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Putting the Spotlight on Crystal Mitchell

LA Social Karma

In November, LASK turns 11! This is our last business highlight in honor of our 10th anniversary and it only felt right to put the spotlight on Crystal Mitchell of Mitchell Business Solutions. She is one of the hardest-working women I know for her business and her community. Her business offers bookkeeping services, business coaching, and public speaking workshops. For her community, she hosts a yearly BIZ Institute for kids, produces a weekly podcast called The Business Zone with Crystal & Gilbert, and is the co-director of Recycling Black Dollars. I am exhausted thinking about it all.
Crystal has been vital in developing me as a leader and business owner as well as guiding me over the years on my business growth. I met Crystal when I signed up for her Quickbook class 9 years ago, and by the end of the course, I hired her to help me with my accounting. I have a fear of paperwork, it’s my nemesis. Over the years she has coached me, I have learned vital skills like how to manage my QuickBooks, the process of hiring my first contractor, and then my first employees. The list goes on and on!
Crystal I am so grateful I met you so many years ago. Thank you for all of your support and for always being such an advocate for me both personally and my business. I appreciate you and all you do in the community! As I say to you often, the work you do is changing lives!
SIDE NOTE: the BIZ Institute for kids offered by Los Angeles Urban League is changing lives. Kids pitch their business ideas for a chance to be a part of the program where they are taught critical thinking skills, public speaking strategies, how to develop a business plan for the business idea they pitched, and what it takes to be your own boss plus a chance to hear feedback from local leaders for the community. I had a chance to speak to the group a few years back and it was truly inspiring.

Crystal is extremely skilled in working with people

She is good with people and an engaging conversationalist who is always looking for a way to help and assist someone else with their goals, dreams and direction in business.
Crystal cares about her community and is committed to making a difference. You can count on her to do what she can to help you get in touch with someone of value to you and your business

My financial picture so much brighter!

Crystal has restructured my QuickBooks and made my financial picture so much brighter! She's very patient and gives clear, concise answers to every question. I'm so grateful Crystal is assisting me, and I'd happily recommend her to anyone who needs expert bookkeeping services!!