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153 S Sierra Avenue #1418
Solana Beach CA , 92075

Diane is the Real Deal

I recently began working with Diane as she was highly recommended by several individuals.  Not only is Diane a person of high integrity, but she genuinely cares about your success. Diane has the gift of listening and provides great insight and direction. After one strategy session with Diane, I was able to make a connection that has resulted in significant growth for my business.  Diane has a heart of gold and truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone who is ready to grow their business or find joy in their personal life.

Professional Speaker & Trainer | Author Designing Your Own Destiny

I have been working with Diane for over a year and the value and insight she brings has helped me go above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Her viewpoints and experience has definitely made me a much better man in both my relationships with others and in my business.  She is a true godsend. 

Behavior Consultant & Coach, "The Rock Star of Personal Development", Best-Selling Author, Speaker, known as “America’s Behavior Expert”

“How would it feel to be happy every day?  How would you like to be personally guided by one of the best women in the world?  Diane is a rock star woman who puts people at ease.  You just feel better around her.  Take this information and incorporate it into your life.  She did all the work, now you get to benefit from it.  She knows her stuff!”

CEO, JetNetting Connection, Founder of “Kids Better World,” Creator of Puritii for Humanity Movement,” President – Ariix, Co-Author of “Get in the Game,” Affiliated with Sharon Lecthter, CEO Space International, and Evolutionary Business Council

“When you think you have reached rock bottom and cannot find a way out, think again. There WILL be a sign . . . an outstretched hand, a program that gives you hope, a book someone suggests, an inspirational saying. If you are here or you know someone who needs help, then Diane Forster is THE lifeline. Seeing yourself in any part of her journey you will know there is more to life than your present perception.  Let her show you how to morph from despair to fearless abandon. Let her be that outstretched hand to lead you on a path to wholeness and give you the ability to empower yourself, and even become the light for another in need. ​When Diane had almost reached the point of no return, she found a way to transform the spiraling forces that had dragged her down into a force so strong she was able to step into a power that would propel her to the highly impactful woman she is today. Read her story, travel with her, gain strength from the depths of her despair, and let her show you how you too have the ability and strength to overcome; to live a life beyond what you can now only imagine.  ​Diane is one of the most powerful women you will ever hope to meet. It was not always this way. In this book, she takes you on a journey from a bottomless pit of despair to the heights of who you can become.  As you travel with her, you discover that you too can manifest a joyous life; live a life of reckless abandon . . . and, be an inspiration in your own right….just follow her simple guidance.  That’s all you need to do!” 

Founder of Motherella Metaphysical and Wellness Center, Board Certified Nurse-Midwife, Psychic Medium/Intuitive Consultant, Certified Motivational Speaker, Certified USUI/Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Co-Author of "2 Voices"

"This book allows you to ignite the inner self and will guide you to wanting a better you! Diane is an inspirational entrepreneur and mentor who possesses an unbelievable power to motivate anyone looking to have a better you TODAY!  Those working alongside her will only have a positive experience, but most importantly a permanent one."

mall Business Accounting, Strategic Tax Planning, Speaker, Enrolled Agent, Author of “Taxstorm”

“Diane is a ray of sunshine and her demeanor and positive outlook on life is contagious.  Being in her presence and sharing conversations with her have always made me feel hopeful and inspired.  I’m so grateful to have her in my life.”