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Mind Passages Hypnosis

Los Angeles California
United States

Fantastic Past Life Experience!

I was curious about the past life stuff so I figured for less than $25, why not try the MP3, right? Oh wow. So cool! I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. But it was way better than I thought. Okay, so I still don't know if I made it all up in my mind or if it was real, but it was a cool story my mind created and I could totally see how it can relate to relationships in my present life. Like, even if it is all in my head and wasn't real, from a psychological point of view, it's very interesting what the subconscious mind will come up with. I dig it. I'll probably use the MP3 a few more times, it was great. Thanks for making it available! Past life regressions are expensive so I super appreciate this cool offer.

Writer's Block

Wasn't able to write...was "stuck" so to speak. Had a writer's block session with Jacqui and she was great at helping me find a way back to the muse. I woke up the next morning inspired again and able to write. I was skeptical at first thinking "will this really work?" but it did. Thanks.

Meditation & a Session

The guided meditation MP3 was great. Loved the music. Soothing. I was instantly relaxed then Jacqui's voice guided me deeper into a state of pure inner peace. So a few days later I booked a general hypnotherapy session and enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to the next one. Highly recommended.

A Long Time Ago

I did not know what to expect. I closed my eyes and listened and soon felt very peaceful. My eyes seemed to be locked shut, as I could not open them! Soon I seemed to be in a dense fog as I looked around I saw a familiar figure but yet could not tell who the figure was. The figure I saw seemed to be in a suit of armor. Yet, I somehow knew this person... I would like to have another experience so hopefully I can get some more answers and possibly see another lifetime. I highly recommend this to anyone who is curious about looking into past lives! Amazing experience!

Past Life Experience - All I have to say is... Whoa.

I have always felt a close connection to my father's side of the family and anyone who knows me will tell you just that. I've always spoken about being alive during the civil war era and how I died as a child. I never knew why but when I did this past life regression that is where I thought I would go. When this started off and I felt calm, it was as if I could see a bunch of pages flipping before my eyes, a farm house is what came and as quick as it came, it left. All of a sudden I was left with seeing a baby crying in a crib, parents yelling in a foreign language almost in distress and the tears began running down my face. It was extremely intense and I couldn't finish because of the intensity and whatnot. Later, I talked to my dad about it and found out that there was a sibling of his fathers who died, his father was born the next day and they never had anymore children. I wish I didn't get nervous and stop because I would have liked to allow myself to finish this but it's very interesting to find out things. I cannot wait to do this again and see what other past lives, if any, I've had.

The music was very calming and the voice was as well. It's a soothing voice and music to get you calm and in the state of mind you need to be in. I would definitely recommend to anyone that is interested in this!!

Past Life Experience

I went into this unaware of what kind of experience I was going to have. I was a little skeptical but I did have an experience!! The session started off with some relaxing and soothing music and when I heard someone start speaking the voice was also very calming and relaxing. I wasn't sure if this was starting to work but when I was told to close my eyes and I was relaxing to the voice ad music, I again was told if I wanted to try to open my eyes I could try but I was unable to, which said to me this is working!! My experience was not one of actually seeing a lot but I had very strong feelings of an ancient time and place somewhere in Greece. I did for just a brief second have a quick vision which left as quickly as it came of an island with beautiful blue waters and some mountains. When my session was over I opened my eyes I had such a feeling of peace and calmness which lasted for hours. I am looking forward to having another session to see what other past lives I will see or feel!!!