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Nomadic Waters

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Extremely professional and experienced

Nine guest fished with Nomadic Waters December 1-9. It was a completely exceptional experience. Most of the guest have traveled extensively and this operation was at the very top in terms of professionalism, experience and attention to detail. We caught well in excess of 800 fish in a week, had great food, fished with as good of guides as are on the planet, and got to experience the Amazonian jungle and the Brazilian culture. Absolutely top notch!

Beyond our expectations

the crew at Nomadic Waters are excellent. Awesome fishing adventure on the Rio Negro in Brazil. We can recommend it enough. The live aboard river boat was awesome. The staff was first class. The fishing was awesome with local guides who are wonderful. It was a dream vacation!

Negro Trip with Nomadic Waters

My wife and have just returned from a fishing trip with Nomadic Waters to Rio Negro. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip and getting to know Michael, Matthew and the entire crew. The trip was fantastic, and everything worked perfectly like a swiss watch. The pre-trip information letters, as well as Nomadic Water's website, were extremely detailed and helpful. The entire operation is well thought through, the guides are experienced, knowledgeable about their waters and very courteous (with the language barrier not being an issue at all). While almost all casting is to roots, trees and other structure, you should not be expecting to lose many lures or flies on snags, as in 95 cases out of a 100, your guide will save them. The fishing boats are professional bass fishing boats, which are conveniently wide and stable for both conventional and fly fishing. With probably just a couple of exceptions, other outfitters operating in the region use narrow, non-specialised boats and fishing from those would make you a better wire dancer, rather than a better angler. During our six-day trip, we have not seen any professional bass fishing boats from competing operations in the area we were fishing (we have seen some anchored in the port and on advertisement placard at the airport in Barcelos). The quality of food, cleanliness, overall safety and commitment to preserve the environment and local cultures have been mentioned in previous reviews, with which I fully concur. I am very picky about my fishing gear, and although I would never fish rental equipment unless I am forced to do so by the circumstances, I was duly impressed with the quality and condition of rental rods and reels (spinning, conventional and fly) that are available to Nomadic Waters' guests should they need them. Some of the spinning / conventional rods were custom built for Nomadic Waters by St. Croix just before the beginning of 2018 season. Wishing all the best to the Nomadic Waters' team and already thinking of my next trip with them to the Uatuma reserve (by the way, 2 out of 10 people in our group came to fish with Nomadic Waters for the second time).

Fishing Journey of a Lifetime!

My husband and I fished with Nomadic Waters for two weeks last year, and we will be back in 2019! Wonderful, caring staff and crew. The traditional food was delicious and healthy, and the accommodations most comfortable. The fishing was spectacular, with guides whose knowledge, patience, and care was treasured--both on and off the water. I learned so much on this trip, and the terrific fishing aside, we felt and became a part of the "Family of Nomadic Waters". This is a must trip for the true angler, and the true adventurer...We will be there next year, and the next, and...

Not Just A Fishing Trip...

Fishing is the excuse for the trip, but this is far more than a fishing trip. What an adventure...from the city experience in Manaus to living in The Amazon for 6 days & 7 nights. Every day provided a new experience in fishing, cultural encounters, jungle experience and much more. 

Can't say enough about the 2 owners and entire staff. The guides, kitchen staff, boat maids and boat captain & crew. All outstanding. The caring and professionalism comes thru and you can't fake it, every single day. Rooms were far better than expected, with each room having it's own toilet, shower & air conditioner! Maid and laundry SERVICE...every day. Leave your dirty clothes out in the morning, cleaned & folded in the evening. This can save you serious space when packing knowing this fact. Food was perfect. I'd call it healthy Brazilian Amazon comfort food. Plenty of it and plenty to choose from at every meal. The 2 owners who are on every trip are a total team. One is a consummate fishing professional, handling all fishing questions & needs and the other is the Man who just makes EVERYTHING else work. Fluent in the local language & river customs and comfortably at home on the river and with the local natives, which all translates into a great feeling of comfort and peace of mind for all the paying customers.

And not to forget the fishing. Even though I saw multiple video's prior to leaving I wasn't even close to understanding the explosive and angry power of a large Peacock Bass. 2-6 pounders are huge fun, but once you tag into a "grande" it's like hand to hand combat with one super powerful fish. They are absolutely serious about needing a 9wt.rod for fly fishing. You could land sub 7lb peacock on a 8 or maybe a 7wt, but you'd most likely snap that rod on a 8-9 lb fish and absolutely snap a 7-8wt if you tag into a 10+ lb Peacock. These fish don't scream into the middle of the river, they dive immediately into the jungle debris, so you need a rod with backbone if you'll have any chance of turning their head after the 1st explosion.

Can't wait to some day again wake up to one of those amazing Amazon jungle glowing orange sunrises...

Fear not the Amazon!

This will be my fourth trip October 2018, with Michael(Nomadic Waters) to the Amazon fishing and I cant wait. Each trip gets better and better. I have been to Canada fishing a number of times catching Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth and Walleye, but nothing fights like a peacock bass. Also you never know what you may catch which makes it even more exciting. The hospitality and service of the host and staff are unbeatable. Every effort is made to make the trip memorable and Nomadic Waters does a wonderful job of informing you of everything you need to bring.

Each Day is a NEW and Wonderful Experience

Kool Uncle Kenny [Rock Hill, SC] I am several decades old and had dreamed of going to the Amazon since I was 14; my dream came true last year thanks to the outstanding efforts of Nomadic Waters. I have started my preparations for my 2nd Brazilian Adventure with Nomadic Waters in OCT 2018. So, I thought that this was the perfect time to write a review, since the many great memories from last years trip keep coming to mind. I did not begin fly fishing until I was in my 60''s and had not fished for Peacock bass before fishing the Uatuma river branch of the Amazon. The results of last years trip in terms of numbers of fish caught exceeded my expectations. For me, those fish are the most beautiful that you can catch on a fly rod. They are also a very tough fighting fish; like smallmouth bass, they are fighting you all the way to the boat, but likely weigh a lot more. What a powerful fish!. We left the mother ship as soon as the sun was up and didn't return until it was almost dark. There was more than enough fishing action each day on the waters directly adjacent to the Uatuma. The pricing of the trip was very reasonable as compared to other guide companies that I looked at on line. So, to summarize for the fishing aspect of the trip, it was well worth the money spent. But, what really made the trip a special experience was the great team that Nomadic Waters has assembled. Michael does an excellent job of informing everyone about every possible detail needed to ensure that the trip is truly 'a trip of a lifetime'. Types of clothing & gear, how to get your Brazilian VISA, sources of key information, trip logistics, vaccinations needed to descriptions and things that you probably wouldn't think of yourself are supplied in the very informative e-mails and on their web site. Even if you only go once, you can be assured that it will be the best experience possible. All of the above aside, it is the Nomadic Waters staff on site, led by Matt Walker, that make their trip to the Amazon truly special. The guides are all local and although they don't speak much English (or none) you develop a special bond with them over the week. They want you to succeed in catching fish as much as you do, if not more. They care. I was curious when we were greeted by the guides to begin our trip last year. There we a lot of 'man hugs' for returning fishermen; by the end of the trip I understood why. We were invited to a village for lunch one day; the people there are very poor, yet they were willing to share everything with us. The children were so sweet and loved being able to play football (soccer) with a couple of our young guys who could really play. The food that Eunice puts out for consumption each day is to die for. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this fishing experience with Nomadic Waters was a priceless experience overall and I am so glad that i took the opportunity to go with them

Too many adventures to count!

I got home from my 2nd trip, and realized I had so many adventures rolled into one trip --- that I couldn't count them all!
From travel, to lodging, to delicious authentic Brazilian food -- and most of all to fishing for exotic species -- these were jam-packed trips that I will never forget.
I'm taking my young son back again this September, and due to diligent planning on the part of Nomadic Waters, I know we'll both be safe, and have the time of our lives.
Thanks for giving us a way to see the wild Amazon River region!

Amazing fish, people, and experience!

From the moment we pulled away from port on the cabin boat, fishing boats in-tow, I knew I was on an adventure like no other. I’ve fished Alaska, the Caribbean, parts of Asia and Europe, and all over the continental U.S., but this one felt different. Just after leaving port, some of my fellow guests were trying flies and rigging lures for the fishing to come, while pink Amazon dolphins jumped alongside the boat and birds that looked straight out of a Dr. Seuss book flew overhead. 
The fishing was incredible. I shouldn’t throw numbers out, because I’m sure each trip is different and the only guarantee I would think is that it’ll be an adventure, but our group of seven landed 864 fish in five days of fishing! About 90% of those were peacock bass up to almost 16 pounds, with several in the 20-pound-class hooked and lost. 
The crew, chef, and owners of Nomadic Waters take any concerns you might have about a trip like this and casts them aside. They know the region, they know how to make their guests feel valued and comfortable (and VERY well-fed!), and they know how to get you on some amazing fish. 
But there are a lot of outfits that can do the same thing. Why Nomadic Waters? Well, their owners are on every trip, so you’re not just booking through some outfitter who takes your money, hands you off, and is then hands-off during your trip. Getting to know Michael, Mike, and Matthew is a bonus of the trip. 
And, what’s more is this... they donate 10% of the profits back to the local river communities for projects that benefit these people in real, measurable ways. And you can see that respect from the locals anytime Nomadic Waters boats are in the area. They are... friends, equals. 
A trip with Nomadic Waters more than a fishing trip of a lifetime. It’s an adventure. And it’s an adventure with a purpose.


This trip exceeded my already high expectations! I can't wait to go back!! Nomadic Waters is a first class guide service and deserve all of the future success that may come their way!

Total attention to all details

Nomadic Waters has the most attentive and professional staff I’ve ever experienced in many years of fishing focused travel. Michael and Matt have a dedicated group of guides and support personnel that work together seamlessly to ensure a comfortable and fun experience from the moment you arrive in Manaus to the time of your return flight. Every aspect of the Brazil experience was top notch thanks to their efforts.

Not a once in a lifetime trip!

I had my apprehensions about traveling to the Amazon but Nomadic Waters proved all my fears to be unwarranted. The accommodations are way above my expectations. There is plenty of clean fresh water and delicious food. The mother ship is extremely nice and the air conditioning is such a nice refresher after fishing all day. 

Before taking this trip, I would rate myself as a novice fisherman at best. The guides worked with me the first day and taught me the correct way to cast. I had used a baitcaster maybe 3 times in my life before the trip and by the end of the week they had me making casts I never thought possible. They continually pushed me to get better and taught me something new every day. You don't have to arrive as an accomplished fisherman but you will certainly leave much better than when you arrived. 

They have every detail covered with respect to the travel. I was concerned about so many transition points between all the planes,hotels, and boats. Not one time was there an issue as they have people in place to help get you from point A to point B at every step along the trip. 

Notice I haven't even mentioned the fishing yet. This trip is so much more than a fishing trip. It is an experience. It is an adventure. It is exposure to another culture; another world. I watched pink dolphins, parrots, alligators, and even a monkey all while fishing. I joined an already planned trip at the last minute so I didn't know any of my fishing mates. This was not a problem at all. In fact it was great to come meet new people and realize we all share the common desire of that next cast. 

I can't say enough about this trip. The best thing I can say is that NONE of my concerns proved to exist and I left Brazil already planning my return next season.

The Fish are the bonus!

t really is the trip of a lifetime. Staying on the mothership and laearning about those who work with the company is life changing. Everyone’s an ambassador for their village and country. Bring your sense of adventure and patience. Food is great, accommodations are perfect, and the fish are mean. 10wt(several), intermediate sink line, and circle hook flies. Pay attention to your guide. Learn Portuguese. Have fun. You won’t regret going with Nomadic Waters. They will fill your soul beyond your wildest dreams, and have you begging for more. Practice your cast!! It’s a jungle down there!! But, you’d never know it until you hook into a big one.