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Mindful Martial Arts

She LOVES it!

My 6-year-old daughter LOVES Mindful Martial Arts with Coach Gabe. She’s often shy and anxious about new people and trying new activities, but Coach Gabe made an extra effort to make her feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve never seen her like an extracurricular activity so much. After the first class she told me that she wished she could go martial arts everyday. It’s been just over a month since she started and I can already see a big boost in both her confidence and ability to breathe and calm herself down when upset. I’m so glad we got a spot in this class!

I am so happy...

I am so happy that Gabe and Rebekah have been able to establish and grow their Mindfulness Martial Arts School. They are an extraordinary couple that is committed to building a better and stronger community not only through their Mindful Martial Arts practice but also through their organic garden's produce they farm in lower Kula. From the first time I met them, they spoke of improving and strengthening our local community. This vision compelled and led them to become an agent of change for our community. I feel Mindful Martial Arts is leading that charge, instilling confidence and self-respect in our young keiki, but also teaching important values such as awareness, acceptance, most importantly compassion. These are elemental skills and values that I feel provide a solid foundation for a fulfilling life, and unfortunately are not found often the hustle and bustle of the modern world. They can, however, be found at Maui Martial Arts. I could not have asked for better role models for my kids (or myself).

Gabe is excellent with the children...

Gabe is excellent with the children, they learn techniques of jujitsu in a fun and playful manner and the mindfulness and breath work at the end of class complemented with a great story is a wonderful way to relate to the kids, they're learning great life skills and ways to be calm, confident and strong, can't recommend this program enough!

Wonderful program!

Wonderful program! We just started our 7 year old son in summer classes, and he loves them! It has been a pleasure to watch his focus and confidence grow with each class. After each class, he's always excited to show us some of the new techniques he's learned. I love that he is learning control, focus, and calmness within both the body and the mind during the classes. We are thrilled to have our son a part of this program!

Thanks coach Gabe!

My kids enjoy it, and sleep like babies on those evenings. Thanks coach Gabe!

This program is amazing.

This program is amazing. My daughters self confidence level was boosted so much. She is always excited to show us what she learned and looked forward to each class. Her grades have gotten better as well. Mahalo for all you do

My daughters love this program.

My two daughters (ages 7 and 8) love this program. They participated this past year and they have learned so much in terms of how to be mindful in assessing a situation as well as super useful techniques in self-defense. Coach Gabe and his crew are patient, caring, and fun to learn from. I highly recommend this program to parents!

Such a great program that taught our boys so much in a very short time.

Such a great program that taught our boys so much in a very short time. It goes way beyond martial arts what our boys take out of that program. Good self defense, self esteem, dealing with difficult/challenging situations and compassion. Love the program!