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Motion Sound

A couple of years ago, a fellow keys player in the US asked me what amplification I used on live gigs. I told him that over the 50 years as a pro musician I’d tried pretty well every keyboard combo and every mixer and speakers available. He mentioned Motionsound and asked if I’d tried their stereo combos? As they’re American and I live in UK I said hadn’t heard of them or seen them for sale in any music shops. He urged me to try them so I checked out YouTube and Google and found the UK distributors - Big Cat Audio. As I live in the North of England, and they’re based about 4 hours’ drive away, I couldn’t easily “call in”! After a couple of friendly emails they offered to bring one of their combos to me as they were doing a show up in Manchester. Perfect! I plugged my Kronos keyboard into the KP stereo combo, and it took me about one minute of playing to blow me away! Such a rich, hifi sound. Full, clear and warm ... AND in glorious Stereo! I’m now the proud owner of the KP500s and just recently, the 25yr anniversary KP 408S Try one - you won’t ever go back to your old system!


Previously bought a analogue KP-500 before the digital models were available. Love this amp (see previous reviews).but I decided I wanted a smaller and lighter amp for lugging to rehearsals and smaller gigs. The KP-610S certainly fits the bill (and more!). While it doesn't have the extreme bass end of the KP-500 ( 2x 12's), the KP-610S with it's 2 X 10" speakers will blow your mind. The sound is pristine in all frequencies with plenty of headroom. I use it exclusively for my Nord Stage 3 feeding CH1 with two stereo feeds for Pianos and Synths and feeding CH2 with a mono feed for organ thru a Neo Ventilator. I run the Stereo Outs to a Stereo Channel in our Digital PA Desk. The amp is small enough to use as a Keyboard Monitor or as a full sounding loud backline amp. It has to be, to compete with a couple of rockin' Marshall's! I now use it for every gig, big or small. While a lot of Keys players are happy to hear themselves thru ears or a floor monitor, I am old school and want the Keys in my face, just like my Marshall JCM 800! To get the perfect sound, you need to place the amp on a combo amp stand at least two to three feet off the floor and pointing straight at you. HEAVEN! P.S. The KP-500 now stays in my home studio keeping my Hammond company!


Just an update on my last review. I have gone back playing in an 80's Classic Rock Band and purchased a new Nord Stage 3 Compact as my main board (as it has Drawbars for the Organ). Besides the NS3 been brilliant, the sound of it through the Motion Sound KP-500S is really mind blowing. The sound is perfectly crystal clear and if you closed your eyes, you would think that you were playing an original Hammond B3. The pianos and synths in Stereo Mode also sound amazing. Well worth the money!


Just started back playing again after a long break after having a heart attack (Smoking!). Going back to my Blues/Rock roots and not playing MOR in Late Night Singles Bars anymore. Decided I needed something new for my now main gigging board (Hammond XK2) and I purchased this and out of the box it blew me away! I can now hear the sound and the distortion of the Hammond thru a Neo Ventilator, especially with the Hammond swell pedal, that the Roland KC 550 nor a Mackie Mini Mixer thru a QSC 12 monitor could not get anything near (all up for sale!). It is very expensive for what it is, but well worth it. Then, guitar players, like myself, think nothing about buying expensive boutique amps! So why should a keyboard player feel guilty. To have a roaring Hammond behind you at a gig gives me a buzz that nothing else can