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Elite Brain Performance and Neurofeedback

3033 NW 63rd Street Suite 100, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City OK , 73162
United States


Before training, I had severe anxiety with minor panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep through the night or if I did it wasn’t a good night sleep. I felt tired throughout the day and lacked focus. After training, I learned how to control my panic attacks with different breathing methods. I sleep longer and don’t feel exhausted through the day. My focus in school has improved. Chris and Jim always makes sure you’re comfortable.

I was skeptical!

Chris is passionate about what he has the privilege of doing and it shows! He is very professional and able to breakdown the Neurofeedback process very well.

Our daughter had been out a year from playing the sport she loves, we noticed her confidence was not where it should be, she was short-tempered and unwilling to talk to us about it.

To be honest, I was skeptical about my daughter attending the sessions and anxious to see how this would work out. Let's just say, I am grateful we agreed to her attending sessions. A few days after the first session, we noticed she was confident, talked about the sport and returning, and she has opened up more.

I am thankful that our daughter had the opportunity to work with Chris because it has improved our relationship with our daughter! Thank you Chris!

confidence and willingness to talk improved.

NeuroFeedback has changed my Athletic and Personal life. Division 1 Athlete

When I first started Neurofeedback with Chris and Elite Brain Performance, I thought it was just to help increase my focus, but it has done so much more than that. I am a student-Athlete that plays football at the Division 1 level, so managing school, football and personal activities can be challenging. Neurofeedback has helped me not only increase my focus, but it has opened my mind to look at football in a new way that is effective for me. It has helped me change my habits and change how I do things in my life. I am extremely grateful to have had this training.