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Mindful Edibles

Bradford Road,8712
Silver Spring Maryland , 20901
United States

Everyone needs her custom products in their life!

Having dealt with acne all of my teen and adult life, I have tried a lot of different skincare products and never found a combination that is just right. I’ve also struggled with products working great for a few months, then not working as well all of a sudden. I am so lucky to have met Okima because her individualized skincare has totally changed my skin! Her scientific background and holistic viewpoint are a great combination. My acne is clearing up, my dark scars are fading, and I feel a radiance shining through in my skin that I have never before experienced. When a product stops working as well or a product starts to affect my skin differently, such as due to the weather, Okima can immediately tweak the formulation to get things back on track. Everyone needs her custom products in their life!

My Skin Thanks You!

I was getting really bad dry spots on my face that I just couldn’t get under control. Barely even a week with your face cleanser and vitamin c serum and I can feel and see the difference!

Worth Every Cent

I never thought about using natural products until I met the Founder. I’ve used everyone and they are all ????, well almost all, I haven’t figured out the Beard Fetish yet ???? My favorites are the Almost Edible Deodorant, the O’s Vivacious Vapor Rub, and The O’s Lazy Lotion Balm.

Two Thumbs Up!!

Great company and wonderful people to work with. Highly recommend.

Edible Deodrant

I am in love with the edible deodorants, I prefer the original (magnesium...) to the pumpkin because it holds me better. However the pumpkin has a nicer scent. Lazy lotion bar works wonders on my dry skin on my face. I used the body wash in my hands. Nice lather, clean scent and did not dry them out.

I didn't think I would, but I really enjoy using Mindful Edibles

I am not a strong supporter of the theory that aluminum in deodorants causes disease, but despite that, I decided to give the natural deodorant from Mindful Edibles a try. Also, Okima’s entrepreneurial and Queenly spirit swayed me to be a supporter.
I used her deodorant and immediately (a couple of days) noticed a change in my collar bone area. It seemed that my décolletage was more visible. I have always carried extra bulk in the top part of my body. And although I had not lost any weight, the puffiness that may have been the result of some type of inflammation in that area, was less noticeable. I could really feel my collarbone so much better. I don’t know or can’t explain why there was and still is a change for me in that area, but it means I will keep using Mindful Edibles for my under-arm deodorant.
I like the fragrances. It took a moment to get use to spraying on the deodorant. In comparison with the stick I use to use, the smooth on/roll on action over time resulted in a feeling of buildup. With the spray, any buildup is easily removed and as Okima explained, “you are not putting bacteria onto the underarm skin” as you would do with a deodorant that directly contacts the skin. And maybe there is the answer. With less buildup on the pores and bacteria on the skin, a body can detox a little.
I will have to come back to let you know how the deodorant holds us in the dead of summer. We have had a few warm days, so I just carried the deodorant with me. The deodorants come in a portable size.
I do like this product very much.

Aug 2018

I sampled two Mindful Edibles products out of curiosity and because I value an entrepreneur mindset. I travel often and I know items such as remote controls and door knobs in a hotel room are not routinely cleaned. Alcohol wipes are great but too small. The sanitizer is fast and easy to use on those forgotten surfaces in my hotel room. A quick spritz and wipe on the rental car keys doesn’t hurt either. The smell can be strong when first used, but fades quickly. I appreciate that it’s easy to use when traveling and presenting. Those hand held microphones get a good wipe down too!

I also tried the Edible Deodorant. The fragrance had too strong of a vinegar type smell for me and it felt like it left a coating on my underarm skin. I use the deodorant on my feet. The deodorant helps with dry skin and keeps my feet fresh inside my tennis and boots.

Amazing Vapor Rub

I rubbed the vapor rub on my chest and had a wonderful rest later than evening without congestion or coughing. Okima, you did really well with this product!

Oct 2018 No Vinegar!

I'm loving both of the deos and the hand sanitizer thus far!
Thank you so much for your great products.


I love the fragrance


The scent is amazing!

August 2018

The deodorant is great. The vinegar scent took some getting used to, but now I enjoy it. I haven't had any reactions, and I feel like my underarm skin is softer than before I started using it (weird, but other spray deo's dried me out). I stay fresh all day, even though I do sweat, but that's normal. The one thing that could be improved is the packaging. I love the glass bottle, but the spraying mechanism on both bottles you sent me stopped working pretty quickly. I'm not sure if they're getting clogged, but no matter how many times I press the spray, nothing comes out. I've decanted the product into another spray bottle and that's how I've been using it.