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Nikita Lebedev

1104~300 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto Ontario , M4P 1L5

Amazing Sculpts

I just received the following sculpts from Nikita (Faun Girl, Salvation, Keeper Of Animals, Demoness,Driada), and wow, I have not put them together, but just wow they are amazing quality. I can't wait to put them together and start painting them. Come watch me paint them on my twitch channel.

Amazing Detail. 2 Cyborg 1 Alien Spitter

Nothing short of Detail with these Bust.
Nikita has a wonderful Talent .
Keep going.Would love to see more.


I've just had the extreme pleasure of adding my 2nd Nikita Lebedev Masterpiece, Demoness. I received her about 3 week's ago. I decided to really take her in before I opened my mouth. She has a wonderful old world charm, like something unearthed from the medieval, renaissance. A frozen moment of movement, I prefer to a portrait stance. Her face appears innocent, as though her eye's were closed. An overload of invention on this piece, that leads to infinite paint possibilities, but would stand alone beautifully if bronzing was the approach.
The flow of the tail, the direction of the horn's, the direction of her hair, and the way her wing's form into a heart at certain angles, and all floating in what looks like a war between fire and water- there are Tooo many thing's to love about this the size, and I wonder how many people realize that Nikita's prices are all too humble.
I'm going to continue doing business with Nikita, until Hollywood steals him away from this wonderful world of resin!

The Detail OMG

I was truly excited when I finally got the faun girl statue on my door step. It is amazing. The pictures on The website are good, but do not do any justice when you actually hold it in your own hands. I was amazed that despite the postal service strike was going on, I got it on time and with no hassles. Been preping the kit for the last 2 days. cleaning and preping it and Still stunned on the detail that this little figure has. I always wanted to buy a kit to enjoy painting and Glad that I found Nikita's site. Plus he was in Canada. Can't wait till I'm able to order more works form ya, and look forward to more of your works in the future.
Very happy with this Faun girl.

Faun Girl Kit Review Video

I posted a video on the Faun Girl kit, when i saw the kit at Jerseyfest 2018 i knew i just had to get a copy for myself. Love the sculpt and going to do a special video on her in 2019 when i get some extra things set up for her. Great work Nikita, thanks!

Faun Girl

I couldn't give this a higher rating. The sculpture itself is incredible, as is the casting. The delicate detail survived beautifully, with only two tiny repairs. I find so much perfection in this piece. Nikita's skills are evident in any angle, using all space. Faun Girl's beauty and presence are perfection, but you're gonna want a magnifying glass to see the magnificent skin texturing. It's there to the touch. Faun Girl is phenomenal without paint. I can only imagine her with color. A challenge in itself.
Nikita Lebedev is at the top of his class. And has been a complete pleasure to do business with. I Know I'll be back for more!

Faun girl

I just got the new Faun girl in the mail and I can't be more satisfied with it. Solid cast in great resin, with few very small seam lines and bubbles. Details are crisp and super sharp. The sculpted texture on her skin is breath taking.
This is my third piece from Nikita and so far I am a super happy customer. Thank you

Demoness - A work of art

I recently ordered the Demoness statue, it arrived safely and it was very well packed. I was blown away from how beautiful it was sculpted, it is something else once you have it in front of your eyes. The face, body shapes and proportions are spectacular. The statue came signed and with a date which makes me really happy about it. Overall I am more than satisfied with the purchase and it really is unique work. I will get more, without a doubt!

Work is museum quality !

I just received my order from Nikita. I saw his sculpts on his vendor table pictures that Paul Gill took at Jerseyfest 2018 and knew I had to have some in my collection here in Missouri, USA. They are fantastic with details, excellent proportions, quality castings, wonderful fit, little clean up and seam trimming, and very high quality resin. I will be watching for future releases - particularly of his beautiful females with that touch of fantasy. Plus, Nikita himself is a great guy to buy from and he wants his customers to have only the best quality products !

Demoness + Driada

After I have seen so many pictures of the demoness on Instagram I was falling in love with her (and later with Driada). The communication with Nikita was easy and my questions were answered very fast. The shipping to Europe/ Germany was uncomplicated and for my surprise without costums. :P

The cast looks nice and is full of details. The fitting is good (Demoness a bit better than Driada) and Resin easy to work on. Thank you for the photoprints with the signature! I am looking forward for your faun ♡

Alien bust

Got Nikita’s Alien bust about a week ago. Fantastic piece that was perfectly molded. Signed on the bottom: always a plus for me. Gorgeous piece. I plan on getting more from him.


I want to wish you all the best for your new start with your new resin kit collectibles and you will always have my support you deserve all the best my brother Nikita Lebedev!!