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Serenity & Peace

 I am truly amazed by the calmness and serenity I have since having my DNA Activation. Its only been a few days but I have been more focused in total peace ever since. It am super excited to see whats next. I am more grounded than I have ever been and I am grateful and blessed to have this experience. Deborah is such a amazing and gifted individual. Love and Happiness. Tamika

Activation works

I have to tell you that Life DNA Activation works. I've regained my natural take charge Alpha male persona, and I'm calm and relaxed and seeing the true essence of things… Robert O. Pacific Palisades, CA

Discover a rich new world!

Deborah Blohm's delightful story, "The Hunt fo the Green Jade Mask," enthralls and educates as its young heroine, Julia, explores an ancient Mayan world in which history, archeology and geology come vibrantly to life. In this world, which brings Julia a new friend from the ancient past, differences of race, language and culture are embraced and appreciated. The stout-hearted Julia encourages young readers to follow their dreams - with compassion to see into the hearts of others, with clarity to make wise choices and with courage to stand up to bullies. Blohm has created a unique and enthralling first adventure!

A must read for every kid!

This book is filled with timely lessons that every child should read. Deborah has brought her own life experience and shared it in a way that is thought provoking, creative, and empowering. Bought a box of them for our local school.

Giving this to all the kids I know!

I LOVE this book! It teaches empowerment and confidence -- and through it's gems back story, it has a spiritual nature that is often not found in childrens' books! I love that the author addresses bullying and how to be strong in the face of that. I am giving this to all the kids I know!  Linda Ruocco, NY, NY

Divine and precious gem of a book!

A wonderful, warm, and ispirational book, introducing us to Julia the Generosity Genie, her 5 very, fabulous "P's", and the beautiful and amazing gifts of the mineral kindgom! I love the creativity and strength of Julia and her friends. I look forward to reading about more of Julia's adventures. A great introduction to the minderal kindgom. A divine and precious gem of a book :).

President Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito,

"Wow! Ms. Blohm has written an instant children's classic, filled with fun, adventure and values children will carry with them their entire lives." ~ Keith Padgett, President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, CA --Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, CA

Founder Cosmikids

"The perfect blend of magic and adventure-filled story that sparks a child's spiritual and cultural awareness, artfully developed into an exciting and informative book." ~ Judy Julin, Founder of Cosmikids, and Rev. Leon Campbell, Jr., Director of Youth and Family Programming, Agape International --Cosmikids & Agape International

Love smell & natural glow of Healing Face Oil!

I love Miraria Healing Face oil!  I feel like I shine a natural glow and I love the smell!  It is a pick me up in the morning!  Thank you.  Stephanie McBain, Hollywood, CA

Best thing I could have possibly done for myself!

The DNA Activation has been the best thing I could have possibly done for myself. It started off as curiosity and persuasion from a close friend but after having my DNA Activated I would recommend this to everyone! I felt like a new person. My mind shift was amazing. Every bump in the road that would normally send me down a stair case of stress and depression was now having no negative impact on me. I naturally started looking at the bright side of life. I was no longer drained I was simply filled with joy! It is amazing how such a simple alignment and activation of the DNA can instantly change your mood, which changes your outlook, which in turn opens doors to wonderful opportunities beyond your wildest dreams! And Deborah is such an amazing woman. From the first phone conversation you will feel her comforting, and inspiring energy. Seriously, it’s been 5 months since my DNA Alignment and it’s been the happiest and most fulfilling 5 months of my life thus far. Trust me you have nothing to lose and the whole world to gain!

Stephanie McBain 


I have been using Miraria vitamin C serum and Face Oil for six months.  For the first time in 15 years my aesthetician told me my skin looks great!  I am 46 and the only change I have made is using Miraria.  I love these natural  products!

I love the Love Body Oil!

I love the Love Body Oil that is used for the whole body!  I put it everywhere and I noticed that my hands are smoother and my body is so moisturized without using lotion.  I love the scent and I especially love the Love Gem Healing Spray!  Thank you, Deborah!  Kathy Orozco


Stunning Ring Design!

Deborah was exceptional to work with when I consulted with her to design my engagement ring. She strived to meet my expectations and in the end had created and delivered a most stunning ring! 
Deborah's creative ability is truly a unique talent! She's amazing!

The only Deodorant I will use!

I started using only natural products last year under advisement of my doctor. It turns out deodorant, in particular, is dumping chemicals directly into our bloodstream. And this was very bad for me. I tried making my own natural deodorant, however it was oily and not super effective. I decided to try Deborah's deoderant and immediately fell in love! Not only is it effective, but it smells lovely and doesn't leave an oily residue on my clothes! I just bought more to give as gifts! I love it!  Melissa Elza, Human Resource Director

Fantastic Face Oil

I have been using
Deborah's fantastic Miraria Face Oil as well as the Gem Healing Spray specially
mixed for my winter dry skin and it is amazing.  The results I have seen
in a few months time have convinced me 100%!  I will continue to use
Miraria products!  Thank you.

DNA Life Activation

I can't begin to tell you
the most amazing shift that has occurred in me since my DNA Life Activation. I
have felt a total major lightness within and also outward, allowing so many
magical events to continue to happen. I have been talking with so many friends
that say they are interested in having it done.  I will continue to
promote your wonderful work!

Amazing Face & Eczema Oils!

Your oils are amazing!  I love your face and
body oils so much that I decided to try your eczema oil on my son. 
He gets eczema really bad on his elbows and we have tried every
product out there, but nothing ever worked.   I started putting
the oil him and within a week his elbows were completely healed.  He
came to me one day to show me how good his elbows looked and said he couldn't
remember when they ever looked so good.  We are so grateful to have finally
found a product that works. 

Thank you!!

I love Miraria Ant-Stress Spray

Miraria Amtheyst, Lemurian Quartz Crystal Relax, Anti-Stress Spray is so refreshing and stimulates a calming sensation that is amazing. I use this product everyday and just love it!

Soothing Stress Relief

The Miraria Alert & Concentration Gem Healing Spray is a small, miraculous bottle of instantly soothing stress relief that creates a sense of misty bliss. Its special crystals and spray particles will launch your day with a healthy fusion of natural energy.


My experience of Deborah Blohm's healing technique involving DNA restructuring/opening was gentle and quite soothing. I felt an incredible tingling throughout my energy field with her soft, almost imperceptible touch. I have known her to be a great healer with crystals, yet this newest methodology takes her powerful gifts and expertise to a new level. Since my session, I have felt an increased level of peace, empowerment and intuitive abilities. The morning and evening drops seem to even out and deepen my experiences. I highly recommend her important healing work.

Love your Products

you so much for introducing me to your Vitamin C Serum, and 100% Pure Argan Oil
with Neroli.

I was
having frequent breakouts of Rosacea from using alcohol based After Shave
lotion and Balms, and

a few weeks of using your products the Rosacea has completely cleared
up. Now I use both the Vitamin C and Argan Oil in place of my aftershave
lotion, and not only is my face clearer and my skin softer, but my girlfriend
loves the smell. I am also using your back oils for pain and was truly amazed
how well it works.

have a tendency to workout a little too excessive from time to time, so I
use your oil when sore or aching and within minutes the pain goes away!!!

Amazing Relief for Back Pain

I had heard about Deborah's line of healing Miraria
Body Oils so I purchased her Back Oil for the relief of muscular back
pain.  And I was amazed!  Rubbing the oil into my lower back and
slowing massaging the area several times, I experienced tremendous
relief.  Very affordable way to get rid of muscle pain anywhere on the

Thrilled with Miraria

I am so thrilled with Deborah's Miraria facial
products.  What initially sold me on Miraria is that they are completely
natural with no manmade toxic ingredients. Then, once I tried the facial
Vitamin C and Facial Oil and discovered how good my skin felt, I was hooked.

Amazing Gem Healing Session

I am thrilled to tell you that both the shoulder and lower back pains both vanished by the end of my gem healing session and still today, 15 months later, I am pain free!  That fact alone is amazing since in 20 years, not one massage therapist has ever been able to accomplish the same thing.  Mark R., Managing Director, Airline business, NY, NY