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Great line of skin care!

I wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! The moment I put them on my face I knew there was a difference as to other products in comparison. I am so looking forward to stocking up and getting more acquainted with each of your products.
Thanks for your great line of skin care!!!

I really LOVE these

I bought this a couple of months ago to sort out my skin during lockdown... it’s the best serum I’ve ever used! Not only does it hydrate the skin, my skin instantly looked brighter, plumper, and glowy. Of course it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth the price tag - it also lasts a long time as a small pump Goes a long way!

Instant Hydration

I’ve been using MIMONE products for a little over 1 year and this is the first review I’m writing because I was so impressed with the results. I do like the other products I use, but this one has been most impressive. The instant hydration and calming effects help to reduce my sensitive skin itching and redness after wearing the gel masks. Definitely worth trying!

Tone-up my skin perfectly! Without any foundation.

Very light texture, very smooth even apply by hand. Provide nature skin color without extra foundation. Long lasting

First time trying Gel Mask

I love this mask! I’m on accutane at the moment so I’ve been stocking up on hydrating masks and I finally dug this one out. I immediately noticed my skin looked more hydrated, plump, and radiant and that carried over for the next three days. Even my mom commented on my skin, telling me how good it looked! I will definitely be buying this again!