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Thank you Walker and Motherella!

The Galactic Star Origin is a very special experience. Everything Walker and Motherella channeled resonated with me! I started connecting dots before I even finished the reading. It also brought validation! There was a specific waterfall that was brought up and I had intuitively drawn that same waterfall a couple weeks prior to the reading. I can’t wait to connect more with my star family and council!

Quantum Soul Retrieval

This guided experience with Walker may be one of the greatest, if not greatest, investments I have chosen for myself. It has given me the confidence that my souls healing is in my full control. That past traumas are not wiped away and forgotten, but healed. Overall, immediately after, my whole body was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you to Walker for his guidance and creating a safe space for me to be at my most vulnerable level.

Soul Retrieval

Wow, I highly recommend Soul Retrieval!!! Walker not only helped me but he saved me. I needed this and I didn’t even know it. I feel not only connected to my inner child but I feel like for once in my life my inner child is healed and happy. I feel at peace. I needed to cut those old chords and remove old karma debt. I see myself through a different lens and the focus is on myself. I’m confident and I fill myself with the love I need. Walker told me I wouldn’t recognize myself and what I stand for and he was so right!!! Since doing Soul Retrieval I’ve been able to stand up for my inner child with confidence. It’s truly such an amazing, beautiful experience and now more than ever I feel as though I am living MY life!! Thank you again, Walker!! You’re amazing!!

Spectra Mastery Attunement Course

This course is amazing! The information in this course was so easy to understand. I learned so much about energy healing and how I can use Spectra in everything that I create. This course is a turning point for my spiritual journey! Thank you Walker!!

Cellular Vitality Reset

I've been on this self-love journey since 2019. Before my reset, I felt a tethering and still felt a block. Motherella and Walker validated and guided me through my last assignment. After my cellular vitality reset, My Third Eye and Kundalini has been unblocked and I feel amazing. Coming out of my session, I was very emotional but knew that I was finally home. I feel free, amazing, healthy in the mind, body and soul. I highly recommend Cellular Vitality Reset.

Rainbow/Chrystaline Galactic Reading

I absolutely loved my Galactic Reading. My mom connected the dots with what Motherella and Walker channeled for me. It makes sense now why I love Dragons. I was telling my mom for the last two years that I wanted to visit Greece. Thank you for the validation Motherella and Walker. This boosted my self-confidence of my soul path and purpose

5D Spectra - Quantum Soul Retrieval

Thank you Walker,
My Sole Retrieval was something I really didn't think I needed....I didnt think I had any trauma's, but how wrong was I! I felt the shift, I found my innerchild and I truely feel such a stronger connection to my Higher Self now. This has had a profound impact on me and I highly reccomend this to everyone.

Rainbow Child Reading

Another absolutely amazing experience from Motherella & Walker. Completely nailed who my daughter is and has given her and I some insight to help her on her life journey.

Cellular Vitality Reset

The first day after my CVR, I spent most of the day gathering vegetables from the garden and processing them, then the next 2 days cleaning my home, taking care of little things that sat for months because of a lack of energy, and so on. Normally, my back hurts so much, I need to rest a few days after standing on my feet for many hours. If I have this much energy without a lot of pain like before, I can just imagine how great I am going to feel when I start the suggested healing supplement!

Motherella and Walker are on target every time and their methods of guidance are wonderful. My husband had went through the CVR and the follow up with most excellent results. They get to the root of what is going on and offer guidance on the ways you can bring your body into the whole health we were meant to be born with. I love it!

Power couple psychic reading

I recently did a reading with Motherella and Walker and it was incredible. They gave me so much information and really guided me in a clear way that was powerful and meaningful. The future looks bright and everything takes work. Thank you guys so much for all you do I feel blessed to have found you and grateful 🙏🙌🏻

Soul Retrieval

My session with Walker was excellent. He was thorough, patient and took the time to explain how to heal yourself and break cycles that have been in place for years if not generations. I am excited to begin the process….

Galactic Star Reading

Absolutely Loved my reading! I enjoy being able to relisten and maybe pick up on things I missed the first time or two. It's great to have more of an understanding of myself and guidance on where my path is going..

Galactic Star Reading 🌟 💫

I’m so grateful to have been able to work with Walker and Motherella separately and now together. Power couple who are honest and sincere with their readings. So much is clicking and making sense. Thank you for opening the door……I’m walking through it and growing everyday. Your readings are priceless and I also love being a member of The Tribe of Eden!

Galactic Star Origin reading

This reading was amazing. I recently started feeling stuck in my life and after having my reading, I feel like I know which direction to go. Motherella and Walker, you both have such great energy I could feel it. I got so much information out of it at one point I started crying! I’m definitely going to start watching some of your other videos so I could grow with a community who is as open minded as you guys. Thank you both again!

Spectra Mastery Attunement Course

I am glad I purchased SMA. I did my soul retrieval and Supernova. When Walker released SMA, I knew I would purchase the course. Walker is very thorough in explaining in detail in each Stage how Spectra works. I knew that I would benefit with my own transformation by taking SMA. I watched each stage more than once and gained a lot of knowledge. This course helped me understand my own transformation and how I can stay in 5D. I've learned how to navigate myself out of being hijacked. I've learned how to release and open up new healing for myself. Every time I attune myself, I feel more connected to Source energy. I highly recommend purchasing Spectra Mastery Attunement. I will be incorporating Spectra into my own line of Bath Soaks, Bath bombs, essential oils and more to be announced. I absolutely love, love the thoroughness and at your own pace of learning. Thank you Walker.

Spectra Quantum Healing

Leading up to my session I was filled with anxiety and not sure what at all to expect. Walker took his time to explain and talk through everything with me. The Meta-tation he lead was amazing, I don't know how to put into words exactly how I felt afterward, but I've never felt more like the me I've always felt I should be. I'm 2 weeks into the homework and replay and it's been a wonderful self journey. Highly recommend this to anyone whos even considering being interested.

Galactic Council Follow-Up

Being a member of The Tribe of Eden I received my STAR Family certificate a few mos. ago. Within a few weeks of receiving that I had two different people who didn't know each other and never visited before come to my house. Each said something that nobody has ever said before about my colorful and eccentric paint and decor: One "your home is so magical" and the other "Your home is so magical. It's like fairies live here." I almost fell over since one of my Star Families is Faery. So I was super excited when Motherella and Walker told me during my Galatic Reading that one of the higher Fae beings came through. It was recommended that I create a space and/or fairy garden to channel her from. I was a little disappointed that one of my male family members on my Council didn't come through with a message. It was interesting that 4 has always been my favorite number and I was told I would meet 4 of Council members over time. The message from the goddess that came through described my current family dynamics and relationships to a T. The last message that Walker conveyed about moving online or digital but without further information or context actually made sense to me as it describes some things I am mulling for my mind-body passion since I lost my side mind-body jab for declining to get the bee sting. If you haven't joined the Tribe or at least found out who your Star Families are and get the reading, do will be magical and insightful.

Connect the dots... Not just a game!

Oh, the dots! Through my Galactic Star Reading (second one) so many dots have been connected. Puzzle pieces are fitting and the excitement and self-empowerment I am now feeling is something I've never experienced before in all my many years of searching and yearning.

I've never physically met any of the Tribe members but I know I'm with family. What a fulfilling place to be.

Again and again I'll speak about Motherella and Walker's authenticity which is perfectly blended with wisdom, honesty, truth, care, kindness, humor and direction. It's no accident any of us are here. I am so grateful to our fearless leaders and to every member of the Tribe. I could go on and on but I'm sure pretty much everyone understands.

Soul retrieval is next! Thank you Motherella and Walker for helping to finally open up the Universe for me. I am forever grateful. I get it!


Being able to have both of you, Motherella and Luke, of whom I completely trust to not only teach me but guide me while I’m living this life here, is something I absolutely value and will always treasure! I am so grateful for the service you provide and I couldn’t even imagine where I would be today without you.

Love you both!!

Soul retreaval session

I am on a spiritual path and I am doing everything under the sun to uncover my soul path and to live my authentic true self. I had a session with Walker less than a week ago and he explained everything so perfectly and clearly that in that session I already felt myself shift. If you want to heal your inner child this is the way to go. I already feel so much love for my inner child and I just started my homework. This is the real deal and I would advice this to everyone. Thank you Walker ❤️🙏

Galatic Star Origin reading

Thank you so much for my Galactic Star Origin reading. It was so interesting and the message resinated with me, it was truly amazing!
I love that I have 3 Faes on my council and that you mentioned that I need to be surrounded by water
I did move to be by the sea 12 years ago. I live on a small island which is on another island in the Gold Coast QLD Australia so I could not be more surrounded by water if I tried... I am surrounded by water on all 3 Islands :-)
Thank you so much Motherella and Walker for guiding and teaching all those that seek out to connect to their Galactic families, you are both amazing!!

Galactic Star Origin

I stand by my other testimonials; Motherella and Walker are the power couple. Both channel spirit in different ways, and if one does not have the answer, the other one jumps in and says I got it. I have found out so much through them. They have connected a lot of my fragmented pieces of information into a coherent picture. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Siani Reece

Soul retreaval session

I am on a spiritual path and I am doing everything under the sun to uncover my soul path and to live my authentic true self. I had a session with Walker less than a week ago and he explained everything so perfectly and clearly that in that session I already felt myself shift. If you want to heal your inner child this is the way to go. I already feel so much love for my inner child and I just started my homework. This is the real deal and I would advice this to everyone. Thank you Walker ❤️🙏

Spectra Attunement Course

Empowered is how I feel after taking this course. The content opened the curtain if you will on the forces behind it who orchestrate keeping us in darkness. The opening verses of the Hanuman Chalisa are "Remember O Hanuman, remember who you are" the bill for me. The attunement at the end was the icing on the cake. I literally felt my energy and spine elongating and reaching toward the heavens. The post course session with Walker was perfect to help calm nerves and disple my lack of confidence to use the power of the quantum in my life and share it with those open to it. Thanks Walker...mission accomplished with this course. Om Shanti.

Galactic family reading

Motherella and Walker were amazing on my reading and everything they channeled for me was absolutely connecting and confirming what I already knew. Thank you guys so much 🙏

Galactic Star Reading

I am so new to all this and even being a member of the tribe I pretty much sit back, listen and take it all in. Just trying to learn and understand all that is shared. There is so much to absorb!
My galactic star reading was crazy because of what Motherella and Walker were able to channel from some of my council. I have so much to research and am excited to learn more. It was pretty surreal to hear that I have a connection to Fae (Faery) because everything about that is so me! I am so connected to everything in nature and my “relationship” with it has intensified over the past couple years. I truly feel a soul connection to the inner earth, being out with nature and creating in my yard. I think I have been connecting with this side of my council forever but not knowing it. My reading just intensified the connection…. Kind of like finding out what makes me tick1

SMA Course Addendum

I forgot to add in my summary & previous testimonial something I feel is wonderful after I took the SMA course- I am now calm, balanced & grounded 99.99% of the time. No feelings of worry or anxiety pop up like they used to do, nor do I get angry at various things, usually small things!, that used to perturb me greatly. I approach a problem with a calmness I have never had before. Except if I majorly overdo in the garden, I feel wonderful & my attitude is consistently optimistic & pleasant, something I have not felt since I was a small child. My body is slimming down slowly to my normal slender weight without me doing anything "extra". Spectra has done wonders for me physically, mentally & spiritually, besides being the best form of lightworking & healing method I have ever learned. Best of all, I have learned to really live. I am loving my "Spectra Life".

Galactic Soul Origin

My reading was mind blowing. Motherella and Walker are such incredible souls having this reading was the best thing I could do for myself. So much of what they said resonates with me. Finding out where you come from has to be the most amazing piece of information you can be given. Thank you so much to you both. What your doing in the world is incredible.

2nd Galactic Star Family Reading

I had my 2nd Galactic Star Family reading to answer additional questions. Many things have flowed into place for me after the reading. The private question- Yes, it Sings! I never had a real father. Having one of my Star Fathers and Mothers coming forward together brings so many wonderful feelings and knowings into my Heart. My husband and I were given the backstory of our deep connection and love for each other. It came from our life together many, many thousands of years ago. The knowledge shared validated why we chose to take our current path of healing, love and growth together. Thank you with many hugs and loves, Motherella and Walker!

I understand myself for the first time

There are few words in this world to describe the way I have felt since impowering my inner child and freeing both of us. Since my healing, I have been able to freely release emotions that I have been taught to hold in my entire life. Thousands of dollars of therapy and medications have never even come close to the healing that I am still experiencing as I continue to release my trauma. I am incredibly thankful to Walker because I know in my heart that in the short time since my session, the spectra healing has already made me a better spouse and mother. If you are even the tiniest bit curious about the healing, please just do it. You will be so glad that you did.

Galactic Star Origin

I want to give Motherella and Walker a big thank you for answering my three questions. It validated some things for me and it also answered a couple of questions I had that I was stuck on.

All I have to say to them is no pressure (LOL).

Feeling Free and Amazing

What an amazing experience! I went through the spectra soul retrieval. I never felt better. My inner child is so happy. Going through the healing process has made me feel free and more confident. What an amazing journey and I thank Walker for being a part of it. Walker has an amazing gift. I highly recommend the spectra soul retrieval.

Feeling Free

I am so grateful for experiencing the quantum soul retrieval. I feel amazing and free. . My inner child is is very happy. Luke is amazing and so talented. I highly recommend spectra. Thank you Luke!!!

Quantum Soul Retrieval

All I can say is WOW!!! Luke is an amazing healer. He puts you at ease, a good listener and brings you to that space where you need healing. When I did the meditation I sobbed, tears of healing ❤️‍🩹 and tears of joy for the healing. What an amazing experience!! Feel like a totally different person and people who know me have noticed the change. It’s great!! Highly recommend!!

I can't stop listening to my story!

I can't thank Walker and Motherella enough for taking the time to open my eyes to a family that I never knew I had. I literally can't stop watching my reading and every time I feel like I learn something new. If you have ever wondered if there is more to life than your day to day, get your star reading and open yourself up to what is truly inside you. I feel like I have been given such a beautiful gift.

The Spectra Mastery Attunement Course

This is a fantastic course! It flows for me beautifully in a way that other lightworking methods I have used throughout my life have not. They did not carry the method, energies, safety or end results. The course in broken down into small stages. You are not overwhelmed and can fully innerstand the Why of how Spectra was designed the way it is, and then the How of using it properly. The course is presented with clarity and the terminology are not complicated. The visuals are beautifully done and assist in the learning process. The fail-safe protocol installed means you cannot accidently harm another, that is lacking in other lightworking methods. One cannot purposely harm another or those you are working on cannot harm you, the protocol is that perfect. The protocol is one part of Spectra that brought me tears of joy, it is so important to me personally. I look forward to being able to help myself and others that ask for my help. Since it can be applied to other areas of Life, I wonder if I can put my whole craft room of supplies into a working instead of by the art/craft? laughing... If you want to be a Light Warrior, Spectra is the best I have ever learned and will be the only one I will ever use from now on. I am honored to be part of this tribe, the Spectra Light Warriors. ~ Deb Matz

Quantum Soul Retrieval

All I have to say is wow! This was an experience I will never forget. Walker explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I didn't have to ask him to explain anything twice. He is an attentive listener, and I didn't feel embarrassed once while talking.

The Meditation part of the session is a mind-blowing experience. I became emotional at one point and had tears spilling down my face, but they were healing tears. I had waves of energy coursing through my body and full body shivers through the whole meditation, and at the end, it all accumulated in a large wave of energy that I felt flow from the bottom of my feet out the top of my head. Since that, I have felt like a completely different person, a better version of myself. I don't even recognize myself in the mirror anymore, and it is a good thing.

Thank you, Walker, for this amazing experience.

Galactic Reading

I won the galactic reading from Motherella and Walker! Hands down the best reading I have ever, ever, had!!! Everything resonated with me and was so precise it gave me chills and brought me to tears. Some of the things that were stated were the exact thoughts and impressions I have been getting these past few weeks and after this reading it was more confirmation for me. Thank you to the both of you! I feel so special and like I am well on my path to meeting more of my star family and making many many more galactic connections!

A complete change of life

I was referred to do this session without being told much about it besides that I “had” to do it. The session was 100% therapeutic without any hard work or effort- unlike my normal therapy sessions. The night of my session,8 experienced many different forms of purging so I know it was working. Not even 24 hours later and I feel as though I have swallowed a bottle of xanex. My anxiety that I have lived with since I was a child is gone. I feel at peace with myself and this is only the beginning. I am looking forward to the massive life changes that will be taking place and I really hope you take the time to do this as well as this is a TRUE healing session.

Galactic Star Origin

This is my second Galactic Star Family Reading, and I have to say it amazes me every time I get one. Motherella and Walker work well together and feed off each other. I get a fuller picture of what my galactic family is trying to tell me through them both.

My only wish is to ask more questions because I always tend to walk away with more than when I started, but that is what self-discovery is all about.

I highly recommend everyone get one of these readings, especially if you feel stuck or need something answered right away.

Siani R.

Tribe of Eden TV Galactic Questions

Wow, I have chills running down my spine. I always had an inner knowing that I was a vessel for my blood family. On Memorial day, I asked for a sign of my star father's origination and I saw the name Orion on an awning. I always had an inner knowing my mother was a Fae like me but didn't know she was the highest Fae. My Blood mother loves to garden so that ties it up. The way you described my star father and mother mimics my blood family here on earth. You validated my inner knowing of Athena being on my council. In a dream I had a vivid vision on entering the Parthenon and seeing Athena. I just didn't know how to connect it and now you've validated my connection. This week in my Tribe of Eden TV journal I had made a list of how I want to connect with my Fae side and I started pinning pictures of Faery gardens. I've already started my DoTerra display as a Faery theme. Thank you for connecting the dots.

Spectra Session - Experience

Had an amazing healing session today with Walker, and feel like a major breakthrough took place. It definitely was a very positive experience!

A complete change of life

I was referred to do this session without being told much about it besides that I “had” to do it. The session was 100% therapeutic without any hard work or effort- unlike my normal therapy sessions. The night of my session,8 experienced many different forms of purging so I know it was working. Not even 24 hours later and I feel as though I have swallowed a bottle of xanex. My anxiety that I have lived with since I was a child is gone. I feel at peace with myself and this is only the beginning. I am looking forward to the massive life changes that will be taking place and I really hope you take the time to do this as well as this is a TRUE healing session.

Just what I needed

What a difference! My soul retrieval cleared out all my past trauma. Super nova helped create the avatar that matches my soul. I feel so excited and optimistic for my future. Thank you Walker for showing me how capable I am.

Enlightening and Amazing 5D Energy Sitrep Consultation

After my SPECTRA I session and over the next 6 months, I progressively healed various traumas and moved forward as a Being like I never thought was possible. I have never felt this great all of my life, except the moment I held my daughter. Recently I felt that I was at a crossroads of where I wanted to head next. I kept getting the message I needed more healing and I could not sense why. I booked a consultation (5D Energy Sitrep Consultation) to find out why I was sensing that. Luke is amazing and helped pinpoint areas I did not realize needed some serious healing. If you want to learn how to take back your power, heal yourself and more, you are in the best place possible to make that happen. Luke's method of Quantum Healings are amazing. I feel I am thriving at the highest levels I have ever felt- physically, mentally and spiritually.


I just want to share my experience with this Spectra just in case anyone is wondering what exactly is going on. I can say I was very open to this, ready for change ready to grow. we talked for a bit about how it works, and any questions i had he clearly explained, the Meta-tation was just fucking amazing, i felt alot of heat, like really sweating (just sitting on the couch eyes closed and listening) he is truly gifted, his voice, the words, the music everything. just amazing i can't even explain it properly. I had my eyes closed and saw amazing colors, and alot of purple, i dont know if that is supposed to even happen and i dont think i mentioned it because i was sweating so much i was trying to not focus on how hot it was and just listen to his voice and music and really immerse myself. when it ended i really felt very calm and peacful. He did say that the next couple weeks would be a little rough but i know what to do now.. i dont have to react i understand whats happening and i am so grateful to Walker & Motherella you guys both are such a blessing to us, we are growing so much in the past year i can't even believe it sometimes. truly so grateful. AND as i sit to write this i checked the mail from yesterday and i got my Tribe of Eden TV certificate on my star family origin, THAT to me is SO EXCITING i keep giggling to myself..:) I hope if you are hesitating on spectra you will take a leap of faith and let go of fear or any doubt. truly nothing is going to stop whats coming. xoxoxo

The Ultimate in healing

After my SPECTRE I session and over the next 6 months, I progressively healed various traumas and moved forward as a Being like I never thought was possible. I have never felt this great all of my life, except the moment I held my daughter. Recently I felt that I was at a crossroads of where I wanted to head next. I kept getting the message I needed more healing and I could not sense why. I booked a consultation to find out why I was sensing that. Luke is amazing and helped pinpoint an area I did not realize needed some serious healing. If you want to learn how to take back your power, heal yourself and more, you are in the best place possible to make that happen. Luke's Quantum Healing method, SPRECTRA, (and everything else he is offering), is for those who want to be sovereign Beings that thrive at the highest levels- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Excellent and life changing

I highly recommend the SPECTRA II 5D supernova. It was amazing and will change your life. Walker was very accurate in his predictions and assessment of the current situation also. I now feel so much lighter, free, energized, and able to manage stress better because my perspective has changed completely. I knew meditation was a great thing to adopt but this is a real game changer.


I'm so thrilled about this reading, I definately resonated with everything you both said, I wrote my notes as you both spoke and will read up on Belshar, and Andromeda..I just wanted to say thank you from my heart to yours, Timothy totally resonated as well, we have this joke between ourselves about atlantis, so funny that is part of me we would imagine ourselves in that time and just love that so much:) I know this will help both of us to find our way to helping and healing others xoxoxox much love and respect to you both love lorraine and timothy

Galactic Star Origin

I received my galactic star family reading with Michelle and Walker and it was absolutely amazing. What they were telling me was dead on and in a way I always knew it but I guess I needed the kick into reality. Highly recommend everybody to get their reading done. So informative. Love you guys


I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the time Luke spent with me doing a reading and healing session. It was incredible the way he was spot on in his assessment of my higher self and cosmic connection beyond the earth plane. I would highly recommend this generous and gifted reader/healer. Again, deepest gratitude from a fellow cosmic traveler.


This spectra healing was an amazing experience. It hit hard into my heart and I have been working on what homework walker gave me and I have seen the difference on how I’m being my new self more aware of what’s going on around me I have alot more to do/go but I’m glad that I pushed myself and was able to start my new path and purpose. Healing my inner child. Much thanks to walker!!!

An awakening with Luke....

Yesterday I had a spiritual journey with Luke. I requested a 5D Spectra - Quantum Soul Retrieval session. I am in the medical field, a medium, and a Spiritualist (once catholic). The growth of my spirit has always been directed by my own spirit. When they nudge, I pay attention. A friend recommended Motherella and Luke, their conversations were making me go back to my childhood and past experiences in my life. I was given a gift from spirit allowing me to experience the 5G dimension for a week; at a time in my life where I was barely hanging on. During this week of 5G, it was as if I was not in the chaos, though the chaos still existed. My inner knowing understood I would be okay. What a gift it was. I have since been trying to go to this level, it is a wonderous feeling. Another experience that brought me closer to Michelle and Walker was prior to my sister's passing, she talked about lying on a slab, she was frightened because there were aliens, she kept her eyes closed. I put off her visions as medicine induced. Now the government is opening files regarding UFOs. Listening to Motherella and Walker, they were resonating with what my experiences were. I had a reading by Motherella and she proved not only a gifted medium but also a loving person. My guides nudged me to have a session with Luke. To be honest, I did not understand why, but I followed through. He is remarkable, he is a soul shaman. He pulls you out of the dark hole and brings you into the light. I thought I knew where I was stuck, being a Catholic before a Spiritualist, I was in quicksand. Luke is a true healer, the minute I sat with palms up for meditation, I immediately felt the energy in my palms. As he continued what I call the healing connection, colors so vibrant began to flow throughout my body. The experience was a presence of love and healing.
He cleared me, going back to when I was four years old when the darkness started. Once I saw myself at this age, a release of tears started. He meditated with me, and all I can say is I feel so much lighter and I am one within my spirit. If you are researching and reading this, you are being nudged by your Spirit. Thank you, Walker! Namaste

Quantum Soul Retreival

I feel very different even after the first session. are Strangers seem memorized by my being and more drawn to me. I feel lighter with less anxiety. I am looking forward to the next few months where I should likely see even more change.

Spiritual Development & Healing

My session with Luke has been life altering. My session brought me back to my trauma and gave me the ability to change the way I perceived it. My new relationship to my inner child has altered my present in ways I never thought were possible. This experience has given me the abilities of conscious exploration and I have been able to connect and see things like never before. Also, my intuition has never been more fierce, like WHOAH! Thank you, Luke. I am profoundly grateful for everything!

Life Changing!

I have had both healings done. Through Spectra l: Soul Retrieval, Luke provided an open, energized and activated quantum space for me to recover the lost parts of myself through a navigated visualization. Prior to seeing him I had a lot of fragmented trauma stuck in my body. Over this healing he made it possible to stimulate my inner child again, to keep her safe and love her unconditionally like never before. I was given the strength to not only dissolve past wounds and mindsets but to also leave a toxic relationship and fully choose myself. When I was ready I did Spectra ll: 5D Supernova. He guided me in my own personalized meditation where I could step into my best and highest form. His work is life changing and has given me my inner power back. I am more confident, have successfully shed a version of myself that no longer served me and was able to step into the bad ass energy I’ve always wanted to embody. Truly an incredible experience and I couldn’t stop smiling at the end of my sessions. You can feel an energy shift within yourself, level up your consciousness and transform in the most beautiful ways through his amazing work.

Amazing Energy Shift

After having my sessions with Luke and following through on my 'homework assignments' I have experienced amazing energy shifts and recently, an almost instant manifestation! The work that he is doing is incredible and the shifts that I am experiencing are helping me through some of the toughest times in my life, as well as give me hope and inspiration to move forward to reach my dreams. Whether you are stuck or are ready to evolve to the next level in your life, book a session with Luke for amazing results!!

Mind over Manifestation

I was very impressed with my soul retrieval session. I was able to heal past trauma that had been suppressed for decades. I hadn't realized how that lingering trauma was affecting my health, my decision making, and blocked my ability to trust my intuition and personal guidance. Within weeks my life changed dramatically and I was able to take massive action that propelled me forward in unimaginable ways. Fast foward 3 months and I felt ready to tackle Super Nova. Luke is an extremely gifted healer, who empowers his clients to unlock the absolute best version of themselves. He does not impose his own agenda. I left the session feeling energized and ready to embrace living in my future self NOW! I have been doing the homework and have asked for Divine Intervention to be open to new opportunities. I co-created this blueprint and began to manifest the life of my dreams. Just 5 days later an amazing opportunity presented itself for my business in a way I never would have expected. I am an overthinker by nature. I can tell you that today for the FIRST time in my life I trusted my intuition and I leaped at this opportunity. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Every choice I've made or chance I decided to let pass me by in this life has led me to where I am right now. I am exactly where I am meant to be and I am over the moon excited what the future holds.🙌 Thank you Luke for helping me see my limitless potential!

My Inner Child Says Thank You

My session was a completely customized experience. The attention to detail and information I received was above and beyond what words can convey. In one session I broke through more barriers then I ever had with years of therapy. I feel complete now. The session itself could only be described as beautiful. I very much plan to do the second session.

Breaking through the barrier

Luke was able to gently break through this barrier that I had no knowledge of. By connecting me with my inner child and showing me how she had felt alone and neglected all of these years. I was able to heal trauma that I had long since forgotten and in doing so, it unblocked me in so many ways. My health became stronger, my weight became more stablized, I had more energy, and confidence in trusting my intuition. I feel empowered and ready to step into the life that's been waiting for me all these years. Luke truly has a gift! So thankful for this opportunity of healing ❤


This was a great awakening for me . I had lacked confidence and self esteem. Since my work with Luke . I feel transformed and see and feel differently. Positive thoughts and feel I can and I will. Thank you


I had an amazing experience. I felt so calm and peaceful after my session at a very stressful time in my life. The day after my reading, my soon to be ex husband signed a custody agreement. Something I thought would be impossible because it was completely in my favor. A true miracle! Thank you!

A True Quantum Shift

Luke's method of Spectra Healing has been very rewarding for me – it has accelerated the physical manifestation of my highest self. I truly felt this healing as it occurred, and have seen direct results from actualizing self-love for my inner child. I have lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. Every day I wake up in a high vibration, feeling like my absolute best self, instead of tired, groggy, and not looking forward to my day. If you need a little activation in your journey, book with Luke now. It's a beautiful, rewarding experience.

Thoughtful and extremely effective

First, I must say i am so blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with Luke. I was at a point in my life where change needed to happen, and happen asap! Luke more than delivered. He is so kind and quickly realizes how he can help you. His remarkable abilities shine right though and take you on a wonderful journey.
I would greatly encourage anyone to try his services so you are not only more connected to yourself but grow leaps and bounds in the process.
Thanks so much Luke (Walker)!
I can't wait to do Super Nova!

A True Quantum Shift

Luke's method of Spectra Healing has been very rewarding for me – it has accelerated the physical manifestation of my highest self. I truly felt this healing as it occurred, and have seen direct results from actualizing self-love for my inner child. I have lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. Every day I wake up in a high vibration, feeling like my absolute best self, instead of tired, groggy, and not looking forward to my day.

If you need a little activation in your journey, book with Luke now. It's a beautiful, rewarding experience.

Amazing Experience

I had a Spectrum Healing with Luke "Walker" a few days ago and it was a life changing experience for me! I wasn't sure how I would do with something like this, but my body became so relaxed and I could see everything Luke said like it was right in front of me, and I became so emotional, it truly was amazing! I have done the mediation every day so far and I can honestly say I am feeling so much stronger and loving myself more and more each day! Thank you so much, Luke!

Spectra Quantum Soul Retrieval

Luke guided me through a wonderful healing experience which left me feeling lighter and inherently optimistic!

First Healing Season

Always be Bosto (Be Of Service To Others.) Words are not enough thanks. I feel stronger to my guides and my dreams don't feel like dreams anymore there more like astral traveling or time travel now.

Very helpful

Luke helped me so much! He truly is an amazing person who is very gifted! Went to him for my fear of dying, Its been 5 days now and I am feeling great, I would definitely have anyone go to him for anything to get the healing they need!

Super Nova Reprogramming

I had my first session with Luke in November to work through my traumas. Luke knew exactly how to bring me into a state of hypnosis to rid of old emotions. I recently did my Super Nova with Luke in December. I was feeling stuck for awhile and after my Super Nova, I feel a rebirth. I feel amazing. Looking back on who I used to be was an illusion. Luke is amazing at what he does. I am forever grateful for our sessions. I highly recommend Luke in your Spiritual Journey.

Change is happening

I went into my healing with an open mind. Not knowing what to expect. Luke is an amazing soul that understands the human psyche. He understands what we need to heal from the inside. Coming out of my “trance” I felt a tremendous amount of relief lift from my body. Scary and unsure because my ego wants me to revert back to the dark place for safety. But as the days have progressed I’ve managed to maintain my feelings of hope and stay above in a positive place where my soul can now be free and progress to feel worthy of all that I deserve. Thank you Nova Body.

True Authenticity! Dive into any topic and under stand the Why behind the why.

Luke has an uncanny ability to connect the dots on ANY topic or idea. Our discussions lead me to understand a bit more about myself and my passion as an Artist. When someone speaks with his true authenticity, it resonates in the soul and is undeniably. When someone speaks and wants nothing in return, sometimes you should heed their words and execute your path. Thank you Luke!

Super Nova Quantum Healing

I just had my last session with Luke. I definitely feel different . I don’t feel stuck. I feel different, It’s like I’m a new person. As Luke says, my Divine birth right before I was programmed.

My healing

Luke, fully breaks down what you need to do to change yourself. He explains how it is important to see your change and future. Being engaged with his guided meditation has given me new insight and clear expectations. I could not be more satisfied with both of my healings in the past few months.

A switch was flipped in healing with Luke

I didn't know what to expect through quantum healing; it was recommended to me by Motherella due to the patterns in my love in not only my romantic relationships, but all relationships. What the healing made me realize was the one relationship I overlooked, and that was the one with myself. Luke brought me back to the divine soul within me, that I have been living without. I feel he brought me to a higher awareness of the essence of who I am, and in a short period of time I felt the cloud that loomed over me most of my life (of not feeling lovable and feeling abandoned) dissipate before me. It is difficult to explain the emotion, but it is something everyone can benefit from. My heart, my head, my soul feels renewed. Thank you Luke!

Absolutely life-changing!

In all my years of experiencing energy work, I have truly never experienced anything like this. Luke’s transformative work helps reunite you with the deepest parts of yourself and it changes your life in all ways. Since our session I feel like a completely different person. I feel like the ME I was as a kid, not the person who has been so changed from the world and traumatic experiences. My relationships are so different. I hold boundaries with ease. My ability to express myself has blown open wide! My physical body is changing and self-healing in so many ways. I am forever changed and grateful. Thank you, Luke!

Soulful Reboot

I just can’t put into words how much I appreciate Luke as a person, kind soul, and spiritual mentor. A session with Luke is truly life changing. I finally feel my childhood trauma has been healed snd I look forward to the new chapter in my life with a soulful reboot. Luke is a treasure on this earth and I’m so glad I reached out and was able to work with him.

Best shape ever, only getting better

Luke and his programs have given me control over the shape and function of my body. He knows what it takes to get you slim, he knows what it takes to get you bulk, and he shares that with you. Im bigger than I've been in a long time, due to covid, but I don't mind because it's almost entirely muscle packing on; my arms and chest and legs are massive and I'm still nimble and functional. Love these workouts.


Words can’t describe how AMAZING I feel after my session with Luke. I haven’t felt this good and positive in a very long time. Thank you for everything, Luke!

Inner Child Healing

Luke has an amazing gift. I've been working on cutting cords with past traumas but felt stuck. I was referred to Luke by Dr. Piper. I've followed Luke's podcasts and familiarized myself with his work. I thought why not give it a try. Well, I'm forever grateful I booked a session with Luke. He has a way with his energy and meditation to bring you to that part of your life that needs to be released. It took me 7-9 days but on the 9th day I felt amazing. It's a rebirth. It's a little confusing at first but he pulls you into that trauma and makes you release it. Overall, I'm glad with my session. It was the last piece of the puzzle to my healing journey. Thank You Luke You are an amazing human

Grateful Free Spirit

Luke is a dedicated, compassionate soul who loves to help his clients succeed with their personal growth. If you are looking for processes to truly dive deep and understand your soul, mind and body on a quantum level, I highly reccomend connecting with him. So much has awakened within me since working together, not because a magic wand was waved but because he guided me through my own self discovery and wouldn't let me give up. I think the biggest thing I have learned here is that I am not a victim, everything is a reflection of my inner state. My life has truly been changed and I will always be grateful for the help in remembering my true self.
Blessings ♡

Powerful & Empowering!

Luke has a beautiful gift & is amazing at what he does. For a few years I have been on a healing journey. No matter what I have done I still felt like I was on a hamster wheel. It’s been two weeks since my session with Luke and I am a new person. He went straight to the source and knew exactly what needed to be worked on. A weight has been lifted that I have carried around for years. I am empowered to speak my mind and create boundaries. I am no longer willing to do things or be around people that make me feel bad. Luke is so insightful, compassionate & puts his entire heart in his work. I am so grateful for this life changing experience. It is definitely what my Soul needed and I can’t wait until my next session.

Spectra Quantum Healing is amazing!

Spectra Quantum Healing is amazing! I love that Luke is self-empowering with his method, you part of your own healing. Luke is caring, empathic and an amazing healer. I lacked confidence, the ability to trust and lacked self-worth. I did not realize that the events from early childhood and most of my life had fractured me at such depths.Once the fracture had been healed, Luke worked the Spectra Quantum healing into action, setting in motion the healing of my DNA, body and Essence, I have no words to describe how I feel now, except I feel whole, complete, in all ways. I will be forever grateful for the synchronicity that introduced me to Luke's Nova Body and his Spectra Quantum healing services, and to Luke himself. Thank you again!


Luke is an amazing gifted healer. I have been in the industry of healing for over two decades and I have never ever experienced such transformational healing as I did with Luke's Spectrum Healing. I strongly recommend working with Luke if you are looking to rid the old you, remove patterns, stop your blocks, and shift to a vibration that creates the NEW future you. I have referred many clients to him. Thank me later! Love, Motherella