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Coworker to Coach

From coworker to friend to coach! Really enjoyed seeing Carlos achieve his professional and financial goals. He truly inspired me to reach for more. With his guidance and expertise I have been achieving my financial goals little by little. But slow progress is better than no progress. Thus far his services have been honest and transparent. Glad I chose Carlos as a finance coach.

Definitely Reccomend!

Great attitude and attention to detail. I’m very hesitant to let anyone manage my money but Mr. Then comes off as a very knowledgeable person and I felt comfortable allowing him to help me. Would definitely recommend to others.

Official Review: I Give You Credit by Carlos Ariel Then

During tough economic times like this one, people often find refuge in lenders. However, over-reliance on creditors may affect one’s credit score. I Give You Credit: A Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Repair by Carlos Ariel Then is a self-help book that not only educates the readers on the basic credit score terms but also helps them to correct their credit scores.This book contains six chapters but is divided into two parts. Part I, Understanding Your Credit, comprises two chapters. It introduces the reader to the basics of a credit score by looking into the history of the credit regulating companies as well as taking the readers through the unfamiliar credit acronyms. Part II, Preparing Your Credit, comprises four chapters. It sheds some light on how inaccurate information can negatively affect one’s credit score and instructs on how to correct these pieces of information.Carlos graduated with a degree in applied economics and international relations from the University of Rhode Island. He also has vast experience in the corporate world of banking, investment, taxes, among others. He uses his knowledge and experiences to educate people on the importance of a good credit score, and how to improve it.I found this book very informative. I learned the meaning of some acronyms such as FICO, as well as the elements that determine a credit score. I like that the author gave practical examples that are not only relatable but also simple and, therefore, easy to understand. Since the author includes all the letters in this book, anyone who wants to rectify his credit score won’t have to draft other letters. I also appreciate that the author included some contact information to the three major Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) companies. This will make it easier to communicate with them.Although this is a brilliant book, there are several things that need to be improved. To begin with, the whole of this book is written in capital letters. This made the reading very challenging. I’m sure that this is one reason for poor editing too. I found very many grammatical, structural, and spelling mistakes which could be easily corrected if the book was properly cased. I, therefore, recommend that this is looked into.In conclusion, because of the aforementioned dislikes, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars . I would rate it 4 out of 4 stars were it not for the capitalization and the multiple grammatical errors. I recommend it to anyone who intends to correct his/her credit score. Anyone who likes a nicely structured book can be easily put off.

I Give you Credit Review

A nice description,I’m particularly impressed by the book having parts,Makes reading easier.


I'm always weary of taking loans from banks and money lenders. I never have anyway. But this informative book will do a lot to ease my fears and show business owners how best to go about it. 


An opportunity to acquire more knowledge is always a gain and this book on credit scores is great gain,even if the knowledge won't be utilized immediately. Thanks

Always Teaching

When playing in this specific field you cannot just have any coach, to trust with my life i picked the right coach to guide me and give me the best recommendations when it comes to my financials and credit. He took his time and explained the process to me, thats when I learned that patience is virtue. Thank you Mr.Then for taking the time to not only helping me but to showing me how i can help myself.


Outstanding service. If you need credit help you defiantly need to contact Mr. Then!!

excellent customer service

You want professionalism and excellent customer service, you came to the right person. Mr. Then will make sure you are good.

Amazing, must have ( Learn Drop the L & Earn)

I've tried to read many business books, I could never get through the whole thing due to them being very dry. That's not the case with this book, it was like having a conversation instead of the words on the page just sitting there. Extremely helpful knowledge that has made me think about changed I can make in my own business. I highly recommend.

The most honest way to dispute

This book is very easy to read and understand. The moment i think i have a question the next page answers it for me. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn how to dispute!

Go from bad credit to good credit.

Thank you, thank you so much for this book. I was never educated the importance of credit and how it can impact you as an adult. By reading this book I was given step by step on how to turn my bad credit score to good. I would highly recommend this book to others that are looking to improve their credit score. Thank you again for this book!

Useful and important

I Give You Credit is very practical guide to rebuild your credit. The book is divided into two sections, one to understand your credit and other to repair it. The content is continuously complemented with pictures, graphs, ready to use examples and more to make the reading easy and enjoyable. The main essence of each chapter is summarised at the end of it. This really helps readers to remember them more and internalize them eventually. The information provided is very relevant and useful. The writing style is interactive and the language is lucid. The author seems to be speaking from a place of experience. A Very short but helpful read!

Excellent credit isn’t cheap

I was wondering why this book is so expensive for a slim paperback book and YOU might be as well... Once I got my hands on a copy I quickly understood this was much more than a book with advice on how credit works.. This book does so much more than provide you with knowledge or give you tips on how to fix your credit. The value provided in this book for anyone who is willing to do the work to fix their credit score is invaluable. A normal advising session with a credit repair consultant usually runs around $250 per session and after they charge upwards of $50 every time they have to mail out a letter and have a mark removed from your credit report. This book provides you with the tools, the templates and the actionable steps to reach out to the credit companies and inquire about repairing your credit. For those people like myself who are willing to do the work this book can change the game and change your relationship with Credit and more importantly credit card companies for years to come.

life long lessons

My experience with Carlos Then has ben extraordinary! He has not only helped me with my finances but has also taught me life long skills to continue on the path of financial independence. I highly recommend his series for consulting and life coaching in all areas!

Insightful and Helpful!

Mr. Then is incredibly insightful and helpful! Definitely worth the read, it will be the first of many smart decisions you will start making.

Great Read (I Give You Credit)

This was a very informative but easy read. I was on a 2.5 hour flight and was able to complete the book.The author Carlos Then also provided great example letters to assist the reader with correcting their Credit Score.I am certainly going to use them soon, once I use my Annual Free Credit Check (that Mr. Then also mentions in the book that I was not aware of).This guy knows what he is talking about and I will certainly purchase more of his work!


This is an amazing book! I cannot express how much I have learned and grown because of the fountain of knowledge within the pages of this book. I highly recommend it. Do yourself a favor drop the L and learn more buy this book now!

2 thumbs up

I approve

Like Family

Mr. Then is our Business Consultant. He helps us come up with innovative ideas for our business as well as figures out ways to save us money and hire quality staff. He's the best!

Spooky Smart

This guy is a genius when it comes to branding and marketing. He was able to get our event sold out with strategic techniques from start to event date.

Very Knowledgeable

Mr. Then has helped us rebrand and hire staff for our restaurant and lounge and has made marketing for us a lot easier by showing us useful tools and techniques. Definitely recommend him! He's a wealth of knowledge!

First you learn then you drop the L

Very good book to read, teaching some new stuff

Sick of your Job?

This is a great first book to help employees open their mind to other options in life.Do you have a hunger to be better? Are you sick of your job?If you are thinking yes to either one of these questions then this book is for you.Mr. Then goes quite in-depth on many options for starting your own online business.He also spends a lot of time on mindset and mastermind groups.Well worth the price.

Great Guy

My friend here helped me with many finance issues I can think of. One in particular was assisting me with refunds. Most recently was this year's returns from last year's taxes. He went thru multiple tax preparation software packages (Turbo Tax - a famous one) and went thru every possible page in their forms to maximize my return and prevented me from owing taxes. Once you work with him, you'll see the work ethic he provides in order to make sure your questions are answered and tasks completed.

Like a brother

My brother helped me start a security business and is truly an incredibly smart person. He also helped me boost my credit substantially.

Wealth of Knowledge

Carlos helped me a while back with my taxes and I've trusted him with all things financial since then. He is a wealth of knowledge.

It's me!

Well obviously I'm going to think my services and business is Grand. But let me know what you guys think!