommend

Mikes Mix & Master one of the best in the industry if it's not the best. Great quality service



Fast and efficient. Very satisfied.

Be back soon

I enjoyed the final product, there was a hiccup but once it was sorted out everything was dealt with expeditiously. I intend to use the service again.

talking from experience

I just got my song back from mix and master and i am satisfied by the results. if you go to the services and see the prices and realize when i tell you i will use again, then the price and patience is well worth with and i will use again real soon... like next week soon. excellent overall outcome

Good turnaround

Mike was professional and on Time! Api Tui

Big ups to Mike

I was in a rush with only 24 hours till my ep release & was in dire need of good mastering for my songs. Thanks to Mike I was able to make the deadline with great sounding mastered songs!

4 projects in

Excellent service, fast and efficient, one of the best in the industry.


The people here treat me like family and I will definitely get the rest of my Music Mixed and Mastered with them 100% satisfied customer,, mr.scarfizzIE

The Engineers, Engineer

I was in a rush with only 24 hours till my Ep release & was in dire need of good Mastering for my songs. Thanks to Mike I was able to make the deadline with great sounding mastered songs for itunes!

This man is the real deal.

He gave my home recorded song the treatment it needed to stand out amongst the big fish in the industry. I now after many years can have material that I’m proud to distribute to the world.


Friendly service and great quality! Sounded better than I expected!

My new engineer

Amazing work! Highly recommend!

Excellent Service

I've been working with Mike for over a year now, and have had several songs mixed and mastered. Mike consistently delivers high quality work and excellent service for a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend.

Thank you

Thank you Mike's Mix and Master, they always are very intuitive to what your needs are for your song's mix/master.

Communication off at times but results are amazing

Mike did a great job mastering my track! Expect radio silence as there is not a lot of communication, prob due to his workload, but you won't be disappointed with the results

My go to from now on

Great experience, great service. My request was a little unconventional because it was audio for a short film instead of music, and the results were much better than expected. 10/10

absolutely satisfied!!!

I really enjoyed working with Mikes Mix & Master and I'm absolutely satisfied with a result. Definitely will order more! :)

Submitting 2nd project

I ordered the Supreme Mix & Master. They were really quick to get the first mix back to me. I wanted a few changes made before they got into mastering, and they took care of them. The final product sounds great! I'm submitting another project right after this.

finally found my engineer

I ordered the Supreme Mix & Master. They were really quick to get the first mix back to me. I wanted a few changes made before they got into mastering, and they took care of them. The final product sounds great! I'm submitting another project right after this.

Will use again

Took some time to master my product, but overall sounded well.

Thanks Mike!!

Once again for the second time Mikes Mixing and Mastering has delivered the goods made the song sound exactly the way I wanted dope! Already sent him another song and could be sending another soon. Thanks Mike!!

ALWAYS delivers

Once again for the second time Mikes Mixing and Mastering has delivered the goods made the song sound exactly the way I wanted dope! Already sent him another song and could be sending another soon. Thanks Mike!!

best on the market

Great service , Excellent mix and mastering , best on the market .


Professional. Reliable. Quality Service.

professional quality

Fast service, turns your sound into high professional quality

Review for mixing & mastering

Quality is very professional fast and communication is always steady. Works well with clients and gets the sound you want. Highly recommend

Master Review

Did four songs for me and did great. Thanks

returning client

Dope mix as usual %

Mike is master of his art

Mike knows his work very well, he totally nailed the mix....! He took his time and delivered the industry standard Mix. Highly Recommended Thank you Mike - Love from India

Great services!!

Great services!!

look no further

Literally the best sounding project I’ve ever had! Mike is a mastering genius with a gift to bring out the best sound quality in your music. If you’re looking for a professional sound, radio and industry ready look no further than Mike’s Mix and Master.

Beyond expectations o-O

Awesome mix. My song sounds beyond that of what I expected. I will most definitely be working with Mike from now on with future projects.

Glad to have found Mike

Mike has been the best engineer I’ve worked with, always takes my music to the next level!!

Best Mix

I've worked with Mike several times now and have gotten consistent quality. Having auditioned several mixes of the same song and let others listen to it, Mike won hands down. He'll be working on my next project.

best of the best!

best of the best!

did the impossible

Mikes Mix & Master took an already done single and turned it into a banger. The clarity is crystal clear and Mike took what I thought was impossible and did the impossible. Thanks I will do business with you again

Totally satisfied!

Totally satisfied!... In one word..."NIRVANA"!!!

surpassed my expectations

Mike did a great job with our composition. We had him do both the mixing and mastering and the final product was Major Label Status! We take our music very seriously and Mike surpassed my expectations. I will use him for all my artist projects! Thanks Mike!! Trenton CEO - 3 SHOTS PRODUCTIONS

Crazy double team

We are happy with your work is professionally master and mix and we will continue to work with you people. Stay bless with Crazy double team Belarus.


Service is grade A material

A1 quality

Quality was great. Got it sounding exactly how i wanted it. Got more tracks coming mike

Best in the industry!

Mike is by far the best in the industry!

Great job :)

I will send more projects in the future :)

Mike's Mix & Master Review

I received my track back from Mike's Mix & Master after ordering the mastering service. I know my mixdowns could still use improvement, and considering this, I am beyond satisfied with the quality of the master I received. The track sounds extremely clean and loud with all frequencies sitting nice and balanced. I would definitely recommend Mike's Mix & Master to any producers who don't yet know how to master their own tracks.

Great Service

I had a really difficult time trying to mix and master my own music. I did some google searching and stumbled upon mikes site. Not only was his prices reasonable and affordable, the service and communication was great too. Mike's mix and mastering services will help boost you in the right direction for a successful music career.

Evil mix and master

Mikes was great and worked with me to get the desired result in a quick time. Will be using them all the time

Easy to work with Mikes Mix & Master

Mikes Mix & Master is great, very responsive and
quick, and it delivers outstanding quality.

Great Decision To Work With Mike

Mikes Mix deserves the five stars, it was my first experience and I think working with Mikes was a great decision. It is easy to work with him and he used latest techniques to make the best track. Sound Quality is really good and I am also working with him on my new track.

Amazing job!

Mike did an amazing job on mastering the EP by my project lichtdisco! We are really impressed with the result. All tracks sound the way they are meant to sound!

Excellent job!

I'm glad I found Mikes Mix & Master service. I'm very happy with the result, it sounds amazing!

Awesome service, just timing

Very good service, great actually! Just a little late when sending things back, probably due to a heavy workload at the time. Heavily recommend...

Testimonial #77

Mikes Mix and Master went out of their way to make the customer happy. He completed my project with outstanding results. We had a misunderstanding but he went out of his way to make the customer happy. I recommend and will contact him for future projects. :)

Mike's Mix & Master

Excellent work; very pleased with the results. Mike was able to take a simple Vocaloid track and take it to a totally different level...not to mention improving the quality of the song overall.

heavy Influence

I have hired mike 2 times now and have been more than pleased with his work. Would recommend his services you can hear the difference he makes on the music.

OpenWide band testimonial for Mike

Mike is one of the best sound engineers we've been working with. Although our songs is written in Russian vocals sounds clean and perfectly readable in mix, where instruments fitted just great. We are hopping to continue our work together.

Fantastic results!

Mikes Mix and Master is a name I've come to trust to deliver high quality results every single time I work with them. My songs sound amazing and it's all thanks to MMM.

Great sound

I am always satisfied with the sound quality @ the end. I can turn it up with no frustration it won't affect the sound now that my stuff is mixed and mastered

Go Ahead (Remix)

Did a great job with the vocals. Somehow made below average singers sound like pop stars.


Mikes mixing and mastering has been great service to use to finish my projects the website it's easy and convenient to use the communication is always good and my music is a finished product I can be proud of and it's done in a timely fashion

Mike's Mix and Master

Mike always provides incredible quality work, in a timely manner. This is the service you need as an artist to move to the next level. -Snyder


I have used serval engineers but I prefer Mike's work. His mixes are good and he will make sure you are satisfied with the mix.

Mikes Mix&mastering

Definitely one of the best mix and mastering services i have ever dealt with.  Working with some big names i have trusted my end product in the hands of this company and every single time "Greatness" !!!!

Testimonial #50

Mike get the work needed fast and the mixes be on point

So Happy!

Ever since my productions started to be ready for a professional mix and master, I have been searching for a reliable engineer -- it's harder than I thought! Thankfully I found Mike -- he did an AMAZING job on my track. The final product sounds clear, balanced, and BIG. I ordered a Supreme Mix and Master but STILL was surprised that he ran through as many revisions as necessary -- very respectable. He put a lot of work in, and for such a great price, I am so impressed that I am going to continue working with him on my other tracks. Highly recommended. Thank you Mike!!

Mastering Services for EP

Let me just say, for the price, quality, and efficiency, Mike's Mixing and Mastering is the best there is. I bought the Mastering service for my EP and was blown away at the quality and professionalism of the services provided. The tracks were very clean, balanced, and loud, and would hold up against any commercially produced song. I will be using MMM for future productions and would recommend their services to any artist.

Testimonial #46

Love his work. Loved how I got him to correct tiny mistakes in my track and he did it with no hesitation. Definitely getting him to mix and master my tracks in the future

Testimonial #46

I've used a few other M&M services, but Mike's is by far the best. You can really tell that they're just as interested in the music's quality as the artist is, and they know what good music is supposed to sound like. Keep up the passion!

Testimonial #44

I highly recommend Mike's mastering service! It was affordable, the turnaround was great, and the quality was phenomenal. I'll definitely be working with Mike again in the future! #KingInTheMaking 

Testimonial #43

Every time I hear my song mixed by Mikesmixmaster, I know I can compete With the best in the game.

Mixing and mastering

Mikemixmaster is the future, His mixes sounds warm. Mike did 3 new mixes for me and it was perfect and no going back fort, all done in 5 days. i'm satisfied with the result and will be ordering about 5 new tracks and many more currently recording a full length album and will have mike mix all my tracks. 100% satisfied customer. 

Professional mixing! Better than the competition!

I have tried getting my mixes done by other engineers in the past but was never quite satisfied. My first time working with MikeMixMaster and he got the sound I was looking for on the first try. His professional mixing style blows out the competition!

A+++ Quality

We've just used Mike's Mix & Mastering service for the first time and we're very pleased of the results. Definitely worth it and will be bringing our future projects to him. Thank you. A+++ Quality

Testimonial #40

Very professional and excellent service.

Great Quality Mix & Communication

Iv been going through Mikes Mix & Master for all my latest projects. I have to say they will work with you on your project until you are satisfied! All around great service.

Great Work

Really Impressed with the quality of the work i received back.The Loudness i was looking for is there as well as great stereo imaging enhancement, just a few of the noticeable changes. On top of that the price makes it a steal. I definitely will be bringing my next single here to be mastered as well. Thank You


I use Mike's mix and mastering for all my projects. It brings the best out of all my music. I love it!!!

5 starz !

Always Proffesional and Great Service ! No way im recording a project without Mike mastering it !

Miracle worker project

At first i was really worried about working with Mike on the track i recorded, But after a seeing the result on what he did, I will be definitely be working with Mike mix and masterAnd i recommend any gospel artist looking for a professional sound to there music to contact mike His services are the blessedGod bless 


I was lookin for someone who had the capability of makin me sound how I wanted to sound. Not only was time put into my recording but the amount of effort that was put in meant a lot. Mike aka Seuss is that guy. The mixing process was pretty dope but ultimately the mastering that was done made my joint sound official. I was very pleased with the work put in. He's the guy to go to.


Mikes Mix And Master was a great choice to mix and master a couple of songs. My songs was not the best written or had rhythm but with the help of Mikes 
Mix and Master, he helped to bring my songs to life. Simply Great Production 
I'm looking forward to working with him again.


Mikes absolutely a pro at what he does, you hand him your vision in music and he makes it a reality. he takes his time, tests it on every level and doesn't stop until its how you envisioned it... hope to learn from this guy one day

Personal trainer/ Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mike is a great choice for mixing and mastering services. He was able to walk me through the steps for submitting my recordings for his Standard Mix and Mastering service. As a beginner in recording, he was able to take my soft sounding vocal strips and amplify them very well. All my vocals were equalized and he made sure that I was satisfied with the mix before moving on to the mastering process. My final song is much louder and way more clearer than my other songs that were mixed and mastered by other audio engineers. Overall, I plan on paying Mike for my other songs, and I highly recommend his services!


I had the pleasure of working with Mike. It is very rare to come across such a talented engineer who will mix & master your projects EXACTLY how you want them... At a reasonable price!? As a customer, I am definitely satisfied and Mike earns my highest recommendation!


MikesMixMaster have done a great job bringing out life in my mixes through their Mastering. The turnaround time was very fast quick and I am very happy with the quality and the service provided. I would surely recommend their services to my clients and friends.

Musician at Sun.Set.Ships

Having searched around the internet for a mix and mastering service that achieved great results at a very reasonable price, we stumbled across Mikes Mix and Master. We listened to the examples he had of his previous work and decided to send him a track to work on. Mike was very patient with us in terms of doing revisions to get the track exactly as we wanted it and was always polite in his messages. We have the final product back, mixed and mastered and the result is amazing. We now plan on sending the rest of our work to Mike to finish to a professional standard. 
In summary, Mike achieves the best results at the best price in a friendly and professional manner.

Staff Software Analyst at Kapsch TrafficCom North America

Mike's Mix And Master is an amazing service! Great quality and very responsive. It was a pleasure working with Mike. He has great knowledge of mixing and made my songs sound radio ready. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for an Audio Engineer

Last Stop

He did a great job on one of my songs I would to continue doing bussiness with him.

HR Manager at Ford Motor Company

Mix mix and mastering is the best I have heard so far , other engineers wasn't doing the job at ALL

Artist at Harris Boi Productions

Mikes Mix and Master is VERY professional and Always satisfies! I chose a few other mix engineers to mix my music but they all failed! Mikes nailed it on the first mix and i wanted NO revisions! He got my unique sound on the first try! And the price are amazing! Mike is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Musician at Adk

Mike has mix and mastered all our tracks this year and he and his team are by far the easiest and most talented people to work with, 10/10 !

Mail Clerk at Post Office

I ordered a mix and master package from Michael Cushion for one of my tracks and absolutely loved the results. He was willing to make any changes I had and was very easy to work with. I highly recommend his mixing services.

Owner of SOLO Fitness & Wellness

I met Michael 3-4 years ago and since then it has been nothing but easy sailing with him. His work is incredible and turn around time is amazing, especially for the quality of work he puts out. I trust no one else besides Michael to help me with my passion and to help me achieve my dreams in the music industry.

Music Composer at HD Music Now & Product Analyst at BandLab

Michael exemplifies what it means to be professional. 

He has not only proven to be outstanding in his craft, but tries hard to understand the artist's vision and consistantly puts no less than his best into the projects received. This is reflected from his seamless communication with clients, thus suggesting that Michael recognises the value of establishing authentic relationships in an industry that can often be described as superficial. 

The wide range of more than affordable services Michael offers also bears testament to the notion that he is dedicated to improving the craft of fellow creatives on all levels. I've been blessed to work with Michael and would undoubtedly use his services in the future.


Michael is a great business man I love getting my music mix and mastered by him! 
Keep up the good work. I support him 110%.


MikesMixAndMastering services Was great to work with. Great turn around time, easy to work with, great customer satisfaction, clean sound. All in all very plz to have purchased mikes services. Recommend his services to any muscian looking for affordable quality mixing and mastering - Nix/MixedEntertainment.

Microsoft Licensing Specialist

I will Highly recommend every Artist Known and upcoming to work with Mike. He is really good in what He does. That's why He has been #1 online for the past 4 years. 
I did a single with him and its just too good, the mixing and mastering is just on point. If its the international feel you want, then Mike is the person you should contact.

Geotechnical Engineer at Regional Geotechnical Solutions

Mike did the mix and mastering on a track of mine recently. Both his work on the track and his communication were outstanding. 
He was very good at understanding the sound I required and executing it.

CEO/Founder/Owner at Twilight Music Group

Mikes Mix Master, is one of the best engineer, if not the best i've work with throughout my career, best quality, good customer service i tell you.

Hip Hop Artist/Rapper/Singer/Lyricist

Micheal is a very skilled sound engineer, you'll never be disappointed by his work. if u need an epic mix and blasting master track, you need micheal for this job. he knows better and can make u sound like one of those professional u dreamed of sound like.

Vice President at DLTV Entertainment

Mike is very professional with his services and he provides quality work at a great price. If you want your music to sound top notch, Mike's Mix & Master is the place. Quotes Philonius Phunk Producer at Tunnel Vision Records


Mike's got a great system runnin' out here. I've worked with him and it was always easy for him to express what I wanted through a specific sound. Big ups to him and always ready to work on future projects. TyChad


Mike is a very professional and talented engineer. Ive had two songs mastered by him already and both times have been awesome. Both times were time sensitive and he made sure I had my masters on time. Being new to producing I also asked him for his opinion and tips and he was quick to give me his perspective on my tracks. Mike is definitely my go-to guy, looking forward to working with him some more. Thanks MIKE!


Simply put, Mike is professional, fast, accurate and accommodating, not to mention the quality is fantastic. Best part is, he works hard to achieve YOUR vision! I had something different in mind then Mike for a final Master and he was able to change the original master and nail the sound I was going for.


I had never used Mike to master my tracks before but I got the master back today and it sounds great! Will be using him for future projects!

CEO at Dmanuscript Music Group

Mikes Mix & Master LLC is an amazing engineer and gave my demo the red carpet treatment. He provided a mix/master that enhanced my music to a level where I can compete with the pros. All of my upcoming projects will be done by Mikes Mix & Master. Anyone who is serious about their music sounding professional at affordable rates needs to work with Mikes Mix Master, their top shelf when it comes to post-production!


I am overtly satisfied with Mikes work! He's a certified professional. Looking forward to building a strong business relationship with you.


Mike's services are not only great but also has reasonable prices and strong communication between him and the customer. I had my song mastered and I LOVE the final project. He also gave me tips on preparing my songs before having them mastered. I will continue to use Mike's services in the near future.


Been searching for great radio quality for my songs for long time, and I've finally found it! Great communication and patience, a pleasure to work with and has brought life to my music it never had :)


Mikes great at what he does, for a very long time i never had that quality sound to my music. Untill i met Mike, he will go the extra mile and then some with your music, every mix, master and tweak he does will give you music that industry sound.. MossBurn

Medical Student

Mike's Mix & Master provides amazing service and quality. He is very fast and quick. The songs end up amazing! He is very easy to communicate with and turns hot songs into hit songs! It was a pleasure working with Mike, and I can't wait to work with him again. I am very satisfied with his work.


Mikes Great to work with honestly. ive never heard anythingg less that radio quality music out of his office. You kno the ins and outs and thatss what matters. And as a follower of your music, you got what it takes to make it in whatever lane you choose. Keep it up


There is no denying Mike's work. I originally sent him a song to see what he was all about and when i received it back (less then 48 hrs) I was MIND BLOWN. Mike is amazing at his craft and i will be using him for every project I have coming up. Not only is the work amazing but the time in which you receive your work back is also incredible, there is no waiting around. So if you are looking for great quality, great prices, and fast work Mike is your man.