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Susan Green

105 Broadwood Drive
Fulwood Lancashire , PR2 9TE
United Kingdom

Two thumbs up with extra heart

Susan goes above and beyond in her sessions. She delves past the surface and looks into the truth of what lies behind and beneath your issues, getting to the core of your concerns. She deeply tunes into the energy within and around you as well as your current needs, she then envelopes your body, mind and spirit to assist your healing, allowing you to come through and reach your true potential, removing any blockages in your way. My family and I have felt incredible shifts both physically and emotionally. Deeper still I have felt an increased spiritual connection with the universe myself since working with her. She has a wealth of knowledge on many topics including crystals, animal guides, past lives, charkas, energy healing, supplements and nutrition. She has come to the place she is at from her own healing journey, through seeking and healing herself she has come to be a great guide and healer to others. A healer through healing herself. You can feel her passion and genuineness to guide, support and nurture you on your journey. She invests herself and walks the path with you. I would highly recommend Susan, a true gem with a heartful soul, through and through she has supported, encouraged, guided and created a path to healing for my family and I. Two thumbs up with extra heart.

Highly recommending charts

I have worked with Susan on the Pendulum. She's been an amazing teacher and I absolutely love her charts.

Eternally grateful

I have always been a naturally curious person. I have spent my life trying to understand certain things, having studied religions, different cultures and their traditions; having gone to counseling with various counselors. However, working with Susan has truly allowed me to understand why. The spiritual pilgrimage to my own personal energy healing has been such a long journey. There was so much to sift through. I will forever be indebted to and grateful for Susan because I don't think I would have been able to do it on my own. She has helped me to listen to my soul and tap in to the potential I was meant to pursue in this lifetime. I have learned how to trust myself and my intuition as a result of working with Susan. I cannot thank her enough to have been given this gift of her significant spiritual influence in my life. I truly feel like a new person.

Such a gifted and warm soul

I've been working with Susan now for the past year. Having experienced so many moments of joy as a result of our sessions together I felt most inspired to leave a review for those who are considering booking in their first session. I'd like to start by saying that I am a male and 36 years old. When I began this journey and reviewing healers with whom to work I often found myself looking to try and find a review from someone that I could relate to. Susan came very highly recommended and it felt intuitively right for us to have a session together. Susan is warm, kind and compassionate and makes you feel at complete ease. I found that no subject or concern is in any way surprising to Susan as she comfortably leads you into openness and to a place of healing. I have returned to work with Susan now numerous times and each time the results have been remarkable. Without a doubt in the first instances, I was hesitant, trying to understand how good can come from a remote connection with someone that involves something that's not tangible, that being energy. Nevertheless, our sessions together have returned results much greater than I could have ever imagined and in turn, opened me up to a world that I never knew existed - that being Joy!. I've recommended Susan to many of my friends and family who have all similarly experienced great results.


Energy Healings

I'm so grateful I was drawn to Airmeith, Holistic Healing. I was at a low point and looking for direction and certainly found more than I expected. Susan is a very special person who I had the pleasure to meet on her visit to Australia. The Energy Healings are amazing and I highly recommend them. I found I could even feel her energy from the UK! This I'm still trying to get my head around. Susan is very generous with her gifts and is there to help everyone. I highly recommend seeking her services

Past Life Clearing and Energy Healing

I worked with Susan for a past life clearing and again for an energy healing and plan to work with her regularly in the future. Both sessions were life changing. I grew up with weird quirks that I passed off as such, but come to find out, they were part of past life traumas that I didn’t realize I had. Releasing them has made my life so much better. Clearing out the baggage has enabled me to focus on my now and future more easily. I have learned so much about myself thanks to Susan. She has helped me feel larger than life. I am well on my way, focused, and able; better equipped with tools I know I had, but were buried because I forgot who I was. I actually have goals and dreams towards a better future for me and my family now. She has changed my life.


I have had such an uplifting connection with Sue. I now understand the benefits of crystals and have been surrounded by the crystals that Sue suggested I use. I feel so much lighter of spirit and more relaxed.

Life Changing !!

I have been working with Sue for a while... I feel like the universe brought her into my life at the perfect time She has been giving me guidance about my life, my soul and my purpose and this adventure has been an enlightening. As I continue with her guidance, I know that I will be able to reach my full potential and I am excited and greatful for that. Thank you Sue !

Testimonial #9

Since my Awakening after a tragic event and a whole life full of trauma, I was desperately seeking help for months. As a healer and who's mission in life is to help humanity, I was abandoned by everyone. Family, friends, spiritual friends as well as supposed healers. The bad events in my life we're not normal. She replied to a post I made. I sent her a picture of what I thought was my spirit owl sitting on my left shoulder. She read the photo and explained I was being mislead and she could help me. As an Empath I felt her sincerity. After all, I had no hope anymore. When our conversation ended I heard a voice laughing in my left ear. And it said "you know now I'm pissed". My phone screen went blank and when it turned back on the words "pissed now" we're on the screen where nothing could have been humanly typed. I began getting a migraine which has been a problem since I left my abusive ex of 10 years him slamming my head against things. I also became dizzy and my solar plexus hurt. That day one by one all of my friends began texting me to stay away from them. Desperate I sent her a message. She lovingly said she would help me and everything was going to be ok. After that first session within an hour my resudual migraine was gone. I felt light again. Where everyone threw me away as a lost cause, Susan embraced me with welcoming arms. These words I speak do no justice as to how I am feeling. I look forward to continuing my healing until I am fully awake and continue to serve humanity like I was ment to do. I ask Archangel Micheal to protect her and her family as she gives selflessly to all of us in desperate need. She is truely a blessing. I will recommend her to everyone I know who needs help at this time. Blessed be.

Utterly Life Changing

Susan began working with me when I needed help dealing with several health issues (both physical and mental). She told me that what she could do for me would help remove the illnesses. Unlike with some other healing offers, I had this strong urge to trust her and I felt that I'd truly been guided to someone who wanted to help (if only for the sake of helping). We had several sessions but even after the very first one I felt a sincere shift in my energy. Activities that were once very difficult to imagine myself doing became increasingly more manageable. I became a lot more open to criticisms, and became a lot more aware of the way my energy moved in spaces. I felt myself more open to exploring the pains that blocked my heart chakra. With this, on top of regular therapy, I've been able to make huge strides in dealing with various mental traumas in this life. 
However, the biggest shift that I noticed though was after the curse clearing and soul contract clearing session(s). Shortly after the curse clearing session (probably a week or two) my father opened up to my mother in ways that she and him had been pretty blocked on. He was able to recognize consciously a shift in his energy and was able to verbalize it to the rest of the family (which was a huge step)! It has since improved our relationship monumentally and has improved his relationship with my mom substantially too. Additionally, my siblings each started being able to pull themselves up by their own hard work. My youngest brother finally got his first job after a long time of stagnation and even after their establishment had gone through something tragic he was able to keep his job and continue with school. My youngest sister and I finally made up in a way that I didn't think was possible. And in this last month she has also finally been able to begin truly reaching for what she desires but at no one else's expense. She has taken a lot of responsibility for her life. We are all so shocked by the development but immensely proud of her progress. My oldest brother had been having blockages with feeling worthy and enough, about a month after the curse clearing he got an impromptu called by his dream company asking if he wanted to work for them. Want to know the company? NASA. This isn't a joke. Shortly after the first call he got an interview, shortly after that (just three days ago actually) he officially got the job and the best part about it? They gave him more money than he even asked for. My mother is probably the only one who hasn't shown any clear outward signs of change but I know the energetic shift around her via her family has given her a renewed energy I haven't seen in her in a while. 
The entire process with Sue has been phenomenal. I've felt love and sincere care from her from start to even now. She is an amazing energy healer, and I genuinely feel like my family and I are living proof. Others who know me are already deeply interested because within two months time I've become a very different person in a beautiful, transformative way. Yet at the same time, I feel as though I haven't "changed", instead a veil has been lifted. The darkness that clouded my thoughts, energy and behavior feels mostly if not completely gone! I highly recommend Sue if you have energy blockages, and I HIGHLY recommend the curse lifting and soul contract lifting if you and/or your family have been feeling heavy energies for a long time now and it has always felt like something was stacked against you and your family/soul family. 
These sessions have positively changed my life for the better and I'm eternally grateful for Sue's service to life on the grand scale. It makes a difference. She makes a difference.

Testimonial #7

Since my son's passing in 2016, I have been on a spiritual journey that has been nothing but empowering. I met Sue on this website inquiring about Healing Stones and was so pleasantly surprised to find she would have a far greater impact on my life than I ever thought possible of anyone! Since meeting her, I have discovered many facets of who I am and my purpose here on earth, as well as my connections to others in this life and past ones. I have become a woman with more clarity, joy, courage and ability to see more than what meets the eye and to love unconditionally, not only others but myself as well. I have also learned to be authentic, speaking my truth and accepting all that is, all that I am and all that I am not. She has introduced me to my path as a healer and it has been so interesting and exciting as I am moving in the direction of healing services. I highly recommend booking one of many services she offers to find your own direction and support in your life's journey... you will not be disappointed!!

Testimonial #7

After reading a book, lead me to a sequence of events that led me to Sue's Facebook group and then to her page. I've been working with Sue on my spiritual journey for about a year know. She has helped me work on my psychic abilities and clear negative imprint from my multiple lives. Sue has helped open me to understanding my gifts and journey and I am so grateful to her. I highly recommended sue's wonderful services. She is a not only a mentor but a friend to me as well. Thank you for everything!

Testimonial #5


   Hi my name is Heather Manning. I believe without a doubt that the universe directed me to Sue Green/Airmeith. At the time, I was going through a “spiritual awakening” and had so many questions. There were a few other pages that had similar services that I intuitively questioned the intentions behind them. Until I stumbled across Sue Green, I knew instantly that she was one I could trust. I have taken advantage of many of her services.

   Her service “Awaken Your Psychic Gift” truly opened up gifts that I was unaware that I had. These gifts have only flourished since then. I have scheduled at least half of the services that she has. Every single one has been beneficial to say the least. My husband and mother in law have both taken advantage of Sue Greens services and benefited from them as well. We are all so happy to have found her. She is always there for us when we have any questions and never leave us empty handed.

   I also have 2 daughters the age 5 & 7 who are very in tune with their psychic senses. Some of the things that my daughters were experiencing was hard for me to understand. With so many people out there that are not open to it or in the closet with their gifts, It’s hard to come across a trusted mentor that can help with these. Sue Green has been such a wonderful mentor when it comes to my daughters and their beautiful gifts. Our family likes to refer to Sue Green as the lightworker for the lightworkers. I highly recommend her to everyone. She truly has a gift. 


Hi my name is Lohnie, my husband and I have both used Sue's services. I believe without a doubt the universe guided me to Sue to help both hubby and I. One day scrolling through facebook I came across Sue's page Heal with Airmeith and I liked and followed. I was instantly drawn to her and her energy. When I came across her page I had not long decided that I wanted to open up to the knowledge my soul had and I started out on my spiritual journey. I was searching for a sense of self, to discover myself on a deeper level, a sense of belonging as I always felt a longing for what my soul knew to be my home, I was searching for a more meaningful and fulfilling path in life, a stronger connection to Source, my Angels and Guides, my purpose in this life. I was looking to rid my whole being body, mind and soul of all the things that no longer serve me for my highest good and find my true self. Following Heal with Airmeith FB page I took advantage of the free healings and consultations Sue offers like the starseed/lightworker and illness consultation I started to find a sense of where I belonged and how important it was for me to step out of my comfort zone and start healing myself so that I could start helping others to heal too. I always knew I was here to heal, who and how that is what I was unsure of. I approached Sue and have had the pleasure of using Sue’s services such as Reiki and Energy balancing, Negative Imprint Healing, Multiple pendulum Healings, Angel & Guide reading and Awaken your Gifts plus so many free things that range from learning my Animal Guide to Past life and Emotion blocks and Healings to which Archangel would like to work with me.

Results of my healings have been amazing. I have seen changes within my body, mind and energy. Since we have done the Negative imprint and Pendulumn healings our lifestyles has changed tremendously. We live a healthier lifestyle and my relationship with myself has changed too. I found a new appreciation of who I am and just how important my presence is here. I don’t suffer any of the nasty physical pain in my fallopian tube area anymore and I feel lighter, calmer more peaceful and I have a lot more clarity about life. I love having a new found sense of direction, and I have a stronger connection with all my beautiful guides and Angels and with Source. Hubby was amazed with his healings, he is like a totally new person. He doesn’t suffer numbness in his arms and hands (he is a lamb boner/butcher) and had a nasty accident last year where he cut his arms main artery. He has so much more energy now, he is so much more positive in everything he does he use to be super hard on himself and now he is so much gentler on himself it’s so lovely too see. Sues healing and guidance has helped hubby to have a whole new outlook on how amazing he is as a soul and has started empowering him to start finding the things that fill his soul with passion, love and fulfilment and our connection as husband and wife has deepened on a spiritual level and its FREAKING AWESOME !

I LOVE that Sue is always just a message away if you have any questions or need her help. She has been out of her way to give me a free energy balance after I had run into a weird situation. For us it was all positive and we have benefited so much from Sue’s services in more ways than I could fit in a testimonial, our nieces and nephews are a part of her weekly children’s healing and I have seen so much improvement in them too.

If you too are searching for a sense of self, if you are wanting to set yourself free from all the things that are no longer serving your highest good on a physical, mental and spiritual level, if you too are looking for balance, a sense of peace, if you are wanting help with balancing your energy, fixing your physical body and the cause of any physical pain, if you are looking for change then I would highly recommend Sue. I am so grateful I followed my intuition and reached out to her. I can rave on about how AMAZING Sue and her work she does is - all day long but our results speak for themselves and I would highly recommend Sue without a doubt to anyone and everyone. Bless you Sue and all the amazing work you do!  Thank you 


I had the good fortune to meet Sue through another group.  She would give weekend freebies and I always took advantage of them.  Little did I know that a weekend freebie would change my life!Working with Sue the past few months has not only opened my eyes to who I really am, it has brought me so much Joy!  She has helped me and my family, giving her time freely and unselfishly and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns at any time.Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Sue will understand what I mean.  She is AMAZING!


I feel grateful to have had healing sessions with Sue
She is kind considerate and very generous with her time and support
i cant explain how it happens but can say it changes life and heals with all energy work she does.
i shall always feel joy and gratitud for Sues support in my journey