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319 East 24th Street
New York NY , 10010

Great Movers!!

these guys were great helping me move from Queens to Brooklyn. Everything were finished in a timely manner. Crew was professional and friendly, would definitely use again

Would Hire to Move My Daughter

I used these guys for my move from NYC to Richmond, VA and I am 100% satisfied with their service. I was a little hesitant to use move right at first since they are such a new company but they did deliver as promised. While all the other companies who gave me quotes told me 3-7 days for delivery, Move Right promised me they would have my stuff delivered next day. Of course the competitors told me they were lying to earn my business but sure enough, Kyle and his crew were at my house in Richmond with my stuff at 9am the next day. I will definitely use again and recommend them to anyone.

MOVERIGHT was a great choice!!!


Fast, Professional and Under Budget

Kyle and his team were fantastic. He was very informative during the quote process and gave us an extra 100 cubic feet of space for free to avoid any overages. After everything was loaded on the truck we used less space than we were charged for because they did a great job packing the truck and the foreman actually gave us a discount. They delivered right on time and NOTHING was broken. Exceeded our expectations and would definitely recommend them to anyone moving.