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Orange & Geranium / Vanilla & Rose

Needed something to beat the heat, found this product and I'm glad it works on me! Best deodorant thus far! Gonna repurchase :)

Natural Deodorant -Lavender & Bergamot | Orange & Geranium

Got my orders! Although delivery took quite some time. I Loveee it! Love the smell, the look of the product & effect of it.
Will get more!

Natural Deodorant - Orange & Geranium

Best natural deodorant! Lasted me whole day, and isn’t sticky too


The best natural deodorant I've had! It does not leave any stain on my clothings and the scent is so refreshing. This is my 3rd time repurchasing.


Best natural deodorant I’ve come across. Tried the orange scented and the unscented ones. Texture is very creamy and it feels comfortable once worn.

Going to try the magnesium spray next!!

Nuorel for the family

Finally found something which is made from natural ingredients and safe for children! Since my daughter is in her pre-teen, I want to introduce to her to products which has less or no harmful chemicals added especially when it comes to deodorants. I got the Unscented ones for my daughter as one of her birthday gifts ???? and one for my self since I am sensitive to some scents ever since I was pregnant with my second child and till now. I also got the Orange & Geranium one for my husband to try too.

Nuorel deodorant stick has a slight creamy texture and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after you apply them. As what my daughter said, “My armpits feels like not using anything at all!” and of course no BO!!

Thank you Nuorel!!

Fragrant and Lasting Impression

The minute I sprayed the bottle of Magnesium Deodorant , its scent transported me to the spas of Asia. The zesty scent was reminiscent of Balinese spas. It felt light on the skin and quite quickly absorbed. Best if you wait for it to dry completely before getting dressed. After application , there was a warm and mildly stinging sensation for a few minutes which was anticipated as my skin acclimatised to the new product. By the 3rd day , I’m happy to report there was hardly any stinging feeling.
I applied this once in the morning and by evening there was still no malodour. My skin didn’t feel clogged up like when I was using anti perspirant. It was liberating to perspire normally yet feel confident that you’re still smelling fresh !
Also , well done for your swift service recovery ! There was a delay in delivery so Nuorel arranged for a replacement and had it delivered on the very day they read my query. Even better , Nuorel packed a bottle of Orange & Geranium Natural Deodorant , gratis. Such a generous treat that left a fragrant and lasting impression. Thank you !


Fall in love with the deodorant.. nice smell and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling when using them! ❤️


This is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used! Store bought deodorants seem to make my armpits black and other natural deodorants I’ve tried doesn’t do its job. Nuorel deodorant keeps my armpits fresh for DAYS, even when I forgot to put it on. Best of the best, hands down!

Creamy texture and not tacky!

"One of the best natural deodorants, not dry or tacky. Creamy texture makes it easy to apply and just the right amount that it doesn't feel too wet like most roll-ons.I like the smell it's nice and subtle and you'll stay odor free throughout the day!"

Don't feel sticky~

I'm using the Orange & Geranium deodorant. It doesn't feel sticky or anything once it settles on your skin. Natural products are love & soothing scents are plus points! 

Doesn't clog my pores! No white/yellow residue!

Really loved the scents. I've been searching for a more natural deo but they're always so pricey! SO happy I got Nuorel!Honestly I had bad BO once I start sweating but since I've been using Nuorel, I can say that its all under control. The best thing is that it doesn't clog my pores!Which is 100+ points! One more plus point is that there is no white/yellow residue left over when I wear black or white shirts. The scents are also so heavenly~A little goes a long way. I don't have to slather it all over so many times. Just 2 strokes is enough to last through the day!