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Nature's Reward

13187 Liberty Dr
Hesston PA , 16647
United States

Dan from Nature's Reward was wonderful, reached out to me immediately after seeing a post that my dog wasn't doing well, even took the time to get me my dogs CBD oil quicker by driving and meeting me. Already I see Scoob more perkier, he walked outside on his own today, ate a few bites, and walked to his water bowl on his own! This is huge because he didnt walk or eat anything at all Sunday and this morning, but a few hours after treating my boy I seen some improvements. I feel I owe Dan everything for getting this to me so quick and going out of his way to meet me immediately to bring some relief for my baby boy. Thanks Nature's Reward, will for sure spread the word around, and Scoob thanks you too!

I have a little neurotic dog named rooster. I love him dearly. Rooster has pretty long hair, I give him hair cuts because he hates going to the groomer, and he can be difficult. Cutting his hair is always an ordeal. I purchased CBD Pet Care 500 mg oil from Dan at the boalsburg market. Not only does Rooster like it, but I was able to get his haircut down alot faster. He was much calmer and more patient. I am happy that it worked out. Now his hair cuts are less stressful for of us.

I purchased the CBD tincture 750mg a couple months ago and I was pleasantly surprised. The reason I purchased CBD oil was for my anxiety. I wanted something that would have a relaxing effect without the THC “high”. The effects were very subtle, which is what I wanted at the time. What I noticed the most is that the tincture helped me sleep more deeply at night. I would suggest just going for the full amount and taking a full dropper each time you dose. I would also suggest taking this for 3-6 months to really see how it works for you. This product is worth trying and I would recommend it. Some mild side effects I noticed were dry mouth, a bit of excess mucous in the throat and food in my opinion was more flavorful.

Very helpful easy process for me!

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