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Modern Curls and Cuts

18301B Egret Bay Blvd
Webster TX , 77098
United States

Darci is professional, personable, and punctual! I enjoyed her company and love what she did for my curls. I am definitely looking forward to Future visits!

Awesome Experience

Darci did a fantastic job explaining what products to use and how to use them. The hair cut was amazing too. I have thick, frizzy hair that I've been able to manage with her help.


I’m still in shock I can’t count how many times I’ve had a horrible hair cut and this is the first time I loved my hair cut she was very informative about everything my hair needed and answered all of my questions

Beyond Amazing

I have struggled with curly hair my entire life like most people with curly hair do. I have been using Deva products for about 3 years now and they worked better than any products i have ever used but didn't get the curl i dreamed about. I still had to wash my hair every morning otherwise i would just have a frizzy mess. UNTIL ... the day i found Darci. Not only did Darci give me an amazing cut, she also introduced me to the proper Deva products for my hair. Darci spent 4+ hours with me cutting, coloring and teaching me how to properly use the Deva products. In my 55 years of life i have never received as many compliments on my hair as i do now. This girl that had to wash her hair every day now only has to wash it every 2-3 days and to be honest it actually looks better the second day. I LOVE MY DEVA HAIR BY DARCI.

Total game changer! I now know what my hair needs..finally.

I've struggled with my frizz my whole life. My hair had become lifeless and lost its bounce. The products from Devacurl and the process to set the curls has revived my hair and given me a whole new look. Darci is sweet and patient. She really knows what she is doing! Thank you so much!!

Darci was amazing and my hair is forever changed!

I have been waiting to find a stylist like Darci for a long time. My hair is super thick and wavy and I usually have an awful time at the salon. Darci listened to my pain points and developed a plan. She instructed me on how to meticulously take care of my hair and get the most out of my texture. I never knew how curly my hair could be! I highly recommend to anyone no matter your current wavy/curly hair situation. She will make your hair dreams come true and worth every penny!

Finally Love my Hair Even in Houston

I'm very low-maintenance with my hair and was able to just use mousse on my hair straight out of the shower and it looked great. But, when I moved to Houston, the humidity slowly took away my love of having curly hair. I don't mind a frizzy look once in awhile, but even when I put in a lot of effort, I only had 1 day where I felt it looked good and then day 2 and 3 were ponytail and bun days. After my personalized appointment with Darci, although I was overwhelmed with all the steps at first, I found my weekly routine much easier. Now, even if I don't want to wear a headscarf at night, I can just spritz some water on my hair, apply more foam, and I'm good to go again. Turns out the products I had been using before were making my frizz even worse! My curls looked Shirley temple style at the end of my appointment which I've never liked, but the way I apply the products at home is much more to my liking (not so much volume and looser ringlets). The cut and products are easily the most I paid for my hair in my life, but once you know how to do things, it's worth it. I'm so glad to have a location in Clear Lake! Thanks, Darci for giving me my curls back and for such a relaxing, fun couple hours!

Better than Ever

I have always struggled with getting frizz free and defined curls without making them crunchy or hard due to gel or mouse. Darci gave me the knowledge and the tools to help me achieve my hair goals! I love that she answered all my questions, even my silly ones, and recommended products to me based on my curl type and not what she just wanted to sell me. I will be using her again and recommend her to all curly girls!

Don't walk, run to Darci if you have naturally curly hair!

I had my first appointment with Darci last week and my curls have NEVER looked better! She was very thorough and spent the full 2.5 hours with me asking me questions about what I wanted and explaining every step of the cut, and all of the products and styling techniques in detail. I feel like the time, attention and quality of service I received was worth every penny (and more!). I can't wait to learn more and advance my styling techniques and see my curls continue to improve with Darci's help. Thank you, Darci!

Awesome Experience

I've worn my hair curly and in pretty much the same style since I was in high school. I've also not had a regular stylist over the last 5-10 years so I've regularly gone about a year in between hair cuts. After I started using Deva Curl's Original No Poo Shampoo about a year ago I realized that there were people who specialized in curly hair, so I decided to give it a shot. Darci was great - she asked lots of questions and did a great job of explaining to me what she was doing, why, how much product to use, etc. I am super happy with my cut and with the instructions she's given me I feel like I'll be able to recreate what she did - which is saying a lot for somebody who has typically just washed her hair, let it dry and that's it! I highly recommend Darci!


My Devacut has to be the best salon experience I’ve ever had. Darci is very well trained and I was hopeful I’d get good results but it far exceeded my expectations! I never thought it would be possible for my hair to look so great and best of all for the first time in my life I was able to achieve my salon look at home with Darci’s detailed instructions, yes it’s possible!

Wonderful experience

I just finished my third appointment with Darci and I love my curls more every day. I was initially so overwhelmed with how to embrace the curls I had been straightening my whole life, but Darci was so informative and wonderful about walking me through the process step by step. She is so knowledgeable and seemed to know my hair better than me! Do not hesitate to make the appointment. It’s worth every dime. She makes Devacurl look good!