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Nature Healthcare Center

1331 Stony Brook Rd
Stony Brook NY , 11790

CoR makes me feel younger

I came to Dr. Liu with aches and pains in all my joints and muscles, and just generally feeling awful. The pain was getting me depressed. After taking the CoR and having weekly acupuncture sessions I underwent a miraculous change. I feel like my old self, but a much younger "old self." I am so grateful to Dr. Liu.

CoR helped me recover from post-syndrome of Covid-19

i have used Dr. Liu's CoR for many reasons over the years. She helped me quit smoking many years ago with acupuncture believe it or not. I havenot smoked for 20 years. Currently she is helping me recover from a stroke caused by covid19

Helped me recovered from post Covid syndrome

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Liu for a number of years now. As an athlete, she’s helped me recover from numerous muscle strains, back aches and most recently she has been helping with the headaches I’ve developed since having Covid. She has always been attentive and friendly along with her welcoming and professional staff. This is the kind of place I recommend without hesitation to friends and family alike.

Dr, Liu helped my back pain, sluggish liver and bloating feeling.

I have been going to Dr. Liu on and off for 20 years. Recently I have been having some back issues and a sluggish liver, bloating and just not feeling well. I decided to see Dr. Liu again and within 3 weeks I started feeling much better. The bloating vanished and my back hasn't felt this good in a long time. Its just an overall feeling of good health. I will absolutely continue going for a long time from now on. Oh and ALL of the staff are the most awesome people! DO NOT HESITATE FOR ONE MINUTE TO TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF AND SEE DR. LIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CoR helped me become a healthy girl from Lupus

I have been coming to Dr. Lou for many years now. I have an autoimmune condition called lupus and the CoR that Dr. Lou has provided me with has helped me to feel more energized and has overall helped the health of my body.

CoR helped my Asthma, Edema and Vertigo

I want to thank Dr. Liu for starting me on your CoR Technology Along with acupuncture, I cannot believe how fast this CoR started working for me. It is helping me with the edema in my legs, also helping my breathing due to asthma and my vertigo. Once again, thank you and your great staff for taking care of me these last five year's.

CoR helped my enlarged prostate symptoms

One area of treatment Dr. Liu has been working on is my enlarged prostate which had me getting up 3,4 or 5 times per night to go to the bathroom. We started treatment in January and in three weeks I had my first night in years when I did not go to the bathroom for the entire night. I have been recording my weight and # of bathroom visits every day now for 6 months. My first full month of treatment included 15 days of not getting up at all, and another 10 days of getting up only once. March continued with the same results. I stopped treatment when the office closed and from March 17 to June 30 there were only 2 days that I didn’t go to the bathroom. I resumed treatment twice weekly in July and at the end of the month, once again I had 15 days of no bathroom trips and 10 days of just one visit. By the way I do a 36 liquids only fast once a week, so on those days I do go the bathroom a few times, which is somewhat expected because of the volume of liquids I drink. So I have been at 100% success rate of getting up either once or not at all, compared to about 5% before acupuncture treatment! Clearly the acupuncture has been the reason for my success with the enlarged prostate and I have shared that with friends my age to give it a try! In addition, the CoR which I have continued daily for 6 months have really kept up my energy and I believe have helped to keep the Coronavirus away from me! Thank you Dr. Liu for allowing me to have more restful sleep in addition to more vital energy, especially in these difficult times.

CoR helped Quick recovery from Coronavirus

I have to let everyone to know this story: I have a youth relative who is a student on long island of New York. A few weeks ago, he got headache, cough and fever. Couple members of his host family also got the some symptoms. (they were all tested positive for coronavirus later). I was far away from him and unable to help him. I had called my friend, Dr. Shaoyun Liu to help, who is the best acupuncturist and herbologist, is  practicing in Stony Brook on Long Island of New York. She gave the CoR to my relative and his host family to take. Then the amazing thing happened in the morning of next day, my relative and his host family members’s fevers and headaches were all gone, and cough was much better. They all felt better and had revovered quickly now. His host finally called the CoR is “Magic pills”.

CoR helped my heart conditions.

I have been coming to Dr. Liu’s office receiving acupuncture for a variety of problems since 2001. I have been taking 10 different medications and getting 4 different stress tests a year for my 1/3 heart muscle that was damaged since my massive heart attack in 1997. For the past year, I have been taking Dr. Liu’s CoR religiously for my general health. My most recent stress test results show my heart muscle function improved dramatically. It is the first time my test results have shown any improvements. Also It is the first time I feel I don’t have any chest pain, have more energy and my sleep is better.
Also, I used to take antibiotics a few times a year for my frequent flu like symptoms. In the past year, I haven’t taken any antibiotics, seems like my immune system is getting better. I feel more positive and have more motivation. I am so happy I am able to do more physical things that I was unable to do for years. Thank you Dr. Liu, my angel!

Amazing Practice

Dr/ Liu's office is amazing. It is a real labor of love, and great teamwork. Every visit I see multiple staff members, each a specialist in their area. I have been going for over a year now and am feeling really good - Several issues dealing with neck and shoulder, numbness in hands, enlarged prostate -all issues that have vastly improved or gone away.

CoR helped me to fight my Cancer

In February of 2018, I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer metastatic to bone. The largest tumor was on my left second rib. I had sizable tumors on my right femur, fibular and hip. They also found a tumor in my brain. There is considerable lymph node involvement and there are many smaller tumors.
I soon start having radiation and chemo treatments with the best Oncologists in Manhattan.
Shortly after I began treatment, I started using Dr. Liu’s CoR. They have helped me get through very difficult times, They give me more strength and energy and are truly helped me battle this cancer and the treatment that goes along with it.
I know without Dr. Liu’s CoR I would not be making the kind of progress I am. As it happens a couple of weeks ago I ran out of her herbs for4 or 5 days I really felt my energy level was down and weakness in my body, I could truly feel the difference. I am sure that Dr. Liu’s CoR have contributed much to the success I am having in my fight against this cancer.

CoR helped my advanced prostate cancer

I have been going to Dr. Liu’s Acupuncture office on and off for more the 10 years. I started with treatments for my sciatica, and thankfully no longer suffer from that pain. More recently, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and between the radiation treatments I have been having, and the prescribed hormone-chemotherapy drugs, I often get very fatigued. Once I started taking Dr. Liu’s CoR,  I started to feel much better, and my energy level has also increased tremendously. I do believe her supplement is helping me to fight my battle with cancer.