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I have been giving the Cushing Elixir to my dog Bell. I can see a vast improvement in her already. I will definitely keep Bell on this elixir and I recommend it to anyone with a cushing dog.


I have a really bad knee and tennis elbow. Nothing and I mean nothing has helped me with the pain. I thought I was going to have to quit work because I couldn't make it through a day. That is until I stumbled across One Super Dog, Isabella and Medala Oil! I rub in a few drops in the morning before work and again at night just before bed for a pain free day at work and night of sleep. I recommend Medala Oil to anyone that has pain.


I have 2 three years old parti-yorkie brothers that have been suffering with allergies, systemic yeast infection, loose stool and just feeling crappy. I ordered the tempera elixir, the rincen anti itch spray and the defense about 2 weeks ago. By the 3rd day their energy levels had improved so much that it was almost hard to believe. They are running and playing like they used to. The rincen spray has calmed the itchy feet and skin so well already. We still have a ways to go but for once I honestly believe they will get back to normal. The customer service is the best I have ever dealt with!! The first conversation I had with Isabella lasted 45 minutes and she didn't charge anything for that consultation. I truly believe she honestly has the animals best interest at heart!!!


Max was a rescue and when he tested positive for heartworm, we were devastated. His heart was double the size and although the vet gave him slow acting treatment for heartworms he didn't think Max is going to survive. I contacted For Super Dogs and they sent me Defense 30 days treatment. On 30th day Max was tested again. To my vet's shock, Max tested negative at that time.About a month later, when the vet wanted to check his heart, she found the heart being back to the correct size in xrays. We are extremely grateful to Super Dogs for their wonderful customer service and being available all the times for our questions and worries. They even spoke to my vet when she showed concern about using natural medicinals. They were great. We love them and anything that goes wrong they will be our first contact. For Super Dogs is highly recommended.


Our girl Lillian is 5 years old and was diagnosed with bone cancer 8 months ago. For the first few months we saw many vets and each one places her on certain treatments and medications. She continued on getting worse and our vet at the time discussed her end of life process with us. Then I heard about natural and holistic treatments for cancer for dogs and I found For Super Dogs. The amazing people at For Super Dogs send us Tempera Elixir and Tempera Oil. That was about 2.5 months ago. Since then she has been a brand new dog. She is active again and eating. We stopped all the chemo medicine completely and only using the natural treatment of Tempera regiment. The tumors have stopped growing and one of the tumors is slightly smaller only after a couple of months.I am now hopeful and when I see the changes in my sweet girl I know she will pull through. I owe a life to the kind people at Super Dogs. Everyone is so wonderful and I can't say enough good things about them.