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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera Body 30.4 MP Full-Frame

Step up

I'm coming from a cropped sensor to the 5D. It is heavier but WOW does the sensor bring in more light. I do real estate photography and 360 pano's and this body makes them look 1 million times better. Couldn't have made a better choice.


This was my first upgrade to a full frame camera and I love it. It's an easy transition even though I still have a lot to learn, I don't feel overwhelmed. It's a beautiful peice of equipment.

Very happy

I am VERY happy with my Canon 5D Mark IV. It raises my photo taking to a whole new level. It is amazing how much flexibility I have now. I am amazed by its low light capability, I enjoy the heft of the body, it doesn't feel cheap and flimsy and it isn't too heavy. A few drawbacks: the Canon RAW Reader is mediocre. I had to subscribe to Adobe Photoshop CC to be able to finesse color and white balance. While the autofocus is great for taking sharp pictures, it sucks BIG for video bcuz anything in the foreground will pull focus. Too many focus points for me. I like having a 1 focal point option to better control focus w/o having to go full manual. But overall, I love it! Controls are intuitive. Since I am shooting professionally, I need a camera that can really deliver sharp images. The camera will pay for itself many times over.

Perfect upgrade

This was a perfect upgrade and the timing was perfect. Looking forward to a full week out in the field for a good shake down.

Great camera

I'm upgrading from a 50D and was somewhat nervous about the expense. It was worth it. I also invested in an online course on how to use it. It has way to many features to learn by just fiddling around with it. There are two features I especially like, the HD video and the one shot video. The one shot video is where you take a photograph but it also captures a brief moment of motion. The resolution is film quality and the colors are spot on.

Very happy

I am very happy that I bought this camera. It is fast, colours are amazing and the most important thing is that I can transfer photos immediately to my iPhone via Wi-Fi.

Great engineering

I am not technical or Pro, all I can do share my own experience. I moved from Canon 6D to 5D IV. And I love it. Thanks for those who came up for imported models that save you good money. I don't care about warranty, I trust Brand New Canon 5D IV for solid Camera Quality. Picture clarity is really good, big difference, if you compare 2 pictures taken from 6d to 5d IV. Awesome, vibrant colors Over all pictures looks like Pro pics without tech training. Great camera for low lighting I use in concert and got some really good shots in harsh stage lighting. Overall I m extremely happy with my purchase.

Picture quality is amazing

I upgraded from a mark ii because i am doing some podcasting and desperately needed autofocus and clean HDMI output. This camera delivered! The autofocus is a little quirky, but no more than a regular video camera. I am using a separate mic though, because i'm sure the autofocus and IS from the lens would be picked up by the built in mic. Picture quality is AMAZING!

Stunning camera

Ok so yes the 5D Mark IV is a stunning camera! And in combination with the EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 STM lens, video shooting in 4K is simply gorgeous! No regrets with this one!

Super pic quality and features

Really an update from previous 5D iii 1. Higher ISO without degrading quality 2. Greater dynamic range from previous generation 3. Touch screen is an added plus under certain situations 4.GPS tagged photos(for when you don't remember where you took the pic) 5. built in wifi that works to transfer low resolution pics to phone for fast sharing Smart phone now acts as a remote control with live view and camera controls. You don't need a flimsy articulating screen anymore. 6. AI focus is really improved (from 1DX II) help when subjects move, focus remains 7. This should be a number one CANON RELIABILITY ! 8. Canon customer service should be number two on my list. These guys take care of business.