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Moore Out of Life

Indianapolis Indiana , 46268
United States

Group Session Testimonial

This experience was SO AMAZING! One of the best investments I’ve made in myself thus far!

What If You’re What You Have Been Waiting For?

Aleanya’s words "what if you're the person you have been waiting for?" Has been weighing on me since I heard it. Guess what? I started my book today because of it. I always felt like I needed a ghost writer or a publisher to help me. I have everything I need.
Thank you for helping me realize it!

She's Amazing

I am so blessed to have found you! I went into a random Clubhouse room and found a lifetime friend. She has the kindest touch but can pull out the stuff that's buried deep in your toes. This allows a personal feeling of freedom and an awakening to the person who you once were or who you want to be. Highly recommend!


I’m so help to say that I was introduce to molspeaks on club house I really Enjoy the room and I have to say that molspeaks bring out the best in you things that you never know you had in you this is the best of the best she let you know that you have a voice and it is important to someone.

Amazing Listener! Highly recommend..

Ms. Moore has a Passion for what she does and it comes thru. I met her thru Clubhouse and on countless occasions i’ve witnessed the impactful messages she gives so freely from her heart to other sisters which I get to learn from as well. It’s always the truth and so refreshing! She’s also shared her feedback with me and it resonates 💯. Aleanya is a gem to this world.

Aleanya is an Amazing Podcast Guest!

Aleanya was a dynamic and engaging guest on my podcast. I am so grateful for her wisdom and authenticity. Aleanya is so fun to talk to, and I am so inspired by her work. We are at an important time in history to be paving the way for strong, empowered women and Aleanya is definitely leading the charge. Thank you Aleanya for your time, your energy, and your work!

Life changing

Powerful Connector

I meet Aleanya on Clubhouse, and I amazed at her genuine spirit of caring and compassion and encouragement. My Sister’s Keeper is more than a club; it’s a community of supportive and empowering sisterhood. I am honored to be a part of the community and excited to see the transformative work Aleanya will continue to do on all of her platforms.

Welcoming and uplifting

So far so amazing with me. “Molspeaks” ! Meet via clubhouse, she has provided a platform for women from all walks of life to uplift and empower each other! Forever my sisters keeper! ????

~ Truly Inspirational ~

I have witnessed Aleanya speak life into so many young ladies with her message of self-love, purpose and vision. The smiles that the young ladies take away after a session with Aleanya are PRICELESS! She has broke through to some of the most lost and troubled souls. She is on fire with passion for youth and community and her flames are contagious! She is for sure the first person I contact when I need my students to know and understand their worth. I am grateful that she is always willing to rise to the occasion. This is truly her calling. She is #Inspirational #Blackgirlmagic

Definitely a Boss

I’ve had the opportunity to witness Aleanya in action for over a decade now. She is definitely a firecracker. When she speaks, she commands the room with authority. The first time I crossed paths with her, she was working with the youth at the juvenile detention center and empowering them in various ways. I’ve had the privilege of watching her evolve over the years and she is such a passionate and driven person, that she inspires me to go harder with my craft. She’s hands on with youth. I’ve witnessed her as a basketball coach, a motivational speaker, model, talk show host and a devoted professional to her organizations; Ladies Under Construction and Moore Out of Life Speaks. She definitely knows how to empower individuals and is a go-getter when it comes to getting involved in her community!

Blessings of Passion

I first met Aleanya when I was still mentoring young ladies from the Brightwood community in Indianapolis. We hit it off immediately and she invited us to attend a LUC meeting. From that first meeting I witnessed her passion and calling of change in the lives of these young ladies. Aleanya is a woman of great skills in mentoring our youth and in the teachings of life skills. This is a 5 star organization that I highly recommend to parents with struggling youth. Jump on board and let your child receive the Blessings of Passion Aleanya can give your child.

Wonderful role model

I have had the pleasure to see this young women in action with our young teens. She has a fire in her eyes like no other when she is working with the teens. She gives 1000 % when she is helping them. Aleanya also practice what she preaches to the youth by leading my example. She hold her self at the same high standards that she wants the girls to have. She's loving, inspirational and someone they definitely admire!

Long Term Commitment

Consistency and Commitment

I've watched Ms. Moore from the early developments of this amazing program 11 years ago while working with her at the Boys & Girls Club Wheeler Dowe. She has remained committed and focused on helping our youth for years and she haven't showed any signs of slowing down. I am very impressed and I love what you are doing for these young ladies. Keep up the outstanding work. This is your calling my sister! GOD BLESS YOU!
I recommend this mentorship & Life-Changing program to all parents!

How Ladies Under Construction help Construct my daughters life

My daughter Precious first met Ms. Aleanya at Wheeler Dowe boys and girls club from there she was introduced to L.U.C. after i met Ms. Aleyeana i realized she had something to offer my daughter. Which was a guidance and advice on how to become a strong black WOMAN in society In short Ms.Aleanya and L.U C help mold my daughter into the young lady she is today.. Precious is now 26 and has her own apartment ( no kids) and striving to be the best Woman she can be!



When I met Ms. Moore I was at job corps. Even though she wasn't my counselor. She was always there for me. She makes me want to do better in my life. She shows that anything is possible.

More Out of Life

I’ve grown to know and love the passion, drive, and boldness needed to help enhance/influence change in the lives of the cities youth population- specifically young ladies.

Aleanya gives of herself tirelessly so that these individuals can see past their current situations so that they can reach and get “Moore Out Of Life!

Testimonial #7

I first met Aleanya Moore when she first started Ladies Under Construction. The program has helped me to step outside my comfort zone as well as other skills that I continue to use today. I see the progress that Ms. Aleanya puts in all her projects. She's passionate about everything she does which inspires me so much!


Worked with Ms.Moore while working for JobCorps and her passion and drive to help others is unmatched like any I've ever seen before and I've been in Social Services about 10years or so. Really enjoyed her workshops for the youth and her ability to help students, turn their lightbulb on and develop that self worth many of our youth are lacking. Not to mention the team buildings for the staff! I still to this day, still recite and listen to some of the information I learned in your workshop. Can't wait for the book to come out : )

Outstanding Woman

Aleanya Moore is strong, powerful and passionate person who seeks to help, motivate, inspire and teach young woman to the best person they can be. Aleanya loves to be an activist for young girls in showing them to come out of their comfort zone to be confident, educated and to not fall into the category of being a statistics. Her passion to start her non profit mentoring program L.U.C. for young women has been her stepping stone to give back to her community in many different ways.

Testimonial #4

She has taught me to never settle and that the sky is the limit. If I want to be successful it's up to me and I just have to want it and work for it. Aleanya keeps me focused and she reminds me all the time of my potential. She has impacted my life in so many ways. Whenever I felt like I couldn't go on she pushed me. Aleanya has changed my life in so many ways and I'm so glad I'm able to know such a great woman like her. She is very wise & like the sister I never had. Aleanya is my role model and I'm grateful to have her in my life. She continues to keep me on the right track and I've accomplished so much with a long way to go. I'm convinced that I will get there and staying focused on getting Moore Out of Life! 

Testimonial #3

Ms.Moore has inspired me to help others. When I met Ms.Moore I had self esteem but I didn’t believe in myself. After working with Ms.Moore I now have self esteem and know I can do anything I put my mind to.

Testimonial #2

When I hear MOORE OUT OF LIFE I think of my dreams coming true never giving up and always reaching for the stars. When working with Aleanya Moore it was one of the best experiences of my life she change my way of thinking when it came to myself and my future. Being under her supervision has gave me so much courage and a way better out look on life. I am currently living in a different state where I thought I would never have the guts to up and move to ARIZONA. I am starting to settle my debt and i am getting ready to go back to school to be a social worker and a RN. If you have an opportunity to be apart of M.O.L take advantage of listen to what is being said and take knowledge of it. This is a opportunity to get things in order that maybe nobody has every listen to you say.  Thank you Aleanya Moore you really gave me MOORE OUT OF LIFE!!!!!