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Food is Medicine

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, Thomas' HEAL program introduced me to the low-fat whole food plant-based lifestyle. Although I was already a vegetarian with a leaning towards eating vegan, admittedly, I was actually eating a large amount of processed foods, some of which I thought were somewhat healthy - veggie burgers, cheese substitutes, olive oil, etc. To be truly honest, I was also eating packaged products full of refined flour, processed oil, salt or white sugar on most days. Thomas encouraged participants to focus on eating real food, with meals centered around a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, herbs and spices, with the addition of a small amount of avocado, nuts or seeds. Cravings for sugar were gone almost immediately. Weight started coming off... And it has been as simple as eating --- Something I already loved doing. The program doesn't focus on dieting. The classes focus on learning the cause/prevention of some of the most prevalent diseases in the US. With that knowledge came a shift in how I viewed food. I now enjoy eating more than I have ever done before. I have no guilt or shame - and I am not dieting. Thank you, Thomas. I am so thankful to have met you!

HEAL Program - Highly Effective

On September 1 we started eating a Plant Based diet. Since then my A1C (3 month blood glucose average) has dropped from 8.3 to 7.4 and I have lost 7 more pounds! Shane's A1C has gone from 8.4 to 7.3 and has lost 10 pounds! And has been able to cut his long acting insulin from 256 units/day down to 100 units/day, that is 156 units down in less than 60 days! Thank you Thomas, you are helping to change our lives, even though we have been a little stubborn.

The Gift of Good Health

The best decision for personal health and well being I've made in my life was to take Thomas Bosch's HEAL class last spring through LCC. I owe my health and my greatly improved blood chemistry to Thomas teaching me and firmly planting my feet on the whole food, plant-based nutrition pattern and lifestyle. The class was fun, informative, scientifically based, and he even brought in great new foods to taste and sample each week. I have been a vegetarian since 1976 but was eating all of the foods that created and sustained health problems for me that I could not get rid of. I had given up on reading all of the newest diets and health fads. They seemed to all contradict themselves.


Thomas' HEAL class is different. It teaches the only scientifically proven way for the body to use food as a way to return to good health and even reverse so many of the typical American diseases. It offers a sustainable, doable (no portion control), and actually quite simple path. Only whole food, plant-based eating can do that.


I will show you here my physical proof of just that. One of the benefits of the HEAL program is before you start, you do a finger prick blood test for A1c, the diabetic marker, and cholesterol. When class is finished, ten weeks later, you do another finger prick blood test and see the difference.


Here are my numbers: A1c in May, it was 6.0, in June, it was 5.9, and in September, it was 5.8. People take drugs to lower their A1c and cholesterol, Thomas teaches us how to use food to do the same. My LDL cholesterol (bad) in May was 106 and in September 67. Total cholesterol in May 172 and in September 136.


My above blood chemistry numbers are the proof in the pudding that food is medicine and Thomas' HEAL program works. If we don't have our health, we don't have anything. I hope you too will give yourself the gift of good health.


I highly recommend this class to all. Young and old. Healthy or sick or somewhere in between. It will change your life.

Improved my life forever

I want to thank Thomas for changing how I look at food. After a tragic personal event in my life, I was eating fast food, junk food, the typical American diet. I felt I had lost control and jumped at the chance to attend the program. I was not aware that the class would be 100% plant-based. So I changed my diet, after all, class is just a few weeks. Now not only have I stopped taking 2 prescription drugs for intestinal and stomach issues, I also have more clarity, energy and all those bad blood test numbers are now much more normal. I would never go back to a typical US diet. I now see the connection between what we put in our bodies affects how it works and why we as humans are not meant to eat meat or dairy. Thank you, Thomas, you set me on a healthy lifetime path.

Highly recommended

Thomas is informative, supportive and a good listener. Highly recommended.

A Very Positive Experience

My experience working withThomas has been amazing. I began seeing him in December of 2017 for an eating disorder.

He has taught me so much about different healthy foods and their nutritional values. I feel better, have more energy and think more clearly since trying this nutritious and delicious way of eating.

Thomas is always on time, supportive and thorough. He makes an extra effort to understand me and customize an individual treatment plan. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a dietician and nutritionist to contact Thomas.  

He's Grrrrrrreat!

I just want to start off by saying how grateful I am to have such a gentle, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable nutritionist in Dr. Bosch. I am grateful that he allows people like myself with OHP to experience the privilege of working with him.

For me, working with Dr. Bosch has not only been a physically healing experience, but a spiritual experience as well, as he has guided me through my 28 day water fast and assisted me with transitioning afterwards to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle which I am maintaining for close to 5 months now.

Under his care, I've shed pounds, inches and out-dated beliefs about my body and its capabilities. I appreciate the comfort and care in his approach that I look forward to during our meeting times. Although, I am not at my goal weight, it gives me great encouragement that as long as Dr. Bosch is cheering me on, supporting me with recipes, tips and tricks of the trade, I will achieve my goal weight and be at peace with my body, mind and soul. If anyone is looking for a genuine, long-lasting change in the totality of their health, I recommend Dr. Bosch, hands down. Like Tony the Tiger says, "He's Grrrrrrreat!" Zina Grace 

Expertise and Great People Skills

If there is a better nutritionist anywhere, I can't imagine where. The Lane County area is privileged to have Thomas Bosch's expertise and great people skills available to them.

I began working with Thomas close to a year ago for five different skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema, as well as GERD. These were making my life miserable, and I had already had more than one unpleasant encounter with the medical establishment because of them.

I did a Google search for a nutritionist. Thomas had his personal health journey posted online. His story about treating skin conditions with nutrition resonated with mine, so I called him for an initial evaluation appointment. I liked it that he came to my home and sat down at my dining room table with me. He went carefully over the history I had provided for him and began a gentle exploration of possible avenues of nutritional adjustments I could make.

What I liked is that the program was tailor made for me; he didn't have a "one dogma fits all." From then on, he came over once a month for a progress and goal-setting discussion to take various measurements; as I was also doing weight loss, those included a weigh-in as well as measuring body fat, blood pressure, waistline, etc.

In between our monthly visits, I keep a daily food and exercise journal in an app called Healthie. Thomas logs in regularly and comments on my entries. This has been amazingly helpful. While he is quick to praise a job well done, he is also quick to call me on foods with too much sugar, oil, or salt and to provide me with links to interesting articles on all kinds of topics that come up in these ongoing online conversations.

So many great changes have come into my life since I started working with Thomas: I have lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure and become a much more conscientious home cook. My GERD is gone, and so are my skin conditions, yes! including my psoriasis!

Thomas provides a lot of options for how long clients continue to work with him and the ways they interact with him. I have chosen to work with him monthly over time because I'm 67 and realize it's going to take this level of commitment from me personally to make the changes I need to make.

If you would like to speak to me privately about my positive experience with nutritionist guru Thomas Bosch, don't hesitate to text me at 541 321 3210.