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It helps with motivation.

Life Saver

I never write reviews however Herberall has literally changed my life. After years of taking stimulant meds i was told i had to choose between my stimulants or anti-anxiety meds. Life was pretty miserable until i tried Herberall. It is working for me as good maybe even better than the stimulants without the side effects which were many. I have recommended to a few friends to try this product. Thanks for the great product. Seriously a life saver and i will be ordering it monthly

Decent amount of focus without being RX

I like this it does not give me jitters but helps me seriously focus and gives me energy! Will definitely order again!

Great product!

Having taking stimulants such as adderall for a few years now I have recently had to look for a natural source of focus and energy because of a job requiring random drug testing. I did some looking and found Herberall. I have never had much luck with supplements being much help, especially having taking much stronger stimulants for years. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised so far. I have been taking Herberall for 8 days and from day 1 I have noticed a subtle, yet affective boost in my focus, energy, and overall motivation for daily activities. It is long lasting and you do not notice a harsh come down, trouble sleeping, or any side effects at all really. 5 star product for anyone wanting or needing to get off of prescription stimulants.

Worked for me!

I love this product and it doesn’t give me jitters so I’m no longer drinking coffee or craving it, which is good because caffeine usually gives me horrible side effects but not in this all natural pill. Thanks Herberall :)

Great all day energy and focus.

I previously was prescribed Adderall and am so glad to of found an all natural replacement that lasts and keeps your focus and energy going all day with no crash and no restless nights.

Good for Early jobs/classes

Even after one day there is a noticeable improvement in mood and productivity which only improves more after a couple weeks. It's helped insanely much with my job early in the morning since I'm usually not productive or wanting to talk much for a few hours after waking up, but this has changed that completely. I'll be using it during the semester now to help stay alert during class and focus.


Amazing, works perfectly and don’t plan on using any other product for a very long time!


Improves mood and helps focus! Love this product and would recommend it to others

Quality product

Product really works as advertised. Definitely recommend will purchase again

Don’t be in fear of how they smell

My coworker got these to try and we were really focused and energetic!

Noticeable increased energy and focus after first dose

My 16 yr old son has been taking 1 capsule a day for 3 days and he said he definitely has more energy and focus. The pills are normal vitamin capsule size which he struggles with. The taste is bad, but aren’t any herbal pills? The effects are definitely worth it. Hoping even better effects as he continues to take them.

Decent product.

Works pretty good.

So far so good

Today was my first day on this supplement and so far i've seen good results. I have tried several nootropics and supplements which other people claim works wonders for them but nothing has quite worked out for me. I noticed an immediate different with this supplement. I have been clear minded and focussed all day, Now this is the first day and the affects may start wearing off as i get used to the supplement but i am very impressed so far.

Amazing !!

Amazing product !! Works exactly like described !!

Herberall is great!

I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical at first to use Herberall. I have battled ADHD through my entire educational journey, and while Adderall and Concerta were reliably helpful, I really don't want to continue taking these medicines through my adult life. In my effort to avoid going back to prescription ADHD medicines, I decided to give Herberall a try. The best thing about this product is its effectiveness in improving focus without giving me the "on edge" feeling I always struggled with while on prescription meds. I don't worry as much about forming a dependence to this product or suffering the "crash" at the end of the day. I definitely noticed an improvement in my attention from day one of using Herberall, and was happy to see these improvements continue and grow through the first month I was on it. I'm heading back to school this Fall and I'm happy to have a product that I can rely on to help me succeed at my educational goals.

Great Natural Supplement

I’ve only used it for a few short days and the results are amazing. I’ve struggled with “brain fog” over the last few months and this has really helped provide clarity and motivation to my busy days!

Added Energy

I like this product, it helps with energy

Took a couple tries but I'm happy

When I first started using this product I kept getting an awful brain fog. I took a break and stopped one of the medications I was taking. A little while later I gave Herberall another shot and had a much better experience. I think there may have possibly been a negative reaction which I'm sure can happen with any supplement.I'm prescribed an adhd medication and to avoid developing a tolerance to the medication, I take tolerance breaks sometimes up to 10 days. I was searching for something that would essentially be a filler so I can still manage my severe adhd. Herberall definitely has helped. It's of course not as effective as a prescribed medication but I think this is the best OTC option. I've even considered one day in the near future to get completely off my medication and use herberall exclusively.It's definitely worth trying. It also doesn't kill my appetite as much which is a huge pro for me.

Works well if you actually need it.

It really does help, especially getting motivated in the morning.

Definitely helps with energy levels!

This is really a great product. I take 2 every morning and can feel the difference after just 30 minutes. Definitely gives a boost of energy which lasts all day. No jitters or problems falling asleep. I haven’t noticed any real changes with my appetite. This has been a lifesaver for me!

Sharper than ever

I've tried a few things and it did have what this had. This stuff has me focused and I am sharper when I work which is important in my line of work. It's all natural which is the best part and helps. Naturally.

Works as advertised!

Definitely the best Adderall alternative I've ever tried! Will continue to keep buying.


After deciding to stop using other meds I have been taking for years, Herberall has made that transition manageable and has helped with my day to day activities. I would recommend this for those who need that little extra push! I only take one capsule as of right now and it still seems to work for me!


Great product, seen huge difference in energy levels.

Trusted results!

I’ve tried many similar products, but this is the only one that has worked well.

Great Product

Immediately starting taking HERBERALL yesterday can noticed a changed in level of focus and energy. I’ll be ordering more


Actually works! I work a very physically and mentally demanding job, and I notice a difference immediately on the days that I forget to take it... I get sluggish and tired easier... But on the days that I do take it, I am faster and happier, and perform better at work. Definitely I would recommend. The only thing is, the taste isn't too too great, so just swallow them quickly :p

It helps for those off Adderall

My boyfriend was on Adderall for his ADHD. We moved, switched doctors, and he hasn't had the time with his new job to go through the whole process again, so we got these to help. So far, he has been in a good mood and hard working at his job, so I'd say these are doing pretty great!

Works great!

Felt very focused and calm while using Herberall. Would definitely recommend for those looking for a natural supplement to help improve mental aid and for those looking for alternatives without the nasty side effects of many prescriptions rxs

The real powerful effects of clarity, focus, desire to read and study

I like how potent and true the effects are. I very much felt the need to be productive and I was interested in getting things done and was able to get a B grade in my university of Houston physics course during the summer which means the course was extra fast paced and lecture was 5 hours long four days a week. I love HERBERALL

Gentler option to Prescription Stimulants

Great option instead of Adderall. Easier transition on (no jitters) and no afternoon come down (no headaches) or night time sleep issues. Very gentle yet for me it’s just enough to be effective so I’m productive and focused all day.

Great product!

This product really works! Gave me high, clear energy throughout the entire day as well as improved my mood

Great energy!

Great for all day energy and focus!!! I don’t need to drink 10 cups of coffee a day... just take two of these and I’m good for hours!!

Recent Purchase

Just got it today but so far looks like it’s been working. Will monitor to see if effects are increased I’ve the next few days.


Substituted for my coffee and I love the propriety blend works great and effective along with alpha Gpc

Better than expected

Good product, I have not seen any bad side effect so far, and it gives me energy for the rest of the day.


Easy to consume and felt a difference

Huge amounts of energy!

Works sooooo well!!

Good so far

I only just got this but so far so good...

Not a fan

Not impressed. Didnt notice anything different.

Actually works!

I wasn’t expecting anything, given most supplements I’ve tried in the past have little to no effect on me. But this seems to give a good energy boost without the “hangover”.

Got a lot of good supplements in one

Works good as a morning coffee replacement

Works well

HERBERALL gives me energy and helps me focus.


It’s not as effective as prescription stimulants, such as Adderall or Ritalin. However, I do feel more focused after I’ve taken it. It’s good for getting a specific task done but does not last all day long. Overall, it’s decent to take on days that you don’t have a lot of complex tasks to complete or if you want to take a break from your prescription stimulants and you need a little extra focusing boost.

It doesn't disappoint

I was nervous about buying and trying Herberall, but I was also hopeful after reading so many good reviews. Herberall definitely did not let me down! I'm happy with the mental clarity and focus it provides, but I mainly use it for the energy boost. I like how it makes me feel motivated and gives me the energy to be very active, yet I don't feel jittery or anxious. That is very important to me since I suffer with an anxiety disorder. This product works wonderfully and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Takes a little time

After reading reviews, I definitely want to give this product a chance. However, after almost consuming my 1st bottle, I feel only minimal effects. I know some have said it affects them immediately while others, it takes awhile to build up in their system. I am going to give it another month and will gladly change my review if it improves.

Works great!

This truly helped me focus, gave me a good boost of alertness/awakeness as well. I couldn't take 2 capsules because it seemed to be too much for my body and made me very drowsy, so I tried 1 capsule and it was perfect amount. Very glad I tried this out!


I need to buy more of these. Really felt a difference.

Works Great

This product is pretty great it works just as good as it says I would recommend buying it.

Super product!

Overall a great product! I wish the effects were a little longer lasting, put this product does as it says it should. I definitely noticed an increase in both my energy at work and my work performance, as I seemed more attentive upon taking product.

I'm excited for an all natural way to achieve increased focus and energy.

Just received this today after ordering it last night. My girlfriend and I are both excited to try it for increased focus and energy. Will report back after I take it tomorrow morning.


Uhhh if you have anxiety highly don’t recommend taking this lol it works some days for me and others it doesn’t... kind of weird. You must eat if you take this. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for something cleaner but keep in mind it isn’t really regulated so who knows what’s really in it

I stopped taking my ADD meds!

Works really well for focus and energy! Allowed me to stop taking ADD meds!


I've been taking for about 3 weeks & have seen no change in my daily focus/ energy. given the price, I'm not very happy with this purchase/ product.


Works great!

Worth the money

Very helpful with zero side effects

Very calming product

Great product for mental focus. I’ve also noticed it has helped with calmness.


I am very happy to say that this product has worked AMAZINGLY for me!I have struggled with ADHD for my entire life, but I cannot take medications like Adderall or Ritalin due to past abuse. I swore to myself I would never be dependent on anything like that ever again. Because of this, my struggle with focus and concentration have been an uphill climb.A friend suggested Herberall to me. I was very reluctant to try it because I just didn't see how an herbal supplement could help with my ADHD, I haven't had positive results with such things in the past. I didn't have high expectations for Herberall, either.I've never been more excited about being so wrong! This product has had such a drastic effect on not only my ability to focus, but also gives a boost of energy and a sense of well being. NO CHEMICAL JITTERS OR CRASH!!I have personally experienced heightened awareness, a boost in my mood, find it easier to focus, and remember things without constantly having to recheck lists.I highly suggest at least giving this product a shot if you are struggling like I was!

It works

It works really well for about an hour to two hours for me. It might be due to some mitigating factors of mine though. It also seems to help recall somewhat but maybe that’s placebo.

not bad!

helps me focus!


I just started to use this product and I love it. I hate Adderall and all those drugs obviously if I don’t have adhd I shouldn’t be taking them. So I got this to help me out with school and I see such a difference in my energy, my focus in class and my brain taking in information. This product is great, you get what you need to get done without any negative side effects and your happy the whole time your doing the things you need to do. I love this product, 100% recommended to college students everywhere.


This thing works! I couldn't believe it, but it does, good energy and focus in one. Will buy again.


I’m in. My focus and attention has a tendency to go all over the place, making it difficult to complete projects. Herberall has taken my focus game to a whole new level! Lists made, tasks completed, productivity explosion, business growing. Vegan friendly, plant based, organic.. what more can you ask for! I give this product a million thumbs up!

Good to study

I bought it because I wanted something to keep me focused when I study. Work well. Helps me concentrate for sure and remember what I read better.


This stuff is surprisingly powerful for a natural supplement. I tried it without any expectations and I was wowed by the effects of it. I've been kicking it at work lately and I know it's thanks to this product! Definitely recommend it

Focused and alert

Herberall helps me stay focused and alert.


Really good brain supplement. I ordered it for the finals (I tried a sample before) and I really like it. I was really annoyed though that the shipping took longer than expected but I understand it's USPS fault (they always mess up my package deliveries!).

really great nootropic

I'm a nootropic fan and I researched a lot about herberall before buying. I came across an expert blogger that wrote an article after trying it and I had to have it. No regrets, it works just as I was hoping.l Awesome energy, super sharp focus and good mood.
Here is the article


Je suis chef d'entreprise, je gère beaucoup de monde et beaucoup de choses dans la journée. Herberall m'a aidé !
Expérience intense, dynamisme, bonne humeur, concentration et productivité maximal ... surprenant mais vrai !

not for me

I didn't feel much. I take pre workout supplements, drinks and vitamins everyday so my body is used to those things but my wife took it and loves it. She takes it everyday now and swears by it, just doesn't do it for me


Herberall is all I hoped it would be. On the days I need to really pound out my to do list I have confidence knowing the Herberall will get me through the day and night staying on task without the negative side effects of prescription drugs or harmful energy drinks.


So I really wasn't sure about this supplement despite the good reviews as I am extremely careful of what I take. I'm vegan and I have a very clean diet. I always research everything before I buy and this only has natural ingredients (and the pills are vegan) so I went for it. So happy, it works great, gives me a really good smooth energy and it puts me in a good mood. I would recommend it yes

Great nootropic

I'm pretty big on nootropics and smart drugs and this product works great. Makes me super focused. Perfect for final exams


I'm a busy manager of a manufacturing company and I need to maintain focus and energy throughout the day to manage rapidly changing priorities and maintain a high level of productivity. I've been using this supplement (and no others besides a multivitamin) for a few weeks now and am finding I am getting a LOT more done during my work day and am still able to remain alert, focused, and productive well into the evening. I do not have the "grumpiness" that I get from energy drinks or lots of coffee with this either. I will be an ongoing customer.


Pretty good! Not quite as encouraging as Ritalin, understandably so as this is not prescription medication....

Good pills

pills are really good. good for energy and memory


Wowza!! Okay, this product is surprisingly really good! The effects are not as long lasting as my vyvanse but my, they're pretty close. It gives me a shot of energy and literally wakes me up, helping me stay focused even when I've given up home. Unlike my vyvanse, it doesn't keep me up at night (side effect of adhd prescribed meds tbh). Might not work the same for everyone but I highly suggest you at least give it a try. Take it from someone who's always struggled with adhd.


Used it for a energy booster. Works great!! #recommend


I loved the product. the pills are mild but steady. holds my energy up to a few hours. and there is no drop or sudden
change. Overall great product!!!


Love the product, felt great all day and night!


Great product. From a previously prescribed adderall user, this product works. Is it as good as adderall? In short, no. But it serves its purpose.


I gotta admit it's probably the best nootropic I tried. Dope energy, awesome focus. I took it 2 weeks so far and love it.


Superb!!!! Love it!!!!!! :))))))


I don't take it everyday because I drink lots of coffee too but when I wanna crush it I just take the Herberall. I have a cabinet full of vitamins and there is no other supplement I'd rather take. The energy from it is amazing and the focus doesn't compare to anything I've had before.


This stuff is amazing. When doing my research to find the closest thing to adderall, this popped up. I was so skeptical because one, I'm not even into the all natural stuff. And I just could not bring myself to think that all natural ingredients could do so much. And two I couldn't find many reviews on it. The ones I did find were all 5 star. But I searched for hours for the very few reviews that I could find. I finally just said let's try it and if it doesn't work, I can always send it back. I cannot tell y'all how perfect the timing was for me to get this stuff. I had gotten it in the mail the day before I had to wake up early to go pick up my little 2 year old goddaughter. I have a horrible sleeping schedule. I usually don't go to sleep until about 2 or 3 in the morning. So knowing I had to wake up at 6:30 the next morning, I took some melatonin early that night and laid down. The melatonin only works for me sometimes. Naturally this is a night it didnt want to work. So I laid in bed for a while and finally fell asleep a little before 1 in the morning. Then I woke up wide awake at 3. I laid in bed with my eyes closed trying so hard to fall back asleep and just couldn't. I finally picked up my phone and watched some videos to pass the time. Around a little before 6 is when I started to feel kind of tired again, but there was no point in going back to sleep for 30 minutes and taking a huge risk of not waking up. So I got up out of bed and opened the bottle of Herberall. I took the 2 capsules then get ready to go pick her up. I didnt yawn or feel like laying down or anything when I got back to my house with her. I was so surprised that this stuff actually was working. And now I'm taking it every day and it is helping me so much. I am so glad I found Herberall to replace the adderall.


I take Adderall here and there when I need to power through a long workday and I love how it gets me going. I was told to try the herberall but didn't really believed in it. I bought it over a month ago and I just tried it yesterday for the first time and holy sh*t! This thing really does work. The focus, the energy, it's really great. Almost hard to believe it's natural. Well done.


My son saw it on social media and asked me to buy it. I was really skeptical but He's 17 and it is the first time he comes back from school with energy! He does his home work and even plays with his little brother. Great supplement A+


Not sure yet if it's working because I took one pill in the morning and I didn't feel it so much and then I took another pill in the afternoon. I know it says 2 pill at once but i was afraid of side effects and stuff. i'll try 2 pills soon


Nice pills. Great for when I'm super exhausted but I need to work anyway. I love the boost and it doesn't make me crash. Way better than 5 hour energy.


Super awesome. Super focus and energy and mood is great. thank you. I recommend.


I received the pills last week and wanted to wait to leave a review. These work really great. Just friday I didn't feel much after taking it but I didn't take it for 3 days and this morning I felt the kick again. Really good for focus!


These pills actually work. Full on focus. I was not expecting that.


I was looking for a supplement that could keep me going all day without being wired, with herberall i got exactly what i was looking for. It's great for when you have long day full of meetings and need to bring your A game. Another great thing is that it has no side effect.




So I tried it because my friend told me how great it was but I didn't really feel the energy part. I think because I already take Adderall everyday and I drink tons of coffee. I felt more focused though. I started working and didn't see the time go by.


Having been prescribed Adderall for many years, and I was sick and tired of feeling like a patient. I have tried so many other alternatives as my mother is somewhat of a homeopathic. Try this, try that. All fails!
While taking Herberall I have noticed a significant shift for the better in many areas of my life. My mood is much more pleasant, I can stay focused on my studies, while being a full time employee and my intern resident hours have sky rocketed. It gives me the energy and mental longevity I need to maximize 24 hours in a day. Thank you!!!


"Herberall is the one. I call it Herbie. It's clean, it's fresh. It's not Adderall, but it has the same effects"


I got samples first. I loved it so much that I ordered a bottle. Great cool product. Thank you!


I received it last week and it's actually really good. Helped me focus and allowed me to do my school work.


I tried the product and I was about to get coffee and never did. I had a much better day after I took 2 of the pills. I was more focused and in a great mood. No jitters or speedy feeling ever occurred. The product lives up to what it says it does.


Herberall is an amazing alternative to sugar loaded energy drinks and
unnecessary medicines. It’s a safe & natural way for a boost and a healthy focus.


These pills saved my life !!! The things that took me a week due to lack of energy take me a day now!!! Its all natural and the best part is I don’t crash! I highly recommend this to anyone that needs a little pick me up! You won’t be disappointed! Just ordered my second bottle and a few extra for my friends! Great stocking present!


I really like. It does what it says it does.


I take Herberall to help me stay focused for my busy life. As a woman with two jobs and finishing school, I need the extra help to stay focused all day! The fact that it's a natural product is what drew me to it. I feel good taking this on a daily basis because I know it's also good for me.


I was a bit hesitant about taking a brain supplement but since it's all
natural I went ahead with it. To my surprise Herberall did exactly what it said it does. I'm very pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone.