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Neurogenesis Clinics

203-700 Marine Drive
North Vancouver BC , V7M 1H3
604 971 2213


I think Dr. Dorothy Reddy and her staff are simply the best!
The Deep TMS treatments have totally turned around my mood
and SAD symptoms and I'm looking forward to coming off some of my meds. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Reddy, Liz, Dawn and Lisa for their welcoming and compassionate care. Jon McComb. Retired CKNW Radio Host.

Very positive!

I have found my experience at Neurogenesis to be very positive. I finely feel that someone understands and recognises my symptoms and I am being treated for them.

Wonderful people!

Dr. Reddy and her team have treated me wonderfully, they are all so kind and caring. My mood has stabilized and I hope to reduce my meds along with the dTMS treatment.

Wonderful people, I cannot recommend them enough.

Deeply grateful!

The benefit I received from Dr. Reddy and deep TMS treatment for depression, anxiety (and overall brain burn-out from trauma and stress) was tremendous and far beyond my expectations. Through treatment at Neurogenesis, I went from struggling to function, feeling totally wiped out and unable to move forward in life to a completely rejuvenated person. For the first time after a long struggle with depression, anxiety and limited capacity to function, my brain actually felt 20 years younger, I became capable of functioning at a high level, I came off of all night-time anti-depressants and sleeping medications, I no longer experience symptoms of anxiety or depression and actually feel like I can be myself once again without compromise. The effects have been profound and lasting. My regular family doctor was absolutely shocked with my transformation and will now be referring his mental health patients to consider treatment at Neurogenesis.

There is a reason deep TMS has been approved in Canada, Europe and the US for treatment of multiple mental health and neurologic conditions - it actually helps your brain rejuvenate and heal from damage and stress! Simply taking a look at the clinical research evidence is reason enough to choose deep TMS treatment - the results of several studies show that the chances of going into remission or receiving a strong benefit are high - and greater than the benefits people normally receive from medication. More and more doctors are becoming aware of deep TMS treatment and I know it will help countless people as it continues to become more widely adopted. We are very lucky in the Vancouver area to have Neurogenesis offering deep TMS and leading this incredible form of psychiatric therapy.

I am deeply grateful for the healing that I received from Dr. Reddy and TMS treatment. I wish that others who are suffering may experience the same healing.