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Absolutely love the hair beast oil


Absolutely love the hair beast oil. I have purchased it twice now and have even introduced a bunch of family and friends to it who have also started to place orders because they have seen how much better my hair has looked. Thank you for such an awesome product!!

WOW! Hairbeast truly works

After coming across the Bonita Biaan page a few years ago, I was rather skeptical about purchasing the hairbeast oil, as I had tried almost every hair oil you can get to make my hair grow longer and thicker and NOTHING ever worked!! In the end I decided to order Hairbeast and I have been using it for about over a year now and it definitely does do wonders!!My hair has always been short and never really grew in length, however since using hairbeast my hair has been the longest it has ever been (YAYY!!) and it is a lot thicker.Anyone not sure about purchasing it, I would deffo say give it a try... you'll see a difference in growth over a few months!!

When you think

I honestly thought it was just going to be another oil. I have seen the growth and cannot believe how good this oil is! The baby hairs where my hair was starting to go thin amazed me! I have it in my hair all the time. I'm on my third bottle and you only need a little bit so the cost goes a long way!


I tried Merakhi oil and im in love with this product! my skin is flawless!! I only use it once a day (in the mornings). Ever since ive used it my skin is clear and smooth!! This oil is the best, i don't even have to use foundation anymore that's how good my skin looks!!! Would defo recommend this product for sure!!!


I started all oil merakhi and hair beast silky beast and I m surprise tic the difference I would recommend to those whose hair falling and whose face skin uneven all that


I m talking abt merakhi chamrhi cleanser and hair and silky beast abt 5 weeks I have been using this products and wt I gained I can’t even tell in world st aaa not possible these products makes that possible I m realy happy to having my face colour back and hair thanx nvara for give all gud oils


I just love face oil ,cleanser but especially hairbeast . I am using Hairbeast more than 1 year my grown more thicker even my family even notice difference in my hair length even i recommed oil to my friend .He 's using too hairbeast . I would like recommed hairbeast oil whoever have hair problem they can use hairbeast will definatily see result in 3 to 4 weeks when hair start regrow and stop falling its might take longer but you will see difference .i had pigmentation with face oil its all gonne will do recommeded face oil . very happy with both oil

Really is magic in a bottle!

I bought Hairbeast last year and it has done wonders to my hair! Can't do without it, my hair used to be dry and dull but its now so conditioned and full of volume! Once you try it you wont go back!

Nzuri Chamrhi

I have been using the cleansing oil for 3 months and i am so happy, my skin is brighter and smooth. I am so happy!


I tried hairbeast and loved it, when i saw silkybeast i had to try it and it was worth every dollar!Thank you

Hair oil

My friend told me about hairbeast, i was 50 50 trying it because i tried so many other oils. I tried other oils and i did not get results but with this oil i got results my family noticed a difference too.I recommend it to all the men out there

So happy!

After having my baby my skin went bad, i had cystic acne and my skin felt horrible. My sister bought Merakhi and the cleanser for me as a gift and i am so happy she bought it for me, my skin is clearer,i hardly have any breakouts, my skin is not irritated or sore. It is soft, clear and blemish free!! Thank you for your amazing products, can not wait to buy more


I bought HairBeast earlier this year and i have been using it every since, i can not be without it, my hair is thicker,and i have new baby hairs! I tried SilkyBeast a few times and WOW WOW WOW my hair is so silky, smooth and it feels so nice. I am very happy 


I absolutely love everything... Can't live without them.... I have had terrible eczema my whole life, and the facial oil is the only product that ever healed it!!


I have been using the hair oil My hair has been breaking and over the years I could see it was thinning , I been so worried and concerned about it I tried lots of tablets and oils . I then saw on fb Hairbeast and I purchased it about 12 months ago and am now on my third bottle , and I can't bbelieve how many baby hairs I have growing , the condition of the hair is getting better more bounce , softer. It doesn't work overnight it takes time but it worth it . Even my hairdresser said whatever your doing is working stick With. This Product is amazing .

Love it

I love it...I use it for the very dark circlrs under my eyes; I have tried everything, from fillers to other expensive injections. Result: dark circles even worser. All this time I've been hiding my eyes behind glasses. The Merakhi oil gave back my confidence. My under eyes are lighther and smoother. I still have complexions about my eyes, but I'm confident that in time it will get lighter. I have also orderd the new nzuri chamrhi. Can't wait to try that out...good job bonitabiaan.


i can proudly say Markhi face oil and hair beast both are magic oil can't express how happy with both oil i had hair patches massive middle of my hair and behind my ear which visible i was very stressful when came to know first and i saw this oil on facebook ordered myself and with in month i seen new hair grown that places where i had massive hair fall i am thankful to you you gave is very good thing


I got my hair cut in August and had around 6" cut off. I have been using Hairbeast around 2/3 times a week non stop for 8 months and my hair has grown around 9-10" in that time. I love this oil so much, love seeing new baby hairs sprouting. I couldn't be without this oil and have recommended it to so many. You have to keep up with it and have faith and trust me you will see results. Who needs a parandhi when you have Hairbeast eh

HairBeast Merakhi

Been using the merakhi face oil and hair beast for several months now. I can honestly say I'm impressed. At first you will notice subtle changes; the texture of your skin is better, less breakouts, better oil control. Then when you compare old pictures to new ones, you will realise how much better your skin is overall. My skin tone has evened up and looks plump and glowing!

Same with the hair beast, after the first use, I noticed less fall out, improved texture, less hair in my hair brush! Now, I can definitely see that my hair has grown loads and looks a lot fuller.

Thanks raji! Can't wait to see what else your brand comes out doubt they will be awesome xxxx



The photo on the left is my before pic, and the one on the right is after 10 uses. Usually my hair gets to the length on the left pic and struggles to grow any further, but with applying hairbeast it definitely has! They're not the greatest photos but the growth in person is even more noticeable and I've had so many compliments on its growth in such a short timescale! On each application I would leave it in overnight before washing out the oil. It doesn't smell so great, however it's a smell I got used to pretty quickly and it does not bother me at all. The only thing I do is use a different pillow when I have the oil in to stop it spreading onto my bedding. 

I don't apply any Hairbeast before blowdrying as Raji shows in her videos as I found it made my hair look greasy so just stuck to overnight applications. To me, Hairbeast is so worth the price, and the bottles last for so long as you don't need too much of it! I share mine with my sister in law and literally it's still practically a full bottle! I fully recommend trying it out and I doubt anybody would be disappointed! As well as the growth, I noticed my hair was much thicker after washing and it felt great. Apologies the pics aren't the greatest and my hair is so greasy in both of them lol! I also use the merakhi face oil regularly, which I have left a review for before, and seriously I think you guys should think about trying the Merakhi out too if you already haven't! 

Hairbeast truly is "magic in a bottle!"

I bought a bottle of hairbeast upon recommendation from a family friend, and I was sceptical because so many hair growth products claim to work, they are full of chemicals, and always a disappointment. My hubby has had hair thinning/baldness for over 8 years so there was a lot of area to work with. However, ever since he began using the oil 3-4 times a week we have seen a huge increase in new hair growth, his hair thickening and getting stronger. Every week we document the growth and compare to the first week and the change has been phenomenal! It has taken a little time to see a very big noticeable change only because the area we are working with is large. But each day, each week, his hair has grown and it's been amazing to see the transformation. We will continue to use hairbeast and I'm really hopeful all of his hair will grow back and how it was 10 years ago! I also suffer from PCOS and have thinning hair which has reduced significantly since using the oil, it's also volumised, stronger and growing a lot quicker! We cannot recommend this oil highly enough, after all it's all natural, herbal oil, what do you have to lose? Try it, and you won't look back!


I have used both merakhi and hair beast and I love them both. Merakhi gives you a gorgeous healthy glow under your make up and hair beast has done wonders for the length of my hair. Definitely two products I will keep replenishing!


This product is amazing, i have noticed a massive difference in my skin. My skin appears way smoother an soft, spots have vanished. If you are considering purchasing this product you should defintely do it!!

HAIR BEAST....magic

Hey, I just wanted to say that the hair beast hair oil is an amazing product. It's actually as it says on the bottle....magic in a bottle. I really wish I had taken a before pic. The only reason I didn't was because I have been let down & disheartened so many times before with various treatments & hair oils. I've also spent ridiculous amounts of money on these with no results. So to be honest I had given up on trying anything new. I discovered the oil via Ravita Pannus page & thought why not try this as if nothing else then it will be good for strengthening my hair. However I was really impressed as I started to see growth where I had no hair near my parting. This was new hair growing & I couldn't believe it

Testimonial #49

Can not praise hairbeast enough! My hair has always been thin and damaged and after using hairbeast my hair has become thicker, longer and has so much more volume! I cant get enough of this product

Miss Sukhi

I have been using this oil for about two months and at first I was thinking it's not going to work like everything else I have used which has never worked.  I can hand on my heart say this is definitely the best thing I have ever tried. I have suffered from acne since I was 14 and nothing has made me feel confident the way I feel now.  My skin is the best it ever has looked. Anyone with skin problems should use this, best thing I ever did. 


I have been using the Meraki face oil for a couple of months now. I am so impressed with the results that I got. I see my stubborn acne/acne scars are getting lesser. This face oil is everyday go to and I use it religiously every morning and night. I cannot wait to order my second bottle.


Love the Merakhi oil! Not too greasy but still gives the correct amount of moisture. I have been using this for around 8 weeks morning and night everyday (missed the odd few applications). My dark circles under my eyes have lightened a fair bit and marks on my face have practically disappeared. My face generally is much brighter and less dull looking dull looking and always smooth even with the cold weather. Defiantly recommend the Merakhi face oil. I initially bought the smaller travel sized bottle which lasted me quite a while and now use the larger size. (The larger bottle is much easier and quicker as it comes with a pipet). Literally 3 drops per application is all that is needed so the bottles last ages making them great value for money. I've just bought the Hairbeast recently, have only applied once so far but can't wait to see the results after the next few weeks.


Just wanted to say that the merakhi face oil I have been using is amazing! I have been using it for a few weeks now and can say my skin and under eyes look brighter! I can't be without this amazing oil. Thank you so much xx

Nvara merakhi face oil

Hi Raji I brought your face oil quite a few weeks ago and I have suffered from such dry and creased under eyes. No matter what eye cream/gel, powder or concealer I used it still looked wrinkly and dry and cracked. And for someone who's 22 years old the last thing you want is to look like you've got wrinkles lol! Your oil has not only got rid of fine lines and made my concealer go on like a dream but it's also stopped any creasing, stopped it looking dry and patchy. My make up looks glowy and soft. I used to also suffer from foundations and concealers stinging my under eye area because of how sensitive it was but the face oil has changed my make up game! Brilliant product will defo order more. Keep up the great work! Xx

Face oil

I have used the face oil now for a good number of weeks and I can say it's a brilliant product it has lightened my pigmentation I had on my cheeks and it works amazing when I apply make up with my beauty blender. Will be purchasing once this bottle has finished xx

In love with HAIR BEAST

I am absolutely in love with the hair beast hair oil. It has helped me get my hair thicker and stronger. I was really worried about my hair after having coloured it so many times. Ive been trying to grow my hair out for ages and this hair oil has genuinely helped me! I have recommended this hair oil to all family and friends and I would recommend to anyone considering getting some. It lasts forever and is sooooo worth 32 quid compared to the other pills out there that cost a lot more.

Love these oils........

I purchased these great oils a month ago and have not looked back ever since. My hair is long and quite frizzy, but after trying the Hair oil, my hair is shiny, healthier and bouncy. The face oil makes my skin almost baby like and is more plump, brighter and soft. I will continue to purchase these products which have helped me so much. I am one very happy customer and would like to thank Raji and the Team for bringing out these quality Oils. If you haven't tried these what are you waiting for???


I recently bought the merakhi oil in the 20ml version because I had some doubts and did not want to spend a lot of money on something that would not work. Wow, can I just say this product is amazing I am so shocked I was ready to be disappointed since I have tried everything under the sun and none have really worked. My dark circles have been an insecurity of mine and it has been extremely difficult to lighten them up. My dark circles are not genetic, they are due to the insomnia I have had in the past. I will continue to purchase this product my entire life and will definitely be buying 50ml. It honestly has changed everything for me and my acne scars are looking so much more better also as they too have lightened up. I cannot thank you enough for this miracle product, I will never stop buying this ever and will recommend it to every person that I know, it truly is the best thing I have ever purchased and don't regret it! If you are considering buying it, PLEASE DO IT! You will not be disappointed it is so worth it.There is nothing wrong with the product, all I could say is be very careful when putting it around the eye area because it stings if it does get into the eyes but that is all. My under eyes and skin look a lot better and I feel so much better and have more confidence! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou THANKYOU!!!!! If this was to ever discontinue, I would actually die!

Brighter skin

I have had pigmentation since having my son 14 years ago..they are noticeable to me at the side of both eyes. I have been using the oil can for the last 5 weeks as advised 3-5 drops each night over cleansed skin. The oil is very light oil and is also concentrated so those few drops go a long way. The oil is easily absorbed and does not sit on the skin. My pigmentation marks are still a little noticeable but have faith with continued use this will change. I found this product soothing on the skin the texture of my skin looks and feels smoother. My skin tone also appears more even and looks brighter and clearer. I was never one to use much foundation and now find I need less. All in all I am happy with the results this oil has given me and recommend it.

Eyebrows are back

Super oil got my eyebrows back after 8weeks of useing it. I am gonna pre order.Keep up your good work.Regards

Amazing hair oil

My hair was very dry and damaged from previous colour. I heard great reviews about raji's hair oil.I began using it and within a few weeks I noticed such a difference. The condition of my hair improved considerably, it became thicker, shinier and stronger. My end were a lot more smooth and my hair had even grown. Amazing hair oil with amazing benefits.

Glowing skin

I used the oil for my face as I have wild scaring and spots. I didn't notice a difference at first but then started applying a little bit extra everyday. I noticed a difference and my skin looked like it was glowing after about 3-4 weeks. I just need more now! Xx

HUGE difference in my skin

I heard about raji's oil on facebook after reading the reviews I really wanted to give it a try because recently I've had a huge breakout from a hormonal imbalance so it left me with horrible scars on my face but also I had little spots underneath the skin.
At first I was quite reluctant because I'd lost hope in products nothing ever worked on my skin I've actually spent so much money on different products but it didn't do any favours to my skin. 
3 days After Using the oil I noticed my skin looking so much brighter and the scars slowly fading, I woke up in the morning and my skin would look fresh and bright. 
I used the oil everyday, a little goes a very long way. I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin, it started of with a lot of redness and red spots on my face and now it can't even be seen !
 I would highly recommend this product for anyone like myself who's suffered from acne, only thing I would recommend is if you have dry skin is to use a normal moisturiser underneath once the oil soaked into my skin some days it felt quite dry so on them days I just used my normal face cream Aveeno underneath. It's smoothed out my skin too!! I have less of the under the skin spots otherwise known as clogged pores I think .

Hair was dry/damaged

Before I started using the oil my hair was in a dry/damaged state due to colouring and the daily use of straighteners. I was a little skeptical as I’ve tried oils before in the hope of getting miraculously thicker and longer hair, non of which ever made a difference. I started using this oil and saw results after my third application, impressed is an understatement. The consistency of the oil is not too runny, this makes it really easy to apply.
The overall appearance of my hair is great and there is no fallout when i wash it! My hair is shinier, feels softer, stronger and so much fuller. Lengthwise I’d say it’s grown just under an inch. I love the difference this oil has made to the condition of my hair.
Even friends and family noticed how much fuller my hair looks.
Amazing oil, you wont be diassapointed!

Hair oil

I'm extremely satisfied with this hair oil that I used as it made my hair feel nourished, full of volume, with a healthy natural glow!
I would certainly recommend this oil for people who are looking to improve there hair condition. Myself and my mother use this oil once a week yet still see an improvement and difference!

Fantastic Product!

I used the hair oil once a week and noticed that my hair was becoming thicker and voluminous. I have fine hair, which breaks easily. However, I found my hair became stronger and healthier with the use of the oil. I can't wait to purchase it and use it religiously! A tip: the oil smells strong, but after a while the smell is quite pleasant. Another tip: rub a small amount of oil between your palms before applying, since it goes on better if it is warm. You only need a small amount of oil; a large amount will make your hair greasy and take longer to wash. Purchasing this oil is a must!

Amazing Face Oil!

I used the face oil religiously for a couple of weeks and within a couple of days I had noticed a smooth texture and appearence to my skin.
It was much easier to apply makeup and my skin looked so much brighter and clearer. Really impressed with this product and can't wait to try the hair oil!

Had several compliments

I already have thicker and fuller hair, and I am a very skeptical individual when it comes to using new products, however this oil was something different. I used it in my hair as guided and noticed a difference and so did others around me, my hair was a lot smoother and shinier as well as looking more healthy. I had several compliments on the texture of my hair and the way it shines. I would definitely recommend this product, even if you have thick hair it's definitely worth a try works like magic. It's for sure part of my hair treatment regime.

I used this oil after a desperate cry for help

I used this oil after a desperate cry for help! Years of colouring and heat damage made my hair straw like and very damaged. After trying almost everything a few uses of this seemed to do the trick! My hair felt stronger and smoother and no longer straw like. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to bring their hair back to life

difference to the overall quality

I have used a small sample of the oil as hard water, stress and a poor diet has left my hair in bald patches and very damaged. As soon as I used this oil and left it overnight I noticed a huge difference to the overall quality of my hair 5/5!

Hair oil for men

I have used other oils, tried regain & caffeine shampoo and nothing worked for me. I went to the dr's and they told me to have tablets and try regain. I got told about this oil from my cousin, she really liked it so i thought why not. I no longer have gaps and my hair is darker like i had no issues. Well done for bringing out a product for men 

No more bald patch

I would highly recommend this oil to anyone who has any issues with their hair.. I started using it as part of market research, since then I have never stopped. It has helped my lifeless hair give life. Volume is great. My hair has started to grow and feel fuller. I had a bald patch in my parting where hair have started growing and I am loving it. I use it twice a week and would not stop doing it.

Finally a product for men!

This Hair oil is amazing! It's really hard finding hair products that actually work for men out there. I've tried using the caffiene shampoo, and many other hair oils but nothing worked. I was skeptical about the oil at first because it came in a small bottle but suprisingly it's lasted me nearly three months. The smell is quiet strong but other then that it works wonders. My hair is alot darker, my bold patches seem to be disappearing. Can't fault this oil in anyway, thankfully a product that works for men too.

Hairdresser is chuffed

This oil works wonders Alhamdulilah, I'm not someone who regulary goes to the hairdressers, lazy i know but cutting it once a year was working fine for me untill i started using this oil. My hairs alot healthier and it grows soo fast Masha Allah. My Hairdresser is chuffed with the results. I recommend this oil to everyone to deals with hair loss or hair problems. It starts to work in from the very begining, amazing results.

Magic Oil

First of all I would like to say that this oil is the only one which has made my hair feel fabulous. I have tried many oils from both high-end and drug store brands, however, nothing has even come close to doing what this oil has done for my hair. I have used the oil on a regular basis for just over a month and I can tell my hair feels more nourished, is a lot stronger, shinier and much more easier to handle as it has helped tame the frizz. The consistency and feel of the oil is perfect. It's not too runny and this is brilliant as it doesn't spill around. After applying the oil it doesn't give you a greasy look however it does have quite a strong scent. The oil is a little pungent though you get used to it. I would recommend and have recommended this oil to all family and friends and other people especially my bridal clients who want to grow their hair for their big day as I believe this is a truly magical oil. Thank you for creating an oil which actually does what it claims to do! xoxo

thin hair and problems

after using this oil my hair feels absolutely amazing! i had many problems with thin hair and problems with it growing but after using this oil regularly my hair has alot more thickness to it and length! amazing!

Amazing experience

I have to say I've had such an amazing experience, I ordered 2 pairs of earrings for eid last year which I needed at such last minute, the communication was so easy and most of all delivery was fab it arrived within 2 days (before eid) having given Bonita Biaan such short notice I had an amazing experience jewellery wise! No complaints!

I also tested the hair oil which thickens the hair as I was losing a lot of hair which was stressing me out, I'd used this hair oil for 3 weeks within that 3 weeks it not only went thicker it grew longer as well I was so overwhelmed with the product itself I was really scared to use it at first as I have extreme sensitive skin! I have known Raji (owner) for quite some time via Facebook and watch her YouTube videos she's an extremely good hearted person! Will definitely be ordering again

My eyebrows have grown!

I used the hair oil for my eyebrows, for 2 years they stopped growing, they were thin and i was worried. I came across this hair oil, tried it and now i have thicker eyebrows. Thankyou!xxx

Hair Beast for Androgenic Alopecia

Over the past 7 years I noticed my hair getting thinner, especially around the front of my head. I tried loads of oils, tablets, shampoos, conditioners and cover-up products but frustratingly, none of them made any significant difference. I estimate I have probably spent well over £600 on these products! Then eventually around 6 months ago I was diagnosed as having Androgenic Alopecia (female pattern balding/hair loss), with the only real treatment being a hair transplant.
I heard about this new Hair Beast hair oil and have now been using it for about 4 months. AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! It is a real miracle that since using this oil 2-3 times a week, the balding areas of my scalp have started to grow hair!! This is something I honestly did not think would ever be possible and I had lost all hope in having a full head of hair again, but thanks to this oil this is becoming a reality!! 
I massage the oil into my scalp and leave it on for around 3 hours, longer if I can, then wash it out. I try to use it 2-3 times a week. The difference is actually visibly noticeable and I have even had people comment about my new hair growth!
I would urge anyone with this condition or with thinning hair not to lose hope and to try this oil! After spending years trying so many different products I will admit I was sceptical when I heard about Hair Beast but the results have changed my life! I have high hopes that with continued use, my hair will continue to grow back even more!

Impressive stuff!!

Impressive stuff!! This hair oil is definitely something I would recommend to everyone. My hair was quite damaged with dryness and split ends but I can happily say this oil has really replenished it and made my hair so much more manageable. It's become so soft & silky. I have very long hair anyway but I can happily say with the consistent use of this oil, it's made my hair grow a little longer. I've tested a lot of products in the past and got bored as nothing really worked for me over several months but I can honestly say this oil is something I would definitely purchase again having worked its magic in a short amount of time - it's definitely worth the try! The oil is in its purest form so you know your getting all the good stuff that will benefit you in one way or another even though the smell is quite strong - the benefits outweigh that! The oil is extremely easy to work with (not too thick or not too runny) so you will have no problem applying it. You won't be disappointed!! 

Fine hair to thick hair

I have very fine hair which has been coloured since I was a teenager.
I do look after my hair but have always wanted it to be thicker and stronger.
This oil delivered, my hair feels thicker, it has grown much more quickly and is in far better condition than it has been in for years.  I used the oil every other day, massaged it into my scalp then washed it out in the morning, my hair looks and feels amazing, I will definitely be ordering more as soon a s it is available and so will my daughter.
Thank you for a product that delivers exactly what it promises to do.

Hair felt so soft

The hair oils are amazing, after use my hair felt so soft & silky. My hair grew quickly & the thickness was even more so. Would highly recommend this for stronger, thicker hair & leaves it soft & silky.

Hair on fleek / glowing face

I would like to thank raji for giving me the opportunity to try hair and face oil that i am absolutely in love with. The hair oil made my dry hair softer and helped it grow faster and stronger. I will definitely be buying this oil. It is a hair miracle product. I love the face oil as well. I apply it every night as my moisturiser. It gives my face a nice glow and makes it very soft and smooth. The oil helped as well reducing redness and pimples I had - both face and hair oil are amazing and I recommend them to all women . Try them and definitely you wont regret it. Thanks raji and good luck !

Eczema skin

This Merakhi face oil is absolutely amazing! My skin is very temperamental, dry, sensitive and I have eczema. After just one application, I could already tell the difference! I would definitely recommend this product to others! Thank you!

Lovely skin

I have been using this face oil a while now and it's made my skin feel lovely! It's helped me with redness and blemishes also leaving my skin feeling soft! I would definitely use this product again, highly recommend it to others to try

Complexion is brighter

The face oil after using it the first night I woke up with softer skin. Applying the oil every night, now my complexion is brighter I look full of energy not the tired looking look.
The oil has a strong smell but it's all worth it, so you all should give the oil a try.

Hair on fleek!

The hair oil is aaaaamazing! What do I say about it? After many years of trying out many hair products, this oil I would highly recommend to all. I would apply the hair oil twice a week leaving it over night giving the hair a good massage. Not only has my hair become nice and soft it also has grown and most of all it is helping with my hair loss. Can not wait to buy more! Good work Raji


Well where shal i start first of all i would like to thank raji for letting me test the face oil.  This oil isnt jus any kind of oil its like magic in the bottle i have acne and also acne scaring too i used this oil for 4weeks twice aweek at night and i noticed a big change to my skin it stared glowing and also the marks have started to go lighter. I would recommed this product to every1 who has acne it does wonders

One of the best hair oils out there!!!

I colour my hair alot so there is quite abit of damage/dryness (well there was untill I used this oil!)
After the first use I noticed a big different, my hair felt so soft and manageable, there was a shine that that had been absent for so long! After using it for 2weeks religiously, my hair was fuller and hair fallout decreased significantly, this oil is definitely a miracle in a bottle, I would recommend anyone to add this to their hair routine, MUST TRY!


I used the oil following the instructions privided. I must admit i saw a difference in the texture of my hair after just the first use! It felt so much softer and I felt like its more voluminous. Everything else i have kept the same with my hair. Same washing products and technique and drying technique! Only difference is that I have added this oil to my hair care routine. I must say I really like this oil and I have got used to the scent now as well!
My hair feels healthier, thicker and much more voluminous! It looks more glossy too! Love the oil!

Hyperpigmentation acne scars

Well, where shall I skin is problematic and annoying. I have hyperpigmentation and acne scars. I tested the skin oil a few months ago. The smell was abit yh...but you get used to it. After using the oil every night for 6 weeks, i could notice a difference. The scaring was gone and i was really surprised! The oil leave my skin a tiny bit orange but other than that I would recommend this oil to all of the girls out there with problematic skin!

Amazing hair oil

Since I have used the oil, my hair on my head and beard has grown really thick and long. It's amazing. I would recommend this oil to everyone as it is really good. My partner uses too and she loves it, her hair has gotten thick, she is really happy

Merakhi face oil

I have always used face creams, until I came across this face oil. I'm not a young lady, around 50+ so I have fine lines on my face. This oil feels really nice on my skin. I have found that my makeup applies nicely and looks very smooth. My skin looks more plumper and my lines are less visible. I love this oil and can't wait to order my second bottle.

Hair Beast

Being someone who dyes their hair a lot (and I mean A LOT), my hair can be pretty damaged from bleaches and harsh dyes. So my hair was in quite bad condition before I started using HAIR BEAST. I started off using the oil once a week (leaving it in overnight and washing the next day) and noticed that my hair felt smoother, softer and my split ends didn't look as bad. I then began to use it 2-3 times in the week and saw that not only the condition of my hair had improved, but my hair had grown a large amount within a few months. The scent of the oil is quite strong - due to it being completely natural and pure - but I personally really like the scent! Fab oil and I highly recommend it to others!